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Professional psychic medium Vickie Gay is a personal friend of mine.  She is hostess/director of the Universal Passing Over event in Las Vegas, NV on Oct. 28th 2006.  I was asked to be a speaker at that event. My talk is now on line here on the events page.

Vickie is a kind hearted wonderful lady who has the gift and has helped countless people and spirits.  Please tell her that I sent you.
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I discovered that Quicktime was trying to play animation and video files that it was not programmed to play.  It gave errors that it couldn't play the file.  It shouldn't have been trying to play the file and caused me a lot of trouble.  This happened on two of my computers.  Quick time was fully updated but not working right and trying to take over all the video files from my Windows Media player.  I removed Quick time from both computers and both computers work perfectly now.  If you have problems playing these files you should remove Quicktime from your computer and then try them again.
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Not all websites that deal with the paranormal are created equal either.  Some are much better than others.  Our team stays quite busy with all kinds of things and we do not have the time to devote to some things on our websites as we would like.  We are thankful there are others who have excellent websites devoted to the subject of the paranormal that we can link to.  We are happy to share what we have with others who are interested in this field of research.  We are very happy that many of those who research the paranormal are happy to share with others.  We gain the satisfaction of knowing that we are helping others to understand that we are not alone.  We know this life is not all there is and there are spirits in abundance all around us.
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I'm still working on this site.  I know it needs some changes.  Hang in there.  For now just click the Spooky Places graphic on the top left to get back to the home page and the menu.

The TV show / DVD of "The Ghosts of Piper's" is finished and you can buy it from us, Vickie Gay or Victoria Monroe.  Email us.  We hope to have it on the on line store eventually.  I think it's going to be somewhere between $15 and $20.
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