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This is My Disclaimer.
Sincere misguided people are always sending me links to sites they think "will help me" and so far 95% of those sites support misconceptions they have chosen to believe in.  I trust real facts and God to tell me if a site is worth your visit.

Links are posted as they are use them at your own judgment.  I take no responsibility for anyone who uses these thinks.  I do my best to screen for dependable truthful websites.
A fortune teller and a psychic medium are two very different things.  A fortune teller is more often a scam artist who tries to guess a person's future, avoid them.  A psychic medium is someone who has the gift to communicate with the spirits who have passed.  Scam artists exist in both groups.

If you don't have problems with spirits don't go looking to invite them in.

Please do not try to contact spirits on your own it can be very dangerous. I do not recommend psychic readings or mediums but I know certain things about spirits if you have read the pages then you are aware sometimes spirits of the dead remain here for one reason or another.  Sometimes loved ones want to know where they are and if they are Ok.  Normally if there's a reason that loved one wants to send a message back it happens without seeking and often comes in the form of a night vision spirit communication.  I know because sometimes I receive messages from mother or dad or certain others I've known.  My story is in my personal pages on this site.

The main reason why people should not try to contact spirits on their own is there are evil entities out there who will pretend to be a loved one or spirit of some other dead person.  These things always have foul intent.  The majority do not know how to tell one spirit from another and being anxious often accept without testing to know who they are talking to.  The bible warns against it for this very reason and so do I.  There are also a multitude of people claiming to be psychic mediums who will scam you out of your money if you are gullable enough to trust them.  There are a few who have the gift of being able to sense and communicate with the spirits but darn few.  I happen to know two or three and will give the links to their web sites below.

In the event you have a haunting you have reason to know what the spirit is that is doing the haunting.  In which case you have the right to ask who it is and what it's name is.  You have the authority to bind that spirit and cast it out of your home or building.  Like psychic mediums the majority of those ghost hunters out there are not experienced or knowledgeable on the subject and therefore can't be trusted to help with a problem haunting.
Important Info Website
One of the most brilliant men on this subject anywhere in the world!
Demon Slayer: This is a link to some of the most experienced demonologists that I am currently aware of who are working to help people solve paranormal problems in their homes.
I'm cleaning up my links page, tossing some and posting one new one.
I bought a new SP-2 radio using SDRuno to run it.  I hooked it to my old disk cone antenna and began searching the frequencies.  On Shortwave frequency 7.730 AM I found a preacher who preached with a curious anointing.  I've listened to him in the mornings for several days fastinated with his message allowing the Holy Spirit within to test his words and I have yet to find any flaw or error in his message.  He gave the name of his ministry and website and I'm sharing it here with you.  Click on the graphic to the left.
Read more about the Copper Scroll Project.
I met Jim Barfield and shot video of his two hour presentation.  Jim was a combat helicopter pilot and fire marshal.  He has no official training in this field yet his knowledge on the subject has won him access to Israel to see if he has in fact cracked the code to the copper scroll and discovered the locations of the buried temple treasures.  The end day prophecy says the temple treasures will be restored to their rightful place before the Great Tribulation and second coming of the Messiah. If Jim is correct in his thinking we are standing on the threshold of the most important date in history.  Get your house in order.  Keep your lamps trimmed and buring.

When my video is edited I will make a streaming version and place a link to it here for my visitors.
I try to teach people that God created nature and the rules of nature exist for a reason.  When people do not follow the rules of nature and God they create problems for themselves and for others.

Some people violate the laws of nature and violently oppose correction attacking nature and and truth with everything from alternate truths they substitute for facts to violent attacks against others who represent the truth.  I can assure you the barbaric things humans do to themselves and each other will not enter Heaven.

These people willingly accept an unbalanced mind and by doing so they accept an unhappy life.  The longer they live unbalanced the worse the problem becomes for them.  Like a dog with an unbalanced mind they are driven by their emotions.  Unlike a dog they are able to create excuses for their behavior and refuse help.
Vickie Gay sees what others can not see...

She has Visions,  Feels, & Hears spirits ~ Angels assisting you for a better life.
Talk to crossed over loved ones. They are in a different vibration. They are not dead.
Connections with guides and teachers in spirit for answers to every day endeavors. With a glimpse of the future you can make wiser decision and move forward fearless.
Vickie has assisted the FBI with missing person cases. Solved murder cases.
Helped families in emergency situations with her gift of remote viewing.
Sent telepathic messages in times of need.
Sent Healing energy to the sick and troubled.
Warned of upcoming events to prevent negative outcomes.

BES> I've seen her at work. I've worked paranormal investigations with her and she's the real deal.
All of the broadcast messages from The Overcomer Ministry that I've listened to have been prerecorded and edited.  These messages will cut from one into another in midstream.  I've not heard a live broadcast from brother Stair.  I sent a message asking a question to see if he will answer.  If he does I'll post an update here.  His message and mine are similar but everyone who is called has their own type of ministry and message.

He said something about Trump being a fake and that's not what I get from God about Trump.  God is using Trump to buy God's people a little more time before the Great Tribulation comes.  Trump can't possibly fix all that's wrong with the USA or the world.  He can however hold off the election of Lucifer for a little while.