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Churches today play church and think they know God when they don't.  As such the song on this page by my very good friend Billy Dale.

I created this page as it is with the really long winded message to let the haters know thier hate messages likely will never get to me so they shouldn't bother writing.  I'm not here for them, I'm here for those seeking truth who are willing to test and challenge everything.  Just as God said "If you make the webiste I will send those who ask where to find it."  He has kept up his end of the deal.

In the past God would send people who asked him for help when they really didn't want help, they thought they have it all figured out.  So he would let them come here to show them what He's shared with me and they don't like it so they become conviected instead of educated.  They don't like that either.  Instead of saying "OK, God, I asked for help, this is what you are telling me so I'll work on doing better."  Nope, they send me hate mail as if God sent them to me for them to help me.  That's not how this website works though I will admit a few have sent me messages that I knew were from God, but those were not hate messages.

To avoid the long winded message below you can go to the new Email page on the site I am rebuilding little by little and it's a LOT shorter than this one.


Others who read one or two paragraphs of my pages see some little thing they don't like or think they know better still write to straighten me out.  Please if your one of those go back and read the entire website before you start writing.  Quite a lot of these people don't realize if they had read a little further they would have discovered I addressed the thing that was bothering them and then some.  I'm glad they are reading and trying to solve the riddles but there's no point in them quoting scripture to me.  I've read it all many times.  Most of those people are caught in the web of religion, think they figure out some HUGE (little) riddle and believe they have some knowledge on the subject.  Most of the time I will read their messages just to be certain but I can usually tell where they are coming from in the first sentence.  I have legitimate requests from some to update my site and even create some new pages.  I've just not had the time lately but I will get to it when I can.

Author C. Clark said that religion was something humans needed to outgrow.  It was a symbol of their infancy.  He had good reason for believing the way he did, and in doing so he may not have realized just how close to God he came during his life.  In the beginning God's demands upon humanity were very simple.  Live and enjoy your lives and give thanks to God who provides for your needs.  The more people who were born the more complicated their God became and through their confusion religion was created.  They literally wore God out with their demands upon Him.  When you see the news and people killing each other in the name of their gods pause and take a moment to consider what went wrong.

There are people who can get angry over something they read in the blink of an eye.  They read one thing somewhere on one of my dozen websites and instantly want to write me and let me know how wrong I am.  They think they know where I'm coming from.  One person read an ad on one of my pages and sent me an E-mail to tell me not to base my "opinions" on a book I read.  Truth is I never even read that book, most likely it's a paid advertisement.  The things I talk about on my websites especially this one are things I've literally been drug thorough and had to endure the truth like it or not.  If I said something about your church you don't like don't feel bad about it.  Odds are high I said something negative about your neighbor's church as well.  Ever heard the saying "Before you judge me walk a mile in my shoes."  You are welcome to read my personal experience pages and gain some idea how I came to be here and why I say the things I say on these pages.  Find out what it's like to experience the shadow of death.  Find out what it's like to have religious people speak of their God then try to kill you for delivering a message from God intended to help them.  Find out what it's like to walk in the spirit and see the spirits around us that people do not see.  Find out what it's like to have a knock down drag out fight with a demon.  Find out what it's like to have your soul jerked from you body and slammed against the wall only to find the devil standing at the foot of your bed wanting to kill you and everyone you love.  And they write to tell me "get a clue" as if they think they had one.

1: I did not make this website to tell people things they want to hear. 
        If you don't like something on this site that's your problem not mine.
When ignorant people are confronted with the truth they are more likely
        to get pissed off than they are to become educated.
        The fact remains, The Truth is Out There even if they don't like it.

2: If you can't say something nice it's best to say nothing at all.

3: If rule 2 is confusing to you then how can you be certain you know what you believe in?
Please refer to rule 2.)

4: If you didn't bother to read the first page on this site you shouldn't be trying to send me a message because you don't know anything about me or why I built this website.

There are Churches who deceive people every day!
The world is not flat nor is it the center of the universe!  Countless people have been put to death by people who chose to believe lies.  The Catholic church murdered more innocents than any other single entity this side of Hitler.  They said their information came directly from God.  The Bible says if the prophets lie they are not of God.  The Catholic leaders lied then murdered innocent people who told the truth yet they, hands soaked in innocent blood claim to be the one true church of Jesus Christ.

Rome overthrew the holy city of Jerusalem, crucified the Son of God then stole the temple treasures and took them back to Rome.  God cursed them and Rome fell.  Do you think God would bless them with "His church" after He cursed them?  No He wouldn't.  The righteous never stoned the guilty, but the guilty have murdered countless thousands in the name of God.  Please understand the world isn't flat, isn't the center of our galaxy and neither is Rome or the Catholic church.  God would not allow an image of Himself to be place even within the Holy of Holies but the Catholic church has more images to pray to than any other non pagan religion on earth.

Obama's former preacher loudly proclaims all the faults of all the whites and the USA saying "God damn America!"  Yet this man proclaims himself a Christian and his flock believe him.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  This man is not only not a Christian he couldn't speak the words he says if he had the Holy Spirit of God within him.  Speaking from experience I know because the Holy Spirit wouldn't allow it.  Wiser people remain astounded that anyone could have followed a UFO cult, Jimmy Jones, David Koresh or Charles Manson but they did.  Weak minded people will be feeding on lies and deceptions of false prophets until the Lord God returns and this man's church is living evidence.  Pastor Wright is credited by building his church to great capacity.  He did so by telling them exactly what they wanted to hear.  He didn't learn that from God.  God more frequently tells people things they don't want to hear.  How can he imitate God in the flesh when his messages are not of God?  To be God like you must first learn to recognize and tell the truth.

I expect the majority of my visitors to this site won't like something they find here because as a rule the majority won't ever accept the truth or find salvation.  Jesus said cast not your pearls (wisdom & truth) before the swine (pigs, unclean, idiots) lest they trample your pearls and turn and attack you.  When truth and wisdom is offered to an idiot they are more likely to get pissed off than they are to become educated by it.  When a person builds a website like this one they have no choice to accept the swine as well as the chosen people of God.  The chosen will be given understanding, the swine will not.

Before you E-mail me please read this.
I didn't put this site out here for the purpose of offending anyone.
I put it here to help those who are really seeking the truth about certain things.
Now and then someone who's searching will find it and not like what they find on these pages.
Now and then they try to let me know what they think of my site and me.
These are the types of people who have inspired me to create this page and post rules for E-mailing me.

I've been out there walking among the spirits here and in the underworld.  I've seen spirits, ghosts, shadow entities, angels and demons, I know they exist and what they do.  The last thing a demon spirit wants anyone to be aware of is the fact they actually do exist and they influence and control certain people.  The demons know me and they know my pages contain a greater truth and everything here offends them.  They send me messages calling me names and telling me to give up because no one is listening anyway.  The truth is they know a few people are reading and paying attention and that's what frightens them the most.  They know I know but demons do what demons do because that is their nature.

I've learned that no mater what you talk about there will be people who don't like what you have to share.
I've learned that some of these people can't speak without profanity and can't write an intelligible message.
And these people tell me to get a life! ;-)
These people need what's on these pages more than anyone.
You can't help someone who doesn't want help.

I'm not looking for followers. I don't think I'm important or smart.  I'm at the back of my class.
Outside of this website I don't preach to anyone unless someone asks me to.
I have a friend who's wiccian and another who's agnostic and we get along fine.
For someone who's such a no-one why do certain types of people go out of their way to take shots at me?
Somewhere on this site you will find the answer.

Some of the more intelligent may ask why I recapped info from other pages on this page.  Because people who like to send hate mail usually won't read this entire website to find out where I'm coming from.  They usually read a paragraph or two and instantly think they know my type and they attack like a mindless bad dog.  With any luck at all this page will let them know they are not hurting me and most of their hate mail won't get to me and they are not helping themselves by sending me hate mail either.  This website is not here for them.  I'm not looking to help them or convert them.  It is here for those who are actually in search of the truth.

Have you ever heard it said...
If the devil his demons and his people are not taking shots at you then
you're not doing your job for Christ.
It's true.

I remember a time when I didn't require a page like this or rules for people to follow before people could E-mail me.  After having several huge battles with demons and their shadow entities I've learned that no mater where I go or what I say there are those who pick me out as someone they should bash.  I realized these spirits who all ready knew me were working through those people by driving their emotions to inspire their thoughts words and actions.  Simply put these evil spirits are frightened by me and what I represent and they express their emotions toward me using people they have influence over.
I can't use public forums!
No kidding, I can go to a ghost website and post a message about a ghost and someone who doesn't even believe in ghosts who's logged onto the site for the first time will pick out my message and let me have it.  I can log onto a game website post a message about a game and someone will pick me out as someone they should attack for no reason at all.  Anyone else could post the same message and no one would say anything out of the way about it.  I did a video job for a national group who works to help the mentally ill.  I posted a message years ago on a web forum and said I was a videographer who made a training DVD for that group.  Two mentally ill users on that site sent me hate mail a year after I posted that message!  These two both posted their messages within 48 hours of each other.  If one dog barks another dog barks.
My Novels!
I published a sci-fi series of novels and you wouldn't believe the problems I had.  My second novel "The Underworld" came out with a homosexual porn novel inside my cover with my title and name on it!  The printer apologized and said "This never happens! It's impossible!" It wasn't an accident or a coincidence and that's the very very short version of the story.  The beings of "the underworld" don't like me or my novels and they wanted me to know they were not only watching they were able to affect changes in our physical world by manipulating not only humans but computers as well.

Our TV Show!
We spent several thousand dollars on a TV show called Spooky Places in an effort to capture evidence on video that spirits exist.  We checked each tape before we took them out of the camera.  When we got home to edit the show 90% of those tapes had been seriously damaged and were unusable.  This cost us thousands of dollars in lost video and put our show on hold.  It became painfully clear our series of misfortunes was more than bad luck.  The good thing is we were not the only ones attempting to gather evidence that spirits actually do exist.  The Ghost Hunters have actually captured ghosts and shadow entities on video!

If people choose to believe lies I really don't care! This site isn't here for them!
I'm tired of taking abuse from insecure people who want to create their god and keep him in their box where they can control him.  If you read something on my pages you didn't like and you want to send me hate mail then please consider this. People who are secure with who they are and what they believe in don't send me hate mail.  People who want help don't send me hate mail.  People who've experienced the same things I've experienced don't send me hate mail. Only people with serious spiritual and psychological problems send me hate mail.  The moment someone sends me hate mail they have categorized themselves as being unstable and having mental and spiritual problems.

The truth is razor sharp.  Nothing cuts hotter faster or deeper.  The more it hurts and the madder it makes them the louder they yell.  These people are not in control of their lives.  These people are motivated and controlled by their emotions.  These people are mentally and emotionally unstable.  These people want to control other people's lives.  People like these are not here for help from these pages they were sent here to be convicted of their sins/errors by God, not me.  There is help only if they truly recognize the problem is with them and if they really want help.  Blaming others for their problems is a common symptom of their illness.

On judgment day they will be reminded of the truths they chose to ignore and these pages they read that made them angry.  I know this for a fact.  I've been in spirit on the other side and I know God keeps score.  There's literally a record of everything each individual person does.  There's The Book and the books and I've seen some of them including mine.

Their method of dealing with their insecurity is by attacking the light that exposes the things that are wrong in their own lives.  This is elementary psychology. 
Killing the people who bring the light will not help them in the end.

They like to tell me "No one is listening to you" but I know people from around the world read these pages and love them.  I know because they write to tell me so.  I know because they write to ask questions and seek help with problems they are dealing with.  I know because I spend anywhere from 1 to 4 hours every day reading and answering those messages.  Sometimes I spend the entire day helping people.  Wonder who those who hate me helped that day?

In the past people have sent me all kinds of hate mail for what they find on these pages and some of those hate messages were completely unintelligible.  They couldn't say three words without cursing and calling me names. 
The people who do this are in some serious pain.  They like to tell me spirits and demons don't exist.  They like to believe there is no Heaven or hell, then they repeat word for word things I've had demons tell me in person.  What do you think puts those words into their mouths?  I actually have an EVP of an unclean spirit speaking.

Most of these people do not want help. 
There is no hope for demons.  There isn't much hope for the people demons have control over.  You can cast a demon out of a person but if they don't put the Holy Spirit of God back in there quickly that demon comes back with seven more of his friends who are worse than it is.

I now have three layers of mail filters that filter my mail on the mail servers.  Less than .1% of all hate E-mail that comes to my mail servers ever makes it into my computer.  I never see it.  If you are one of these I don't feel sorry for you.  Don't bother to E-mail me.  Take up your cause with God and stop tormenting the human messengers of truth.

You might be surprised how many people send me E-mail's without reading and understanding this page, or who might read it and disregard my instructions.  Anyone who can't follow these simple instructions is incapable of understanding the truth that resides on these pages.  It's no wonder they are so completely lost and yet so convinced of their own path in life.

I'm always happy to answer questions for real truth seekers.  I'm not interested in arguments with those who desire only to be told the things they want to hear.  I'm not interested in arguments with those who think they know what's going on when they don't.  I'm not one who likes to argue at all.  Do not send me messages telling me I'm wrong unless you back it up with valid documents for my research or the symbol that God gave me for recognition.

I do research sometimes all day long but nearly every day I'm searching for the truth of various subjects.  Most of the people who write me to tell me I'm wrong limit themselves to "controlled" research documents.  Documents approved by their religious leaders.  Documents approved by people who are afraid of the truth and do not want their followers to have access to such things.  The Catholic church has taken control of, limited access to and destroyed more documents than Hitler.  Do you think they have something to hide?  You bet they do. Rome stole incredibly valuable religious artifacts from the temple in Jerusalem took them back to Rome and God cursed them!  Don't think for one second that Rome wants to do things the way Jesus wants things done.

Yes I know the truth offends people yet I'm tired of receiving messages that say "your wrong" from people who can barely read who are not interested in the truth anyway.  Most of them are bound by religious dogma and completely blinded by their religious teachers.  If they want the truth they must first cut themselves loose from organized religion and start digging for the facts while praying to the Creator God / Lord of Light to show them the answers.

I realize that when I'm inspired or motivated to write in these pages that I don't always get everything right the first, second or even third time.  This is why I return from one day to the next when I'm inspired to do so and correct things to make them more accurate.  It's rare for someone to E-mail me to help me correct something but now and then my friends can and will do so.  If the information is found to be accurate I will use it.  Truth and facts are what we are about here.

Junk Mail Filters
I have several arrays of mail filters that block all kinds of junk mail as well as anything that remotely resembles junk mailIf your message has any words in it that are commonly found in junk mail I will never see the message.  It also blocks many messages from overseas sources. The reason I block messages from overseas sources is because junk mailers love to route their junk mail through unsecured overseas sources.  Messages that come to my mail filters with things like "Hi" "Hello" "How are you" "hay drmlink" "hay dude," "Hi Friend," "You may be surprised to hear from me," "You won!," "Attention benefecary," "Bank of Nigeria,"  "Transaction of funds," "Please update your information," "drugs," "sex," "casino," "Viagra," "Cialis," "tool," "overseas," "watch," "timepiece," or things like these with "Re:" before them "Re: Letter", and general things that are commonly found in junk mails will be deleted without me ever seeing them.

Junk mailers are a very big part of an effort to bring America to it's knees and our government is doing nothing to protect us from them
.  I tried to tell them it's not the thing you see that's going to get you.  It's the thing you fail to recognize as a real threat that will bring us down from inside. 
Spammers, hackers and scammers should be caught, fined, loose everything they own, spend at least 20 years in jail as an example to anyone who might have similar thoughts.

Our government is doing  next to nothing to protect its citizens on line so we must do what we can to limit the reception of junk mail. The way I see it a country who can't protect us from spammers, hackers and scammers can't protect us from much.

Hate Mail
I have three layers of mail filters that scan my mail on the mail servers.  If the first two mail filters aren't sure what a message is it will be handed to the third mail filter.  If the third mail filter doesn't know what it is then it will ask me.  This is all done while the mail is still on the servers.  Usually one hate mail will slip past the first two filters in a year but they never get past the third one without my say-so.  Don't bother to send me hate mail.

I've done battle in this life and in the spirit with demons.  Hatred of the truth begins with the devil and his kind.  I have heard their words directed at God and me for telling others what God says.  I've had people speak the very same words to me the demons speak.  Who do you think speaks those words through humans?  Demons, that's right.  Demons are natural liars and it doesn't pay to give them any heed.  When demon controlled people send me hate mail and I actually get it I take it as a compliment. Please understand there are insane criminals out there steeling, raping and murdering people who also hate what is written on these pages.

They Build Their Houses Upon the Sand
I'm not interested in E-mails from people who think they know better than God or the things that God has revealed to me.  Most of these people are barely educated enough to have an opinion but they go to great lengths to express their views to others as if it would make them feel more secure in their insecurity.  These are those the Bible says build their houses upon the sand.  They should remember they came here, I didn't come to them I went directly to God.  I will not go to their website to explain anything to them, that's not why I'm here.  The point is they were searching for something when they came to this website.  They need to ask themselves exactly what motivates them and search their own heart for those answers firstThen if they have a question let them ask nicely.
My Brothers and Sisters in Christ
Most of the people who write to tell me God has revealed the same things to them all ready know the God given truth about many things and just want to let me know that I am not alone.  I love them as my brothers and sisters and I always love to hear from people like these who have had similar experiences to mine.  May God richly bless them.

Jesus is the Lord of Truth/Light
You will read about my references to Jesus being the Lord of Light and the Creator, who is the only begotten son of the FatherBefore the Creator became Jesus He was the Lord of Light.  The name Jesus and Christianity is associated but not all inclusive.  The majority of the modern Christians fired at the right target but missed the mark anywayI'm not here to defend them or their mistakes.

Organized Christian Religions
In the words of a very good friend of mine "Most organized religions today play church but have no power." They have very little understanding of spiritual things.  A man I have long called friend is filled with the Holy Spirit and has cast out demons from people, this being witnessed by the congregation.  One came out of a man as a green ball of light that flew over people's heads and entered a 70 year old woman in the back row.  She jumped up cursed God and everyone in the building then ran outside climbed up on top of a car and did it again before the demon left her.  She had no memory of what had happened or how she came to be on top the car.  These things really do happen.

Catholics proclaim the name of Jesus but have shed more innocent blood than any other so called Christian organization
.  God told me "They kill My prophets" and He holds them in very low regard.  That sounds kinda odd since they like to tell people the Catholic "Church" is "the one true Church of God."  The truth is, they don't know the truth, if they did they would run for their lives.  The Roman Catholic church is anything but "Holy."  It is a combination of pagan religions and politics using the name of Jesus for their own agenda.  I recognize the fact there are many good Catholics in the world today who have done a great deal of good among human kind and preformed selfless acts to help others.  May God who knows their hearts reward them accordingly.

The Baptists
and quite a few others who call themselves Christians are similar in their lack of understanding of who Jesus really is, what all he has done here on earth, how he did it and what He wants from us.  My point is don't categorize me with your understanding of so called Christians.  I am not one of those who I have just mentioned.  God literally took me outside these organized church systems to show me the truth.  Why?  Because you can't find the most important things God revealed to me within those churches.  Why?  Because they don't understand it themselves, how could they teach it?  A lot of them teach if you don't know then don't question.  When I tried to explain and share with some Baptists what God revealed to me some of them threatened to kill me and others threw me out of their churches.  I assure you God was watching.  I tell people to question everything, including everything on my pages, that's absolutely fine with me. 
If you want the truth bad enough and ask God to show you long enough eventually He will.  I'm not here for people to watch me.  You must look to God the Creator who is the Lord of Light and Cheops and was Jesus Christ on earth and is the Lord of Light now in Heaven.

When Jesus was asked about the religious leaders of his time he said "
leave them alone they are blind guides" and "you don't put new wine into old wineskins, because the skin will burst and the wine will spill upon the ground."  I'm not looking for religious converts and neither is God.  If you understand spiritual things and how they work you would also understand.  Anytime you see someone trying to convert someone from one religion to another you should be aware it doesn't work like that.  Once a spirit has been fired within a soul there is no fixing or changing it.  However if the Holy Spirit itself calls someone from one religion to another then that person has not been fired in the spirit and so might be saved by turning to Jesus, repenting and asking for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  In other words that's God's business not mine and that's why I'm not interested in religious converts.

Spiritual Things are Very Serious to me.
I am a sign post along the highway to help guide those who seek their way.
I'm not in this for money, recognition or glory, I'm just keeping my agreement with God.
The true stories of these things are contained within other pages on this site.  If you have read them then you know but since angry people seldom read the entire content of a page I will recant some of it here.

God took me via the Shadow of Death twice and among the angles I've seen the Great City of Light in Heaven, I've seen the great angel choir and I've been returned to walk among the spirits on many occasions so I would understand the spirits that exist and what purpose they serve.  There are a lot of things I don't know but there are a few things I do know, I give credit to God for Him helping me to see the truth.

I said I didn't ask for this job but God reminded me that I did.
On my second death the angels gave me a choice I could remain with them or I could return to earth and I told them I wanted to come back and share the wondrous truths that God had revealed to me.  I had no idea at that moment how badly I would be treated by humans because of my choice at that moment in time.  I bring God's treasures to them and they trample them and then turn and attack me.  Since I had an agreement with God for my return to this life I have created these pages and posted those truths on them for anyone who God chooses to share these things with.  I'm not advertising these pages, if God wants someone to find them then that's between God and them.

Honestly sometimes God leads heard headed hard spirited religious minded people to these pages to show them something they didn't want to hear in the first place.  If you wandered into this site from God only knows where and don't like what's on these pages I could care less, don't bother to write and tell me.  Take it up with God because He's the one who sent me back to reveal what He showed me on these pages and He's the one who guided you here for reasons He knows.  Odds are He brought you here to help you because chances are He didn't bring you here to help me.  Since God has other methods to communicate with me it's very rare for God to have someone contact me with a message from Him and when He does He gives them a method for me to recognize them.  Generally He tells them to tell me something that only He and I would know.

You can bet the next time an angel asks me if I want to return to this life or remain with them I won't be coming back.

In the great scheme of things I'm fairly insignificant.  There are people out there who know a LOT more about these things than I do.  I try to put links on the links pages to sites that belong to these people.

Brothers and sisters in Christ
I would like to thank God for sending others to write me and tell me of their wondrous experiences with Him.  These are those very similar to me who have been given experiences that let them know the things on these pages are truth from God.  I would also like to thank those people for their kind words.  I'm sorry to put you through reading this page just to send me a message but those who hate God also hate you and I.  They don't want us talking to anyone about the truth concerning spiritual things.  You have no doubt experienced some of the same things I have in dealing with them and those kind of people.

Now if you still want to write me an E-mail follow the rules on this page and go right ahead.  You can send it to bryon(at)spiritualthings.org.  Be sure to include my first and last name as listed below in the body of the message with "Spiritual Things" in the subject line.  Some of my filters scan for my full name in the body of a message in order to protect it from the other filters.  It doesn't always work but most of the time it does.  I use this E-mail address for several of my websites.  It is important to put the name of the site into the subject line.  If I'm still able I will read and answer your messages.  My health has not been good for a long time so I don't know how much longer I'll be here to answer messages.  When I'm gone I expect my websites will vanish with me since there's no one else here who knows how to maintain them.  As long as my wife keeps the bills paid for the server the websites should remain here.

God bless,

...Bryon Smith
If you can't apply the effort to read this page before you E-mail me then I may not have the energy or time to read your message if I should get it.  So if you actually want me to get and read your message you should read and follow the instructions below.

News update 7/05/14 is I have cancer and I'm on chemo but if you need help with something please follow the instructions on this page and send your message acording to the rules.   I can't say when I'll get to your message as I'm real sick most of the time now and spend most of my time fighting nausea and resting or sleeping.

I didn't build this website to tell people things that make them happy.
  I built it to explain truths that so many have overlooked or chose to ignore. I built it to walk on some toes.  I built it because I have an agreement with God.  I do the site God leads people to it.  If you found something on this site you don't like consider it was either a challenge or conviction from God or you shouldn't even be here.

Many times people aren't learning anything new unless they are angry about something that challenged the way they think and believe.  It's OK be angry!  As long as you are willing to test everything including everything you read on this site.
I don't ask anyone to believe the things I write without testing them.  Testing everything is how I got here.  That and a series of events orchestrated by God and you will find some of those listed in my personal experiences pages.

I would guess more than 3/4ths of the people who read segments on this site disagree or totally hate something they found here.  I don't really care, I'm not here for those who aren't willing to test and challenge their beliefs.  There's no need for them to write and tell me about it.  Unless God wants me to have their message three levels of mail filters will make sure I won't even see it.

I won't tell you to go to a particular church, I won't tell you that you must go to a church of any kind in order that you might be saved or find some favor with the Creator God.  I will tell you that I've never been in a church that doesn't have faults.  I will tell you I've been kicked out of churches and have had "Christians" threaten my life.  I will tell you the world is full of people who are lost who think they are saved and quite a lot of them call themselves Christians.  You think I don't get hate mail from all directions?  You have no idea.  That's why I set three levels of filters to nuke those messages and posted this page and other things I mentioned on this page that are scattered through my site in order to make certain kinds of people leave.  You must decide for yourself what's good for you or why you do or do not like something you find here.

When people send me hate mail they are professing they are not here to better themselves, they are here to straighten me out.  Believe me someone already has that job.  God and my wife.  :-/  This site is here for those who wish to better themselves.  God won't judge me based on what they think about me, he will judge them based on the truths they didn't make an effort to acquire for themselves.  It's the same for everyone, no exceptions. If you are not here to better yourself in some way then you should leave and not waste your time any further.

People from all over the world E-mail me to tell me how their experiences are a similar to mine.  Thank you!
Clips from some of those messages are on the visitors pages.
These are my brother's and sisters in the spirit.

I can't express my joy when someone who has so many of the same gifts and experiences as I have contacts me to share their story with me.  When someone writes me and tells me a series of events they have had that are identical to mine it gives me great joy to know God sent them to let me know I'm not the only one of my kind.

Yes there are certain messages in certain places on this site that is intended to drive certain kinds of people away.  Some of those things have no other purpose.  Some of them have a hidden meaning that only some people are sharp enough to figure out.  If you hit one of those spots and got angry then you missed the message.  It's all right just admit you didn't get it and either try again or leave, that's fine with me but do not write to tell me about it.

Often when I get up in the morning I spend anywhere from 1 to 4 hours answering questions and counseling others at no charge.  My personal work usually comes after I've helped everyone else.  My critics can't claim they would do the same.

I've cast demons out of people, seven out of one man!  I've cleaned houses and closed portals to the underworld.  I've gone spirit and literally thrown sub-demons and demons out of locations.  My critics can't say they have done the same.

I've had angels watching me since I was a child and sometimes I get to see them, now and then I get to meet them and sometimes they even deliver messages.  My critics can't claim they ever seen an angel let alone had God believer a message to them via an angel.

I exist in this life under the category of Numbers 12:6.  My critics can't say God has ever shook their house, levitated them, called them by their given and spirit name then delivered a message to them.  They can't say God has ever sent them a full blown waking vision to deliver a message to them in no uncertain terms.  Don't warn me that God is going to get me, believe me God has my number and uses it anytime He has a reason. If He hasn't scolded me for the thing that pissed them off then odds are real good they are pissed at something God is trying to tell them. You see God stops talking to people who refuse to listen.  That's why so many say God doesn't speak to people anymore.  I'm here to say "YES HE DOES."

Rants are sent by people who insist on being wrong despite God, nature, Jesus and all the Apostles.  A person sends me a rant I have no need to read it to know they read something on one of my sites that stepped on their toes.  The truth generally makes people angry when they insist on being wrong.  If you want to be wrong, that's between you and God.

Do not write to rant and tell me how everyone needs to make their own choices in life!  I don't have time to answer the legitimate messages I receive trying to help people
I certainly do not have time to read your rant.

There's a warning message on the home page of this site that says basically if you are extremely opinionated, not willing to challenge your beliefs, if you are happy with the way you are then turn back now before you read something you won't like. Now and then someone will read that warning and write to tell me how opinionated I am and warn me that God is going to come get me for saying those things.  So they come over here jump straight to the bottom of the page to get my e-mail address and vent on me without reading this entire page to see why I wrote that warning the way I did. I wrote it not only to warn those who are like that to stay away I wrote it to drive away people who fit that description.

When this site first went up there were no warnings anywhere and my E-mail address was on every page, anyone and everyone including the spammers wrote me for one reason or another.  That message is a disclaimer, meaning I don't lure anyone to this site for any reason.  I don't ask people to come read anything on these pages. I was told by God to put up this site and post information that would help people deal with all kinds of spiritual problems in their life.  I don't get anything back from this site on my own behalf except for the deal I have with God.  I take care of His business and He takes care of me.  If those who rant about God coming to get me had read my personal experiences pages they would know God all ready came and got me a long time ago.  He knows exactly who I am, where I am and what I'm doing every moment of every day.  When I get out of line even a little bit He lets me know, and He didn't seem to mind my warning message out there. 

You see I am one of those who was raised to believe in things that I later found were not true.  I asked God for the gift of spiritual wisdom and knowledge and God's way of giving me what I asked for was literally to drag me through it like a gauntlet.  To send me out of my body into the spirit world and see the things that exist all around us normally unseen by the human eye.  I've witnessed things a normal human never sees in a life time.  I am also aware there are some people who can't be helped and it's best if they leave this site before they read something that offends them and that's why that warning is out there on the very first page of this site.

I am challenged every single day to test something new to see if it is valid or not.  Sometimes I actually get an answer and sometimes that answer takes time and effort and sometimes God hands it to me like a gift.

I had to change my ways and beliefs to get where I am or I should say God changed them for me because I didn't like quite a lot of what God revealed to me either.  If I am opinionated now then it is toward the truth, facts and the things God gives me. 
Willing to change my ways and beliefs is critical because nothing is certain except change.  I feel sad for those who spend a long time writing me a long rant only to have it nuked by my filters before it ever finds my E-mail program.  If they had read this page before writing they could have saved themselves the time and trouble.

Even People Who Claim To Be Angels Write to Straighten Me Out!
Do not write me telling me you are an angel or you are an angel who's incarnated living as a human and you are here to set me straight!  OMG!  Tell me that everything we know to be true is wrong and the Bible itself is a joke!  NO the angel didn't read the bible because it was far too humorous and wrong.  Then told me Sodom and Gamorha was destroyed not because of what people were doing to each other but because what they tried to do to the angels who were sent to help them.  HA!  Then I find out this "angel" incarnated into the body of a woman who's in a relationship with another woman!  OK I got nothing particular against queers or angels but don't tell me your an angel and a queer, that doesn't work.  Go read my page on homosexuals and see how their perceptions are altered to defend their life style. (I know not all gays are like that, but so many of them are.)

The man who kidnapped Elisabeth Smart believed he was an incarnated angel.  I assure you he had never met an angel.

You know the last time some said Jesus incarnated on earth they called him David Koresh! And he murdered a bunch of people!  Now I hear on the news he's somewhere else and everyone goes running!  How stupid can people be?  The angel was a kid who chose an angel's name she couldn't even spell.  Anyone who would fall for that would fall for anything, don't insult yourself or me with crap like that.

Yes I've had visits from other prophets and from angels and I can tell you there is a protocol and this "angel" had no God given protocol.  1 an angel sent by God always knows who they are being sent to see.  2 They will reveal something to prove who they are to the person they are sent to.  Something that person will know without a shadow of a doubt that God sent them. Sometimes this proof involves something supernatural.  If you don't have the protocol don't bother to write me saying you are an angel or another prophet of God who's been sent by God to correct me.

Take your own advice and understand that I do believe everyone has the right to be wrong.  On the very first page of this site are warnings for certain types of people to turn back before they read something they won't like.  This site is not here for them.  But still they come and still they write. If you don't follow the rules don't expect me to see or read your message.