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Though it is true your salvation does not depend on weather you correctly understand this concept I'm posting this page for those who are concerned about it.  (God scolded me for a few things I originally wrote into this page out of frustration and let me know I should fix it so I did. God watches the content of my pages and lets me know if something isn't the way He wants it.)

The idea that God created the earth in 6 earth days with all the ages, dinosaur bones, oil and fossils in the earth for the purpose of defying the nature that God established is an ages old ideological misconception based on a mistranslation of the original Bible text.  God the Creator established nature and science and they should not contradict each other.  When they do seem to contradict each other
you have something wrong.

There is nothing a highly religious dogma bound person hates more than to be confronted with truths that disprove their own understanding of God and how God does things.  Now that humans can peer out into the Cosmos and see countless billions of galaxies we pose new questions.  Did the same Creator God make those Galaxies or not?  Does the same God create nebulas, the birth of a new galaxy or not?  Because if He does then we know we won't live long enough to see them become a galaxy.  If the answer is YES the same God is making a new galaxy then it flies in the face of dogma bound concepts.  Why would The Creator do those differently than He did ours?  Odds are He didn't and that makes someone wrong in their beliefs.  If someone has to be wrong I assure you it wasn't God, it was human misunderstanding of how God actually does things.

I've met and know countless people who insist the Creation story defies science for the purpose that God is so great that now and then He defies Himself just to prove to us that He is capable of defying the laws that He Himself created.  I don't doubt that He can, He just doesn't usually.  When the Creator spirit designs things He's meticulous and takes a GREAT amount of study and time to get it right.  The concept of God making everything that IS in the blink of an eye or 6 earth days is not nearly as amazing or as impressive as God taking billions of years.  If you were allowed to watch then you might understand.

The problems occur when people allow incorrect ideologies to limit their ability to understand the truth.  The most difficult ideologies to overcome are those having religious significance.  When you place terms that refer to God the Creator in connection with people's comprehension you either set them free or place them in bondage.  The most difficult to overcome is a religious ideology.  People murder innocent people based on religious ideologies.  People have killed each other for thousands of years based on incorrect religious ideologies.

Science says the earth is millions of years old because geologists and those who study fossils know how fossils and rocks are formed and have some idea how long it takes.  They know it didn't happen in six of our daysBased on this "science" says the earth was not made in 6 of our days.

Recently and for the first time ever I had someone contact me to explain to me that science can prove the earth was made in six days!  I told my wife and she burst out laughing.  I said "I've heard just about everything now."  NO SCIENCE CAN'T PROVE THE EARTH WAS MADE IN SIX OF OUR DAYS!  Whoever says that is seriously on the wrong track and being motivated by deceptive spirits.

God created the facts that science bases their beliefs upon.  God created all creation in
six stages also known as ages which to Him were the same as days, His method of calculating time not ours.

For those of you who insist that God created the earth in 6 of our days the terms used in the King James are no longer used in updated bible versions.  In the old Strong's Concordance the words for "void" and "without form" are words that also translate to "destroyed" and "in ruin."  In the Amplified version you see they correctly use the term "empty waste" and then in the same sentence they say "there was darkness on the face of the very great deep."  This is factual.  The earth existed in ruin and God was beginning a recreation of the earth. 

What is factual?

Life on earth was created, destroyed and recreated multiple times before Adam and Eve ever walked upon it.

There are two separate very short versions of the creation story in the book of Genesis.

Ancient texts from Samaria have been found that describe the creation story and these are several thousand years older than the book of Genesis.  The creation stories mentioned in the book of Enoch are older than the book of Genesis and much more detailed.

Not one of these facts disagrees with the existance of God.

1IN THE beginning God (prepared, formed, fashioned, and) created the heavens and the earth.(A)

2The earth was without form and an empty waste, and darkness was upon the face of the very great deep. The Spirit of God was moving (hovering, brooding) over the face of the waters.

Usage in context indicates the earth was in ruin and destroyed but even then there was the great deep or oceans. 
If the earth was a great "void" then it was a "nebula" and we all know there is no great deep of water or ocean in a nebula.  We also know that a nebula is a galactic creation work in progress that takes perhaps trillions of years.  God our Creator is creating things somewhere all the time, all you have to do to learn the facts is to open your eyes and see it for yourself.  Then to understand it ask God to help you open your heart and mind to the truth. Please don't get stuck in a stigmata based on an incorrect translation and don't get stuck in a misconception being passed along by friends or relatives.  I have relatives who are saved who I love dearly but they have never been able to get past this misconception in a life time.
Read it yourself.

I believe part of the problem with people who insist on a literal 6 day creation is rooted in people's individual insecurities based on misconceptions and the mistranslation of the original translations.  Some of these errors made in the King James version of the bible were passed along to several later versions.  A lot of people are taught the Bible is God's Living Word but it isn't.  That's to say the Bible is Christ Jesus and God but it isn't.  The Living Word is just that, a speaking living entity that can respond to anyone God chooses to respond to.  I know for a fact because He speaks to me.  Yes sometimes He scolds me for allowing my human emotions to get in the way of the reason why He sent me back to this life.  People who are dogma bound saddle themselves with a burden God didn't intend for them to carry.  They choose to be deliberatly blind to spite God's truth and the facts God gave us to prove His existance.

Reading Between The Lines
Prophets who wrote the scriptures were writers trying to record some evidence of those things.  Being a writer myself I can tell you first hand what is seen in the mind of the writer may not be the same thing observed by the reader.  I might write that I was walking through a cave and found an "opening" where something happened.  So I see a large open room inside the cave while the reader sees an exit to the cave or doorway into another room of the cave.

When Enoch was in the heavens among the angels he saw the great giants known as the Gregori and they were in prision for breaking their contract with God.  And they asked Enoch to pray to God for them.  Now Enoch said "Who am I that I should pray to God for angels?"  The reader will likely think Enoch was saying these great giants were angels.  Had they been standing there watching Enoch, hearing his tone of voice and seeing his expressions they may come to another conclusion.  You see Enoch knew they were not angels but was speaking in sarcasum.   He was saying "Who am I that I should pray on the behalf of angels?"

If Evolution Exists It Is By God's Own Design

Science has been able to prove that genetic changes can take place inside a person in a single life time.  We should all find this interesting.  How does God do what He does when it comes to creation.  Evolution however doesn't explain the original creations.

On the subject of Evolution, every time the Creator does this he modifies and or creates new species, which is why there are no missing links.  Evolution is a "design factor" used by the Creator for His own purpose.  Evolution is not a process of nature that happens gradually over millions of years as Darwin implied.  The fact that some animals resemble other animals is no more amazing than some cars or some airplanes resemble other airplanes.  Oh my God! That car has tires and wheels just like that other one does!  Or that airplane has wings just like that other one does!  They must have decided when they were slime they would crawl from the primordial ooze and grow wheels and wings!  Humans tend to emulate their Creator by making modifications to the things they make.  It is not that complicated to relate to this concept unless a person has all ready accepted a misconception and refuses to give it up.

There is a show made in 2006 called The Exodus Decoded which uses scientific facts to explain the great Exodus from Cairo, Egypt.  They are not trying to disprove the Biblical accounts.  They are using facts to say "Yes these things happened and we have scientific proof as evidence."

This program reveals things the Bible mentions vaguely like where the descendents of Abraham lived while in Egypt.  This being the city of Avaris.  The people were called by different names but one name was "Hicsos" or shepherd kings.  These were the people who the Egyptian priest wrote took over the nation of Egypt and using Egyptian labor built the Great Pyramid of Giza mentioned in the book of Isaiah.  They built the GP in only 22 years and they returned to Avaris.  At this point Pharaoh rallied his army and took the Hicsos captive back into Egypt.

The fact the Biblical events can be explained by science is a good thing.  God created nature and God uses nature as He sees fit.  Those who insist that science disproves the existence of God need to take a closer look.  Those who insist that science is against God's miracles need to look again.  God's angels sing the song of creation's engine.  They are one in the same.  They verify each other.

I'll be back later to work on this page as the spirit inspires me to do so.  Until then don't even send me a message to explain to me how God made the earth in six of our days.  We know both from the Bible translations that some words were not translated correctly and people tend to believe the mistranslations.  We know from the Bible that God also frequently used metaphors and symbols.  We know that God relates to ages more frequently than He does in literal days.  We know the 70 weeks of Daniel was not 70 weeks, it was many years.  We know the day doesn't end on God's work until what ever job he was doing is finished.  We know the sun never goes down where God is and God is never in the darkness in the way that we sometimes are.  If you send me a message wanting to argue this subject don't expect me to respond.  Chances are high that God sent you to my pages to help you out on some subject.

Thank you.