What is the Holy Trinity?
If you can gain a proper understanding of the Holy Trinity then you can understand the foundations of all of creation.   You will understand who and what God the Father is, who the Creator is and who you are.

Who is God the Father and how is He different from God the Son?

A very good friend of mine told me the other day that he couldn't understand why God was born in the flesh and was praying to himself in Heaven.  Because we frequently hear it said that God the Father and the Son are one in the same being.  The truth is they are part of the same entity but they are not alike.  Just as our fingers are part of our hands and hands part of our body they are not alike, yet they are all part of the greater whole.

God the Father is the entity that touches and runs through all of creation
.  God the Son is a term used to describe another aspect of the Creator, that part which was born into a human body.  Before the Creator was born in the flesh He was known by other names.  One of these names is Yahweh, another is "The Living Word of God" another is "The Lord of Light" another is "Cheops" which means Lord of Light.  The creator is also known as the Messiah, the saviour, the teacher, the comforter, the lamb and the lion.  He is known as the "Capstone of Zion."  Throughout the ages the Creator spirit has been known by many names that describe different aspects of His nature.  (Despite the fact that a portion of Jewish texts were plagiarized into the Koran in an effort to mislead and confuse people, Jesus, Yahweh, Lord of Light, The Creator has never been known as "Allah."  The god of Islam is not God.)

Many people who have never experienced what the prophets referred to as "The Living Word of God" believe the written or inspired word of God is one in the same, but it is not.  The prophets understood it well and so did the Apostle John who wrote in the first chapter of the gospel of John how the Word was with God, the Word was God, and the Word became flesh and dwelled among men and they called him Jesus.  The "Living Word of God" became Jesus therefore it can not be the same as the Bible as the Bible as we understand it did not exist at that time.  I know this to be true because "The Living Word of God" spoke to me and gave me the understanding of quite a few spiritual things.  He sent me back to explain these things to those who the Father would send to me.  (
I don't go out looking for people to explain these things to.  Like the Marines, God isn't looking for everyone, He's looking for a few good people who have what it takes to get His job done and only God is qualified to determine who is qualified.)

God the Father is Omni-present.  God the Son, or the Creator has many facets, but is not omni-present
.  A "facet" means the Creator has many eyes and ears and need not be in a given location to know what is going on there.  All he needs is to have one of His angels there, or a person or animal who has His spirit within them.

When the three angels were going to Sodom they came upon Abraham's tent and they looked just like men.  God's voice spoke from one of these angels and Abraham knew these "men" were not men but angels who looked like men.  Then God said He was sending the angels down to Sodom to see if the prayers He had been receiving from there were true.  Had the Creator who was speaking through the angel been omni-present He would not have needed to go there to see for Himself.  In the end only two angels were observed entering Sodom to rescue Lot and his family.  They were created by the Creator spirit using the power and essence of the Father spirit.  The Creator could see through their eyes, speak through their mouths and hear with their ears, yet He did not have to be there "in person."


The Holy Trinity

There are those among us in the world of religion who teach the Holy Trinity, the Father the Son the Holy Spirit.

There are those among us who teach there is no such thing as the Holy Trinity.

How can we understand such things unless God reveals them to us?  God reveals certain things to certain people then charges them to carry that truth to the people and explain it.  Among human kind however there are a multitude of people preaching who God didn't send.  Then it's up to you to decide who is telling the truth and who is not.

We have been given many clues handed down from God to human kind.  In order to understand what humans react to we must take all things into consideration.  The concept of the Holy Trinity is pushed very openly by the Catholics followed by other Christian based religions.  The Bible says "Father, Son and Holy Spirit" and therefore teaches the Holy Trinity.  It also says the three are one, which is also correct.

There are some who get fed up with religion and religious teaching and after watching the Catholics preform their rituals they think they see the pharisees and those who crucified Christ within them.  Recently I shot a video of a Catholic wedding in which I observed these things first hand.  The Holy Spirit spoke to me saying "
These things serve a purpose to carry a truth through the ages.   They who observe must learn the meaning of such things."

I would guess many Catholics believe the wine actually becomes the blood of Christ and the unleavened bread becomes the body of Christ once consumed, but that's only symbolic.  That's not what happens.  Once the understanding of such things belong to us we no longer need to preform the rituals, except for those who do not yet understand the meaning.  This is why rituals were established and handed on through the ages to the children.

Like the laws of Moses once the Holy Spirit is taken within a person and once they understand the purpose of the laws and rituals they have been completed.  Jesus said he came to fulfill the laws of Moses and so he did because the Laws and rituals were speaking about His coming and Him being the Messiah.  Once the Messiah has come the laws are fulfilled.  He did not destroy them He completed them.  For those who understand the laws and rituals no longer have a purpose because the understanding has come.

That is not to say that everyone who is saved understands all the things God has done among us.  It is not to say that we can't learn important truths by returning to His teachings and to the laws given to Moses, because we can.  Each key can open more than one door.

Now for the Holy Trinity and how it works.  Can you understand that a church is singular yet it is made up of many people?  Therefore the one is made up of the many.  Understand also that such secrets are hidden throughout creation and this done by God our Creator.  A human is made up of body mind and spirit, yet the body is one and singular in nature.

Therefore also understand the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are one and singular in nature having a singular purpose for all things.  The Christ is also our Creator and exists to serve the the Father's purpose just as my hands work to serve my purpose as I type upon the computer's keys.  The Creator is the Word of the Father and as the Father directs the mouth speaks.  As I direct my fingers type.  As the church becomes the Body of Christ it becomes one with Christ and in doing so it becomes one with the Father.  The many become one and part of the Father's purpose.

Jesus said "In My Father's house are many mansions."  These being the host of the heavens and made up of a countless multitude of spirits and entities.  All these working to fulfill the will of the Father.  Among them are leaders and these I refer to here as the Great Elders.

The body of Christ was broken physically and spiritually for us.  His physical blood was shed as well as His spiritual blood.  One does not magically transform into the other.  The ritual preformed by the Catholics is symbolic and other than revealing the reference to these things has no other purpose.  The Spiritual body and blood of Christ is what provides salvation.  It must be taken within us in order to accomplish it's mission and make us part of the unity that is the body of Christ.  How will you understand when I say we are both the body of as well as the bride of Christ?  Christ lives within us and we are now part of the Creator being who is one with God?

Now you should understand why people have such a hard time trying to sort out the truth from the symbols and rituals we have been given.  What will we do as ascended beings?  We (the many) will continue to do the will of our Father who is in Heaven.  Why would anyone not expect to find them who have gone before us working to do likewise?

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