The main domain site hosts websites owned by other people who may not share the ideas posted on this website.  I have a lot of friends who do not think as I do about certain things but we get along quite well. This extra segment was put on the top of the home page to this site because far to many people read a line or paragraph and think they have me figured out, they don't.  Despite the fact I've put this notice on top of the home page people continue to write to straighten me out.  Nearly all of those who do this are about where I was 40-50 years ago, they read a few pages of the bible listen to some religious dogma and all of a sudden they are experts on the subject.  They don't realize that God sent them here to find something they need and they didn't come here to help me.  If they can't read this paragraph and realize what it says they are not going to comprehend the entire Bible either.

The majority of the people are not concerned with the truth, they only want to find evidence to support what they choose to believe in and they are either offended by the truth or avoid it when it disagrees with what they want to believe in.  Anytime you find something that seriously offends you then you should take another look because it might be the truth God is trying to reveal to you.

Righteousness isn't necessarily a religious word.  Those on the path to truth are on the path to righteousness.  Those who enter Heaven do so in "truth and in spirit."  If your not looking for the truth you are on the wrong website.

So for those of you who insist on God creating the earth in 6 of our days please go to the creation page and read there.
For those who have a lost loved one and want to pray them out of purgatory, good luck with that.
For those who think "Oh well, if I don't get it right this time I will reincarnate and try again," I hope you can but don't hold your breath.  Some of your answers and things to consider are on these webpages.