What is a Mental Disorder
A mental disorder is the result of an unbalanced mind.
Mentally unstable people are not happy.

        Not tonight hun, I have a headache!  Yeah, you've heard it before.  Physical problems result in abnormal sexual behavior.  If the body is out of whack the mind and sexual cravings are altered.  Likewise if the spirit and soul is out of tune the body will also exhibit alterations and symptoms.

            I think nearly everyone today knows what a sociopath is.  A sociopath has certain traits and can be very dangerous when provoked.  If you look up the typical traits you will learn they are incapable of normal emotions such as humility, love, compassion, understanding, charity, forgiveness, etc. They are self serving individuals who believe everyone was put here to serve them in some way.  At their core is a spirit of hate / anger that drives them.  They are pathological liars.  They really suck at playing games or anything that requires special skill since they can't stand to lose.  Though some are highly intelligent and able to outsmart normal people with little effort, and they love to win.  They won't back down.  They are the exact opposite of everything required to be saved. 
            Who comes to God?  The penitent / humble / repentant.  But a sociopath is not capable of realizing they have ever done anything wrong
They can't ask for forgiveness because they have no sin.  They are quick to anger over tiny things and might beat up someone close to them with their fists in a fit of rage over nothing, but they will never say they are sorry, because they justify everything they do in their own mind.  When asked Charles Manson said "I've never killed anyone, I never had to, all I have to do is say it and it happens."  And says he is innocent and without blame.
            They are incapable of finding or knowing the truth about spiritual things since anything they choose to believe in becomes the truth, even when it isn't.  They will defend what they choose to believe in and not back down or admit they were ever wrong.  Their stories will frequently change over a few days since they literally make things up to suit themselves as they go along.
            We hear about sociopaths who become sexually aroused at the very thought of hurting someone else.  They can lust but they can not love.  What they do is pretend or fake the emotions in order to fool others.  Rape is common among them.  Their mind is seriously miswired!
            They love to tell stories, they love to have people admonish them and praise them for anything and everything they do.  They frequently find themselves in businesses where they are leaders such as in religion and politics.  If you analyze the traits and nature of a sociopath you will come to realize it was as if the demon who designed that disorder / mental illness did it deliberately to create a human being who could not be saved not even by God.  People close to a sociopath become victims and someone like a wife will literally alter the way she thinks in order to remain with this person who abuses her.  Meaning she will defend him and try to anticipate what he would say or do in order to remain in good with him.
            More often people are born with the sociopath disorder as it can be genetically passed from parents to children.  Children growing up thinking like this and not knowing any better often do not realize they are different.  Those who do can find themselves in deep depression feeling alone and rejected and no longer wishing to live.  These are commonly the ones who kill someone then themselves in order to satisfy the thinking they are better off dead.
            Most often when people go afoul of God's commands He would send a prophet to preach to them and give them a chance to repent and change their ways but there were three cases in history we know of where God didn't try to save them, he sent angels to dispose of them perhaps because He knew they could not be saved.

        In days long gone people didn't know what a mental illness was, if someone acted strangely they were possessed by evil spirits.  As science in medicine and advancement in the understanding of how the human mind works psychiatrists re-categorized the symptoms as mental illness and disorders.  Spirits not withstanding these people were obviously psychologically disturbed.
        The human body is made up of physical=body, mental=mind, spiritual=soul.  The mental or mind is the physical aspect of the soul.  It is who we are, our personalities and thoughts yet the spiritual energy of the body supports the soul.  When the physical or body is gone the soul and spirit still exist.  Each part of what we are made up of requires certain things in order to maintain a proper balance.  If any part of our makeup is not correctly maintained an imbalance occurs.  We feel these imbalances in certain ways known as symptoms.
        The medical and scientific world have finally realized the body mind and spirit all resonate in certain frequencies.  By subjecting a person to certain frequencies of light, color, sound and EMF you can affect the balance between the body mind and spirit of a person.  You can temporarily throw a person out of balance.  If a person is continually subjected to certain input they can be permanently affected and changed.
        You can expand on these things by the kind of things people feed upon.  You've heard the saying we are what we eat?  What we eat goes into our bodies and affects our physical health, but what we feed our minds and souls affects who we are as a person.  If a person watches "soaps" all day long you can expect them to be a certain kind of person.  If a person feeds on barbaric behavior like brutal sports you would expect them to be less mental and more of a physically oriented person.  If people watch more scientific, educational and informational programs we know these people actually desire to better themselves and move to a more intellectual level.  We know these people desire to understand creation, who we are and the world we live in.
        The kinds of music we listen to is also frequency based and originates from and corresponds to certain physical and spiritual frequencies.  Certain kinds of music and rap are mentally and spiritually harmful and can eventually change the frequencies a person resonates at.  Rap is usually aggressive and harmful.  The rhythm is like being punched repeatedly.  Hate music and lyrics stimulate barbaric behavior and is harmful to body, mind and spirit.  Other kinds of music have calming effects over the body mind and soul and it's not difficult to tell the difference.  If a person takes enough bad crap into themselves it is clear that bad energy will be given off by them.

        Things can be taken into the body that alter the body enough to affect the mind and spirit.  Likewise things can be taken into the mind and spirit that alter the body.

        How do all these things play out with sexual behaviors?  Literally everything is sexually connected.  It is either sending or receiving energy with information of some nature.  A person's sexual behavior and cravings are directly related to the balance within their body, mind and spirit.  If any of these things are out of balance a person's behavior and cravings will be altered. 
The symptoms are altered sexual cravings.  The symptoms range in degree according to and directly related to the part of their being that is affected.  Mild to moderate sexual alterations happen to everyone during their lives.  When a person begins to crave same sex relationships something serious has been affected within them on a spiritual and mental level.  The next thing that beings to suffer is the body.

        People feed on all kinds of things both physical and spiritual.  If eating something bad can alter the body, make you sick then taking something bad into your spirit can also make you sick.  Rape is a very aggressive sexual act where someone forces themselves inside another.  That person who is rapped will forever be altered and changed by the act.  Having sex is a very personal thing where bodies and spirits literally share energy.  That energy remains with these people for the rest of their lives.  If you think the creator can't tell who a person's had sex with you need to think again because it's written in their spiritual DNA.  Every sexual interaction a person has is known to our Creator. 
Every spiritual interaction a person has is also known to our Creator.

        Ever wonder what the big deal was when the "angels of God" came into human women and had children by them? It made God furious enough to flood the world and destroy everyone who wasn't inside Noah's Ark.  Later there were two large cities known as Sodom and Gomorra and all their suburbs who were overcome by the same spirits and God rained fire and brimstone down from the heavens upon them destroying all but Lot and his two daughters.  It happened again in Jericho.  "There are giants in the land." "We are like grasshoppers to them."  These "angels" were deceived by Lucifer and in having sex with human woman they altered the spirits of the woman, their children and everyone they had sex with.  This alteration was not something God could just zap and correct.  God hates to destroy the people and will do so only as a last resort.  Why did God do that?  Why wasn't there another option? 

        To comprehend these things you need to understand who God our Creator is and what He intended of his people.  The thing you need to understand here is the human body, spirit and soul were unique and they had to remain unaltered by certain external forces.  Since Adam and Eve the human's had been altered by "the fruit of the tree of good and evil."  In order to restore the children of Adam and Eve to the Father's Kingdom they had to be altered again by the Creator's own spirit.  Once their spirits had been altered by the "fallen angels" they could never be restored to the Father.  The reason being their spiritual frequencies had been altered in such a way the Creator couldn't bring them back on frequency.  In order to understand how this works you must also understand how the Creator intended to restore and redeem human kind.  He intended to do so by being born in the flesh Himself, living then dying and joining his spirit with those human souls who would be redeemed.  He mixed His own spirit with human spirits in order to mix His spiritual signature with theirs so the Father spirit would recognized them as being His Children.  The Creator could not be born to a woman who had been altered by the "fallen angels."  The spirit of the Creator can not join with the spirit of a fallen angel (cursed) or a human / mortal being who's spirit has been altered by the fallen angels.

        Anyone who has any understanding of how frequencies and electronic devices work know there's only certain combinations of components that allow transistors to resonate at certain frequencies.  If any component is altered from specifications the unit component will cease to function properly.  The human machine is no different.  It must be created, serviced and tuned correctly.  If any part of it goes out of tolerance the entire unit will not function correctly.  Homosexuality is the direct result of the soul and spirit being out of tolerance with the mind and body.

When you can peek behind the scenes to see what energy is behind such things you will discover there are spirits (spiritual energy) directly associated with all kinds of illnesses including mental illnesses.  In order to gain a more in-depth understanding of how this works you should be aware that some non human spirits that cause illnesses can speakPlease visit the spirits page.

Why Homosexuality was Recatagorized as just a different life style.
Dogs are not homosexual, they are dogs, they communicate differently with each other than humans.
Arguments arose among the professional community, some of them argued that if animals are homosexual then it's all right for people to be homosexual.  Therefore it was a natural behavior for some people to be homosexual.  These concluded that homosexual behavior was not a mental disorder.  Other professionals ran their own tests and came to the conclusion that homosexuality was a mental disorder that leads to quite a few other types of mental and physical illnesses.  These studies indicated that homosexual people suffer from confusion (they don't know who they are) depression, anxiety, bi-polar (super highs and lows, mood swings happy to angry).  They suffer from a very high rate of suicidal tendencies.  Their moral standards of what is right and wrong range from the questionable to the highly perverted and illegal.  Because of their sexual practices the homosexual community suffer from a very high degree of physical illnesses some causing death.  A high number of homosexuals suffer from never being able to satisfy their hunger and seek to feed that hunger in very dangerous practices that I won't go into here.  I feel it's not necessary to say that mentally balanced people do not do these things.  Another thing that I should mention at this point is that some of these professionals are now afraid to voice their findings in public for fear of lawsuit from homosexuals who choose not to call homosexuality what it really is.

If you have any understanding of how the human mind works and what is balanced and healthy in human behavior then you will also recognize people who behave in certain ways that are not balanced or healthy.  There are quite a few different types of mental illnesses, quite a lot of them include sexual perversions.  Some mental disorders are caused by traumatic events or physical ailments that are understood, at least to some degree.  Some mental illnesses appear so similar to others it is difficult to know the difference.  Mental illnesses and disorders frequently include altered perceptions of realityHomosexuality is a mental disorder.

Understanding human behavior is important.  People don't like to be considered "crazy" so they find other things to call it.  The more they can described what's wrong with them in deceptive other terms the less they feel the need to correct what's wrong with them.  So if they are "gay" then it doesn't sound as bad.  If they can say they were born that way the more they can lay the blame on God, and that makes them feel better about themselves.  The more they can associate with others who are like them the less they stand out, the better they feel about themselves.  The better they feel the more those same spirits will affect them and others around them, this is why they tend to gather in groups in certain places and certain cities.  There's no end to the bad things that can sprout up out of groups like these.  I've seen these groups form into gangs and they've been known to attack people.  It's dangerous and in some places even illegal to openly say that homosexual people are mentally ill, but they are.  When people willingly or otherwise go against nature they go against the Creator being / nature and will eventually pay the price.  In the process they hurt other people.

Spirits are energy, spirits project energy, people send and receive spiritual energy and it affects those around them.  Positive energy can make sensitive people feel better and negative energy can literally make people sick.

Anyone who has a normal body and is uncertain about their sexuality has a mental disorder, a psychological disorder.  This disorder is frequently caused by a spiritual imbalance within the body.  Spiritual energy contains information just like a computer virus does.  It rewrites the human computer from the inside out.  People who have a problem with this need to get help ASAP before they get worse or something worse enters.
Dealing With Human Flaws
No one understands human nature better than the Creator, God.  The Bible says homosexuality is of the devil, it's evil, it's wrong, and calls it an abomination.  It literally makes God sick.  Well what does God know anyway?  Right?  What's the point in telling people this is bad behavior if God's mistakes were responsible for it?  In people's minds we find rationalization and equalization as a method to keep from dealing with character flaws and bad thinking.

While editing a training video for a large organization that deals with the mentally ill I was watching this one very large man being processed and placed into a secure facility.  A constant flow of filth and death threats flowed from his mouth.  This man is very dangerous!  This man is not only a threat to his family, friends, anyone else who comes near him and the police he's a threat to himself.  This man has a very serious mental illness and he needs help.

As I watched the video with the man from the organization standing behind me I said "That man acts like a demon." to which the man responded, "It is a demon that causes this kind of mental illness."

The man was treated, put on medication and he's doing as well as can be expected, as long as he remains on his medication.  There is no cure for what this man has, at least no cure beyond a full healing from God. 
Unlike this man, homosexual people have a choiceWhy would God make them that way then ban them from HeavenThe answer is He wouldn't.

Mentally ill people usually are not aware they are mentally ill, because many forms of mental illnesses and disorders alter the perception of those who are affected.  Mentally disturbed people frequently tend to blame others for things they cause themselves.

Mentally ill people do not normally seek help because they do not realize or want to accept the fact they are sick, someone else must have them evaluated, usually against their will before they can get help. The group I did the video job for says that one out of every five people have some form of mental illness or disorder.  Everyone knows several people who has some form of mental illness.  Learn their behaviors and the things they frequently do that others do who are diagnosed as being mentally ill.  Don't be shocked if you find out that you or others very close to you have a mental disorder, it is extremely common.  The majority of these people live fairly normal lives.  Some need to get some help along the way.  The more we understand mental disorders the more people can be helped to live a better life.

In order to understand this type of mental illness you need to understand spirits, what they are and what they do.  Some spirits can not affect a person unless that person accepts themThis is why it is dangerous not to recognize homosexuality for what it is.  If people say it's just a choice or they were born that way then to them it's all right to make the choice to accept a perverted spirit within them and then host it.  The more these people repeat the lie the more they believe it, the more the uninformed people around them accept it, the more the spirit grows within the people like a weed.  This process is the evil spirit preparing the soil the human soul and mind to accept the seed of that spirit within them.  This is accomplished through a lie, a deception.

Frequently when Jesus healed people he would tell them "Go your way and sin no more."  There was a reason why he did this.

Because mental disorders are contagious at one time people with certain disorders were put to death in order to prevent the spread of such things.  Homosexuality was one of those disorders for which people were killed.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Cause Mental Illnesses & Disorders.
Some of the most common forms of mental illnesses are caused when people keep their bodies and minds constantly basted and simmering in alcohol and or drugs.  There's a very good reason why they call it "spirits."  I have been there long enough to know what it does to people.  Some of these people start out all right but after years of substance abuse their perception of reality becomes altered they begin hallucinating and believing their own created delusions.  If caught early on and then stopped these people might return to a normal life.
I wrote pages about this subject and posted scriptures trying to explain it so that our visitors could understand.  There are all ready websites out here who are run by people who were homosexual and have called on God to help them.  They run the websites and they are there to answer your questions.  Please use the link at the top right of this page.

Please understand that people are people and dogs are dogs.  People should not behave like dogs.  People should not treat dogs like people.  To understand more about dog behavior please visit Ceaser's website and watch his show the Dog Whisperer.

Finding Balance

Prophetic Dreams and Nightvisions about Homosexuality
There is nothing the homosexual community hate more than the voice of those who God speaks to about them.

God has revealed and shown me things I don't even like to repeat, but it is His truth and I am one of His messengers.

God showed me shadow entities drag a homosexual man out of his car into a grave yard then dragged him straight down into the ground with him screaming and kicking all the way.  What God showed me made me physically ill.  There are people who have sent me hate mail telling me I was judging homosexuals just because I told them what God showed me.  I had nothing to do with judging that man or homosexuals.  People believe what they want needing someone to blame and I was handy.  It doesn't change the meaning of what God showed me.  This is only a fragment of what God has shown me concerning homosexuals.  The haunted building night vision below is the most recent.

Condemned Haunted Building 11/27/2007
It was day light but like a cloudy day outside.  The lights were on inside the building.  I found myself investigating inside a very old haunted prison with several other people.  At first look this building didn't look like a prison.  From the outside it looked like either a business or apartment building.  From the inside however it was a very different story.  There were bars on quite a few of the rooms.  None of the bars were locked for me though and I was able to go almost anywhere I wanted to go.

While there were others investigating this building I was investigating on my own.  Now and then I would pass the other group sometimes going the opposite way.  Sometimes we investigated side by side.  Sometimes they would investigate a room on one side of the hall and I another.

It was clear that many things had been removed from the building, things we could have used to learn the meaning of the building and what was about to happen to it.

Suddenly all the lights went out and it was like a dark stormy day.  I looked around to find myself alone, the other people were gone.  I realized I was being allowed to see things the other group was not going to see.  I continued finding my way into levels and rooms that were not originally accessible.  I began to find things that had not been removed or hidden.  I found one room that was filled with test equipment for working on electronic equipment.  This room had quite a few shelves for temporary storage of electronic equipment.  There was a heavy duty work bench filled with equipment used to work on the electronic equipment.  I found both large industrial soldiering irons and smaller ones.  I was amazed at the equipment I saw on this bench.  It was clear the equipment was advanced and some of it was very expensive.

By now I realized I was either on the fifth floor or above and realized the others had not been allowed above the fourth floor.  I went out of this room into the hallway to find offices to my left.  I realized I was now walking along the hallways of a corporate level of the dream subject.  This level had both offices and apartments and other things on it like the technical room I had been in.

I went around the floor and went up another level.  I woke and went back to sleep and found I was still in this building going from room to room.  Suddenly the lights came on all the colors came back and I thought "I'm in another time zone."  I continued on and it went dark again.  On the higher levels I found nothing but office rooms with some strange configurations.  This part was confusing and fuzzy.  Like what are beds doing in offices with business desks in them? 

About then a warning went off in my head and I knew this building was scheduled for destruction.  I began to run down hallways and staircases as fast as I could until I found myself on the second floor with no way to get to the first floor.  I couldn't even find a staircase to get to the first floor and the elevator wouldn't go down from here!  I had to think fast.  I jumped into the elevator hit the up button and jumped back out again.  As the elevator went up I jumped into the shaft and ran out on level one.  I was in the front of the building but couldn't get out.  I ran down the hallway to the back door which was open and I ran across the fenced in back yard as fast as I could to the far right hand corner.  I looked back to see the building implode and fall into a pile of dust right before my eyes.

I don't always understand what a dream is about when I first have it or when I first wake up.  Sometimes I get the gift and sometimes it doesn't come to me for a few minutes or until I write it down.

This is a prophetic informative night vision with very specific meaning.

1)        The place is a conglomeration of businesses that use a lot of electronics.
2)        The place is haunted. Being haunted means there are evil spirits there.
3)        Living apartments and offices mean their home lives and business lives are connected.  They take their personal affairs to work with them.
4)        The other people investigating are aware there's a problem in this business but they do not know just how extensive the problem is.
5)        I was allowed to go onto the higher levels and see deeper into the dream subject and problem.
6)        It's a very dark place but I can see.  Now I find their rooms where they work on electronics.  This is symbolic of more than one thing.  This business uses a LOT of electronics. They have computers, communication systems.  They have movie and TV production systems, they write and publish novels.  They pass laws and sue people when they feel threatened.  These are some very powerful people.

Quite a lot of symbols have more than one meaning depending on how and where you see the symbol.  A bed is usually for sleeping on but sexual things take place there so it's usually in the most personal room of the house.

They have beds in their offices.  In this business the people take their private life to work with them.  What they do carries over into their business through the TV and movie industry. These people are homosexuals.  They have an agenda and that is to display their "wares" in clear view of the public.  They are constantly testing the water by putting things specific to their sexual orientation into TV shows and movies where ever they think they can get away with it.  They are trying to desensitize the viewing public to what they do and what they are.

I don't know just how high I was seeing but I was around level seven when the light flashed on again and I realized this building was going to be destroyed.  I ran for my life to get out of there.  For those who work in this building there is no escape.  This is why I had trouble finding my way out.  They can't get out the front.  Those on the higher levels can't even get to the first floor to get out.  For them it's a one way trip.  I was there by special invitation being allowed to see what is to come and this is the only reason why I was able to get out.  I don't work there.  God is speaking in this dream saying that when it's time this kind of thing will be destroyed and will no longer be tolerated.

We know from prophecy as the Bible says as it was in the days of Noah, as it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah so shall it be in the last days before the second coming of the Lord of Light.  In these cases the earth had been over run by demons controlling people who did vial things.  God's solution was to destroy them.  He's saying that when it happens again He will destroy them.

God bless.
Learn More.  Get Help.
THE AGENDA describes how homosexual activists plan on recruiting your children into the lifestyle; how they're undermining traditional marriage; and how they will eventually criminalize any public criticism of homosexual conduct. (It's already happening in Canada where the gay agenda is well advanced. Now they are trying to pass bills that will make it illegal to say the slightest negative thing about homosexuals. To tell what it really is will get us arrested if this bill passes.)

Former Oklahoma Congressman J.C. Watts has said of THE AGENDA: "This powerful and hard-hitting book lays bare the reality and risks of the homosexual agenda."

Author Rev. Louis P. Sheldon has issued a call for all Christians to actively oppose the homosexual agenda: "The homosexual agenda is an attack on everything our Founding Fathers hoped to give us. But I am convinced that we can witness a tremendous victory, and with God's help, we shall overcome."

America is under attack from within by the devil's pawns.  The devil knows exactly what it will take to bring "She who God blessed" down.  Who's side are you on? 
Read prophetic dreams at the bottom of this page.

Get Help, Be Help
Homosexuality is a mental disorder.
        Mental Illnesses and disorders affect millions. According to NAMI 1 out of every 5 people have a diagnosable mental disorder. In a life time half of everyone will have a diagnosable mental disorder.  There are physical conditions, mental abuse, and genetic anomilies that can cause mental disorders.  People with mental disorders are frequently unaware of their condition.  Some of them feel compelled to find others like themselves, this causes them to feel accepted.  Feeling accepted empowers their disorder to control their minds.  It tells them nothing is wrong, in essence is rewarding bad thinking and bad habits.  People who abuse themselves via bad thinking and bad habits frequently abuse others and some of them are dangerous to themselves and others.
        In order to understand how these things are connected to sexual behaviors you must understand what a human being is, how we are made and what makes us work. A human is made up of three basic elements consisting of body, mind and spirit. If any part of this system becomes unbalanced it creates complications with the whole person.
Mental illnesses and disorders are serious business.
There are places where you can get help, and help others.