This page is not finished.  I intend to include scriptures and other references and details to prove the things I'm putting on these pages.  For now I will tell the story and give a few clues as to where to look for the other information.  Like other pages on this website if your not looking for the truth you are in the wrong place so don't waste your time here.  If you are looking for the truth and evidence to help you in your search for truth then you have come to one of the right places.

Critical information "The Exodus Decoded" at the bottom of this page.

ZION is REAL!  The Great Pyramid of Giza is a Book in Stone!
That's right, Zion is real and I intend to tell you the story about how God the Creator, the Lord of Light is Jesus Christ and how Isaiah 19:19-20 mention a physical representation of this structure exists in Egypt surrounded by monuments to pagan gods.

Until I get around to this page again consider this.  Every time God put markers on earth to prove His presence and who he was the evil ones would come along and destroy or deface it until no one else could recognize or use it.

Every time God's chosen people dug a well the people of the evil one came along and tried to steal it.  If they could not take it for their own they would fill it up with dirt and rocks so no one else could use it.  This was a malicious criminal behavior.  What people did this evil deed?

The people of the evil one were constantly crying out and building their monuments to pagan god's who were naught but demons in disguise.  Their intent was to flood the land with their own markings like a dog marking territory.

God knowing these things set out to establish a monument greater than that of all the pagan monuments, right in the midst of a pagan land filled with pagan monuments.  This monument is the Great Pyramid of Giza which is mentioned in Isaiah 19:19-20.

The Hebrews used letters as numbers.  If you take the original Hebrew text and add up the letters it comes to the same number in pyramid inches as the Great Pyramid of Giza.  This is a marker to give evidence as to who was behind the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  The number is 5449.

How do we know it was not designed by Egyptians?  First of all the marker I mentioned above and second the Egyptians put more effort into death than they did life.  Everything they designed was adorned by hieroglyphics.  The Egyptians were very proud of their pyramids.  Imagine how they felt when another people, the Hycsos, a bunch of sheepherders came, took over their land and built a pyramid far greater than anything the Egyptians had built.

The only hieroglyphics found inside the Great Pyramid of Giza were put in obscure places by Egyptian workers who hated the Hycsos but loved KuFu.  This was also done to confuse those who were "wise" and "educated" into thinking the Great Pyramid had to be for KuFu.  It was done to make them think that KuFu and Cheops were the same person, but they were not.  Cheops translated means "Lord of Light" or "Lord of Truth in Light."

The Egyptians who were influenced by demons rather than by Cheops hated the Hycsos and the Great Pyramid of Giza which represented the One True God, the Lord of Light.  They hated the fact these shepherd kings (Hycsos) were able to take over Egypt without a fight and force the Egyptians to close down their temples to their pagan gods.  This made them and their demons furious.  They rejoiced greatly when the Great Pyramid of Giza was finished and the Hycsos departed Cairo.

As before the people of Egypt who were worshipers of demons wanted to destroy the Great Pyramid of Giza for what it represented, that being the throne of the Lord of Light also known as Zion.  But they could not destroy it because of it's grand nature.  What they did was to deface it so that it looked like the other pyramids that had been constructed by the Egyptians.  What they did was to confuse the truth what the structure represented.

The Capstone was said to have shone like the sun and even at night the area was lit like day.  The Capstone represents Jesus Christ who is the Lord of Light also known as Cheops.  Those white stones next to the Capstone represent the 12 disciples.  All other casing stones likewise represent the 144,000 elite of God.  All the stones within that structure represent the church who is the Bride of Christ. 
You will find reference to these in the book of Revelation.

The devil and his hoards are aware of these truths, but most of the people who study these things are not aware of the truth it represents.  In an effort to confuse things even more the stone robbers who took the white stones from the Great Pyramid took them across the river and built a Moslem.  This is how you may recognize the church of the devil and enemy of God the Creator.  You can recognize them because they take from the one true God and give those things to their own people.

Those who have seen these truths will not mistake it nor will they be confused about it.  They also know the war that is yet to come that will settle all wars will be fought between the people of the Light who are of Zion and those people of the darkness who are of the demons and the devil.  You also know who will provoke that final war calling for their god to destroy Israel and the people of the Light.

There are all kinds of evidence to prove what I have written here.  You can start by reading a little book titled "
The Great Pyramid Decoded" by E. Raymond Capt.  It gives dimensions and shows many of the connections between the Great Pyramid and the God and people of the Bible.
The Secret of the Bondage in Egypt
Now I will tell you another secret.  Hycsos means "Shepherd Kings" and the Hycsos came from Avaris, north east of Cairo Egypt.  Egyptian Priest named Manthello lived during the time of KuFu and wrote the Hycsos invaded Egypt and took it without a fight.  He said they traveled in a strange manor, so strange the Egyptians were terrified of them and would not fight them.

During this time the Hycsos overthrew the worship of the many gods and replaced it with the worship of the one God who they knew as Cheops "
The Lord of Light/Truth".  The Hycsos were lead by a prince.  They enslaved the Egyptians during this time and lead them to build the Great Pyramid of Giza.  This took around 120 years.

The inside of the structure is based on the Sacred Cubit, which is unlike any other unit of measure.  The outside of the Great Pyramid was based on one of the Egyptian cubits.  Normally a cubit is the length between a grown man's elbow to the tip of his fingers.  The Sacred Cubit on the other hand is a specific unit of measure that was first given by God the Creator to Noah for the purpose of building the Ark.  This same unit of measure was used in the Ark, the Ark of the covenant and the temple of Solomon, and the Great Pyramid of Giza. 
It was only used by the Jews who followed the teachings of Jehovah.

When the Great Pyramid was finished it was sealed up and the Hycsos departed in the same strange manor they had come.  They released the Egyptians from bondage.

KuFu's spies watched the Hycsos and followed them.  When the Hycsos's prince and warrior departed, leaving the Hycsos basically defenseless the Egyptians attacked taking the remaining Hycsos into bondage and returning them to Cairo.  The Hycsos were the Israelites.  An eye for an eye, a bondage for a bondage.

The Egyptians destroyed Avaris and buried it, farming the land over it to hide their shame.  When Avaris was dug up seven seals of Joseph were found there.  Avaris was once again buried and the land farmed.

If it were as simple as the Egyptians building it there would not remain the great mystery surrounding the Great Pyramid of Giza.  Something strange happened in the land of Egypt during that time and the mystery calls on certain people to answer that mystery.  Quite a lot of people want to claim the Egyptians had help from UFO's and alien beings.  The truth is somewhere in between.

The Hycsos had at least two people with them who had special abilities.  One having great knowledge of the Creator and the time line and another commanding great power.  There's only two people who I can think of who had those exact attributes.  Enoch walked with God and was not for God took him (he didn't die).  He walked with God and the angels through the heavens and was the first of the sons of man who learned to write.  Elijah commanded great power, could call fire down from heaven to destroy his enemies.  He didn't die either but was caught up in a fiery chariot and taken into the heavens while Elisha watched.

I can't swear these were the two men who lead the Hycsos but I do know that Enoch would have known the length of the Sacred Cubit.  He would have known the design of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  There is a number associated with Enoch that is the number of days he lived upon the earth before God took him.  That number is 365 years.  This number is translated in a unit of measure inside the Great Pyramid of Giza in what they refer to as the anti-chamber.  The length of the Sacred Cubit is also found in this area of the Great Pyramid.

As for Elijah he was taken up in a flaming ship and to modern day UFO researchers that's a UFO or "flying saucer."  The Egyptian Book of the Dead written by Egyptians said they worshiped the gods who went to and from the god RA in flaming boats.

Another thing I know for a fact is that it was not just a coincidence that Joseph the dreamer was sold into slavery by his jealous brothers.  Joseph became a very high authority figure in Egypt because of this.  God used Joseph to save Egypt and the Hycsos.  Joseph was one of the highest figures recognizes by the Hycsos or the Egyptians at that time.

The Exodus Decoded
They called the Hycsos "Amo Israel" or children of God and Israel when they came into the land of Egypt about 200 years before their Expulsion.  Avaris was a great impressive walled city filled with palaces.  They called them "The Amo" or God's people.

Son of Yakov
means Son of Jacob.  His name was Joseph.  He was the one with the coat of many colors who's brothers sold him into slavery into Egypt.  Because of his understanding of dreams pharaoh gave him a critical position in protecting Egypt.
Ahmose (The Moon is Born)
The pharaoh who reigned during the time of the Exodus grew up with Moses.  Ahmose, his name literally means "brother of Moses" in Hebrew.  They know when he lived and they know his name and they have his mummy yet Biblical scholars insist the pharaoh at that time was Ramsis the third.  Because of their mis-dating the event they continue to fail to find the evidence they seek.  Their explanation for this is that it was all a miracle of God and no one should be able to find evidence.  Put simply they believe if science and archeology can explain it then it couldn't have been of God.

According to the book of Exodus God did not suspend nature but He manipulated it.
TV show by the History Channel gets it right!

For many years people have searched for evidence to prove Israel's exodus from Egypt.  They never could seem to get the exact evidence they were looking for because they had mistranslated the location as well as the date of the event.  Dogma bound Christians tend to hold onto lies and misconceptions then fabricating explanations for their errors.  The truth is the Creator they seek to please is the God of Truth and Light.  They claim they want to be like God, and to follow God yet they choose lies they hold onto as if it was God's will for them to be wrong.

This team however set the records straight and move the dates and times to the correct time that being around 1500 BC.  This I believe is the same date as the volcanic destruction of Pompeii. 

In order to shoot this TV show they had to tell the Egyptian officials they were only interested in the expulsion of the evil Hycsos from Egypt.  Pharaoh had his scribes write upon the stone they placed where Moses parted the water at the "Reed Sea" and referred to the people of Israel's as "evil people."

Egyptians are predominantly Muslim and do not want to provide any evidence of the God of Israel.  They have gone to great lengths to hide, destroy or bury anything that supports the God of Israel.  Likewise this proves my case in saying they are not interested in the truth or knowing the One True God.  Likewise we realize that Allah is not the God of Israel as the Koran wants us to believe.

oldest son was prince Sapair, who died at the age of 12.  He is the son who died as a result of the plagues sent by God upon Egypt.   Their mummies are in a museum.  They know who these men were.

They also found the "real Mt. Sinai where Moses received the laws and placed them inside the Ark of the Covenant.  The mountain is also guarded by Muslims and they would not allow the camera crew anywhere near the mountain.  They returned the next day with a smaller crew and small camera and they were allowed onto the mountain where they discovered the evidence they were looking for including ancient Hebrew writing and tombs.

The reason they can't find the exact location where Moses parted the sea is because of another mistranslating.  Yamsouf (sp?) means the place where Moses parted the sea was mistranslated as Red Sea when the correct translation was "Reed Sea."  They should have been looking for a lake not a sea.

Pharaoh had a granite monument made and carved into that stone the story of the Exodus and reveals the exact location where his army was destroyed.  This monument still exists to this day in an Egyptian museum.

This TV show explains every part of the plagues and backs it with scientific evidence.
View Streaming Video of this TV show.

This is one of the most important and accurate TV shows on this subject that I've ever seen.  I've been telling people for years about some of these important things but since I mostly had the head knowledge I had no evidence to hand them.  I've known of the Hycsos for many years and I knew they directed the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  They are the mystery people who invaded and took over "Egypt" by their might.  It was the Egyptians themselves who did everything they could to hide the existence of the Hycsos and who they were and what they had done in Egypt.  Only until recently these things had not only been hidden but people who were searching were being turned away and prevented from finding the evidence they were looking for.  Avaris, city of the Hycsos has been found and in it 9 seals of Joseph.

Luke 20:17-  Jesus looked at them and said, "Then what do the scriptures mean?"  "The stone rejected by the builders has now become the cornerstone."

God the Creator the Lord of Light did not leave His people without evidence and clues as to who He was or who "the real Lord of Light" is.  I've had "Christians" write me and tell me I need to read the Koran so I would know the truth about Islam, and that it is just as good as "Christianity" or "any other religion."  As if it makes no difference what religion a person chooses or what God they worship.  I've read quite a bit of the Koran and I'm aware that it was plagiarized from Jewish texts then modified to suit a blood thirsty demon.  What they need to do is get off their lazy butts and get back to digging for the real truth.  When the Holy Spirit of God drives a person from inside they constantly hunger for truth and will not settle for anything less.  God put clues all around us for truth seekers to discover.  All the while the children of darkness do their very best to break, steal, destroy or hide the truth that God has left for us.  Click on the page image to the left and you will see the very text that mentions the alter to God the Lord of Light in the midst of the land of Egypt has God's signature all over it so you would know that God had it established there.  The total of this original text adds up to 5449, which is the exact height of the Great Pyramid in Pyramid inches.  The internal passages of the Great Pyramid was built using the Sacred Cubit, the same unit of measure used by Noah, Moses, and King Solomon.  None of the other pyramids in Egypt did this.  There's a lot more, but this should be enough to set a real truth seeker on the path to find the truth.  I'll give you another clue.   The original texts of the old testament have a real code in them to prove they were inspired by God, the Koran doesn't.  The Bible is salted with verses that are direct clues as to who God is, who Jesus is, what Zion is and what it looks like, who the Lord of Light is, but the Koran has nothing of the kind. Islam refers to Jesus and Mohammed as prophets, this is wrong. Jesus was never a prophet and neither was Mohammed.  Jesus was the son of God, there's a huge difference.