People today live under the powerful influence of mind control, delusions and false truths.

No one that I know has stated it clearer or more accurately than comedian George Carlin.
Now that you have watched the streaming video I hope you found it interesting as well as humorous.

There's a lot of truth to what George says.

When it comes to deception there's no one better at twisting the truth and lying to the public than politicians and religious leaders.  The really sad thing is religious leaders generally don't know any better but the politicians frequently know they are lying when they open their mouth.  You've heard the saying, "I know they are lying because their lips are moving."  True.

Most of the time religious leaders mean to teach truth but end up repeating a misconception or lie they were taught from someone else.

How stupid and gullable are the American people?  Do you know in many foreign countries including Mexico they call us stupid.  They can't imagine how a people so blessed can be so utterly oblivious to the truth that exists all around us.

We literally pay people to lie to us.  We eat their crap like it was candy.

We consistently elect leaders who lie to us promising one thing while doing another.  They promise to fix the national debt which by the way they caused.  Each elected official making the problem worse instead of better.  And next election you can be sure it will not get better, it will get worse.

They promise smaller government and each year our government grows larger, eats more and causes more problems than it did the year before.

Ever ask yourself why it makes little difference who you vote for?  Either side will inevitably bring us into worse conditions.  The only difference is that one will do it faster than the other.

Ever consider there's a "mind" behind the "beast" that runs everything?  And no it's not God, but believe me He was aware of it and in fact called it "The Beast."

Obama was elected in the year prophecy called "The Feeding of the Beast."  And he's done nothing but feed the beast since he's been in office.  He's become the most unpopular president in America's history faster than anyone previous.

It is clear there is an entity doing it's best to remove, rewrite, reinterpret and change our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  It is a proven fact that every country that has enslaved it's people first disarmed them.  Took away their rights to defend themselves, from who?  From the government.  It is also a proven fact their crime rate increased dramatically.  It is also a proven fact the country with the least amount of crime is Sweeten, where every citizen is required to be armed and trained in the use of fire-arms.  It is also a proven fact that Japan did not invade the United States during WW II because they knew the citizens were armed.

Why then would this "entity" who is trying to change our Bill of Rights want to disarm us?  What is their motives and intentions?  They say it's to make America safer from gun related violence, but is it?  If our Federal government was doing it's job on all fronts the ratio of gun related crimes would decrease, and they know it.  Violence against each other is a symptom of a government gone wrong, and they know that as well.  Who are they protecting?  Themselves! From who?  The people who they should be helping, namely us.

If you want a healthy society you must have a healthy honest functional government, and we don't have one.  Our government is sick and as a result we see the symptoms breaking out in various places all over our nation.  They (Our Government) does not want the American Public to realize the truth.  They also fear that when we realize how sick our government is we will rise up against them and remove them from control and re-establish a new government founded on the original documents that established us as an independent nation.

Rule 1, power corrupts.
Rule 2, ultimate power corrupts ultimately.

Fact 1:  The United States of America was established upon the foundations that we the people (
every individual) of this nation have rights as listed in the Bill of Rights.

Fact 2:  Something happened over the years and our government changed.  Like the arch angel Lucifer it has been found with evil intent.  Some of the biggest supporters of importing drugs and funding terrorism are trusted leaders within our own government.

Fact 3:
Today we exist under the fragile illusion of freedom.  Like George Carlin said, we have no rights, we have no freedoms.  It is nothing but an illusion we believe in.  It is fiction.  It does not exist.  Our government as an entity does not care about you or me, we are expendable.

Fact 4: They who build their houses upon the sand, when the storms come they will fall and the people will perish.

The evidence is all around you.  You know they knew where Osama Bin Laden was and called off the attack on him, why?  There's only one answer to that question, because having Osama around served a purpose for them.

How high does this go?  Let's just say the majority of the people in charge over our government were not elected.  Others who were elected worked themselves into positions of power so far above the people's authority they are inconceivably untouchable.  If you disagree with me then go right ahead and drive into Area 51 and ask them to show you what they are spending our tax dollars on.  You can be sure they will arrest and detain you.  You can be sure they won't tell you anything.  While this is a dramatic example it doesn't scratch the surface of the real evil that goes on behind the scenes that has infected and made our government ill.

The Right To Own A Gun
There are some things directly connected to our rights as Americans that many people are incapable of understanding.  Most of these people are unable to understand these simple concepts because of the people they associate with.

The second amendment that says we as citizens have the right to bear arms was written in because the founding fathers were trying to avoid the problems created for them by the government of their home country.  They took away their right to own a gun then sent such oppression upon the people in other forms that it was unbearable.  They literally left their country because they had lost their rights and were being oppressed not only by the government but by their religious leaders.

So our founding fathers wrote in the right to bear arms / civilians to own and keep weapons.  And the right to religious freedom.  These were the two things at the very top of the list of the Bill of Rights.  They were put there for a reason by our founding fathers and without them we will lose the rights they gave us.

As long as honest people have the right to own a gun the anti-gun people have the right to protest our right to have that gun.  The moment the gun owners lose their rights to own that gun the anti-gun people will lose their rights as well.  You see when the government manages to take the honest people's guns away the message will ring loud around the country and the world.  Once that happens nothing can stop them from taking anything they want or doing anything else they want.

So the anti-gun people throw a fit and say honest people don't need guns.  And the criminals agree!  Honest people don't need guns because if they didn't have them the criminals can run wild and you can be sure they will be armed.  Criminals love it when honest people lose rights that prevent them from robbing, raping and killing honest people.  Criminals will not turn in their guns or weapons of any kind.  All you have to do is look back in history at all the nations who took people's rights to keep a gun.  See what followed the moment the guns were confiscated.  Crime rates rose dramatically.  The government took even more rights away and set curfews.

Sweden has the lowest crime rate of any nation on earth and they have a law that every house owner must own and keep a gun.  Not only that they are trained to use that gun.  No outlaw would dare enter that house as long as they know someone is there who has access to and can use that gun.

The anti-gun people say "this is the 21st century and we have the police to protect us."  The criminal says "Yeah, right, we aren't afraid of them."

Crime Spree!
I had a carrier criminal tell me he was responsible for an outbreak of store thefts in the city.  He said "we know where the cops are and how long it takes for them to respond once an alarm goes off.  we can literally break the windows out of a store, back our van up and load the goods and be gone before the cops can respond."  Not only could they he proved it numerous times.  The man in charge was the manager of a respected business and no one would have had a clue that it was him running the crime ring.

The point is the ring of thieves may have been hitting stores while no one was there but the same thing happens only slower when someone breaks into a home.  Have you ever called the police for an emergency and timed how long it takes them to get there?  If you live right next door to the fire station you can get a fire truck or first responder in about 10 mins.  If the team is paying attention and gets the call from the 911 operator immediately they might be there in 5.  If they have to drive any distance at all it takes longer.  Do you know how long it takes for a thief to enter an unprotected home with the owners there, kill someone, steal something and get out?  About 1-3 min.

The criminals also want to know if a home or business owner is armed.  In most cases the moment they find out the owner is armed they move on to another target.  They give up on that one and leave, that's right.  That criminal I mentioned sent one of is vans to scope out my house.  He had my number, even called to see if I was home and when I picked up the line went dead.  One of the main mistakes the guy made was telling me what his vans looked like.  He told me their M.O. and how they worked.  Then decided to see if I was listening, by sending one of his teams to my house.  That's right but I was here and the second time that phone ran and hung up I looked out an realized my truck wasn't in the drive.  The house looked empty.  I had loaned my truck to my friend Matt.  The moment he came back the calls stopped.  The moment he left again the calls started and when I picked up the phone the line clicked and the caller was gone.

Matt returned and I told him what was going on and told him take the truck out again for about 15 min or so and we will see if the phone rings and if it does I won't pick it up this time.  So he left and sure enough the phone rang and I didn't pick it up.  I went out and pulled a chair up in the shade on my carport and sat still.  It wasn't 5 min until a large unmarked white delivery van pulled up right in front of our house.  I sat still watching the driver as he looked around and when he started to back into my drive I stood and walked toward him.  He changed gears and took off quick when he saw me.  I ran into the street to see his license plate was completely covered up.  There wasn't a mark or decal or any indication who that truck belonged to on it!  I said "That S.O.B. was telling the truth then he tried to hit me."  I called the police, they came over. I told them what happened and told them the name the guy had given me and where he worked.  The cop admitted they were on the trail of band of cereal thieves but had no idea what kind of vehicle they were using until I told them what to look for.

If you have an alarm system that alarm goes off and signals the company you have hired to watch your home.  They must determine if the alarm is a true or false.  They will try to call you before they do anything else and that can take a few min all by itself.  I know because we have an alarm service.  If you do answer the phone they will ask if you are all right and what your password is all the while the clock is ticking.  If you don't answer they will call the second number on your contact list taking just as long depending on if someone answers right away.  If no one answers they will then contact the 911 service in your city.  They will explain to the 911 operator what the alarm is.  The 911 operator will then contact the police or ambulance dispatcher depending on what kind of alarm it is.  By now as much as 10-15 min. has passed.  I've called the police before and listened for when the dispatcher called them on the police scanner and timed how long it took for the officer to be contacted then how long it took for them to actually arrive!  I was shocked because most of the time it takes more than 30 min for a police car to get there and in some cases an hour and a half!

You get a faster response if you tell them your having a heart attack than if you call for a cop and the bad guys know it.

Anti-Gun people don't like the National Rifle association but that is a group run by some highly intelligent people who know where we would be now if not for our right to own a gun.  If not for them the anti-gun people wouldn't have the right to things they consider important now and can't imagine that our government would take from us.  They can't see how that gun law is connected to other important rights we now hold sacred.

I recall once I was in a city where I didn't know anyone and two guys tried to break into my hotel room.  They were beating on the door trying to force it open and I said
"I'm armed!"  Even though I only had my electric guitar they didn't know that.  They stopped trying to beat my door down just long enough for help to arrive, all because they thought I might have a gun.  Weather you own a gun or not isn't the point.  The fact the criminal thinks you might have one could save your life, it saved mine.

I can tell you right now I wouldn't be alive if I hadn't had the right to own a gun.  Some of you reading this wouldn't be alive right now if it were not for the fact that either you or someone else you know owned a gun.  You may not be aware of it and might be shocked if you knew the details but sometimes a person's life is threatened by someone else and sometimes it's threatened by something else that requires some kind of force that a gun can provide.  I can tell you some of us would have starved to death living in the wilderness without a gun.  Some would have been killed by wild animals under the same conditions, if not for a gun and knowing how to use it.  I'm still alive today because I own a gun.  I'm alive today because someone else thought I had a gun even though I didn't.  Either way our right to own and keep a gun saves people's lives and it protects not only them but the anti-gun people as well.