I've had highly religious, very sincere dedicated, passionate, concerned, Christians tell me "God doesn't speak to people anymore!"  I've also had these same kinds of people threaten to kill me in the name of God just because I told them God speaks to me sometimes with a voice the same as anyone.  And they say "It was the devil speaking to me!"  What did the same kind of people tell Jesus when He told them the truth?

Why in the world would they tell anyone that God doesn't speak to anyone anymore?  They tell me God doesn't need to because we now have the Bible which is God's Living Word.  Heaven forbid don't ever tell them the Bible isn't God's Living Word unless you really want to find out what Jesus meant when he said "Take up your cross and follow me."

Since I've actually had God speak to me with a voice in clear English then I know for a fact God can and will speak with His children.

When these highly religious people tell someone that God doesn't speak to anyone anymore because we have the Bible then just ask them what Jesus meant by saying in the latter days when people have the Holy Spirit their son's and their daughters will prophesy.  I'll tell you what it means, it means there will be more prophets of God than ever and they will prophesy because God is giving them messages to pass along to those who refuse to listen to His voice.

Pay close attention to what I say now.  People are prone to follow their own will instead of the will of God.  God gave the written laws to Moses because there was no Holy Spirit to guide the people at that time.  We have the Bible as a written testimony of those previous things.  The Holy Spirit was created through the process of the Creator God being born in the flesh, living then dying on the cross.  Through this the Creator created His signature in a human spirit so the Father could recognize anyone who held this spiritual signature within them.  The Holy Spirit didn't come into human kind until Pentecost.  Through this spirit God is able to speak directly to His Children and guide them using various forms of spiritual communicationsWhy would God stop speaking to people when all this time He's been working to restore the link between the fallen and the Father?  Adam and Eve lost their link with their Creator, Jesus restored the link and made restution for those who have the Holy Spirit He created.

When God stops speaking to people it's usually because they quit listening long ago.  So when these highly religious people tell you God doesn't speak to His children anymore you better get as far from those people as you can, because they can't help you!  Why?  Because they can't hear God speaking to them.  Why?  Because they think they know what's going on when they don't.

When people refuse to listen God stops talking
.  When you point that truth out to them instead of trying to fix their problem they become inclined to kill the messenger.  This is exactly what the Pharisees did when they didn't like the truth Jesus was giving them.

If God can speak through Baalam's ass then He can darn well speak with anyone He really wants to speak to.

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God bless,