You're asking, what in the world is that for?

Allow me to explain.  It is one very important piece of the puzzle.

Through the years we have seen certain secret societies use, reuse, alter, and display certain symbols, like this one.  We want to ask "what does it mean and why is it important to them?"

The original people who know the meaning are long since dead.  While they were the founders of a certain secretive society only certain leaders knew where the symbol came from and what it means.  Through the years others in their group took it upon themselves to alter the image for their own reasons.  Let me say the Templar and Free Masons of today are nothing like those who began the groups 100's of years ago.  Back then they were real having a good purpose and mission, today they pretend in order to preserve the memories of their forefathers.
For those who think the USA is the only country on earth to use the symbol think again.  It's in use all over the world as a national symbol in many countries.  It's in use by secret societies as one of their main symbols of recognition.

You would think any group that wanted to use a symbol that's unique would not use this one, so why do they?  It's certainly not unique.  You might display the symbol thinking it has some special meaning for your group but anyone seeing it is more likely to say "It's the Anti-Christ" or evil than they are to say it's a good symbol.

Why in the world would anyone want to use a symbol so well recognized as being evil?

Click on the image below and watch the video.
Where in the "world" did this symbol actually come from ?  The answer presents even more questions!  History tells us the Great Seal of America was given to Thomas Jefferson in the middle of the night by a mysterious cloaked figure.  He ran back into the meeting place where they were working to present this to others, telling them about the mysterious man.  John Adams was there.  They ran back outside to find there was no trace of that man to be found.  Please keep this in mind as you follow this page.
Test the spirits so you will know who sent them.
Some people see demons in every tree!
The Missing Link - You have heard it said and everyone knows the missing link is a term coined by Darwin as he tried to discover the connection between humans and apes.  The truth is there are many missing links in the puzzle that must be found, questions that must be answered for us to find some image that makes logical sense.  I will ask some of the questions and give some of the answers on these pages.

You will need an open mind and a few keys of knowledge to research these.  One of those keys is Lucifer was an archangel working for God.  He only knew what God gave him.  When he turned against Creator God he became the greatest copycat in existence.  He wanted people to think he was God.  He used things, signs, symbols and knowledge that he received from God.  Notice how the occult and pagan societies love to lay claim to anything proclaimed to be holy or of God.  The next key is the symbol we recognize as the Great Symbol of America has a biblical counterpart.  Christ is the Capstone.  The pyramid is symbolic of Zion, throne of God.  Everything else has been altered by humans in an effort to make the symbol have some earthly meaning.  If someone wanted to really confuse everyone in regards to the authenticity of a thing you could put the same symbol on a bunch of boxes and only the enlightened will know which symbol is real.  Another key is "Anyone who says Jesus is not the Messiah Son of God is not of God."  There are video links on this page and if you do not watch them from start to end you will miss critical pieces of the most important mystery known to human kind.  Some of them are 3 hours long.  George Washington also kept a prayer journal.

The design of Washington, DC was established so the star Sirius rises over the Capital aligned with the Washington Monument on July Fourth.  In the Free Mason symbols, it's the star that appears behind the pentagram.  It is said this is the star shining behind the All Seeing Eye on the Great Seal / back of the dollar bill.  The star arises behind and with the sun.  Secret societies associate it with God or as God.

Now I will reveal a clue that is important and not even understood by the grand masters of these secret societies who think they understand.  These connections to the star Sirius and the Great Seal are pure speculation on behalf of humans trying to solve the mystery.  Yes the Star and the original symbol given to humans by heavenly beings have meaning.  The brilliance behind the eye is not Sirius.  Find the original name of the star and the being it was associated with.  There is a constellation that is known as a raptor, bird of prey that is also important.  The only people who could possibly know the truth are those who have seen the heavenly original symbol and understand the meaning of it.  They would also know who the "hooded man" was or at least who sent him who gave that symbol to Thomas Jefferson.

I can actually draw and attempt to recreate that Heavenly image in detail but I don't think that would help anyone other than those who would recreate it and use it for their own purpose.  I have no intention of serving or helping those people.  The one thing I can't do with the image is recreate the brilliance and pure white energy of God that glows within that symbol.  The Capstone of Zion is Christ who aligns the living structure of Zion made up of living stones.  Not a few rows of rocks but 144,000 living white brilliant stones each having a name that only they and the God of Zion know.  Revelation 14.  John saw it.  I've seen it.

At one time the revealing of such knowledge believed to have only been known by the highest members of those secret societies would be an instant death sentence. I'm not a member of any of those societies, I took no oaths and owe them nothing.  I testify therefore my key knowledge of these things came directly from the source, with God as my witness.  I can also testify with certainty that some of those people who claim to understand when they do not will be held accountable for some of the things they have done by misleading their members.  The Light that glows in the symbol is not the Sun, or the star Sirius, it is the Light of the Creator Being associated with Cheops (Lord of Light).  That same being that incarnated as a man and was know to many as Jesus and Yahsua/Joshua .  Yes the name Cheops gives you a connection to Egypt and the Great Pyramid of Giza during the reign of KuFu but Cheops is not KuFu.  Cheops is the reason why the Great Pyramid of Giza is the only one of its kind on Earth.  Isaiah 19:19-20.

When those seekers of truth concerning these things say these secret societies are evil they are seeing the lies / non factual being associated with these societies.  They know something isn't right and as such to them it's all of the devil.  Truth is it isn't all of the devil, it has twisted and misunderstood truths hidden in it.  Those who say "This is the sign of the one world government" do not be surprised.  You can be fairly sure that when the devil has his day on earth he will be using symbols that are known not only to those secret societies but also to God in some way.

At this point I would like to say that I told a Master Mason the God of the Templar and the God of the Catholic church was not the same.  I said this because I know how the Roman Catholic church originated and then incorporated pagan rituals into their religion against the direct commandments of God.  At that time the only religion recognized as being "of God" was the Christian religion based upon the belief that Jesus was the Messiah.  Of course he was exactly who he said he was but the recognized church of that day was the Catholic church.

To exist in service of that God one had to be Catholic or die
.  The Templar had no choice but to be associated with that church. The Grand Master Templar of that time were aware they were being led by a divine power that was not present within the Catholic leadership of that time.  The Catholic church had nothing to do with the planning or creation of a new nation under God.  They had everything to do with oppressing the innocent, murdering the chosen and driving the pilgrims to find a new land to live in to get away from the religious oppression caused by the Catholic leadership.

So congratulations, you're a master Mason!  You have earned your wings and still don't know squat about the truth behind all these things.  That doesn't mean you can't find the truth if you really want it.  In fact you have access to information the majority of the public can't access.  The trick is knowing where to look and what to look for.  That's a very big part of why I'm here writing this and you are here reading it.

The Enlightened ones of you who read this will say about here.  "You're not even warmed up good yet."  And I will say "You are correct."  Even though there's no way possible that a single human or even a team of them could come close to explaining it all.  >Page-2<
Who are they, where did the come from?
Who Are These Secret Groups?
Where did they come from?

Freemasonry arose from obscure origins in the late 16th to early 17th century.

Knights Templar
however are much older and were active through 1119-1314.

History tell us however that when the Knights Templar were being massacred they hid inside Masonic temples that could not have existed, if the dates we are given are factual.  The one answer that may make sense of this is that the Knights Templar created the Free Masons to carry on their mission.  Dates then become obscure.
Separation of Church and Government
Another key is directly connected to what happened to the Templar.   They were abandoned by the church who they served, trusted, made great monetary tributes to and handed over to a murderous king of France who owed them money.  The Templar were among the first to realize the Catholic church could not be trusted.  As a group they were among the first to feel the grip of religious persecution and realize this is not the way it should be.  The Free Masons followed in their footsteps seeking to help create a nation as a democracy not controlled by any tyrannical or religious group.  This is why the separation of church and government must exist.  This is also why many are against any reference to God in anything relating to government.  What they fail to realize is we wouldn't be here now if not for God.
Certain stars were associated with certain beings especially angels.  It was said that Lucifer was the brightest star in the heavens.  Today we know Sirius is without question the brightest star in our night sky.  We also know it wasn't always known as "The Dog Star."

Another star of great interest however is called Thuban.  In ancient times it was known as the star of the snake, and Draco or "Dragon's Star."  Both symbols attributed to the fallen angel Lucifer / Satan.  In ancient times it was the North Star of the Earth.
The Dogan tribe in Africa say a white man (god/angel) descended upon a mountain and came to them saying life as we know it originated on a planet in orbit around the sun Sirius.  This being taught them a dance depicting the orbit of that planet around that sun.  He also told them about the dwarf star that also orbits Sirius. These things were only verified recently to be true, yet the Dogans knew a 1000 or so years ago.  What purpose could this knowledge possibly serve?
As we have learned from history and from those who have found and shared pieces of the puzzle we understand that only by assembling the puzzle do we see the picture.

Even if you had all the earthly pieces of that puzzle you will still find pieces missing.  The reason is because some of the answers will not be found on earth because they did not originate here. They came from Heaven, or The Heavens your choice.  Some of these answers are a matter of perspective and while I may refer to God I also include those who work for God, be they angels, ascended beings, or aliens. Please note the upside down triangle isn't in the symbol, someone else drew it trying to find hidden meanings in the symbol. It has no meaning at all in this picture.  Similar people say the Statue of Liberty is evil/of the devil.

One powerful being long ago knew the symbol and the meaning and his name was Lucifer.  It was not his symbol but being who he is was not beyond taking and perverting it for his own purpose.  If you do a search for "All Seeing Eye" you will find many variations of the symbol, not one that is original.
Not one that holds the original meaning.
1934 the Great Seal of America appears on the dollar bill.
This symbol has been used and altered by the Free Masons, the Illuminati, the Bohemian club (of which some of our presidents are members) and Satan worshiper Aliester Crowley (also a Free Mason) to mention a few.  Perhaps the most powerful of all these secret societies is the Skull & Bones group, of which George Bush is a member.

If you are asking why a supposed good group like the Free Masons are using the same symbol as a Satan worshipper then you are asking one of the right questions.

The possible answers are they are all evil.  One of them is evil the other is good.  Somewhere along the line the image was used by both sides to confuse us as to who was good and who wasn't.
The fourth commandment says do not make any images of things on earth or in Heaven for the purpose of worship.  God said so for a very good reason.  The reason I'm doing what I do is because this image is all over the place and only a handful of people know where it came from, what it means, and why.

There are well intending people out there warning us of the symbol and its meaning but even they don't fully grasp the reasons or the understanding of the symbol or why nations and people all over the world are using this symbol as if it were the Holy Grail or Ark of the Covenant.

Among the Grand Masters of the Free Masons it is a known fact that a thing has levels of truth associated with it.  It has its original meaning as well as its symbolic meanings.  The original meanings are highly protected.  Symbolic meanings however are for the general public and lower level Masons.
There is no symbol on earth recognized more with evil than this one.

Something made God so angry about symbols of heaven being used on earth that He said "don't do it" in the list of 10 commandments He gave to Moses.  There's a very good reason for it.  To know the truth you need to know what happened and why.

As you watch the video on the link to the right please remember this symbol did not come from Lucifer, it is used by evil for another reason.  The reason of course is to lead the most elite of God astray and bring them to him.  The Book of Revelation tells us the deception in that day will be so great that if it were possible even the most elite of God (The 144,000) would be lead astray.

Or at the very least chase them away from the truth and the true meaning of the symbol and where it came from.

Please keep in mind that not one of these images you will see are original.  They are all altered variations of the original.  I'm sure you will ask, how do I know that?  Keep reading, I will tell you.  If you have already read my personal pages then you have the answer to this question.
Knights Templar Timeline
Notice the connection between the Knights Templar and the Free Masons.
Notice the connections between the Templars and other well known symbols.
Crusaders led by Godfrey of Bouillon took Jerusalem back from the Turks. The founding of the Knights Templar was initiated shortly after this date by Bernard of Clairvaux.
The Knights Templar were perhaps the most famous of all the Christian soldiers.  They were revered by many and misunderstood by others.

They were accused of things they were not guilty of, they were abandonded by the Catholic church leaders.  They were persecuted, murdered and persued by King Philip IV of France, who owed them money.

Most importantly a small group of them were on a mission from God in order to establish a new nation that would bring a balance of power to the entire world.
Under pressure from King Philip, Pope Clement V disbanded the Order in 1312.  1314 was the last known date when a Templar event took place and that was the execution of remaining two Templar.  What you need to understand is not all of the Templar were captured, some escaped in ships with part of the Templar treasure and a scroll having certain instructions upon it to complete the mission of the Templar.  NOTE: Connected through name only the Templar today are not the same organization that existed back then.
The Kensington Rune Stone Page
Ever since 1898, when Olof Ohman, a Swedish immigrant working his fields in what is now Douglas County, MN, found the 202-lb., mysteriously engraved stone tangled in the roots of an uprooted tree, controversy has raged over the artifact's authenticity. The stone, dated 1362, soon proved how difficult the search for the truth can be-and raised eyebrows over the possibility that North European explorers predated Columbus in America.

As I said, I'm giving you pieces to the puzzle to help you understand how I came to believe and say the things I speak about.  Some of us have an indwelling desire to find the truth what ever that might be.  Sometimes we make mistakes and sometimes we find valid pieces.  Understand that we do not work alone, there are many of us seeking the truth wherever we may find it.  Some of these truth-seekers create productions that allow us to see the trial they have followed to arrive where they are now.  They followed the trail the Norwegians would have followed from the sea and found more evidence to support the origin of the stone.

View The Video

1412: ·Joan of Arc born and baptized in Domremy

1425: ·Joan begins to hear voices

1428: ·Joan travels to Vaucouleurs (prompted by voices), and asks to join the Dauphin but is turned away.

1429: ·Joan journeys again to Vaucouleurs to ask to join the Dauphin's forces; this time she is accepted.

February 13, 1429: ·Joan leaves Vaucouleurs dressed in men's clothing and heads to Chinon, where the Dauphin is staying. Once there, she asks to help France fight the English and the Burgundians; Charles orders her interrogation by Churchmen for the next three weeks.

April 1429: ·Dauphin gives Joan command of a small force.

April 27, 1429: ·Joan and her troops set out from Blois to relieve French forces at the Siege of Orleans

April 29, 1429: ·Joan and La Hire reach Orleans, where they are told to wait for reinforcements.

May 4, 1429: ·After a sudden inspiration, Joan leads an attack on the English.

May 7, 1429: ·Wounded, Joan nonetheless leads a battle at Les Tourelles.

May 9, 1429: ·Joan travels to Tours, where she asks the Dauphin to go immediately to Reims for a coronation ceremony.

June 18, 1429: ·Battle of Patay

July 16, 1429: ·Dauphin's army reaches Reims

July 17, 1429: ·The Dauphin is crowned King of France

July 20, 1429: ·Charles leaves Reims and parades around region

August 2, 1429: ·Charles retreats to Loire

August 14, 1429: ·French and English forces skirmish at Senlis

August 28, 1429: ·Burgundy and France sign a four-month truce

September 8, 1429: ·Assault on Paris begins

December 1429: ·Charles raises Joan, her parents, and her brothers to nobility status

May 14, 1430: ·Joan reaches Compiegne

May 25, 1430: ·Paris learns of Joan's capture

January 3, 1431: ·Joan transferred to Bishop Pierre Cauchon's control for interrogation.

January 13, 1431: ·Joan's trial begins

May 24, 1431: ·Upon the reading of her sentence, Joan, frightened, signs a last- minute abjuration

May 29, 1431: ·After rescinding her abjuration, Joan is transferred from ecclesiastic to secular authority.

May 30, 1431: ·Joan is burned at the stake

1450: ·Charles VII orders an investigation into Joan of Arc's trial

May 16, 1920: ·Pope Benedict XV makes Joan of Arc a saint
Read About Her.
100 years after the last of the Templar were murdered at the hands of a tyrannical French king and the Catholic church, the French are in revolution and war.  Joan of Arcadia comes into the picture hearing voices from angels giving her direction and purpose.

Throughout the ages we read about how certain people were either contacted by God or inspired by hearing a voice that either informed them of something important or inspired them to do something amazing.  There's no way I can list them all here but I assure you there have been many who have been contacted in the same way throughout the ages.  There are always some living who are actively in contact with the entity many recognize as God.

Moses spoke to the burning bush upon the mountain.  Being commanded by that voice who claimed to be God he set forth to free the children of Israel from captivity in Egypt.

God spoke from a mist to Aaron and Merriam while Israel was exiled to the wilderness.  Numbers 12:6-12.

Joan of Arc heard a voice that told her to join the French military and fight off an invasion from the British.  She and her soldiers changed the course of that war.  We know Joan's efforts cost her her life but after the fact she was recognized as a Saint sent by God to help the French people.  (Timeline)
In the Bible we read the story of a man who lay down for a nap placing his head upon a stone and there saw a ladder leading into the heavens and upon this were angels coming and going to and from the earth.  Jacob sat the stone up on edge and said "this shall be the home of God."  People claming to have this stone refer to it by several names.  The stone of Jacob.  The Stone of knowledge (Gnostic).  The best known however is The Stone of Destiny.

This stone was said to have been in the possession of the Scots but was taken from them by king of England, but they had a full 2 month warning before this took place!  It was later returned to the Scots.  Now we are aware the two on display are fakes which means the original stone is hidden somewhere else.  Another thing we know is the description of the original stone said it was black, possibly from a meteorite and it had inscriptions on it.  The stones on display today are red sandstone and neither have any writing on them.
3 lessons in this.  Biblical origin, people think it's holy.  Two fakes of the stone were made and put on display.  The real one is hidden and there's no way of knowing if it was the actual stone Jacob took a nap on anyway.
The Great Seal of the USA
As it was in the beginning 1782.
To understand the intentions you must gain some understanding of the Forefathers.

Designing the Great Seal of the United States:
1776 to 1782
George Washington was a Christian first and then a Free Mason.