Like a lot of my pages there's a lot of things that need to go into this page.  I've answered messages about these things for a lot of people and the messages with the questions and answers are in my mail boxes.  This one I received this morning and decided it was time to create this page for our visitors.

Speaking In Tongues
On 8/13/2009 7:18 PM, Geary wrote:

Is it possible for a person to have the Holy Spirit and not know it?

Yes it is.  The Holy Spirit is planted as a seed and it grows as we feed and care for it.  It drives people to hunger for the truth where ever they can find it when it is not bound.  But if it is bound then it may not function correctly.

I had made trips to Pentecostal churches day and night and had people pray for me to receive the Holy Spirit and all of them including myself expecting me to speak in tongues but it never happened.

They thought I just couldn't receive it but the truth was I all ready had it, but it was bound within me by another spirit of incorrect teaching.

So one day the founder of White Fire ministries came to my house and he prayed for my wife and I to receive the Holy Spirit and an hour later nothing happened.  Then he said "wait, I see something.  You all ready have the Holy Spirit but it is bound.  We will pray for it to become unbound."  And he began to pray against the binding and this went on for about 30 min and I began speaking in tongues, just as he said.

I was raised in churches that believed that God no longer speaks to people and that tongues is not important because no one there spoke in tongues.  This was a binding spirit that held the Holy Spirit in me from performing it's functions.  This is also why I say it is important for people to receive the simplest gifts first.  Being able to speak and understand spirits is very important to God's children.

> Also, does predestination determine who will have the Holy Spirit?

Absolutely not.  While it is true God the Father knows who will and who will not be saved predestination is not a correct concept in regards to being saved or not saved.  I will admit that sometimes people are called and they run and try to get away from their destiny and fail, God draws them back to Him.  They did choose God at some point and then God accepted and then refused to let them go.

Yes God calls people before they are saved.  He may call them because of their spiritual blood-lines.  Because there's a quality within them they inherited.  This is the same reason why the Christ had to be born from a mother who was a direct descendent from King David.  If we recall David was not recognized as being from the royal bloodlines yet God knew the truth.  David was a sheep herder and he became King of Israel.  Spiritual bloodlines are also important and recognized by God.

There is a "calling" that is done by God to people God finds of interest.  The Holy Spirit recognizes these people.  Then there is the acceptance and receiving of the Holy Spirit and this is permanent even if that person turns away and become a prodigal child.  In time they will return and they can never be lost, as long as they have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

On 8/16/2009 7:59 AM, Geary wrote:

> If a person has the spirit bound within, how do they go about unbinding it?

The man from White Fire "Mr. Joe Walker" prayed for us specifically for our spirits to become unbound.

A very deliberate effort is involved in this process.

Joe and his wife were both given the gift of spiritual sight.  They can see angels and demons and spirit anytime.  They are two very gifted people.  They have helped quite a lot of people with various problems caused by dark spirits and shadow entities.

> Also, you mentioned all of the information that's coded within those who have the Holy Spirit, do you know what type of information is i there? I know it's impossible to know everything about the Holy Spirit but I was just wondering if you has some information on that?

The Holy Spirit within contains information on a scale I'm not able to perceive.

I can tell you it sends and receives information back and forth to the Father and from angels sent to deliver dreams and other information.

The information can be triggered by remote, by God sending other angels or on timed events.  They open like scrolls and they send us dreams, night visions and sometimes full blown visions.

Likewise the gifts of the spirit are with the Holy Spirit but most of us can't access any but some can access selected ones depending partly on our own personality and our own spirit.  Sometimes gifts are passed along from one person to another.

The Holy Spirit can take us OBE to see things outside of our own bodies, which is what happened to me years ago when this house was haunted by shadow entities and then demons.  I threw them all out then learned how to protect the house from them and then also closed the portal they were coming through.

> P.S.
> Would you consider yourself a prophet, apostly etc?

An angel of the Lord came, woke me up, calling me by my name and said "Bryon Smith, Prophet of the Living God."  etc.  The story is in my personal pages.  Though I don't picture myself as being a prophet I do receive prophetic messages and that's all it takes when all the other qualifications are met according to Numbers 12:6.

I don't consider myself a prophet but God does therefore who am I to argue with Him about that?  :-)

They say people who are called according to Numbers 12:6 to be a prophet have all the gifts of the spirit.  They are prophets and teachers first but they have all the other abilities.  That doesn't mean they can use them all, at least not yet.

On 8/16/2009 7:33 AM, Rodrigo wrote:  Talking to ANGELS

> okay so my friend jeff talks to his angels....and he sent one of his angels yesterday to my house cause  i wanted to make sure that i had 7 angels.... and i did... but he can talk to them and im having a hard time doing that cause i don't even know how... can u explain to me the steps if there are any.

The indwelling Holy Spirit gives us the ability to communicate with angels, quite often it's a one way thing because most people who have the Holy Spirit are not in tune enough to receive the messages back from angels.  These are energy angels.  They are not in human form though a few types have been known to appear in a vision, night vision or dream in human like form.

Energy angels function like a computer or robot.  They simply follow commands given to them by God, superior angels or the humans they are attached to.

So you can talk to your angel and you can give that angel commands and that angel will follow those commands to the best of it's ability.  You must remember these angels are limited in their abilities and most of them only preform a single function.

I knew I had three large (powerful) angels watching over this property at first I didn't know why then later learned they were watching the portal on this land that shadow entities used to go back and forth between our world and their world.  One day without warning one of those angels did a "walk-in" on me and announced that it was one of the angels.  My wife and nephew asked it what it's name was and it said "Payah."  They asked why it was here and it answered through my mouth "I am guardian of the portal."  Then it left me and returned to his business.  That hasn't happened sense.  I never invited him in but I've had both good and bad spirits pull walk-in's on me in years past.  I hate it, I feel invaded by it.  I see people who invite such things deliberately and I shake my head.  These things are real, they happen and they speak through people in order to communicate with humans.

God used an angel to speak through the mouth of Baalam's donkey.  He can speak through the indwelling Holy Spirit within any of His children if need be.  He's spoke through my mouth to deliver important, critical information to people who had the spirit of religion and did not know they were not saved.  And He nearly got me killed by the irate Baptists who chased me from the parking lot.  Those were not my words, they were the very words of God that came from my mouth.  I don't feel invaded when God speaks through me like that but I do feel threatened by the people who receive a message they don't want to hear.  That's why I describe myself as being more like Jonah.  God says "go there and preach" and I say "I'd rather not, they might kill me."

One day Joe Walker of White Fire Ministries came and he said "I see three very large angels over your property and was curious why they are here.  Then I saw the portal over here."  He pointed right at it.  His mistake was assuming that I created the portal.  I was sent here to close it.  Someone else opened it.

You want to talk to your angels go right ahead.  Give them orders and be sure when you give orders to them they are good commands that will provide a service for you.  Angels will report their functions and news to you usually through dreams and night visions.  They are not generally prone to speak in easy to understand languages.