The first thing I would like to explain on this page is that business on the first page where it says if a person is not willing to challenge their beliefs they should leave now before they read something they won't like.  Their Emails to correct me and their rants will not help them or me in anyway.  This site is here to help people who want help, not those who want to argue their religious dogma and make converts.

People who meet me say "Your nothing like that."  Preconceived notions of the man who created this site is in their minds.  Those who read and study this entire site find out soon I'm not the person I seemed to be when I said the things I said on page one.  In fact those who meet me in person won't believe I'm the guy who built this site either, because I'm not religious or preachy.

The reason I posted that as I did is because those who have religious spirits are among those who have the same spirits who were with the religious leaders of the time of Jesus, who lied, deceived, stole from, flaunted the laws in people's faces, claimed they knew what was going on (clamed they see when they are blind) and then had Jesus put to death.  These are the spirits who rejected the "Chief Corner Stone" who is Jesus the Christ the Living Word of God.  These same spirits are still doing inside people what they did in the people of that day with few modifications.  Like bacteria they can change their methods but their base purpose and motivations have not changed.  They exist as the "instead of Christ."

One thing you can do to make them expose themselves is push something at them that triggers an anger / judgment response.  Anger and hate is ego and pride motivated, it blinds the senses to the truth.  Therefore when God said that when he tries to help someone and they continue to do wrong he will send upon them a powerful delusion and allow them to believe the lie they have created in their own mind that's how it works.

If those words of truth angered them and causes them to judge me for my words they are filled with pride and did not come here to learn anything.  Instead they came either to find something to support what they choose to believe in or they came to make judgments about someone and things they think they understand but do not.  If they get angry they are not here to learn or to help themselves find the truth therefore they should leave because God tried to help them and they didn't listen.  Because they say they see when they are blind they will be reminded of these things at the Judgment.  The ones who cry "hypocrite" are in fact the hypocrites.  They like to give advice and it's all garbage and they don't like the people who know the truth who can expose them for what they are.

Those who come to learn do so with an open heart seeking what ever God might have for them on this site or anywhere else they might find truth.  These do not get angry when I say "turn back now" because they are willing to challenge their beliefs and the things they have been taught and to test it all to find the truth.

You hear someone say things like "Things are different now that Christ has come."  What did it mean before and what does that mean to us now?

As with Enoch long ago God has allowed me to go in spirit among the spirits and to see things normal people never get to see during their lives.  I'm not Enoch or anywhere near as knowledgeable as He is about these things but he wrote books and I recommend them.  I tell people test everything and my own words are no exception.  Blind faith is just that, blind.  That's not what God wants from us.

Where did the souls of the dead go before Christ came and died for us on the Cross?

Before the death of Christ on the cross the souls of the dead were all kept in one location.  This location has been called by several names but some of those names are misleading and their descriptions may be incorrect.  I refer to that place as "The Underworld" as it is literally a dimension within a dimension that resides within a created realm.  It appears in spirit to be a place located within the Earth.

A few humans have been allowed to see this place in the spirit, as there is no other way to get there.  The place exists with what appears to be caves, some rooms are small and some are large.  Some areas are huge and almost seem to be on another world and in some of these places there is a dark red glow the color of volcanic lava.  In these places are huge pits filled with screaming souls.  In some of the caves there are spirits that are bound, locked up until their time to be released upon the Earth, some of these are frightening beyond belief.

There are souls of the dead still here that are claimed by demons, held bound and captive.

Where do they go now?

As we read in the bible our Creator God set forth to right a wrong (depending on your perspective) but the purpose of that trip was to restore God's children to the Father Spirit in order to create a unity of spirits we refer to as the "Bride of Christ" and "The One True Church" and of course "Zion, Throne of The Lord of Light."  (No Lucifer is not the Lord of Light but there are some intellectuals today who are not as smart as they think they are.  When the time comes they will find out just how wrong they are.)

Christ died on the cross to set a few things back on track again and while some believe that him dying was all there was to it, they are completely wrong.  Christ had to live as a human in order to create a spirit that was the signature of the Creator in human form.  He had to be accused of something worthy of death that he was innocent of in order to have access to the location where the demons kept the souls of the humans, and to have authority over them once He was there.  Then to die as a cursed human in order to enter into the Underworld dwelling place of demons in order to accomplish that part of His mission.  By the power of his word he broke the gates of Hades / The Underworld and left those gates broken.  He had to release his friends and bring them out of that place and gave to them His signature so the Father would recognize them.  He took the keys to death and the grave away from the devil.  He returned to our world and was seen by a witness namely Mary in the garden where he said "do not touch me, I have not yet returned to the Father."  He did this because he was spirit and that spirit could not touch another living soul until after the God the Father was able to receive it for recognition purposes.  When he returned everyone could touch him then and many of them did.

Now when someone dies who is saved they are usually taken by two angels to a place of waiting we know as Abraham's bosom or Paradise.  It is in Heaven but is not the final place we were promised.  This great city like structure is made of living energy from God's essence and glows with a brilliance of the Creator and the Father.

Now when someone dies and they are not saved they can in fact roam the Earth until Gabriel's retrieval angels find them and they are also taken to a waiting place.  I've seen several of these in the spirit and they do work usually in teams of two.  I've seen the retrieval angels literally drag the screaming souls (ghosts) of the dead from their former homes.  The one finds them and takes them to another angel who takes them to a waiting place for the first judgment that decides where their next destination will be.  These waiting places appear to be places where souls are being sorted.  This kind of thing takes times and these places are literally jampacked with ghosts/souls of the dead.

Why do people believe there are ghosts walking the Earth?

Two main reasons, first of all because there are ghosts roaming the Earth.  The second reason is because there are sub-demons who mimic the ghosts of the dead who like nothing more than to trick unwary humans into inviting them into their homes and bodies, if at all possible.  (Sub-demons are to demons what angels are to God.  They act as their eyes, ears, and influence into our world.  Remember, demons were once angels and they know how God does things.  They are very good at mimicking things.)

Why were people warned back then not to speak to the spirits?

As I just explained because people who can't see or discern the spirits they are speaking to are often tricked by sub-demons into thinking they are talking with a dead person or loved one when they might not be.  If a person can be tricked into believing these sub-demons are dead loved ones then likely they will invite them into their homes.  This is always a huge mistake and it's much harder to get rid of these things than it is to invite them in.

When Saul Contracted the Witch to speak to the dead on his behalf.

When Saul had the Witch of Endor call up the spirit of the prophet Jermiah from the Underworld, Jermiah was furious.  Please understand why all this happened was because God told Saul to kill the witches and Saul didn't obey God but told the witches to run for their lives out of the kingdom.  Then God turned his back on Saul and as the kingdome was at battle and God refused to speak with Saul then Saul took another course of action to learn the outcome of the battle before hand.  Saul was out of the will of God doing things God told him not to do and not doing things God told him to do.  So Jermiah told Saul not to ask of the dead concerning the living and that he would lose the battle and would certainliy die.

Please do not take things out of context and try to make them apply to something unrelated.  The things you can keep from this is if someone fails to listen and obey God's clear message to them they are in trouble and the only way they can set that right is by doing what God told them to do.  You don't go ask the dead or a witch to get around God's instructions for you.

Jesus spoke with spirits and we are to be like him, right?

Yes Jesus spoke to sub-demons, unclean spirits and the devil himself.  He literally called Lazarus from the grave!  He was the Creator in the flesh and able to see these spirits and knew what they were from the very beginning.  There was no chance any of them were gong to trick him.  He spoke to them, asked who they were and then commanded them to be cast out of that person.

The ghosts of the dead were still being held in the Underworld by demons and the gates that prevented them from moving between that world and ours.  Therefore Jesus was never recorded speaking to the ghost of someone who was dead during those events.  The one time he did speak to spirits of the dead was in the garden where he spoke to Moses, Abraham, Elijah and someone else, Enoch I think.  These were special men who were held by God and kept from confinement in the Underworld.   Remember that Enoch and Elijah did not die but were taken up by angels into the heavens, they never saw death and were never in the Underworld.

Why would God give someone the gift of spiritual sight if He didn't intend for them to use that gift?

The answer you will find in the story of the talents that Jesus told.  While we know their currency / money at that time were known as talents we also know Jesus often told stories that had another meaning.  We call them parables.  Meaning that one thing translates to something else.  Since we know God was not concerned about money or that kind of talent we understand that as Jesus told this story he was speaking of spiritual gifts.  So he said the Kingdom of Heaven is like this...  And he told the story how the master gave each of his servants some talents and all but one of those invested those talents, used them and multiplied them.  The servant who didn't brought that talent back and returned it to the master who instantly became furious with the man.  The master took that man's talent from him and gave it to someone else.  Then he told that man to depart from him and that man was lost.  (
How would you like to be the one who told someone else not to use their spiritual gifts?  How would you like to be someone who believed someone who told you that now that you know what happens to them?)

Many are called but few are chosen and the concept of once saved always saved is something fabricated by humans based on a misunderstanding of something in the bible
.  On more than one occasion we read where God tells people who thought they were saved to depart from them "wicked servant."  While the Holy Spirit may very well remain with someone who constantly makes mistakes during Judgment Day God can withdraw that invitation.  The teachers need to take notice that if they teach things that are wrong they can still be held acountable at God's descression.  I know it for a fact and therefore I do my very best to be sure I teach things that are factual as well asl things God gives me to deliver to someone else.

The answer to the question is if God gives someone a spiritual gift they darn well better learn to use it for the glory of the Kingdom of God
.  If that gift happens to be the ability to see and talk with spirits then they better learn to use that gift correctly.  A few people who have this gift also have the gift of discernment and can recognize all the spirits, good, bad and otherwise.  To multiply this gift I also expect they can cast out demons and heal the sick.  There's no limit to what a person might do as long as they follow the Holy Spirit's instruction for them.  They should never believe anyone who tells them what they are doing is wrong by using their God given "talents."  They have that gift for a good reason and God knows that reason.

Anyone who has spiritual gifts who breaks away from the dogma and follows Christ is going to be judged by those who are still caught in the religious dogma that Christ died to set us free from.  Some of those dogma people mean well, they have good intentions but let's face it they are spiritually and mentally bound and they are doing their level best to make sure everyone else is just as bound as they are.

When is it OK to speak with the dead?
 (I am speaking of Christians with the gift of spiritual sight.)

Warning:  If you can not see these spirits or at the very least have the ability to know what kind of spirits you are dealing with you should never attempt to speak with spirits of any kind.  Your prayers to God are enough so ask for help with anything you need and let God provide that help for you.   If you have some reason to communicate with the dead you need someone who has the gifts I mention.

There can be several reasons for someone with the gift of spiritual sight to speak with the dead or even other spirits as the case may be.  There are spirits of the dead who remain for what ever the reasons and wander around trying to resolve some unfinished business.  Often these ghosts will recognize when someone has the gift to see them and sometimes these ghosts will follow that person trying to gain an audience with them for what ever the reason.

A person who can speak to them can find out who they are and why they are still around.  They can also determine if that spirit needs to cross into the light and in that light as I have said are waiting places where angels work.

If an evil spirit is present the person with the gift can notify concerned / affected people of the nature of that spirit and can by the resident's request banish that evil spirit from that location.

What gifts did the prophets have back then and how were they used?

What gifts does the Holy Spirit give today and how are they used?

How does this apply to us today?