You've heard it said, "Opinions are like ass-holes.  Everyone has one!"
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NOTE: People reading anywhere on this site need to understand that one of my best friends and fishing buddies is an atheist.  He doesn't believe God exists.  He blames religions in general for a lot of the wars in the world and so do I.  We get along just fine.  He's not asking me for my opinions about God or religion so I don't bother him with it.  When people find this site however they are usually wanting complicated and/or important questions answered.  For me to answer those questions I must deal with controversial subjects.  A person can not discuss these topics in truth without stepping on someone's toes.  Truth is a double edged sword, it cuts both ways.  You can't speak the truth without offending a lot of people.  That's just the way it is.  I also must take great care what I say because I know God is watching and listening.  If I say something that isn't right God tells His angels to set me straight.  At first they send gentle messages, spiritual intuition and then they talk with me in dreams.  If I get the message and follow the instructions quickly there's no problem.  If I fail to get the message by then they speak louder and when they do that there's no way for me to miss their message.

Many people get hung up on the letter of the law.  They strain at a gnat and swallow a camel without realizing they went wrong they blame others for their own mistakes.  Sometimes God warns me of those people before I ever hear about them.  Sometimes God gives me messages for those people and sometimes I write those messages in my dreams website.  If you are one of those people you can use the DreamLink Dreams link to go to my dreams website.  Go to examples pages and read.  If this is the first time you've been here you will find the latest dreams in the last Examples page at or near the last dreams entered.  Remember I do not know who you are but God does if that dream message is for you.  If you are an angry person who hates me and think you know what's going on then read the other examples to.  There may be a dream message in there for you from God.  People who stop listening to God's answers to them don't realize He's not talking to them because they refuse to listen.  They think they are smarter than God or they don't recognize His voice.  Being able to recognize God's voice is very important for God's soldiers.  This is why the Bible says "They know My voice.  They will not follow another."  But people being what they are like to think they hear God's voice when they don't.  Others say "God doesn't talk to people anymore!"  If that were true how come the Bible says Jesus speaking that in the latter days your sons and daughters will prophecy.  Your young men will have visions from God and your old men will dream dreams.  Think about it.

(Title of Page) A truer thing has never been said.  What people fail to realize is sometimes what they think is someone's opinion is actually true and factual.  You see God doesn't have an opinion, people do.  When God tells someone something that is factual it's not their opinion, it is truth.  When someone discovers something they know for a fact is fact it is not their opinion it is God's truth.  People who are on the wrong track want to believe what they currently believe in and they don't like change.  Meaning they really don't want to know the truth therefore they justify this in their own mind and say "it's just your opinion."  Because as long as it's just an opinion they can't find the error in their own thinking.  In cases like this it is a matter of being right rather than knowing and accepting the truth.

Do I sometimes get tired of trying to help people who have opinions?  You know I do.  Do they like to tell me it's just a mater of my opinion when I tell them something God told me and I know it is true?  You better believe it.  Since I know people who say things like "well it's just your opinion."  Or "we disagree but..." I know most of those people aren't ready for the real serious truth's God gave me to share.  Now and then God has me work with people like these to help them past that point of difficult thinking in their own minds. 

(Please understand that I also am human and anything God didn't tell me show me or prove to me is my own opinion and I do make mistakes.  Now and then a kind soul will point that out to me and help me, but it's very rare.  For the most part when people say things are just an opinion that I know are factual and from God are true then it isn't my opinion, it is a truth they refuse to accept.  If these people hear from God and God speaks to them as they say then all they have to do is ask God and get Him to explain it for them.  Since they seldom ever get the right answer I'm inclined to believe they haven't been talking with God, or they have offended God in some way that has caused Him not to answer them.  I happen to know for a fact that if a person who has heard from God stops hearing from Him when they ask for help there's a reason.  I know people and have relatives who've gotten hung up on the letter of the law and God stopped speaking to them especially about that subject, because they refuse to accept what God tells them.)

Some People Will Believe The Most Idiotic Things
I've had very sincere people tell me the earth is flat and square!  I'd think with satellites orbiting the planet they would know better.  In their minds they rationalize and think the devil is deceiving us to think the earth is round.  This way of thinking is so old and originated from the Bible making references to compass points and the four winds.  Adam and Eve knew the earth was round like a ball.  Enoch was taken by angels into the heavens to see the planets the sun and "the goings and comings" of them.  He knew they were round and orbited the sun.  I'd bet he was the one God gave the first Zodiac map to but that's just my opinion.  As God said these things are for measuring times and seasons.  The point is Enoch knew but somewhere along the line human kind got caught up in religious thinking and lost their way.

How Old Is God Anyway?

A> He's timeless.  No one knows how old God really is not even God!

How old is the Earth and all of creation?

A> About seven thousand years give or take a few days.

People who get hung up on how old the earth is can't answer the next question.

If God has been around for all eternity then why is all of creation limited to only seven thousand years?

In all of my life I've never had a 6 day creationist answer that last question correctly.  Their answer must be they simply don't know.  If they told the truth they would have to admit their error.

Why do these same people loath science?

Because there are stars shining in space that are over 200 billion light years away and yet we can see them.  That means they were created and burning more than 200 billion years ago.  We also know we can see stars right now that were many billions of light years away that no longer exist, yet we can still see the light from these dead stars.  The Milky Way is over 150,000 light years across and we can see these stars from earth.  That means according to science stars, worlds and galaxies existed long before the earth.  It means the earth is very very old, lot older than 6 earth days.  It means that God's days and our days are measured differently.

Because we have rocks and jewels on earth and we know how they were created and how long it takes them to become rocks and many are more than a million years old.

Because we have fossils of dead beasts that are more than a million years old.

Why can't these people accept these truths?

Because they can only accept evidence that supports what they have chosen to believe in.  If what they believe in is not the truth the foundations of all their beliefs will crumble like a house built upon the sand.  Because of this they live in a constant state of fear and insecurity.

The truth is faithful sincere highly religious people build their houses upon the sand every day despite the fact that Jesus and their Bible warned them of the dangers.

The truth is people who build their houses upon the sand have huge holes in their logic.  Holes that can only be plugged by rationalization as a miracle from God, or magic.  This leads them into another box canyon that if God exists science must be wrong.

The only way for them to get out of that box canyon is to tear down their old house and begin building a new one based on truth or "the solid rocks of truth."  A lot of these people have spent a life time building their houses on the sand, there's no way they want to tear it down and start over again with a new foundation based on truth and facts.

We are given clues in the Bible that God has a certain way of hiding his riddles and truths among us and even within us.  We start with the first, Adam and Eve had Cain, their first born.  Cain made offerings and was very sincere about his practices.  They had their second son Able who followed the way of the spirit and made offerings that were pleasing to God.  Cain's offerings though sincere were not acceptable which made Cain jealous of Able enough that he struck his brother in the head with a rock and killed him.  Throughout the Bible we find references of how the first born got this and that by heritage while at the same time his offerings were not acceptable.  It was always either the second or a younger or even the prodigal son who became acceptable.  I was the prodigal son, but God brought me home.  I am the second son and I can see things that my brother(s) can not comprehend.

I've had quite a few people tell me the Earth was created in six of our days
and I've addressed this subject on another page.  They get this from the Bible but what they fail to realize is Lucifer was ruling over a people for thousands of years before Adam and Eve were created.  The Bible doesn't give the details but it does refer to the fact that Lucifer was like the bright morning star brightest in the heavens and when he began to play God the archangel Michael came and gave him and his angels a serious demotion casting them from the heavens to the earth.  We know angels were working creation long before Adam and Eve.  We know Lucifer ruled and played God long before Adam and Eve but in their minds no mortals existed before Adam and Eve.

The devil was with the Serpent in the tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil when Adam was created and set in the Garden of Eden.
  So how is it someone can completely block out some truths while accepting another from the same book?  There is an answer and a reason and they just haven't realized it yet.  You consider the answer while you read.

Since sailors have sailed around the world and airplanes have flown around the world and God knows since the space station circles the earth several times per day we know the earth is round!  Anyone who can't figure that out by now must be an idiot!  Then again that's just my opinion.  ;-)

There are people today who say we never landed on the moon!
  They say it was all staged and some of them are brilliant people with degrees in science, one of them even worked for NASA.  Of course he doesn't work there anymore.  ;-)  He says there's a radiation belt (Van Allen) between the earth and the moon and it would kill anyone who passed through it.  The radiation belt does exist but that doesn't mean men didn't pass through it to land on the moon and return.  The "nests" are there on the moon to this day and so is the American flag and cameras that were left there.

This proves that having a degree doesn't necessarily make a person smarter than common sense.
  It proves that ordinary people can be smarter than the scholars about some things.

Dose NASA and our government lie to us?  You better believe they do but not about landing on the moon.

So these people put a camera on the moon facing the earth and the earth rotates in space but it's always right there hanging stationary as if everything else in the universe is rotating around it.  Because of this some people believe the earth is stationary and etc.  You get the idea, and all the universe rotates around the earth.  Do you have any idea what that would mean?  Do you have any idea just how vast the universe is?  Do you think for one moment you could fly out into space and eventually hit the wall?  The very limits of space?  Have you ever swung a ball around in a circle on the end of a string?  The longer the string the faster the ball moves the more distance it travels.  Can you imagine how fast that last galaxy would be moving at the end of that string?  Were you also aware of the implications of such an idea?  The truth is people who think like this have hit a wall in their understanding.  A limit which for some reason they can't get past.  It happens all the time to everyone in different areas of thinking.  We all reach limits of our ability to comprehend.

For this to be true they are saying that God didn't create anyone before He made Adam.  Who can tell me how long Adam was in the Garden before God created Eve?  If 100 people tried to answer that question I would have 100 different answers.  Truth is the answer could be several thousand years.  Because one day God saw Adam was alone and created Eve for him from his own genetic material, a rib.

Another thing they fail to consider is the fact that in his day Jesus said "
In my Father's house are many mansions."  What are they a bunch of empty mansions?

On The Dark Side Of The Moon!
Have you ever heard someone use the term "dark side of the moon?"  I have and these were also very sincere but misinformed people.  The truth is the moon does rotate and anyone who's ever seen it knows the phases throw shadows around the moon.  This is how we get the cycles of the moon on our calendar.  So the sun hits the moon all the way around just as it does the earth.  The trick is simple.  The moon has no magnetic core therefore it has no magnetic interaction with the earth's magnetic core or any other planet's magnetic core.  The same side of the moon faces the earth all the time.  If you put put a camera on the moon facing the earth the earth appears in the same place all the time.  It appears to be stationary hanging in space and everything else appears to be spinning around it.  At this point a person living on the moon would have this perspective.  Therefore that person or camera as the case may be is the only one this perspective applies to.  It doesn't make that perspective or logic true for anyone or anything else.

Gravity is the "string" that holds all the little balls in their places.
  The storm on Jupiter is larger than the earth yet it circles our sun the same as the earth does.  So you spun a light ball around on a string, now tie a chunk of lead to the end of that string and swing it.  What happens?  It not only takes more power and speed to swing the thing it throws you off balance causing you to lean back further throwing your weight into the swing to hold the lead ball in flight.  It isn't possible for Jupiter to circle the earth let alone the sun to circle the earth and everything else in creation.  When the moon revolves around the earth, as the earth turns the gravitational pull from the moon cause our ocean tides.  God created certain rules for all of creation.  The object or planet with the greater mass will always rule in space and that's how God made it.

For those who hate Science
Scientists have tried consistently to disprove the existence of God and in every case they have either proven a divine design at work in the universe or they have proven their own theories flawed.  Science likes to verify things that can be tested.  The problems that exist with science is that humans are the ones we depend on to figure it out.  Let's face it science doesn't have all the facts and humans make mistakes!

God created science and in the end science will prove God rather than disprove.
  God created nature and God manipulates nature to suit His own desires.  Nature itself screams of the finger print of the Creator.  Our own bodies scream "divine design."  Our intelligence however falls way short of the mark.

The Hollow Earth Theory
There are people today who believe the earth is hollow.  Some of these people believe the earth has a small black hole at the center.  As crazy as it may sound these people aren't right but they aren't completely wrong either.

Sometime back there was a movie made called "Buckaroo Banzai - Across the Eighth Dimension."  This is science fiction but it is based on the theory that another space can exist within what we call solid matter.  There are references to places that exist in places where humans can't go, at least not in body under normal conditions.  We know the heavens is a term we use to describe the universe and those things that exist within the heavens.  We understand "Heaven" is the dwelling place of God.  It is also referred to by Jesus as "My Father's House."  Within His Father's House are many mansions or dwellings where intelligent beings dwell.  Now we could say that Jesus was referring to other worlds like ours that have people or intelligent beings living on them.  As such this would mean they live as we do in the physical world rather than in another dimension.  This is a valid argument from some who do not believe in God or other dimensions.

At one time Earth's main super continent was called Pangia. 
When Pangia broke apart it created the world as we know it.  Some believe this happened over many millions of years.  Needless to say these people do not believe the earth was created in six of our days. ;-)  Others believe that Pangia sat upon massive honeycomb chambers filled with water.  These chambers would have been created by volcanic activity and as the earth cooled the chambers cooled and filled with water leaving Pangia resting on a precarious brittle and delicate structure.  Some who believe this theory also believe that Noah and the first civilizations on earth lived on Pangia.  They believe when the angel warned Noah of the impending flood they were talking about a series of earth changing events starting with an earthquake of a magnitude so great nothing like it has happened since.  This quake breaking the crust of the earth along what we call the Mid Atlantic Ridge.  The weight of Pangia upon the water filled chambers caused water to shoot high into the heavens.  The rain lasted for days.  The Bible says it rained for 40 days and 40 nights.  The continents slid to where they are now in a few days rather than over millions of years.  The Bible also says "The fountains of the Great Deep burst forth!"  The bible wasn't referring to the sky or clouds or the heavens bursting forth but the "Great Deep."  It's just my opinion but I belive this theory has merit and is backed by the Bible.  This would explain Noah's flood and how the continents came to be where they are.  It would also explain how mountain ranges were formed over a few hours very violently rather than over millions of years.  The sliding continents hitting solid rock below among the tectonic plates stopping the continents where they are like a massive train wreck.  This leaving normally horizontal layers of rock snapped and standing vertically.  I know of many places on earth that have these features.

The movie "Journey To The Center Of The Earth" shows the earth as being hollow.
  We know the earth is full of naturally formed caves but with gravity like it is and fluid levels the way they are there's no way it could be hollow.  The Dogan and certain other native tribes have made references to civilizations in the "Underworld."  They say there are cities and beings who dwell there.  I have been in spirit and gone into the underworld numerous times and what I saw looked like a massive maze of caves.  I did see all kinds of spiritual "things" living, moving around and some even being held in cell like rooms.  I've never seen any cities down there but just because I've not seen them doesn't mean they don't exist, it just means I've not seen them yet.

I can't say I was actually in another dimension while in The Underworld but I can say there are things in places the human eyes can't normally see.

What does the bible say?
  The Bible makes references to a place that is sometimes translated as hell in which demons and souls remained until the death of Christ on the cross.  Christ descended into this place, broke the gates of this place and removed His people from that place.  When this happened the dead were seen walking around among people and being recognized by the living.  These spirits passed through the physical realm into the higher realm prepared for them in Heaven known as Abraham's Bosom.   Yes the Bible refers to a place where the dead and demons were kept "below" the earth and a place where higher beings reside above the physical realm.

Catholics call that lower place purgatory and call it a waiting place.
  What they fail to realize is upon Christ's death that place was broken by Christ and the saved were removed from it by Christ.  Now when a person dies who is saved they are taken by two angels into a higher realm.  I know because I've been there in the spirit to and I know it exists.  There are many documents that refer to dimensions above and below the physical realm.  Even if I had not visited these places in the spirit I would say there's enough information to indicate that unseen realms do exist.

Are We Alone In The Universe?
There are beings out there who God created long before Adam and Eve who are looking down upon the earth shaking their heads as they watch us approaching destruction at our own hands.  Some of those beings are referred to as the Great Elders who over-see created inhabited worlds for the Creator God.  These are beings who couldn't possibly exist if the earth were the center of the universe.  These are beings that couldn't exist if the earth were created in six earth days.  I know they exist because I've met them on one occasion and had them send me messages on other occasions.  God the Father exists throughout the entire universe and is endless and infinite.  God the Creator moves within the Father where ever the Father calls Him. Angels watch over inhabited worlds but after the ordeal with Lucifer God set beings out there who took the jobs of the angels to watch over created worlds and their inhabitants.  These beings are immortal beings like those who will be saved from earth who will have their salvation through the Holy Spirit that Christ created for us.  They sing with the angels the song of creation and those who come into the light with them will sing their songs among those beings and among the angles.  This is not human songs these are the sounds of creation's engine.

Lucifer Hates Humans For A Reason!

Do you know why Lucifer went bad?  I'll bet you have some ideas but you do know he was self aware.  You do know he was powerful and intelligent.  You know he commanded a choir of angels working on living things.  You know he deceived a people in order to play God himself.  Did you know God didn't tell him why he was tending over the humans?  Did you know God didn't tell Lucifer those humans would one day take Lucifer's place among the stars?  Imagine how he must have felt when he discovered he was being replaced by the very people God set him in charge of.  We know he became jealous and angry.  We do know he set out to destroy and pervert the humans he was set in charge of.

The Hidden Leaven
I've had people tell me over and over about the hidden yeast in the bread.  Usually when someone gets so blinded by a single thing they are crying out their own illness and diagnosing their own problem for me.  The stumbling stone they fall upon is the reason for their blindness.  So they said over and over about the lie being hidden inside the truth and the riddles God has hidden within the pages of the Bible.  The truth is God has hidden riddles all over the earth for us to figure out.  But this person said that things had to be verified within the pages of the Bible and nothing outside of the pages could be used as verification.  So I mentioned things the Bible makes light reference to like Zion and the Great Pyramid of Giza and how the Chief Corner Stone was rejected by the builders.  I asked them who it was referring to and that person never answered me after that.  They didn't answer because as many times as they may have read the Bible they didn't know they had also rejected the Chief Corner StoneTo have answered my question would have been to admit where they went wrong.
(God sent me a dream about this person showing them as a fat little dog with a tiny head that tries to bite my ear because I tried to save it from being thrown over the fence.  That dream is in my dream site on the examples page 5 near the very end.  The angel portrayed in the dream was telling me this guy is going to get the boot.  At least he had his chance to know the truth about the leaven, shame he didn't accept the truth.)

Every Building Has A Master Corner Stone

There is only one structure in all of existence that has a Chief Corner Stone and that is the pyramid.  The Chief Corner Stone is the capstone at the very stop center of the pyramid.  They never found the capstone from the Great Pyramid of Giza.  Some say it existed some say it was never put in place.  But the Bible refers to Jesus Christ as the Chief Corner Stone of Zion.  Zion is described as a mountain in Revelation 14.  The white casing stones are referred to as the 144,000 elite of God who stand with Christ upon mount Zion.  The builders are our religious leaders and the Chief Corner Stone they rejected is the very same Christ they preach about.  If our preachers are preaching about a Jesus Christ they rejected then who shall we turn to for truth and enlightment?  You will hear them calling from the wilderness or the Internet as the case may be as John the Baptizer did in the days of Jesus.

God had his people the Hycsos (Amo, people of God) take over Egypt not long after Joseph was sold into slavery and came to work for Pharaoh.  God gave the Hycsos the plans for the Great Pyramid of Giza and gave them the power to take over Egypt without a fight.  Think about that!  The Bible tells us Pharaoh took the people of Israel captive but didn't tell us why, but I assure you God gave us the why but didn't write it in the Bible because those inspired men who put the King James version of the bible together not only didn't have all the pieces of the Bible they needed they deliberately left out parts of the Bible out of ignorance.  Today we know more than they knew then and knowledge has increased in many ways over many subjects just as it was foretold.  Isaiah 19:19-20 mention the Alter to God the Lord of Light (Cheops) in the midst of the land of Egypt and on the boarder there-of.  That structure is the Great Pyramid of Giza and it is a book in stone intended to reveal and verify secrets that are in the Bible.  Those screaming about verifying the Bible have no idea how God is actually verifying things written in the Bible.  More information on this subject is on the Zion page.

Why do people get caught up in wrong thinking over the Bible?

Because they do not understand the Bible is not God's Living Word.  They take it so literal they can't see past the trees to the forest.  They take it in such human terms as to think a God as great as our Creator has to fit into their own little box where they keep the things they think they understand.  The Living Word still speaks to people.  He still gives us answers and He still sets mysteries before us.  He hides His riddles throughout creation.  He wants us to discover the truth that will bring us back to Him.  The truth is they who get stuck can't keep God in their box or their little churches.  We set our clocks by periods of light and darkness but God doesn't.  God is much much bigger than they can possibly understand.  God doesn't set his watch by earth time.  It's never dark where God our Creator is because He is the light and the Light.  The day doesn't end for our Creator until God says so.  Until they realize this they will always have limits to what they can understand.

The ability to comprehend is given to us through the Holy Spirit of Christ the Creator.  He said those who have it should not be confounded (confused) but they should understand.

How many of you can write a single page without making a single mistake?  Not many I'll bet.  How many of you could write an entire book without making a mistake?  How many of you could translate a book from some other language without making a mistake?  How about translating a lot of books from some other language?  Mistakes happen and people make them.  Not only that there were entire segments of those scrolls that went to dust leaving huge holes in the story.  The truth is God did have a method of bringing the most important segments of the scripture together, the ones that point us toward our salvation.

A person can believe God created all of creation in six of our days and as long as they have the Holy Spirit of God they are saved.  Being wrong about all kinds of things is normal for humans.  The catch is this, for everything they are wrong about their thinking is bound and limited.  It means that's one door they can't get through to see what's on the other side.  Believing creation took place in six of our days locks MANY doors to our understanding.  Some of those doors open into billions of years of history and wonder relating to the things our Creator has done.  I don't want to be mean to people who visit my websites, I want to give them the keys to open those doors that have been locked to them for so very long.

Yes God sends people to me sometimes to help me update these pages.
  He uses them to get me pointed in the right direction and inspired to say the right things to help people past their problems in thinking.  90% of the time those people who inspire me are suffering from thinking problems and I know if one comes forward with that problem there are thousands like that hiding just out of sight.  People out there who want to know, need to know the truth and explanations and haven't been able to find it anywhere else.

I don't write these pages to make people angry, but when they can't get past their flawed thinking it does make them angry and I'm sorry for them.  That's not why I write these pages.  I hope and pray that one day they will get past their wanting to be right to the point they want to know the truth more than anything else.  Because as we know "The Truth is Out There."