"Death Metal" the Mental and Spiritual Illness!

You see them everywhere now.  Kids and adults wearing baggy pants around their butts and sometimes lower.  This is frequently accompanied by tattoos of gangs or demon symbols.  Their vehicles, when they have them are frequently adorned with decals of demons and illegal substances.  They have no idea what's gotten hold of them.  To them it's just a harmless "thing."  They think these people they are hanging out with are their friends.  They frequently choose these "friends" over their family without realizing the consequences of their decisions.  It's in the music, it is the music of hate, anger and destruction these spirits spirits feed upon.  There's nothing harmless about it and when the followers of these spirits riot, destroy and kill each other they defend their food source by saying it wasn't because of the music.  No, it wasn't, but it's the music of hate and rage these spirits feed upon that makes them the way they are.  Everything in creation vibrates at certain frequencies and some are good and some are destructive.  Death Metal with lyrics of bloodshed, hate and death is some serious negative vibrations.

You have heard of the songs of the angels.  I'm one of those who has been allowed to be among the angels and hear the sounds of the music they make, the songs they sing.  I know what it is and what it translates into in the physical world.  The heavy metal music they dance to is only a representation of the spiritual music they actually hear and feel.  The music that drives their emotions is the music that drives them.  They have no idea where it really comes from or the destruction it eventually leads to.  These are deceptive spirits, the hosts have no idea the bad things that will happen to them and to those around them because of the choices they make.

When a person moves into a house they remake that house to suit themselves.  When spirits move into a person they remake that person into their own image.  They remake everything they can around them into something suitable for them.  They send out an odor that quite a lot of people can "smell" that turns our stomachs but they can't smell or sense it.  They bare the spiritual fruits of those evil spirits that now reside within them.  The more someone tries to show them what they have become the further those demon spirits drive them to run.  These creatures do not exist in the light, they are varlocs, vampires of the soul feeding on the living.

Now and then God leads me into places and shows me things I wouldn't choose to go see.  Back in 2000 I was hired to shoot video of a 3 day metal fest.  I even tried to talk the owner of the establishment into canceling his event or changing the agenda to some other format like country or 70-80's rock but he wouldn't hear of it.  I tried to explain to him what kind of people he was attracting to his place of business and that in the end it would cost him more than it would ever make him.  He refused to listen and everyone who attended paid the price.

I took the entire family in order to shoot the event with several cameras and run a table selling "T" shirts to commemorate the event.  By the time the first band played their first song I knew I had really made a mistake.  I should have told the man I wouldn't shoot his event when he refused to change his mind about the type of music he had ordered.  Half way through the second day I was praying to God for forgiveness.  I tried to find some good in being there telling myself that at least my children could see how these people were being possessed and controlled by demons.  To my dismay only one of my girls realized the danger and the other fell into the trap.

If you have never listened to death metal "music" and I use that word "music" lightly here then you have no idea what goes on inside one of these places.  The band's do not play music they make noise and groups of their followers drunk and high on drugs will get into the "pit" in front of the stage and fight and slam into each other.  They knock each other down in a drunken dance and then do it over and over again.  I imagined when Jesus cast the demons out of the man with "legion" and the foul spirits entered into the pigs and the pigs ran and jumped off a cliff.  The farmers asked Jesus to leave because he was costing them their livelihood.

The insanity that possessed the man went into the pigs and the pigs loosing their own mind ran to their own destruction.  This is exactly what happened to the people we saw at this heavy+death metal event.  They were caught in a powerful delusion by spirits of insanity and had no idea what had taken control of them.  They were literally feeding on the emotions these demons were creating within them as their demons feed upon the negitive vibrations sent to them by the music.

People who are infected by these evil spirits do not realize what has taken control of them.  They think it's their own decision they do not realize these spirits are very ancient and have been infecting people for thousands of years.  They do not realize the end result is death and destruction.  There is no satisfaction in these spirits.  They can never get enough to feed their hunger.

A man wrote me to correct me, as some people do try sometimes.  He said I needed to update my page on this subject and correct it, and I agree with him.  He said "Some people actually need that kind of music."  People don't need that kind of music, but the spirits who reside inside them feed upon it so the host person also feels the need to feed upon those negative vibrations.  The fact he would use the term that anyone might actually need to listen to that kind of noise is a good indicator that what I'm saying on this page is factual.  Even so these pages are here for my visitors to read then go test what I say and see if they find it to be factual.

What they need is Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit that he created for them and for the filling of their souls.  There is no contentment or satisfaction of spirit within the death metal community.  There is only death and the fire that follows.  Anyone who becomes infected with these evil spirits will not listen to reason or truth.  They hear only what they choose to hear.  They can not hear the voice of Jesus calling them away from their affliction.

"Accidents" and trouble follow these people around and they like to blame other people for the effects of their own actions and choices.  They also like to blame their misfortunes on "bad luck."

I would put a clip of that video on here for my visitors to see but I'm honestly afraid our web server would crash, it's that bad!

What do you do when a loved one is infected with this illness?  You do a lot of praying they will become aware of the spirits they have been infected with and choose to escape from them to God.

More later.