I have quite a bit to put on this page concerning the times we now live in, as we are now fast approaching disasters of all kinds and the majority of the people are not ready.

Please understand the world is not going to end!  The world has been around for many millions of years and it's going to be here long after what we know is gone.  Jesus said a day will come when not one stone will be upon another.  He's saying the things of our civilization will be destroyed and have no meaning beyond that.  That time is not yet upon us but it's not far away.

The bible Jesus speaking no man will know the day or the hour when this tribulation will begin but we will see signs that are given as warnings of the time and trouble ahead.

My sites don't get updated with the latest information as quickly as my groups do.  Often if I receive something I feel is important I post it to my FB group as quickly as I can.  Upon receiving an E-mail from a concerned person about me saying the world was going to end in Dec 2012 I had to stop and think "did I write that?"  Or did I post information that seemed to point that direction?  Because people would ask me and I most often say "The world will be here when we are long gone."  The end of the world is a term I use jokingly.  The tribulation and natural disasters is another thing.

God sent me a dream showing me "earth movers" coming in a series one after another.  The day I posted that dream in one of my groups there were more than 84 earthquakes in the "ring of fire" in the Pacific.  The dream was accurate as was my understanding of it.  God showed me the lighting strike in the west and then in the east and I said watch for two massive events one in the West and one in the East and they came.  The big storm that the East Coast was one of those events.

As God revealed things to me from the spirit I saw the angels working hard beyond a very thin vail so close to us they can see us from where they are and now and then I think there are some on this side who see them.  They are getting ready for a big event to play out.  I began praying "people aren't ready Lord, give us more time."  And awhile back God showed me a horse that came out of the earth and this horse moves to block the massive earth mover from it's path.  He's saying our prayers for more time has been granted.

The time line shows when Obama was elected was the start of the Feast of the Beast and now we know the Beast is the US government.  In the timeline the feast of the beast ended in 4 years, but we all know Obama is the one feeding the beast and we all know he got a second term and he's feeding the beast more than any president before him.  If you think that's disturbing you are correct.  If you suspect something has changed and there's a reason why Obama is still in there you are again correct.  I can't quite put my finger on it but knowing there must be a reason I would say keep a close eye on the events that happen.

The effort to disarm honest Americans and let the evil element of our world run wild is part of it.  Have you noticed all the gun killings / murders lately?  Crazy people running wild giving the anti-gun people plenty of ammunition to fire back at us.  They don't have a clue that we are the ones protecting them.  So many of those who are against the second amendment have money and hire armed people to protect them.  We the regular people can't do that.

We are on the path to find the answers and as I can I will post things for you here.  It is better to be watching and ready than to think it can't happen, because it can.

A video you may find interesting is by ManningIf you would like to see what he has to say about Obama click here and watch.  He's saying some of the same things I've been saying and  one of our visitors sent me this link and told me to watch, so I did.  And now you can to.

Fish and Birds dying by the thousands with no explination!

I mean no offense to those who choose to believe the earth and all of creation is only 7000 years old when I say things that indicate there is evidence the earth has been around much longer.  The Hopi Indians say their people are aware the earth has suffered 3 great destructions and restorations and we are now upon the threshold of the 4th.  These great destructions are believed to happen every 11,000 to 17000 years.  Geologists say they can read volcanic rocks and tell you the earth's magnetic poles have shifted many times over the life of the earth.  The important thing is things are happening and people have questions.  Why and what happens next.

One of the prophecies for the last days is that animals, bird and fish will die by the thousands without any explanation.

Our first reports was about fish dying not far from us in Fort Smith and the red wing blackbirds died the other side of Little Rock a few miles.  There's a fracking mine a few miles from the location and they have earthquakes there now quite a few per day.  It gives off toxic gas that could kill fish or birds but the wind that night was out of the south, the birds were east of the mine and the fish were over 100 miles away upstream to the west.  These things happened fish and bird died the same night and were found shortly after.  So that can't explain what happened.

Two or so days later I see on Fox news fish, birds crabs and such are being found dead all over the earth.  Once again there's no logical single explanation that can explain it.  There's a lot of speculation and theories and no real solid evidence.

While all this is going on there's an airport in Miami that closed down to repaint / change the numbers at the ends of the runway.  Runway 0 and 180 had to be renumber because the earth's magnetic pole has shifted 10 degrees.  The runways now 10 and 190 degrees.

One thing that fish and birds have in common along with quite a few other animals is their ability to sense the magnetic fields of the earth.  They have built in compasses.  They sense these things like we sense streets only better.  They have built in GPSs.  They can tell where they are on earth at any given time because of these fields.  This is how they explained that a dog that was lost nearly 3000 miles from home literally found it's way home.  They made a movie out of that based on a true story.  But people don't normally consider that dogs are at the top of the list when it comes to the ability to sense magnetic fields.  Whales, dolphins, perhaps all fish and birds.  Any animal that migrates has a keen sense of the earth's magnetic fields.

It is believed that whales and porpoise that get lost and beach themselves either became confused because of the earth's magnetic field or they have some kind of ailment or disease that affects their ability to perceive these energy fields.  It's similar in effect to our ability to sense how we are moving because of the hairs in our inner ear.  They can run warm water into one ear and cool into the other and though you are laying still you have the sensation of moving.  I've had that done to me so I am speaking from experience.  Something similar happens to animals who can sense the magnetic fields of the earth.  They get confused and lose their sense of direction.  They don't know where they are anymore or which way to go.

We know the earth's magnetic core is moving but how much and when is an argument among those who think they know something.  It was said that north moves 40 some odd miles toward some country that I can't remember at the moment.  40 some odd miles a year is something to consider over time.  Some are saying however it is moving faster now than it has in the past 7000 years.  Like something dramatic is about to happen on a global scale.  I'm inclined to think this is the case.  Especially because the shift in the magnetic poles can help explain some of the prophetic dreams myself and others are having about great world changes.

If we consider that the entire galaxy is held together by a black hole at the center of the galaxy we must also be aware that all the stars and planets are directly linked to the forces of that black hole.  The black hole produces waves of force that we can not see with our eyes but some of it might be measured.  The problem seems to be that our own sun and planet interfere with our instruments abilities to reach past our solar system.  Gravity and magnetic waves are a direct product of a powerful black hole.

The earth rotating around our sun produces a fantastic amount of electrical power.  It's a massive generator.  Shame we can't harness that power as it would power everything on earth literally for free.  Some of that power is translated into wind and waves, things we can see and translate power from via mechanical means.

Every planet that has a live magnetic / volcanic core affects all the other planets to some degree.  Naturally the larger they are the more effect they have.  Now consider that each solar system has an effect on the near ones to them and those to ones beyond them until they are all linked like a massive galactic machine.  We know what happens when we put two magnetic together and how opposite poles attract.  Turn one magnet and the other also turns if it left free to turn as a planet is in space.

As our solar system rotates around our galaxy it is changing positions in relationship to the black hole at the core.  Depending on the position of that black hole everything around it can and will shift in time.  What happens if it passes it's magnetic polarity?  The sun begins to roll over in order to maintain polarity with the black hole.  If the sun rolls over the earth and all the planets in our solar system roll with it.

We might say that can't happen based on the fact that our current history (as we know it) has not seen such an event, but someone way back there did.  They say there's evidence to indicate that every 11,000-17,000 years a great destruction takes place on earth as the magnetic poles shift.  The Mayans, Hopi, and certain other ancient races of people have prophecies that make this very statement.  Geologists can test volcanic metal and tell you the direction of the magnetic polarity of the earth when the lava cooled.  And that's how they say they know the magnetic poles of the earth have changed many times over so many thousands of years.  Certainly the indications are there and can be read.  The Hopi Indians say the earth has been destroied and restored 3 times in the past that they are aware of and that we are now entering the start of the 4th destruction that will split humanity's paths like a great judgment.

The magnetic poles of the earth changing is enough to kill birds and sea life that are more sensitive to it.  Some scientists say the birds show blunt force trauma like they flew into something and killed themselves.  Yet no one has yet come forward to say they saw the birds fly into anything.  You and I both know red winged blackbirds are not nocturnal.  They roost at night like chickens.  They didn't fly into a house or tree in the middle of the night.  What we know is they fell out of their roosts and landed on the ground, roofs, and highways.  When found a few of them were still alive and died later.  The fish on the other hand didn't fall out of their roosts.  I have reason to believe what ever is killing the birds is also killing the fish and crabs.  I just can't explain why the whales and porpoise have not exhibited strange behavior if this is being caused by the changing magnetic field of the earth.  I'm not real quick to swallow a canned answer.  I am aware that science has not advanced to the point where they are infallible.

My answer to the question is I just don't know, it's a mystery if ever there was one.  I would love to know the answer.

I'm not the only one who's had night visions of great earth changes.  Many years ago I saw what appeared to be CA literally falling into the ocean.  I saw fires and people fighting fires.  I saw small Islands scattered around where CA used to be.  I saw children and adults wandering around trying to find loved ones.  The looks on those people's faces was shock, they were stunned beyond belief.  Shock and emptiness was on their faces and in their eyes.  They could not believe what they saw before them.  I understood it was not a mater of if it was a mater of when these things would happen.  That was years before I knew anyone else had similar visions and night visions.

The maps of the Great Earth Changes show the area where you live will go down because of the New Madrid fault line.  The rivers will open up and expand and the east half of Ark. will go under water with it.  West Memphis and a huge part of St. Louis gone under water.  The entire state of Louisiana gone.  The states of Washington, Oregon, California and most of Nevada gone.  I expect Pearl will be completely gone underwater if those things happen.  The low lands all around the coast line will be under water as the Ocean level rises as a result of these events.  The Florida Keys will be underwater.

I am aware that sometimes dreams exagerate things in order to make a point.  If that's the case perhaps the destruction will not be quite as bad as the maps show but even if the earth gets 10% of the damage that is being described it will be disasterous beyond any single nation's ability to cope with it.  These things are also mentioned in the prophecy at the start of the great tribulations.  Things that cause the governments of the earth to panic and unite to preserve humanity.  Perhaps that is the reason for the creation of the infamous one world government we are warned about.  Perhaps the one world government isn't such a bad idea, people united for the common good.  The problem isn't so much that as it is the guy and people in charge may very well be the devil and his minions.

I am told by some this will be a time of enlightenment.  A time when those left alive can reflect back and see the mistakes that have been made in the past.  A time to take note and form a new thinking, a new government that is not driven by greed and lust for power and fame.  No good thing comes without a price.  What will be the price humanity pays for their enlightenment?

I think it wise to keep the lamps trimmed and burning and be ready for anything.

If you hear anything else on the birds and fish please let me know.


What's really going on?  Is there any truth to those ancient prophecies about the great tribulation, the one world government, the rapture?  Is there anything to the fact the Mayan calendar ends in the year 2012?  Did you know the Jewish time line also ends in the year 2012?  Were you aware the same number of days it took for God to create the earth (according to the book of Genesis) is the same number of "days" we were given to exist upon it as 1000 years equals a day?  We are now living at the very end of the 6th day.

I'm not sure if our new President Elect Obama is aware but since he was elected people are lining up to buy guns for personal protection.  They are stocking up on food, water and other necessities as if getting ready for a very long very bad time.  I know about this because I have friends out there keeping an eye on things and reporting what they see.  You have not heard this on the news I'll bet and do you wonder why? 
The dominos are stacked!  Population explosion is out of control.  The earth can not support many more people.  BioFuels are all the rage while our stores of food have dwindled to dangerous levels. If anything goes wrong to cause a disaster the food will run out and people will starve to death.  Would you rather pay $10 a gallon for gas or eat?  We can live without fuel but we can't live without food and clean water.  It's not a mater of if a disaster will strike it is a mater of when it will happen.

The day after Obama won the election quite a few people wrote to tell me their nightmares.  Some called me on the phone and one guy actually came to my house all with the same subject in mind.  Each one of them had prophetic dreams and night visions predicting terrible disasters and world war.  Before the day was over a well known licensed psychic medium friend of mine wrote to our dream research group to say...

Exact quote from her message...

        Hello Everyone,
        This was not a dream.. this came to me in a connection with spirit.

        Vickie Gay
People continue to send me their prophetic dreams foretelling of a terrible future for the world.  One of them wrote the earth was in flames, everything on the surface of the earth was dead including all the plants.
So many people think Obama is going to fix everything.  One woman was praising him saying he was going to pay her mortgage and gas for her car!  She thinks she has nothing else to worry about!  The truth is politicians should never been allowed to become president.  Ask yourself what a bad job they have done running our country in the past.  If any business owner did such a bad job they would go out of business yet we as a nation end up voting for people who we should know by now will not fix anything.  All they do is rearrange it now and then but things keep getting worse.  We as a people are never given the option to vote for someone who really good turn this country around.  Yes anyone who could and would do that for us would be cutting government budgets like the mad hacker!  He would piss of a LOT of people but that is exactly what needs to happen.  Make those politicians work for their keep and don't let them vote in their own pay raises.  It's all wrong, it should never have happened.

I have personally been observing certain dreams, night visions and prophetic messages of my own and from others as well as watching for any other TV shows or on line information to help me determine the signs.  The book of Revelation tells us these events will take place and when they do they will issue in two new ages one after another.

        1) The birth of the one world government.
        2) In 7.5 years the destruction of the one world government and birth of the age of enlightenment.

As the prophecy says at least 1/3rd of all the population of the earth will be dead by that time.

One friend who called said
"I've been adding up the numbers.  Did you know that Obama's first term ends in the year 2012?  Did you know that both the Mayan and the Aztec calendars end in the same year at the same time?"

Jesus (The Messiah Yashawa) said these things would happen but said no one will know the exact day or the hour.  He said you will know because of the signs.  Then he gave us a list of things to watch out for.  These things are happening as you are reading this.

A French spokes person said he has high hopes for Obama leading the USA in the direction of "globalization."  The term translated means "One World Government."  The one world government is what we were told to beware of.

And when they say "peace" then run for the hills because peace is the last thing we will receive.  This was spoken when the Berlin wall came down.  It was said again when the USSR became Russia.  Russia fits the description of Gog mentioned in the Bible's prophecy and now the Russian leadership has turned once again toward the old waring ways.  And for some the earth will literally swallow them up and save them but others will be captured and murdered by the authorities.

Don't hold your breath waiting on the rapture to save you.  God sent His angel to tell me I will witness two great escapes.  Was the angel speaking of two raptures?  Perhaps but where will these people be taken and when?

One thing I know for certain is good advice and that is
"Keep your lamps trimmed and burning.  Be watchful because all of these things come like a thief in the night."  You won't know the exact moment.  You won't know if you are one who will be transported to a hiding place, or to Heaven, or if you will be left behind to help someone else or be martered.  Do not feel secure thinking you understand exactly what God has in mind for you personally.

Scriptures that deal with the end times, last war and the Great Tribulation are on this page.

I run 12 websites and work 7 days a week but I hope to get back and add some interesting links to this page and continue what I've started here.  Check back again in a few days.
Here you have the timeline of the Messiah.  The last part of the file showing the day and age we live in.  Please notice that 2012 is marked as the end of an age.  You might also notice that 2009 is marked as the feast of the beast and is the beginning of Obama's first term in office as president of the United States of America.  2012 is the end of Obama's first term and it marks the end of an age. 

You want to know what the beast is?  Well the Beast in this case in the US government growing and feasting, gorging itself from the hands of the American public.  The head of the Beast at this time is as you know Obamah.  Governments of the earth have been described in the Bible and certain other scrolls as being like a living beast.  This time line was created before anyone had a clue Obamah would be elected and that makes it prophetic in nature.

As he conducts his secret meetings behind closed doors to pass laws upon the American public he is giving his power and authority to the beast.  He is giving the beast more power and authority over the people.  The more it feeds the more powerful it becomes.  The beast is suppose to serve the people but instead it intends to enslave them "for their own good."  Of course that is a mater of perception.  Regardless it intends to restrict and bind the American public that it feeds upon.  In a very certain way it is a kind of parasite.