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Tips for Living
People find this webpage, read, forward it, print it off and share it with their friends.  I hope you will find something on it that speaks to you in a positive way.

There are several important rules to life that are tested and proven.

Wisdom comes with experience and experience comes with age.
Just because some kid wears a name tag that calls him an "Elder" doesn't make him smart or wise.

People write me from all over the world asking me about all kinds of things.  They ask about God, the Bible, about religion, and relationships.  They ask me about dreams, visions, angels, demons, God and the devil, you name it they ask and there must be a reason for it.  People ask because people have questions and quite a lot of them know the answers they have received thus far leave some room for doubt.  On this page it makes little difference if you believe in God or not; the rules still apply.  Just understand that highly intelligent people believe in a God of creation and science has proven time and time again there's an intelligent design to the universe.

Never take advice from someone who's a failure dealing with the subject in question.

Never give advice to someone who's better at it than you are.  If the captain of that ship has been successfully sailing those waters for years unless you see an iceberg in the way keep your advice and opinions to yourself.

Keep in mind everything is energy based and what you do will either generate or attract some kind of energy.  Some call this "karma" but what ever you call it, it is real and will have either a positive or negative effect on your life and the people around you.

If your life isn't what you want or what it should be there are several things on the check list you need to consider.

First and foremost is the understanding that you can't keep doing the same things over and over again expecting a different result.  Einstein said "
it's the definition of crazy" and there's no argument against that.  You can add up 2 + 2 a million times and it will still equal 4.

You have heard the saying "
Next time you find yourself in a hole, stop digging?"  Well?

People who have frequent self inflected problems in their lives tend to blame everyone except the one responsible.  These people are usually self oriented, self serving people.  They do things for themselves first for the gratification it will get them and everyone else becomes second to last.  You can't have a lasting relationship thinking like this.

Love can only exist if it is given freely.  Yet I see people every day who stress over their relationships as if they were preserving it by force.  This isn't love, it is bondage.  Some live their entire lives never understanding how it is that old couple across the road have lived so long and been so happy.  You want me to tell you a secret?  The answer is simple and one word, Trust!  They trust each other.  Love and trust exist together or neither can exist.

The tighter you grip onto that thing you fear you will loose the more likely it will slip between your fingers.

Do you lose your jobs frequently because of being fired?
  If the answer is Yes figure out what the common factor is and you will generally find out it is you and something you do or have done.

Do you have a long string of failed relationships?
  If so look back and find out what all those relationships have in common.  Maybe your judgment in choosing a mate or significant other is at fault.  Once you figure it out you will also learn like the first rule you can't keep picking the same kinds of people and expect the result to be any better than previously experienced.

If you dance to a certain kind of music you will eventually be required to pay the piper.  Meaning, if you do stupid things over and over again eventually you will pay for it.

People who lie are people who have things in their lives they are ashamed of.  People who lie feel the need to protect that lie.  The longer they protect the lie the more deceit they accumulate.  It's like interest on a credit card after while it compounds and there's no way to pay it off except to declare bankruptcy.

If you frequently or even occasionally hide the truth or lie to loved ones don't accuse them of not knowing you as a person.
How can they when you can't be honest with them on a regular basis?

Never expect good advice from someone with a failed life.
  Let's face it, you are not going to get good advice from losers you find in the bar, or anywhere else.  I say bar because beer bars seems to be a gathering place for losers of various kinds.

If your friends choose to dress, look, act and talk controversial and they have problems with life, relationships and jobs in general don't imitate them and expect your life to be any better or different.

If you found your last four or five "significant others" in a bar and none of them worked out, stop looking in bars for a significant other.

If your last four of five significant others all look, dress and act like ex-cons and social deviants then don't pick the next one based on the same factors.

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and waddles like a duck it's most likely a duck.

If it looks like a punk, talks, acts, dresses, and behaves like a punk it's most likely a punk.
Punk is a word used to describe a looser/troublemaker.  Throughout history losers have done everything they can to change the meaning of words used to describe them.  Bad becomes good, etc.  He's a dog or she's a bitch are derogatory terms used to describe male and female losers.  Today "Hay what's up dog" is used as a term of affection by losers when greeting.  She may be "bitchie" or she may be "loose" having sex with anyone but either way a bitch is still a bitch and a dog is still a dog.  Don't forget the fleas.  The only real difference is the perspective/colored glasses through which losers view themselves.

You can wash a pig but turn your back for a moment and that pig will return to their wallow.  You can clean them up and dress them different but a looser will turn back to their ways.

You can give them good advice but a loser will do their best to make you sorry you did.

If you cast your pearls before swine they will trample the pearls then attack you for trying to help them.
  Evil spirits do their very best to protect their hosts and they never give up without a fight.  If they can leave a bad enough taste in your mouth maybe you will leave them alone with their meal.

Not all losers are junkies but all junkies are losers. 
People who are addicted to drugs / substances give their lives over to that master.  They are not people who are in control of their own lives.  They love to rationalize and make up reasons why they can't live without such things.

Sometimes good parents have bad kids. 
It's true, sometimes no mater how hard you try to guide your kid in the right direction and away from danger they will still choose losers for friends and become like them.  This is not to say you shouldn't try because I find that more often than not the periodical child will return to the ways they were taught, providing they survive their foolish years.

Bad company runes good morals. 
You've heard them say "I'm going to help that person."  And what usually happens?  They become like the person they intended to help.  Bad energy is more influential and determined to take new ground than good energy usually is.  If you lay with dogs you get up with fleas.  That means those you may be trying to help have problems and quite often their problems and faults become your problems and faults.  It's much more likely they will change you for the worse than for you to change them for the better.

You can't continually associate with losers and not except to pay a price for it.

If the way you think doesn't get you where you want to be then change the way you think.
If the way you do things doesn't get you where you want to be then change the way you do things.
If the job you have isn't getting you where you want to be then change your job/profession.
If you can't lead then get out of the way and follow.
If you can't follow then don't blame anyone but yourself.

Not all Muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims.

If you receive an E-mail that says something like...
"It is understandable that you might be a little bit apprehensive because you do not know me but.."
Be apprehensive because
IT IS A SCAMI mean how intelligent do you have to be to know this?
You want the scarry part?  If no one responded to those messages those idiots would stop sending them.  That means someone out there perhaps a lot of people are falling for these scams over and over!

If you don't like being treated like a sheep stop acting like one. 

Game Apps!

All those game and apps on Face Book and other websites of similar agenda are advertiser supported
They pay people to create stupid things to attract the more gullable users.  These things waste your time keeping you on line as long as they can so you can view the stupid ads as long as possible.  The apps will literally ruin your computer and hackers prowl the games looking to invade any computer they can get into.  And they can because people use those apps by choice.  They opened it, they clicked on it and they invited it into their computer.  I asked a computer professional the other day about Face Book and the apps.  He said "I wouldn't log onto one of those sites for anything.  You would not believe how many computers we've fixed after they've been hit by those things."

I've been on a few of them and I know he's telling the truth.  I have friends and relatives who's computers have been plagued with problems and some of them still haven't gotten their computers working again.  The more apps/games they play the more they complain about their computers not working right until all of a sudden they are not on line anymore.  The next message you usually get from them is their computer failed while on one of those games.

Some of the games like YoVille will put words into your avatar's mouth when you are not on line.  It can offend your on line friends.  The best thing that happened to me was to experience that first hand and I removed YoVille at that moment after having a friend's avatar tell me I was not a good friend and I had to leave.

One by one I have noticed my neighbors and friends leaving FarmVille and Farm Town.  When I asked them they say "I felt trapped, a slave to the thing.  I quit farming and now I feel free again."

I assure you there's bad energy connected to those things and it affects people more frequently than not in a bad way.  It's all a ploy to manipulate the on line public into giving up their time for the sake of advertisements to get your money.  I also know some of those advertisers are motivated by evil intentions and their products are not good things.  They are deceptive.  They bate the hook with something to get your attention like the word "FREE" but you click on the ad to find out they want all your personal information and you get to sign up with companies like Columbia CD/DVD club in order to get that camera or laptop.  Trust me you do not want the formerly known as Columbia Record Club to have your personal information.  Once you join you can't get loose from them until the contract is fulfilled and believe me when it is you will know it wasn't a good deal.

Another is for weight reduction
Americans are plagued with health problems many are created by bad habits that cause weight gain.  There's one out there and if you click on it you get to read around 8 pages of how this man and woman spent around $25.000 on gimmicks to loose weight only to realize they had failed, everything they bought was a gimmick to get their money and they fell for it.  Then they try to sell you a $99 book for $39.95 that guaranties it will work or your money back.  They show pictures of people they have helped!  They all do!  If you learned anything from reading their 8+ pages of how everything was a scam then you should realize the thing they learned was how to scam others to get their $25,000 back.  Then when you try to log off their page they have a pop under that comes up and lowers the price.  Log off that one to have another pop under give you the product for FREE!  Just pay shipping and handling. And you do that and they have your personal information and credit card number!  Close that window and another pop under opens and says "did I do something wrong?"  These people are scam artists so wise up and don't fall for it.  I assure you if these idiots are smart enough to figure out how to loose weight and get their health back so are you and you don't need their help.

Webmasters Pay Attention, you want to build your visitor list not drive people away.

I've seen it many times in the past and logged onto one today.  A person has a website that starts off playing head banger hate noise.   They call it music but 99% of the on line public are repulsed by it and at least 95% of the people who log on and hear that ear blasting noise will close that page and never return.

So I told the webmaster "Is there any way to turn off that noise on your website?"  And he answered "What noise?"

These people fall into a classification having a disorder being incapable of knowing the difference between noise and music.  The likelihood they will some day become capable of recognizing the difference is slim since they will most likely go deaf long before they could evolve to a higher state of being.

If your intentions is to drive people away from your website you will succeed.  It's a recipe for failure.  I know people who set out to fail before they ever get started and they have every excuse in the world for doing what they do.  The word used to describe them is "LOSERS!"

Handy Man!
(The Left Handed Skill Saw!)
He's 31 years old and has been involved in construction all his life.  He can't cut a straight line with a skill saw and makes the excuse of it being a "left handed saw" best advice is get another handy man.  I can say this because it happened to us.  The same man also says he doesn't want to truly succeed in life because anything he works hard for can be taken from him in a moment.  He is content to be what and who he is for the rest of his life.  My recommendations is avoid people like this at all cost.

I've been receiving all kinds of stuff from people who I look up to and respect but when I receive messages from preachers telling me how Christ must be left in Christmas and how it's not just another holiday I want to set the record straight.

1:  The Roman Emperor Constantine is the one who declared the Winter Solstice (pagan festival) to be Christmas.
2:  Jesus/Yahshwa was born in a manger in Bethlehem in the spring of the year at the very same time and place as the sacrificial sheep were being born.  Not in the Winter, but in the spring, most likely in late March.  This was done to fulfill the prophecy referring to the Christ as being the sacrifice for humanity.
3:  The angel appeared to the shepherds in the fields, not in the caves.  The sheep were not in the fields in the winter.  Only the sheep who were birthing were in the caves during that time of spring.
4:  And most important God said don't do the things the pagans do and here is what the Bible says about it.

Jer 10:3 For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe.
Jer 10:4 They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not.
Jer 10:5 They are upright as the palm tree, but speak not: they must needs be borne, because they cannot go. Be not afraid of them; for they cannot do evil, neither also is it in them to do good.
Jer 10:3 For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe.
Jer 10:4 They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not.
Jer 10:5 They are upright as the palm tree, but speak not: they must needs be borne, because they cannot go. Be not afraid of them; for they cannot do evil, neither also is it in them to do good.

Well Intending People With Ignoramus Brains!
The world is completely full of people who mean well and don't have their facts straight.  I don't care if the Winter Solstice is called Christmas.  If it helps keep people's mind on good thoughts, giving and sharing with others then I see no harm in it.  That makes it a good thing.  As the Bible says, even the pagans, they can do no harm, but likewise they can do no good.  But when people who believe in Christ work together good things can come out of it.  Not just on Christmas but any time of the year.

The conservatives pray to God and give thanks for the things they have.  The liberals thank the government for giving them other people's things.

It makes no difference what you say to many liberals, those who are well off simply say things like "I was in the military, the VA will take care of me for the rest of my life.  Screw the rest of you turds."  It must be nice to always have a come-back and not give a shit about anyone but yourself. 

It makes no difference who you vote for ultimately both Republicans and Democrats are backed by the same groups.  Ask yourself why is it no mater who is president the national debt keeps increasing.  Both sides promise us they are going to fix things, improve them and every time they've lied.  Every time it gets worse, and worse.  Each time they promise "less government" and each time they increase the size of government.

They promise "no new taxes" and each time they create new taxes and raise existing taxes in order to pay for their government expansion projects.

Hatred Causes Health Problems!  It can kill!
Years ago I had a friend who hated just about everything and every one and always had something bad to say about someone.  He would see some ah, overweight girls walking along and yell "Cows!"  Just so everyone knew what a nice person he was.  Driving was a non-stop barrage of flying insults for other drivers.  Finally one day my wife realized if I didn't get loose from this guy it would be the death of both of us so she put her foot down.  He hated me for years and I had nothing to do with any of that.  Then I ran into him the other day in a store and he was returning something, so was I.  Both of us somewhat put out for our inconvenience.  Thanks BEST BUY!  For selling almost as much foreign made crap as WalMart!  Anyway ;-) He started cursing about another mutual friend of ours and had not one good thing to say.  He went as far as to say he would liked to have killed that "friend's" mother years ago and stopped the stupidity.  Don't get me wrong, the things he mentioned are not things I would like either.  But PLEASE!  The point is when a person carries that much burning embers inside them it can't be good for them.  High blood pressure, heart attack, stroke!  You name it but they just don't truly appreciate life or know how to enjoy it, even when some things and a some people suck.  Has he changed?  He quit drinking, but he's not in control of his life, his anger is.  Don't be like this people.  Find a way to enjoy life, even if it's just one moment at a time.