Years ago when I first became aware of the fact that ghosts and spirits existed I was fascinated.  I continued to investigate and discovered many things concerning the paranormal.  One of the things I discovered is there are spirits out there who want nothing more than to make contact and let people know they are there.  Another thing I discovered is there are other entities out there who do not want people to know the truth about the paranormal.

The more research I did the more I learned that not all hauntings and paranormal disturbances are caused by spirits of the dead trapped on the earth plain.  There are entities out there who were never human who haunt the physical world.  These entities have their own agenda.  Their main strength is the fact that people are not aware of them.  They have secrets they do not want us to become aware of.

People express the thoughts feelings and emotions of these entities.  These entities send out spiritual information to people to test them to see if they will accept their "ideas."   This is what Jesus was talking about when He said to test all the spirits to see if they tell the truth.  Why?  Because some of them don't tell the truth or they tell twisted truths.

If you want to know what's wrong with the world today you need to gain a better understanding of spirits.  Likewise the more you know about people the more you can see how the people express the feelings thoughts and desires of the spirits they accept within them.  You want to know what's wrong with the Islamic religion?  You need to understand the demon that spawned that religion.  You want to understand what's wrong with homosexuals?  You need a closer look at the spirits who infect them.  Read these books and see what goes on that you may not even be aware of.

I've been allowed to walk among the spirits by the grace of God and God has allowed me to see, experience and learn many things about spiritual things.  This is why this website exists.  I returned from the dead the second time for the purpose of telling people what I saw on the other side.  The most important thing God showed me is that Jesus Christ is exactly who He said that He was.  I saw him at the Great City of Truth and Light and he was wearing a golden crown with twelve points upon that crown.  With him was The Great Old one also known as the Ancient of Days.  The angels returned me to my body.

The devil is an opportunist, he uses anyone he can influence for his own agenda.  To accomplish this he uses spirits that he places within people to influence them toward his agenda.  If people knew what was really going on, if they knew the truth how they were being manipulated what do you think they would do?  What would you do?  You see his main power is the fact that people don't know what the devil does or how he does it.  One of the biggest things the devil has accomplished is to convince the world that he does not exist.

I am all for the people of Iraq and their effort to attain freedom and democracy. I can tell you now that as long as Iraq is surrounded by Islamic radical nations they will never see the end of the attacks upon Iraq and their people.  The devil recognizes that when people have a choice they are a threat to him and his agenda.  His feelings will be expressed by those who he controls.

America, Balance of Power
God established America as a balance of power nation.  I'm not just saying this, there was a prophet who wrote about this many years ago.  He said God would establish a new country who would balance the power of good and evil in the world.  It's historical fact, in the past God just smote the earth and places where evil people lived and wiped out the evil people.  Finally He decided to establish a nation that would preserve life on earth and America is that nation.  The evil nations and evil people of the world have been complaining every since.  They don't realize that if it were not for America God would have smacked them Himself long ago.

God established America based on freedom, democracy and Christianity
.  If it were not for American military might we would all be speaking either German or Japanese today.  America wouldn't be a free nation it would be ruled by a dictatorship.  How many other nations would have fallen into the hands of terrorists dictators because of it?  Think about it.  You and your family might not even exist today if it were not for our God Jesus Christ and what He stands for combined with America's military might.

You might think I'm crazy for saying these things but not until the American colonies stood up against Great Britain did Great Britain turn around and get some morals of their own.  It hasn't been all that long ago when they would cut off their own king's and queen's heads over something as simple as ego motivated argument.  What motivated the colonists?  Freedom of religion and freedom from illegal taxation.  Taxation without representation.  Check the facts, check history and you will find the truth.

At this time there is a secret movement to dethrone / destroy America.  This "thing" exists world wide but has people in high places who make decisions, controll the stock market and start wars.  Want more info? Watch Zietguist.
Many people blame Christianity and the Jews for the murder of Muslims.  The truth is they don't know the truth.  The Islamic religion commands it's followers to kill anyone who does not submit to it and their god/demon.  These early Islamic radicals were practicing their religion by killing innocent people of other religions.  The Crusades was the Christian's answer to Islam.  If not for them you and I might not exist today.

This war has been on going even before the origin of the Islamic religion.  The devil using his demons and influence in the physical world was looking for someone who he could use in his favor.  He found Mohammed and as such used him to create an "anti-Christ" "anti-Yahweh" religion.

If the sons of Israel dug a well and the sons of Ishmael came along and couldn't steal the land they would fill the well up with rocks and dirt just to be certain the sons of Israel couldn't use that well.  Likewise if it does not support their agenda they bury the truth where ever they find it.
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News 10-20-2008
        I've had people write expecting an answer they never received.  If I get the message I do my best to answer every legitimate question.  Sometimes the person's parent or spouse will intercept my response and delete it.  Sometimes they even answer for them and tell me to stop sending them messages!  As if I started the conversation.  Some of these highly religious people think I'm the devil and they are the ones doing God's work by protecting their family members from the truth.
Since this has happened again I thought I should explain that I do my best to get the message to people who contact me but I have no control over what happens after the message leaves my computer.  If you think one of your messages was deleted by someone in your house you should write again perhaps from another address and ask me.  If I responded I will most likely still have the message in my out-box.
        I run a dozen domain sites along with my other businesses so I stay very busy.  Sometimes sites do not get updated or edited as need be.  I'm working on it.  God bless.
How do ministries spend your money.
Have you had enough of politicians spending your money on their own pet projects?
News 12-8-2010
        Years ago we moved into this very haunted house where no one else could live.  God revealed to us there was a portal to the underworld here and the things haunting the house were not formerly living, or ghosts as we call them.  I began preparing to close the portal and one night I heard someone in the house.  I went OBE, got out of my body to find a demon in human form standing in the hallway.  The demon's name is Nata and he threatened to kill me my wife and our two daughters if I closed the portal.  Knowing demons have no more authority over us than what we give them I grabbed him by the neck and we fought.  Needless to say I was going to close that portal.

        A week later another entity showed up who I presume was some image of the fallen angel Lucifer.  It was half human and half animal.  It jerked me out of my body slammed me into the ceiling and made all the same threats Nata did.  I bound him in the name of Christ, reminded him he had no authority over me and cast him out of the house by  the power of my word.

Two Sides to The Story
I was having a conversation with a lady who once owned a bar.  I remembered those days and how a handful of lesbians moved in and drove all the "straights" away.  We say "straights" these days as if it were a bad thing.

When I said something about how they did that the woman spoke in their defense saying that if it had not been for the lesbians they would have gone out of business long before.  What she failed to realize is it was the lesbians who drove all of her other customers away in the first place.

Either way they couldn't tell the lesbians they were not welcome there, because the law protects them and encourages them to flaunt their mental illness and perversions in public places.

If you think there isn't a war on for America you should take a closer look.  Homosexuals move into areas and take over driving the "straights" away when ever they can.

Homosexuality is a mental and spiritual illness, it always has been.  You may not like it but calling it by some other name doesn't change the truth.
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Bryon Smith speaking at the Universal Passing Over event in Las Vegas, NV.
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News 4-06-2018

I've been in a life and death fight against cancer and for the past 3 years I've not done anything on this website.  After 16 rounds of high dose chemo and having a piece of my left lung removed I told the Dr I would rather die.  My wife found a Dr. of Oriental medicine who knows how to cure cancer without  those harmful things.  I began taking treatments from him, the cancer is gone and I got my life back.  I'm trying to give this site some edit and a nice face lift but it's a huge task.  I will do what I can as I can.

   We are all still alive but the devil and his demons never stop attacking people we have reason to do business with on account of us.  Those people have no protection from them and usually have no idea what's happening or why.  The list of attacks is impressive and some of the things they've done said to have been impossible.  When I wrote my novels and included true things about dealing with demons they responded by having my novel "The Underworld" printed with a lesbian porn novel inside!  Lightning Press said it's impossible and couldn't find any reason for what had happened.  All my books were halted next and when the CEO of Barns & Noble set a team to find out they discovered a lowly shipping computer was holding all my books and resetting the prices at midnight every night to more than double the price.  It can't happen, it's impossible but it did just the same.

  Demons use shadow entities that manipulate not only people in our world but computers and just about anything else they can access.  Those were the things that were haunting our house and that's how I know what they are, what they do and where they come from.

  When I set up the Spiritual Things website more crap began happening.  Our servers would close down without explanation.  I would ask and they would say "I can't see anything wrong with it."  Turn it back on and a few days later they are off line again.  One thing after another went wrong until I moved my sites to a new service with a different company.  Things went well for a long time then the same things began happening again and lately it's insane.  The last time it was hit by a malicious hacker site called "enemy" for 48 hours.  They crashed the server multiple times before they took my websites off line.  I began moving things, most important websites first to a new server with another company.  If I don't have all my websites on the same server perhaps they can't take them all down at the same time.  The only reason this website is working is because it's not on the same server anymore.  The main domain is still screwed up.  They've turned it on for me to work on it 3 or 4 times and it worked yesterday morning but won't work today.

  Certainly there's an important lesson in all this.  My good friend Billy Dale has a song and in the lyrics he sings "Why is it that ol Devil won't leave God's children be?"  The more a person knows about what the devil and the demons do the more trouble they will make for that person.  No one sets out on the path to the truth without facing the adversary.  Next time some "prophet of God" shows up at your door with a huge smile on his face full of the joy of the Lord be warned, they are probably a phoney.  Prophets of God were frequently tortured and killed in the Bible.  Jesus said "Take up your cross and follow me."  If it were easy everyone would be doing it.  It takes a serious commitment to stay on the path toward the truth.  It's even more difficult when you share your findings with others.  This is the sacrifice we make to be in service of the Living Word.

  Sorry for the sites being down now and then I do the best I can to keep them online.  Say a prayer for me because there is power in prayer and that's what it takes to stand the forces of evil when they come.  God bless.