Human Nature
I met a girl who is from Alaska and she told me stories of her online friends and people she met down here who had no idea what life was like up there.  She told them once she lived in a heated igloo and had a pet baby polar bear who would go out and catch food for her.  She said, "You believe that right?"  And I said, "Nope."  She said, "Good, because everyone else believed it."

Let's face it, ice melts when it's above freezing, polar bears make lousy pets and would rather eat a person than catch food for them.  She knew that but was amazed how gullible the south-landers were.

My point of course is that humans are a very gullible species prone to believe and follow almost anything.  You add the word "God" in there and you are primed for a holy war.  Just adding the word God justifies all kinds of atrocities and creates taboos.  It's a known fact that sociopaths create religions faster than anyone else and you can be sure there's no God left to save them, but people will follow to their death and you must ask the question, why?

If there is a Creator God then God must be fully aware of the flaws in human nature.  He must also have some ideas how to correct at least some of those flaws.  Humans refer to a person's nature in several terms but one that we use is morals.  People need good morals and to do that they need to be raised by family with certain rules.  If the family is good and follows high standards the children will likely grow up to have higher standards and good morals.  If they grow up having poor morals then we might blame their family, society or lack there-of.

What's the big deal with religion anyway?  Every religion has a political agenda but the base purpose is to establish rules and morals among a society.  They teach the young and old alike.  They all have their own traits and nature.  Some are successful and some are not.  How can we tell?  Simple, we see the fruits they bare.  If we see a religion that continually breeds violence then we know their religion is of low standards.  When we see a government that fails continually we can conclude they have low moral standards.  When we see governments and entire societies that fail continually who are violent and destructive we can conclude logically the religion and morals of that religion are seriously flawed.

At the heart of most religions we find there is the concept of a greater being sometimes referred to as God.  After close examination of each religion we find a mix of things both good bad and somewhere in between.  Mostly we find attributes assigned to a specific "god" by humans who choose to worship that ideology.  In all of these cases we discover the followers seek after evidence to support what they have chosen to believe in then assign all things that do not correspond with their desires as being evil.

Looking at historical records we see those having the most influential "god" of a given country can simply say "God decrees the infidels must die" and the followers of that religion set out to put the infidels to death without any evidence that a real "Creator God" has given any such order.

The power only exists in the minds and beliefs of the humans who choose to follow any given ideology.  The over-all nature and "fruits" of any given society are a direct reflection of the people of that society.  Truly if there is an all knowing creator God looking down upon the people of the Earth he must be seriously disappointed.

Why do people insist there must be a God out there looking after humanity, rewarding the good and punishing the wicked?  Who decides who is wicked and who is good?  People say they seek truth but what they "truly" seek is evidence to support what they have chosen to believe in.  Very few people seek the real truth about any given thing and the more sensitive and controversial the subject the greater the division among the seekers.  In the beginning we find a great number gathered but in the end we find only a few.  As it was written in several ways, many are called but few are chosen.  Narrow is the path to truth and few ever find it.  Despite logic against the odds the majority of those who accept something less than the truth still believe they are among the few.  Everyone wants to believe they are saved whether they are or not.  Exactly what "salvation" represents varies depending on the individual.

Historically Speaking
If you stop to think about it religion seems to have been around longer than God.  Everywhere we look there's someone professing their claim to be the only ones on the planet with the "One True God."

Many hundreds of thousands of people have died in the name of their gods and we must ask, what in the world is it good for?  How in the world could the God(s) of creation find purpose in humans murdering each other in their name?  Are these gods sociopaths?  Are they bored?  Are we screwed or what?

Then there's the other side of the coin where some people still believe in many gods, which is the pagan way.  Since these pagan beliefs have been around far longer than the bible perhaps they know something the rest don't.  Or maybe they experienced something the rest of us have not.  Either way it's worth looking into.  Who knows, we may find clues there that help connect some of the dots.  You know the dots, the ones were you draw a line to make a picture of something hidden.

Teacher Angel In A Night Vision
A few years back I had a series of prophetic night visions about the space shuttle Challenger exploding in the air.  In some of those I actually saw it explode but in some I saw the aftermath.  I saw two angels with flaming wings and they took me from what looked like a funeral to the launch pad in Florida.  I saw a woman wearing a black dress holding a bible.  I heard a voice that said, "Look to the past for answers to the future."

There are vague clues in ancient written records along with clues discovered by archeologists from ancient civilizations that predate the bible by 1000's of years.  Some of these written on stone and clay tablets speaks of gods who came from the heavens.  The ancient Sumarians wrote of a people who came from the stars they called the Anunnaki.  The name meaning "
those who from the heavens came."  These records date older than 5000 years, more than 3000 years older than original bible texts.

I could quote scriptures giving text references but I'm going to assume you have a bible and have read it and will have some idea what I'm referring to. 
Otherwise there's a link at the top that takes you to an online bible you may use for references.  Since I also speak of things that aren't mentioned in the bible you may desire to refer to other texts that may be searched for online or in other reference - books such as the Books of Enoch and The Lost Books of the Bible. I highly recommend that you test what you read in order to learn the truth.  Keeping an open mind is good but not so open your brains fall out. ;-)  A closed mind can't accept truth because the soul is bound by something.  So I'm going to tell the story and anytime you want go search for references to the things I speak about.  Now and then I may give the references so you can find it easy but doing the leg work is also valuable. Anyone who's not willing to do the research doesn't really want the answers.
When we look at the religions that worship a single deity we have two that have branched off the Jewish beliefs in Yahweh.  The Jews follow the laws given to Moses by God on Mt. Sinai.  They follow the teachings of the Torah.  Remember that Abraham lived years before Moses and he also had texts that he read about his God Yahweh.

The Muslims hold many of the same locations mentioned in the Torah as sacred but add a few of their own making claims not found in the Torah and adding certain physical items as being sacred as well.

Many texts found in the Koran are literally rewritten from the Torah including the 10 Commandments given to Moses by God on Mount Sinai.  In the modern world this would be called plagiarizing and there are laws against it.  Back then there were no laws governing such things so it was easy to get away with just about anything in that respect despite the fact some lost their heads over it.  The war has been raging since then as to who has the right to be the "
chosen people of the One True God."

When you study both of these religions it is clear there's a war going on between these people and has been since Abraham's wife Sarah got into it with her handmaiden (maid) Hagar (the Egyptian) and had her husband exile the maid and her son Ishmael to protect the birthright of her own son Isaac.  It was no secret Hagar flaunted the fact she had Abraham's first son and the first son was entitled to the birthright.  Abraham was rich among the people of the land, a dealer in livestock mostly sheep.

Abraham was not married to Hagar but was to Sarah.  Yet it was Sarah's idea for Abraham to have a child with Hagar since Sarah literally owned her, and had not a child of her own.  When Sarah became with child the trouble began.  Jealousy and hatred rose up between them and something had to give.  Against his wishes Abraham exiled Hagar and his first son Ishmael.  Hagar was incensed, and her hate toward her former master carried to her son Ishmael and this began the great war between the Muslims who lay claim to the birth rights of the first born son according to the law and the second son who was promised by God born free and not under the law.  So Ishmael represents Islam and Islam represents people bound by the law and being bound by the law they are in bondage to that law.  These people are lost and without hope, they have no Messiah.  Their demons frequently rage within them spilling their anger at God into the world causing much bloodshed.  They exist to be the feeding grounds for demons.  By their fruits they are known.

Since we look at it like this we must understand that emotions play a HUGE part in religious inclinations and may have little to do with God.  How easy or likely would it be for someone who hates someone else to say "God said" and "holy war" to deal with something either side hates?  It's not only possible it's likely human emotions that drives these wars.  -->"
My God said kill the infidels!"<-- who are they?  Anyone who disagrees with them.  You get the idea.  If God's in there how do we find Him?

Anyway who wants to be part of that kind of thinking is certainly human and not likely one of Creator God's favorites. I mean Yahweh God wouldn't allow David to build the temple just because he had blood on his hands.  He had killed many people in battle to defend his people and his city.  It was Solomon who was to build the temple for their God because he was a king of peace.

Muslim / Islam radicals believe the best way to get to heaven is by murdering innocent people and breaking the 6th commandment of God given to Moses on the mountain!  And they tell me Islam and Judah have the same God because the bases of their religious texts come from the same place.  Something doesn't add up.  Not only that they get 70 virgins when they get to heaven!  Yet in heaven they are to be like the angels not given in marriage to another.  What do they want with virgins in heaven?  And the women of their religion are completely left out, they don't count at all.  Ok, there's a lot wrong with that thinking.  If God wouldn't allow King David to build the temple because he had shed blood then the shedding of blood isn't something God approves of.  So why would anyone say otherwise?  Unless they had some other agenda that didn't come from God.

Now that we know the first two mentioned based on this religious concept hate each other and have their own reasons for changing things to suit themselves to get their God on their side for physical reasons let's move on to the next group that came out of the Jewish beliefs.

In the ancient Jewish texts it is prophesied there would come a messiah who would be the Creator / God incarnate.  We are given a description of how this messiah will come, what he will be like, and how he will die.  According to the Jews he never came, they are still waiting for him!  According to Islam he never came and they don't really expect him to.  As far as they are concerned Mohammed was the last prophet of God and that's the only thing that's important to them.

In the prophecy it says the Messiah will be like Moses in many ways.  It says he will come from among the bretheren.  That means he will be a blood relative of those who were being spoken to.  The people being spoken to were Jews.  The word Jew translated means "Chosen people of God."

He will come to set his people free.  He will be educated and highly intelligent.  He will be wise.  He will work miracles.  He will be accused of blasphemy and crucified as a sinner for all to see.  These things and more are listed in the Jewish texts and Old Testament.  Another important thing was that he will come to his own people and they will not recognize or accept him.  There's only one person who fits that description exactly and is the one the Romans called Jesus.

Islam says Mohammed is who the prophecy refers to but he was uneducated, worked no miracles, was not crucified on the cross as a sinner and that's just for starters.  Even Islam says he was the last prophet and not the Messiah so let's not look there for the answer.  Mohammed was nothing like Moses or the Messiah. 
According to some text that was found said to have been written by Mohammed's youngest wife  quite a few of the things Mohammed was said to have done and places he was said to have gone to for historical events never happened.  According to her he was a pathological liar.  I can't verify any of those texts but they do exist and you are welcome to search them out and decide for yourself.

Some claim Jesus didn't exist but there are many references from the area of Jerusalem and Rome that speak of him.  Some say Moses didn't exist either but was a mythological character like the Greek Gods of Olympus.  There are many references in multiple lands that indicate that Moses did exist and some of them in great detail.  Some of these texts were carved in stone along with references to Akmosus who was brother of Moses who was the pharaoh of Egypt when Moses came to set the Israelites free.  We are going to agree that both Moses and Jesus existed and made a substantial impact upon the world.  We can discuss the god's of Olympus on another page. ;-)  Who knows, maybe they did exist.

Historical Evidence
Following the history of these people from 1000's of years ago isn't a simple task.  There are scholars and others who say it's too difficult to track them all down so it's easier to believe they didn't exist than to find the evidence they did.  We know from historical evidence that Pharaoh created a stone marker that was set upon the location where Moses crossed the Reed Sea (yes Reed Sea not Red Sea) where Moses destroyed pharaohs's army.  This stone resides in the basement of a museum in Cairo Egypt and is not available to the public.  I did hear that a replica of the stone is in the museum.

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