In that day there will be those who choose to be blind and will choose to believe lies.  They will not test the spirits to see what is true.  Elohim will send a powerful delusion upon them so they will not turn to God for Him to save them.  These are cursed people who can't be helped or saved.  Don't even try because it will get you bashed.  Don't get between God and someone who has been cursed by God.

Do not put your peals (of wisdom and truth) before the swine for they will trample the pearls then turn and attack you.

Some people are without hope.  Some people are hopeless and can't be helped.

The bible clearly indicates that God would not wish anyone to perish.  It also says that many are literally born to burn and can't be saved.

For years I knew that concept from the Bible but really didn't understand it fully thinking everyone had a choice at least and that no child could be born who didn't at some point have a chance for redemption.

Those who believe in reincarnation say no one will actually perish because we all get recycled until we learn what God wants us to know and become what Creator God wants us to become.  Of course the bible doesn't teach that but I've learned a few things over the years that the bible doesn't mention everything or describe every instance of every scenario in all of creation.

One example is the fact often they would mention the father but not the mother in bible genealogy and the reason is because the women were not considered all that important.  A thing that isn't important won't be mentioned, though we know the women of the bible certainly did exist.

We are lead to believe Adam and Eve were the very first humans that God ever Created but when they were cast out they lived by themselves on a mountain.  They were the only people at that moment in time who was of any concern to God and that's why everything focused upon them.

When Cain murdered his brother Able over jealousy that God had selected his offering over Cain's, Cain was marked by God so that no one else would kill him and then sent into the land wandering, AKA The land of Nod.  So many today still think Nod was the name of some land or country but it isn't.

You ask "who's going to kill him" and "who did he marry" because we know Cain had children right?

So the children of Seth who replaced Able were living on the mountain and told not to associate with the people of the valley because the people of the valley were unclean.  They danced, they played music they sang songs and they were considered immoral by God, unclean, there was no saving them.  They were so unimportant they were hardly even mentioned but they did in fact exist from a previous time when Lucifer ruled and was in charge of Eden (God's design project for all living things.)

The truth is those people who lived in the valley were lost and as far as God and his people were concerned they were not worth mentioning.

God forced me to realize the fact that Lucifer created the entity known as the Serpent in the Garden of Eden.  Lucifer was in charge of that laboratory.  That was his assigned job.  He created the Serpent being after the nature of Lucifer (the devil was in him) and he seduced Eve to take of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  The Serpent was in fact a living mortal entity that was created by Lucifer just like everything else he made previous to that time.

Cain was the direct product of Eve being seduced by that entity and Cain was after the nature of the Serpent and of course its creator Lucifer
.  To make a very long story much shorter Cain was a sociopath.  He was self serving, prone to fits of violent rage, had an ego the size of Eden itself and a very deceptive nature.  Lucifer was a sociopath, the Serpent was a sociopath and Cain was a sociopath.  There is no help or hope for Lucifer, the Serpent, or any of the fallen angels.

Lucifer was created for the very purpose of a special creation project.  He was made highly intelligent and this is reflected in some of the descriptions about him.  "He was the brightest star in the heavens."  He was the star that was so bright it could be seen in daylight.  This is to reflect that he was that smart, that intelligent and all the plans for the living things he was to create were placed into him by his Creator.  He held the blueprints to creation in our solar system within him.

When he found out what God wanted the humans for, to command angels he became furious and rebelled against Creator God who had created him and given him all these plans.  He set out to derail God's plans to fix humans so they would never be accepted by God for the purpose they had been intended.  He began creating abominations.  He created things that were not according to God's plans.  He created things and humans like the Serpent.  Some of them looked human enough but had things flawed within them.  The one thing we are given so we can know what Lucifer was creating is the Serpent that lived in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Lucifer was far smarter than mere humans and people have been trying to figure this out for years, but here it is, the simple but long overlooked facts of who and what they were.

In very simple terms sociopaths can't be saved.  Do you know why?  Because everything that Creator God values can't exist within them.  Love, compassion, empathy, humility, serving others are non existent in a sociopath.

Everything God hates is in them.  Hate, lust, self serving, egotistical, deceptive lying natures, and the love to hurt and kill other living things.  The list of course is longer but you get the idea.  Pathological liars are not the kind of people God wants and Lucifer knew it better than anyone.

Human's Without Hope
During my life its been my job to help people find the light / truth along their way but now and then I find people who literally can't be helped.  I teach them the things they need to know to the best of my own flawed abilities and understanding and I must say most of those who come to me for help find what they need to get on with their lives and help others along the way.  Now and then though I encounter someone who I spend an enormous amount of time trying to help that ends up being for nothing.

Some of these message me about to take their own lives and I talk them out of it.  Then I spend years trying to answer their questions to set them on the path to enlightenment.  What happens is they keep wandering off the path because they do not understand that following their own thinking will not work.

All of these types of people are seeking some sign, some recognition from God.  They want to "feel" something special to show them God is there.  They feel alone, abandoned, and they seek some kind of drug like effect from God to let him know that He is real and that He has recognized them.

There are some who do this same thing who are spirit addicts and not sociopaths but even a spirit addict can be saved but a sociopath can not be.

Demons can recognize the nature of individual humans.  They know who was designed for them to live in comfortably without fear of being kicked out.  They can recognize a sociopath and if that human has no other entity living in them that sub-demon will move right in and make themselves at home.

So we work for sometime casting a demon out of someone and think "the jobs' done" we are good to go.  Only to find not long after they are having the same problems again, the demon has returned.  Why?  Because they called it back.  They think it's the Holy Spirit, and it speaks to them so they are convinced it's the Holy Spirit when it's not, it's the instead of Christ spirit AKA a kind of anti-Christ spirit.

This type of spirit is also known as a religious spirit, or spirit of religion.  This same kind of spirit is what the Pharisees were possessed by and the reason why Jesus really didn't like them.  He said "leave them alone" and used them as the perfect example of a bad example.  He said "Do not be like the Pharisees who stand upon the street corners reciting long prayers dressed in long robes or sack-cloth" to show how Godly and holy they were.

Many parish because of the religious spirts that infect them and they think it's the Holy Spirit but it's not. It is more kin to the Serpent who convinced Eve that she would become like God if she ate of that fruit.  Once infected by one of these spirits even Jesus himself would not try to help them.   In the end it was people possessed by these sub-demons who had him nailed to the Cross out of jealous, and anger that became a raging inferno inside them.

There are people who escalate the things I've mentioned above that are easy to recognize because they will take on a title that indicates openly they have strong religious inclinationsAnytime someone puts on the mantel of a title or name they are under the influence of a religious spirit.  Islamic do it all the time not realizing they are possessed by a demon.  Christians and others will do the same thing taking on names from the bible that were not their given names.  Names like Enoch, and Elijah are common among Christians.  When you see people bearing titles like these avoid them at all cost because God did not send them, they came on their own accord.  I know one man who literally calls himself "The God Man" to indicate his power.  He's nothing more than one very deceived soul who is bound for a flaming pit in the underworld.  They are those who will weep and scream for the mountains to hide them on judgment day because only then will they realize they had been warned but didn't listen to the truth when it was given to them.

When these are also sociopaths there's no help or hope for them and there never was

Some Are Their Own Worst Enemy and Call foul entities to them over and over again.

One young woman would write how she didn't feel God's presence or love and she would obsess upon it and nearly drive me nuts trying to explain things to her so she could understand.  Then she would write she's being raped by a demon at night.  Then out of the blue she writes to tell me how she's getting divorced and how she's not speaking with any member of her family because they are evil.  Then she writes to tell me how she's basking in the loving energy of the Holy Spirit that she now calls by another name.

We went from being alone unable to feel God's presence to basking in the loving energy of God after driving away everyone who loved her all in the name of God.

For all of her ups and downs I told my wife "She's wearing me out.  She's like a wild animal running head first as hard as she can at a barbed wire fence!"
I told her that spirit that is on her is like the Serpent
, it lies to her and that's not the Holy Spirit or God in any form.  She wants to argue telling me I'm talking bad about the Holy Spirit and she tries to straighten me out.  She wants me to reassure her that thing is the Holy Spirit but I can't do that because that's not what it is.  So you get rid of it, she calls it back agian because she feels the need to feel something spiritual.  She doesn't have a clue she's the one calling the thing back over and over again.

You look at the fruits these people produce
and you can see that offending and driving everyone away is not something the Holy Spirit would want them to do.  A divorce?  Really?  I thought she was happy with her husband and new baby.  Now this baby will grow up and not have a daddy.  Sure it happens sometimes to the best of people but in this case it's not God doing the harm, all she needs to do is look in the mirror to see who's causing all her troubles.  She let the demon in and she kept calling it back after great effort was put into driving it away over and over again.

She like others of her kind are self absorbed
.  Everything is about them, everything is about how they feel about something.  You hardly ever hear them working to help someone else.  These are self serving self absorbed people who really don't care about others which is why it makes it so easy to push everyone else away.  You've heard the saying "drama queen?"  Yes it's like that.

There's nothing worse than knowing I've failed someone who asked for my help.  The only thing that might come near is realizing I spent years of my life working to help someone who couldn't be helped.  Time I could have spent helping someone who wanted my help who would follow instructions and stick to the program.

Penn State Paranormal
was called to a possession case in Quincy, IL.  They had a priest cast a demon out of a young lady.  Time passed they thought all was well and they went to another case.  While on that case they received notice the demon was back.  They went and cast it out again.  They returned to work and awhile later they got another notice the demon was back and worse than ever.  They finally had to admit defeat and move on because that woman was calling the demon back of her own choice.  She loved the feeling it gave her. She loved the attention it got her.  She was on a drug of sorts and she was not going to give it up.

Jesus said if you cast a demon out you must fill that house with another spirit, a good one that can defend the home
/ host / person.  If a spirit that has been cast out returns to find that home empty it will go out and bring back worse spirits than itself in order to defend that host / house / home.  The Holy Spirit of Christ is the signature of the Creator in spirit format. It is the only spirit recognized by the Father as being of the Creator (Son) and the only one that can prevent bad spirits from returning.  All authority in Heaven and on Earth was given to the Creator and passed along to us by the only begotten Son of God, who was Jesus who is the Christ and the Messiah.

So when she said she couldn't feel God's presence with her she was right, God wasn't with her, He can't help her.  She wanted to feel something so she called that demon back to her so she could feel something.  Jesus spoke of the Pharisees saying "You don't put new wine into old wine skins."  At some point a bad spirit can be inside someone so long there's no way to help them.  Jesus himself cast out all kinds of foul spirits but not once did he try to cast out an evil spirit from a religious leader.  That kind of spirit was something that Jesus himself would not try to help someone with.

These types of entities will drive away everyone in a person's life that seems to be a threat to them
.  They will sometimes attract others who aren't a threat to them.  They will lie and make excuses to the host convincing them it's all God's will, when it's not what God wants at all.  They will rationalize out literally everything to convince themselves the are on the right path.  In the end they will be like the girl of religion I spoke of in my personal experiences pages and end up in a flaming pit with others of their kind who were deceived and owned by sub-demons without their knowledge.

Exorcisms and house cleanings fail
when there's someone in that home that's calling the evil back to them.  Or something in the home that has an evil spirit attached to it.  In these cases I say find what ever it is and get rid of it.  In the worst cases I tell them they need to find another place to live.  You can't live upon a cemetery and expect not to have problems.  You can't live on a portal to the underworld and expect not to have problems.  You can however close some portals depending on how they were created.  I know because I've done it.

I hate to tell someone that I can't help them.  I hate to admit to them I've failed because I really hate to fail someone who needs my help.  I hate it but the fact is now and then it happens.  Now and then the person asking for help is also a sociopath and they are so deceptive in nature and so twisted mentally and spiritually there's no point trying to help them.  The trick is knowing who's a sociopath from the very start isn't easy and sometimes takes years to figure out who's who and who's what.  It's like an insidious plan of the devil to make me waste my time with them rather than trying to help someone who asked for help who really can be helped.

Spirit Guides -  Spirit Leads Us
God built a way for the indwelling Holy Spirit to let me know when I've done good or when I've done poorly.  I have dreams that show me the way.  Sometimes those dreams have spirit guides in them that lead me to know what is good and what is bad.  The case with this young woman is a good example.  This is the dream I had that night after telling her I could not help her.

Spirit School Dream
I was at a school that might have been a collage.  It was quite large and had many people milling about.  I went through the building, inside and out and wandered around and noticed there was one beautiful young woman there who certain others followed around to see what she was going to do next.  She was quite popular among those who followed her.

I saw her several times before we came face to face in a hallway and smiled at me.  I saw the others stop watching to see what she would do.  She walked up to me very near smiling she whispered and said "Follow me, I will show you secrets about this school."

She walked a few steps toward a wall stepped upon the floor in the corner and to my surprise a door opened under her feet.  She dropped down into a hole and moved into an underground tunnel.  I followed her down into the hole but not into the tunnel.  I watched and she came to a corner and looking into another tunnel she said "I'm not going in there today."  She came back out climbed out of the hole then helped me get out.

We went outside and I saw people seated on a bench beside a sidewalk near a road.  I saw the tail of a big red squirrel on a shelf beside the bench.  I said "big red squirrel."  She smiled nodding said "Come."  I followed her to the walk then over to the bench and we looked to see the squirrel laying on it's back.  "That's the young woman."  As we watched a great big house cat came up and began licking the squirrel.  "That's her demon consoling her."

I woke up and said "I'll be dang."  More secrets in that school, many more.  She was saying dumping that young woman was the best thing I could have done since there was no way to help her. At least I couldn't help her.  There is a chance she's a sociopath, but certainly she is caught in a demon's snare that I am unable to prevent her from jumping into time and time again.  She has something like a multiple personality disorder to or maybe a mood swing disorder.  I feel she should be in a doctor's care and on medication of some kind.