Sometimes things happen and you are you going to call?

Over the years I thought the directions on my old house cleaning page were enough and for most it is.  The prayers for angels and protection are simple basic direct and to the point.  The reason is because these are energy angels and they don't actually think for themselves.  If you give them confusing long wordy directions you are wasting your time and theirs.  The good news though time to them isn't like time to us.  An energy angel can stand guard on a location for a 1000 years and to them it's like a day to us.

People still ask me for a word for word example of the prayers to use and step by step instructions so that's what this page is for.

1)  Gather the items you will use to protect your home.  Olive oil works fine but if you have Frankincense then you have an extra advantage.  You can even mix the Frankincense  into the oilve oil if you want it to go further.

I used 3 white candles to represent the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit.

2:  You begin by blessing your items with a simple prayer.

"Dear Father in Heaven please bless these items (candle and oil(s)) for the purpose of protecting this home."
(You can substitute words for the location when needed.  The word home can become "protect this bedroom" etc.  Or "this car" or this "motorcycle" etc.

3)  Once the items are blessed set the three candles in a triangle one candle away from you and two near you.  This becomes the base of the triangle.  Set your oil in the center and light the candles.

4)  Say a simple prayer as follows.  "Dear Father please send me two angels for the purpose of protecting my home.  Please send a warning angel to warn when evil spirits come near.  Please send a guardian angel to warn away or fight off any and all evil entities that approach or try to enter my home."

5)  Take the oil and begin at the back of the home working your way out as if you were painting taking care not to paint yourself into a room or corner.  The reason is you do not want to trap any evil spirits inside as you do this. 

As you do a room you will command the angels saying "Warning angel if an evil spirit comes near this room sound a warning to the guardian angel.  Guardian angel when the warning angel sounds the warning you locate and remove that evil spirit from this room." 
Some like to make a little cross and some just touch a finger with oil on it in a place where it won't be noticed.  It doesn't take much.  Some will take something like a cotton swab or toothpick and make the mark tiny so it can't be seen and this will work.  When possible I like to use my finger because then the oil goes direct from me to the location on the item I'm marking.

As each room is finished put a spot of oil on both sides and above the door sealing that room.  Some even put a spot on the floor just to be sure they have done a good job.  Better safe than sorry.  Closing or sealing prayer on each room "Father set your angels to protect, defend and seal this room from evil.  In the name of Jesus Christ."

Do each room and finish with the front door just as before changing the words used to "house or home" instead of "room."

As you complete this you will say "God please bless and protect this home from any an all evil spirits in the name of Jesus who is the Christ."

When you are finished blow out your candles and bury them somewhere near the house.  You can hide them somewhere in the house but it's helpful to keep them on the property.  When they are buried the odds are high they will stay there and the less people who know about it the more likely they will remain there helping to protect the home.

This is the basic instruction set for protecting your home.  Occasionally the basic cleaning isn't enough and the reasons are because spirits are territorial.  They will attach themselves to things in the home or on the property and by that thinking it's their right to remain there.  This is why people like John Zaffis AKA The Haunted Collector go after those items to remove them from the property along with the bad energy that's attached to the item.

Extra Information includes Closing a Portal instructions.

I need to get this posted ASAP and notify several people where to find it.  I've been busy here in the office and trying to multitask.  I may return later and add a few things to this page that might be helpful to some.  Until then God bless and may the Great Father source of all spirit energy shine upon you and those you love, keeping you all safe.