Closing A Portal to The Underworld

If you have a stubborn situation and if the above wasn't enough then you may have a portal on your property or in your home that was set, there by someone without your consent.  It may be a portal that was set on your land long before your home was built there.  In this case you will need to go the extra mile to close that portal.

People who are good at closing a portal will take several items with them.  They will nearly always take a set of 3 or 4 brand new white candles.  They will bless those candles for the purpose of closing the portal.  They will also take the blessed oils as mentioned in cleaning house, olive oil works but isn't as powerful as the Frankincense and Myrrh but these can be mixed with the olive oil.  They will take some white salt and bless it as well.  It makes no difference if that salt is in a container, if it's table salt or rock salt it should work as well.  These are key items that are nearly always used.

Some will take some sage, Frankincense and Myrrh and will ask God to reveal the location of the portal.  These items may need to be placed in the area of the portal in order to work most efficiently.  It's best to know the location of the portal before you do anything that might let them know you are coming to close that portal.  As you being you will want to smudge with sage to clear the spirits from the house before you begin the work closing the portal.

If any other items are required God should reveal this to them in a night vision or even a waking image.  Sometimes God will send an angel to tell them if they need something extra.  It may be something a little strange or difficult to locate like a white rock from a free flowing clear running mountain stream.  If so you get the rock from the flowing water and do not let it touch the ground or anything else until it is put into its place.  It may be something like an old key like a skeleton key used years ago on very old house locks.

While to some all these things may have a ring to it of witchcraft, voodoo or something not of God remember it was God who taught Lucifer all that Lucifer knows and it was God who established the rules and it was God's prophets who cast out the evil spirits even using these items.  You must use a language the spirits understand to make it work.  It is not evil, it is as God set the rules.  The difference is you are using God's authority to close the portal.  The person or people who opened the portal did not use God's authority.

You will locate the area of the portal, set the candles North, South, East and West, at best set them in three or four locations depending on how many you use and light them.  You will want at least one witness praying with you for the portal to be closed.  As "two are a witness."  Ask God to send an angel to close the portal.  Then command that angel to do just that.  The angel who is normally used for this purpose has a name and His name is Payah.  Which means of the "edges" or "boarder" of.  In closing a portal, it means of the doorway.  Command Him to put his foot upon that portal and do not allow any evil spirits to pass through it.  Then take those items you have gathered, put out the candles and place them all into a hole on that location together.  Bury it and don't tell another living soul (except for the witness who is with you) where those items are buried.

The reason you don't tell anyone else is because evil spirits are just that "evil" and if they can undo anything you do against them, they will.  If they can get someone to go out and dig up your portal "lock" they will.  They don't have the authority to command your protective angel however and that's your ace in the hole.  Them digging up those items may not work for them at all but it won't keep them from trying if they can get a human to work against you they will.

You Need To Know!

Always follow the rules!  Conflicting commands will ruin your work and your day, avoid conflicts.

While it helps to have the authority of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to command spirits within the name of the Creator anyone who has it doesn't always need to say "in Jesus name" and I'll tell you why.  Because the Holy Spirit is the signature of the Creator and a person saying the command who has it is the same as if Jesus said it Himself.  The spiritual signature of Christ dwelling within is the authority of Christ.

Another thing you should know is humans even the unsaved can command some spirits if they follow the rules.  They don't have the power or authority of someone who has the Holy Spirit and being devious the evil spirits will be more likely to work against the unsaved than those who are marked by the Creator with His signature.

Anyone who confronts evil spirits effectively will become known in the underworld among the demons and their kind
.  They will know your name just as the devil knew the name of Jesus and said, "Who is this Jesus who can call up the dead without a prayer to God?"  This will set them against you anytime they find the opportunity.  If they can't attack you directly, they will manipulate people they have control over to cause them to act against you.  You can't cast a demon out of someone who has invited it into them even if they don't know it's there.  You can't force a person to do your will despite all your efforts.

Sub-demons can manipulate computers, vehicles, almost anything that is not protected within the walls of your authority (home).  If you read my other pages you will see where I have mentioned how they have attacked my business and people who have tried to help me and without question have been successful to this point in keeping my businesses from being successful.  The one thing they have not prevented is my ability to keep this site running so others can read and learn from my own experiences.

This is spiritual warfare and it is not to be taken lightly.

Many have gone out with their techniques and their bibles and holy water thinking to do God's work and have not only failed but it has cost some of them their lives.  They don't know their techniques are only temporary, sage and holy water are only temporary.  They will make spirits leave while you are using it, and may stay away for up to 3 months but they will be back and they will wise up to your methods.

I've seen people who profess to be experts in the field preach that demons can come through the TV set into someone's home.  That's not how it works.  But if a weak-minded person thinks so then yes it can come to that person watching TV, but not through the TV set.  Evil comes to those who call it to them and if the TV set or program encourages them to call evil to them then evil can come to them.  That's how it works.

I've walked among the spirits to see these same incompetent "professional demonologists" actually build spiritual demon traps thinking to confine any evil that comes after them.  Only a demon would have inspired them to do something so foolish.  A demon trap is nothing more than an invitation for evil spirits and demons to invade that person's life.  A "demon trap" cannot and will not confine any evil spirit.  Therefore, as we read "Satan cannot cast out Satan" nor can a demon inspired trick confine a demon or cast it out.  I'm saying that a demon will pretend to be God or of God and will put foolish ideas into people's minds, but a demon will never willingly give you a way to bind or trap it.  They will never willingly give up their real name either.

Take these words of knowledge and go your way with my best wishes and prayers you will be successful in all that you do in the name of our Creator God Christ Jesus and the Father who sent Him.

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