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When I get up in the morning, I get my cup of coffee and I run my e-mail.  I receive messages from people all over the world and I do my best to help them with the problems no one else has been able to help them with.

Here and there in my website I explain there are rules that all things must follow but there's one set of entities who like breaking the rules and unless you force them to obey those rules they will run amuck and make a person's home and life a living hell.

If you have read my personal pages, then you know how I became aware of the existence of sub-demons.  You know what they are now and what they do.  You know how I learned how to deal with them, and I want you to know as well.

All things are given rules to follow but not all things follow those rules.
  Simply put when they don't follow those rules they are in "sin" and being in "sin" or error is to be outside of the Creator's rules for their existence.  This is why the Creator Himself came down, became incarnated into the flesh, he taught his followers, he was accused of something he wasn't guilty off, he was crucified on the cross for a sin he didn't commit and this is how he was able to transverse to the other side, break the gates of death and the grave, take that power away from Satan and set his people free.

You say "What?  You mean God the Creator had to go through a process of following His own rules?"  Yeah, now you are starting to get the idea.  God the Creator works for the Father and in order to do what the Father wants the Creator (the Living Word of God) must also follow a set of rules.  The purpose of course is the end results and to get the proper end results things must be done a certain way.

The Creator had previously given the keys to death and the grave to Lucifer and even though Lucifer had gone astray he still held those keys, according to the rules.  For him to lose those keys a kind of contest was played out between the Creator and the fallen angel we know as Satan and the devil. 
A key between these things is that Lucifer was the "light bringer" and given great authority over created things but when he realized that God had a special purpose in the humans (command angels) it made Lucifer furious which is why he turned against the Creator God.  He wasn't going to take commands from humans, and he was very vocal about his feelings.  Guess what?  Then he didn't have to take commands from humans.  Now he gets orders from humans frequently and that order is to "Shut up and get out in the name of God."  (When you get the pieces of the puzzle it begins to make sense and becomes a tool you can use against evil.)

Lucifer being a copycat and only knowing what God programmed into him he and his demons create sub-demons who roam the Earth, affect and afflict the living in as many ways as they can.  Just as God uses angels as His eyes and ears the demons use sub-demons to do the same thing.  These sub-demons can infect a location with devastating results.

Sub-demons are made up of living spiritual energy but they have no body as we understand it but they do have a form, a shape and a personality.  They do not die, they will not go away unless someone makes themThey are like animals in that they mark territory.  This is something they understand.  They can speak in any known language, including the unclean spirits that make people sick like cancer.  Jesus spoke with them and cast them out of people.  Jesus being the Creator in the flesh gave his authority to his people to do the very same things.

Often when a person reports a poltergeist (noisy ghost) that is not a ghost at all, it is in fact a sub-demon.  They have been called by many names including gremlins, fairies, Leprechauns, little people of the forest, and other native Indians and people have other names for them.  The point is they are all classifications of sub-demons.

Demons and sub-demons cannot take energy from the Tree of Life instead they take it from the living
.  They feed upon people and their demons take that energy for their power.  The more power they accumulate the more influence they have in the physical world.  For the devil and Anti-Christ to take full power over the Earth there must be enough living people for them to feed upon to give them what they need to fulfill the prophecy.  People don't know these things exist and many of those who do have little idea what to do about it.  I can help you with that and that's why this site and this page exists.

You have heard it said that a vampire can't enter your home unless someone invites them
.  Did you know that vampire spirits actually do exist?  In fact, nearly every sub-demon sucks the life out of the living somewhere.  They can read the minds of the people they feed upon.   They can acquire the knowledge and manors of those hosts they use.  They can imitate them when they are dead and make paranormal "experts" think they are talking to the dead when they aren't.  Sure, ghosts do exist but if you could see what goes on in the spiritual world you would be shocked and amazed how humans are manipulated by these things.  How even the ghosts hate them and try to avoid them with few exceptions.  Now and then a ghost will remain to protect someone from these things.

Preachers are a dime a dozen and they preach about the wolves in sheep's clothing not realizing they are among those who the bible warned us about
.  They have bible knowledge and in fact many of them worship the bible seeing it equal to God and without flaw.  Because of their mistake they also worship mistranslations and their own misunderstandings of what the good book says.  They may be able to quote many scriptures they know the bible, but do they really understand it?  Can they tell you how to cleanse a home of evil spirits?  Can they cast out demons?  The answer is obvious, no most of them can't and neither can the majority of those Ghost Hunters on TV today.  They preach of God they hold that bible like it is God and they have no power at all.  Their faith is in their understanding of the bible and in religious items and concepts more than it is in God and evil spirits know it.

God would not allow anyone not even Moses to have images of things in heaven or upon the Earth for the purpose of worship.  With few exceptions, one being the Catholic church. ;-)  I'm kidding, God didn't tell them to use those things for the purpose of worship either and I will explain why not.

Evil spirits will attach themselves to anything a human considers of value especially if someone worships that image or item
.  Spirits attach themselves to items humans consider "holy" or special, items people worship.  When people worship that item the demons can feed upon their energy freely.  If the energy is freely given or if they are invited in then they can say "But God, you said we can take what is given to us."  So being God will allow it because it is in the rules.  As that energy is passing from the living into the item it is taken by the entities living within that image or idol.  The more powerful it becomes the more energy it consumes and the more influence it has over those who feed it.  It makes no difference if it's a crucifix, Buddha or a black meteorite incased in stone demons get in them and feed from them and influence them in ways that is nothing short of shocking!  Yeah, I hear the skeptics saying what a nut cake. :-)  But if they could see what I've seen they wouldn't be laughing.

The physical realm exists between the dimensions of Light and Darkness where both good and evil can visit and have influence
.  Both sides have rules angels and demons alike.  Guess who calls the shots in this area.
If you said "we do" then you answered correctly.  Even that angel of God watching over you won't do anything to protect you unless you ask them to.  Likewise, how many demon infestations have been the result of someone doing a séance?  Playing with a Ouija board?  Asking the spirits to communicate with them?

/ Problems that are difficult to figure out and resolve are often the results of conflicting rules.  For example, you can't ask God's angels to protect you and then invite the devil into your home for tea.  If you want your angels to have power over evil you also must abide by the rules God established.  The bible says you cannot serve to masters and believe me the Bible is correct.  Also, if you protect your home from evil and someone else you allow into the house invites evil into the house they will create a conflict with your rules and can create new problems for you. 
When you invite some into your home you give them your authority to be there.  You also must understand that when a rule is broken it is more difficult to fix the next time.  As an evil spirit may be cast out of a home if the Holy Spirit doesn't take command of that in the name of God and set angels against the evil, the evil spirits will return and finding that home empty will invite at least 7 more of their kind more evil and more powerful than themselves into that home.

Evil spirits use portals to pass between dimensions
.  The dimension of the evil spirits is the same place where all spirits of the dead dwelled before the death of Christ.  I call that place "The Underworld."  It is a dimension within the created realms, literally within the Earth.  Spirits pass back and forth between these worlds through passages called by various names.  Dimensional gateways, portals, doorways, vortexes, etc.  It's all the same thing.  Humans open these portals either knowingly or not and the spirits pass through them to do what they do, hunting and feeding upon the living.

The most common ways of inviting evil into a home is to try to communicate with them
.  Sometimes when a person is trying to communicate with what they believe is a ghost they end up talking to a non-human entity and without knowing they give it more power and authority in that location or over themselves.  If you can't see what you are dealing with better to leave it alone or bring in someone else qualified to deal with it.  The Ghost Hunters are not among the qualified.  Only a few people are.

The most common way of opening an active portal is through the shedding of innocent blood
.  Though I will also say that a ritual can also open a portal into the world of evil spirits.  This has been done by the unaware, witches, voodoo, Satanists and others in the name of those spirits they worship.

Cleaning Your Home of Evil Entities

Please understand we are not removing ghosts with the following procedure, we are removing evil non-human entities.

(Removing a ghost generally isn't as difficult, usually you can tell them they don't belong there, you want them to leave.  If it becomes more complicated than that you may be dealing with something that isn't a ghost.  You can always write tell me your story and see what we can do to resolve the problem.  Sometimes a slightly modified version of the instructions below will work.)

Marking Your Territory

The key to cleaning your home exists based upon the rules established as I have been explaining.  If you rightfully live in a home or apartment according to the laws of the land and are the owner or have permission from the owner of that property to be there then you have the God given right to protect that home according to the rules established by God regulating spirits.

The first thing you need to do is get a few simple items to mark your territory with.  Yes, some people who know how it's done have literally spit on the walls, floor and around their house and said, "this is mine, no evil spirits may pass into this area."  While that will work for someone who has the spiritual knowledge and power to do it, it may be better if we us a more traditional method.  From the bible we recognize that certain things have spiritual influence.  We know salt cast the evil spirits out of the bathing pool.  We know that Frankincense and Myrrh have a strong influence in the spirit world.  Did you know that virgin olive oil also has power in the spirit world, and you can buy that in any good grocery store for a reasonable price?  Olive oil was one of the most common anointing oils of the biblical age.  People were anointed upon their heads with olive oil it being symbolic of the Holy Spirit and recognized among the spirits.

Oils can be mixed to make them more effective but in most cases it isn't necessary.  If I can close a portal that was overrun with sub demons with olive oil and a few other key items, then you can as well.  Say a prayer over your bottle of oil and ask God to set a protective angel with it.  Remember if you don't ask God for the angel it won't come and if you don't command that angel it won't do anything but stand there.  These energy angels are like computers in that respect and if you don't tell your computer what to do it won't do much.

Step one is to do a protection upon every member of the house including pets.  A prayer and small dot of oil on the forehead should be sufficient.  The reason is because once the spirits realize you are trying to evict them, they will attach themselves to something in the home and sometimes they attach to a family member who they feel will protect them from your attempt to evict them.

In some cases, it's good to begin the house cleansing with a sage smudging to force the lessor spirits out first and often when this is done the more powerful evil spirits will realize what's going on and want to fight about it.  Evil spirits seldom give up without a fight and if they know a fight is heading their way, they will act against the person they see as the enemy, namely whoever is making them leave.  So, in that case you want two people doing the process.  One will smudge as the other does the following.  Work from the back to the front of the house always leaving a path for evil spirits to pass through as they leave.  (Do not block the doorways until the very last thing.)  Many have failed because they started their work at the doorways and end up blocking evil instead of making it leave.  Some fail because the evil spirit attaches to someone or something in the house.

Take the oil and all you need to do is put a tiny spot of it on the wall's windows, doors and floor in every room of the house.  Some people mark the sign of the cross and that's fine if the oil is there doing the job.  As you place these spots of oil in these locations begin at the back of the house and work toward the front.  As you finish each room command those evil spirits be bound in the name of Jesus and be cast out.  Then tell your angel to make it so then move on to the next room and do every room in the entire house just like that and do not miss a spot.  Once the house or living area is clear if you have a yard you will want to mark the edges or boundary of the yard the same way.  If you have trees mark them but since trees can die and be removed in time if you have something you can mark and bury in the earth it will be there for years to come.  Any evil spirit that may come that way will see it, recognize what it is and be forced by the rules established by God to stay away from it.  The only exception is as I said if someone who has been given permission to live in your home who calls evil across those lines.

If you do what I have described above it should rid your home of evil spirits in most cases.  There are always cases that defy our best efforts and there's always a reason when a cleaning fails, or protection doesn't work.  Discovering the reasons and correcting them is the real challenge.