Who Will Be The Next Anti-Christ
Answer: A Sociopath
(Note: I hold no Ph.D., I am not a psychiatrist but I have lived my life having 6 sociopaths in the family and have spent a life time trying to discover why they were the way they were.  No one wants to believe their family are mentally damaged but when I finally put the pieces of the puzzle together my answer was not something I wanted to accept.  Speaking from experience and a great deal of research I share my findings with you here.)

I've read messages from people on sociopath info message bases who were very offended that someone was talking bad about them.  They have no idea what a sociopath really is.  You see a real sociopath doesn't see themselves as being a sociopath, because in their own minds they are better than the rest of us.  The reason is because they are without flaw in their own minds.  To admit to being a sociopath is to admit to being flawed, and they will not do that.  So if you think your are a sociopath you probably aren't, simple as that.  This page isn't about that or to make anyone feel bad, it's about informing those who aren't, what sociopaths are and how they fit into the prophetic scheme of things.

Not all that long ago medical science didn't realize that such a thing existed.  In the days of old the things that caused people to do and act abnormally were known as spirits and demons.  Later for the most part there were good people and bad people and the attempt to understand why birthed a new science.  As history shows medical attempts to understand such things led to inhumane mistreatment of mental patients.  Eventually it revealed classifications of mental disorders where-as the mind of the individual was literally "wired up wrong."  Parts of the mind that should have connected to one location ended up being connected to another.  For example, the sociopath or psychopath might become sexually aroused upon inflicting pain upon another individual.  Many of them exhibit strange behavior early on and are compelled finding pleasure in killing small animals.  There's a fine line between sociopath and psychopath and when the killing of animals becomes murdering humans the individual has crossed that line.

For those who really want to know if they are a sociopath they may ask themselves did they find any pleasure in the torture and or killing of small animals when they were young?  If the answer is yes then yes they are probably a sociopath.  If they are motivated by an overwhelming sexual drive mixed with hatred and the feeling others were put here to serve them then yes they are likely a sociopath.  Sociopaths come in a mixed assortment but some things they all have in common.  Some are so cunning they are almost impossible to figure out while others are so obvious you can't help but notice something is not right with them.

What Is A Sociopath
The witnesses said "I wouldn't have believed it, he was a good neighbor and friend.  Who would have thought he was a serial killer with bodies buried in the basement and in the back yard?"  Let's face it, sociopaths are by nature smarter than the average person and by design are often devious charismatic likable people you would not expect to do something horrific.  I know people who have gone nearly their entire lives not knowing that a close friend or relative was a sociopath myself included.  How are they able to fool us so well for so long?  The answer is they are by nature brilliant imitators.  People who are able to feign, fake, and pretend to be something they are not.  They can imitate love, concern, empathy better than those who actually care.  They are able to lie continually and make people believe the lies.  They learn things instantly they carry throughout their lives.  If they grew up in a church odds are high they will keep that connection as a security link to anchor their own emotions to.  So many things are external to them yet they have no clue they are abnormal.  Others were put here to serve and follow them.  If they don't respond to the charismatic nature of the sociopath then they have no use or value to them.

Sociopaths are inherently paranoid and insecure
.  They need physical things they can anchor themselves to that they have control over.

Sociopaths have an unnatural connection to physical things
and like going to church they use these things as anchors in their own lives.  As a result they may come into possession of a physical thing that belonged to a family member or friend and in their mind that physical thing remains stable, a constant, something they can possess.  This physical thing becomes their unnatural link to the person they associate with it.  Meaning the thing they possess is something they can control.  Since they may not be able to control the person connected to the item they use the item itself as their reference to that person and they are not likely to part with it.  That person may leave or die but as long as they have the physical thing under their control that's their anchor.  Some may make the connection how this unnatural connection to physical things is similar to black witchcraft, there's a reason for that.

Sociopaths are pathological liars
and when being tested and under pressure will sometimes reveal their nature by repeating things someone else has said and then when confronted again will often change their story from one confrontation to the next which reveals their nature to lie to the point of being ludicrous.

Sociopaths love to be in control
.  They have huge ravenous egos that must be fed therefore they seek to gain a following of people who they are able to deceive / sucker in.  They literaly draw power from their followers.

Sociopaths inner core is fired by hatred and sex
.  They tend to hide the hatred well until someone triggers it but often expose their sexual side to potential sex partners.  Anyone observing can clearly see the change in their energy when an attractive potential sex partner is present.  David Koresh had a harem of young females and little girls and it was well known within their group what a sex addict he was.  Sociopaths have no respect for marrage and may be married to one while having affairs with several others when the opertunity arises.  Since they are cunning deceivers their spouse may have no clue they are being cheated on.

The followers of the sociopath are interesting specimens themselves
.  You have seen the news about other cults where people marched willingly to their deaths following a sociopath.  You are amazed asking "who in the world is that gullible?"  You wouldn't fall for it, neither would I, but you might be shocked to find out we already have, the only difference was we didn't go to our death in the process.  The thing about those who follow a sociopath closely is they are completely mesmerized by this person.  If the guru says he once levitated 3 feet in the air you might ask his followers and find those among them who will say "they saw him do it!"  Even though they didn't, because it never happened.  In their mind however they will have a memory of this event and there's no convincing them they are delusional.

Sociopaths will sometimes threaten or hurt people who become a threat to their deceptions and then act as though the blame is upon another person all while pretending to offer an olive branch for the sake of those who observe
.  Example:  They will threaten someone not to speak to someone else all while presenting a multitude of reasons why they themselves were not to blame and making it appear they are trying to reconcile with the person they have threatened.  What they are doing is protecting their deceptive control over the person they don't want to realize the truth.  "You talk to my wife you will answer to me."  Then his wife tries to restore a former relationship with friend or family who refuses to communicate with her, not realizing it was her husband who threatened the famly or friend in the first place.  The blame shifts from the perpetrator to the victims and there's no good way around it.  What looks like one thing is really something else.

Ever watch a real serious crime thriller?
  The most challenging villians are either sociopaths or psychopaths, and there's a reason for that.  The deceptive cunning nature of the sociopath often requires someone of equal skill to catch them.  Often the sociopath is in a position of power and often they are someone you wouldn't expect, as you go through the list of suspects.  The saying "to catch one you must think like one" is a valid fact.  You must know and have some understanding for the traits of the villian in order to understand what motivates them.  Frequently the sociopath will be a politician or involved in a religious institution.  At other times they end up being the CEO or some powerful person in corporate industy.

The Nature of the Beast
Hitler was a sociopath, he bombed his own buildings, killed his own people and blamed it on terrorists in order to get the people of Germany to give him their blessing and authority to do the horrific things that followed.  It was all a brilliant deception by a very sick man.  Please understand the beast mentioned in the book of Revelation is a government entity run by homocidal sociopaths.

The prophecy says "And they will give over their power to the Beast..." 
"He will make war against the chosen people of God."

There are mental disorders that are the result of the mind of a person being mapped incorrectly.  The bible says the sins of the parents can visit their descendants for generations.  What is being described are genetic flaws being passed on from the parents to their descendants.  This is also the reason why God warned the children of Seth not to marry among the people of the valley.  (Yes there were already humans living in the valley who were not descendants of Adam and Eve.  These are known as the people of Sumar, and Mesopotamia.  These are the people who wrote 1000's of stone tablets as a record telling of the people from the heavens known as the Anunnaki.  Cain was a sociopath who murdered his brother Able and was exiled by God to live among the people of the valley.  God did not want this type of genetic defect among His chosen people.)

There are those who like to argue there's no such thing as a person who is born homosexual.  I once thought as they do until God opened my understanding to things of a genetic nature.  I didn't believe entire churches of people calling themselves Christians could be lost, but God showed me there's more of them than I cared to realize.

There are those who are born homosexual who will clearly tell you they were born like that, their minds are remapped to this disposition, and they can't help being who they are on their own
.  Jesus taught us there is a spiritual law that supercedes the written laws.  Never once in the gospels did he express anger or violence toward homosexuals.  He gave examples and taught understanding to his followers.  Homosexuals may be wired up wrong from birth but that doesn't mean they have to be bad people.  Sure there are bad and evil gay people and Hollywood is filled with them but likwise the majority of the human race will be lost for one reason or another.

The answer of course is the Holy Spirit which is able to remap the minds of those who can be changed by the desire of their own hearts.  Those who give in to such spirits open themselves to dark energy that can destroy them.  For those who can't find the healing they seek, let them understand they need not be filled with a spirit of darkness.  Jesus said "let them come to me" and likewise told Paul "take my message unto the gentiles and any who believes upon me shall be saved."  Jesus didn't stone anyone and only expressed his anger toward blind religious leaders, the Roman's, the cheating tax collectors, and the thieving money changers who often camped outside the temple doorway.

There are those who choose to be homosexual who were not born like that but choose to be.  In time they can remap their own minds to be of that disposition.  We know the DNA of a person can be altered in a single life time.  Saying it's all right to be gay, it's only a life choice is the wrong thinking, and leads to dark energy / sub-demons of various kinds.  If you were not born gay then you know you weren't and when you deliberatly choose to do something outside of the laws of God then you take that responsibility upon yourself and likely will suffer the consequence there-of.

Human Nature
Humans are wired to make mistakes, it's our nature.  We often make our biggest mistakes when we are more certain than normal we are right about something without question.  Before I knew there really was such a thing as an alcoholic I told a drunken friend of mine it was only a matter of self control.  Since I knew I could take a drink and put it down I didn't understand why he couldn't go a day without it.  Once he began to drink he couldn't stop and he started the moment he got up.  He went through rehab and was clean for a few months then we were talking and I got some beer and told him, it's just a matter of self control.  He believed me and started drinking again.  It ruined his life.  I was wrong. There really is such a thing as people who can't help it and if they get one drink they need another.  The solution is people with this disposition shouldn't drink at all.  So yes, there are people who are born homosexual just the same as there are people born sociopaths, hoarders, kleptomaniacs, etc.  Don't make the mistake I made because of a misunderstanding.  I've regretted that moment, my mistake to a friend to this day and I expect I will till the day I die.  My heart's desire is to help people not hurt them, I will not make that mistake again.

Kleptomaniacs steal things because it's in their nature, they can't help it, their minds are wired wrong from birth.  There are other disorders that are also the result of a mind being wired wrong from birth.

The Warrior Gene!
Sociopathic people are born with a genetic defect, their minds are wired up different than normal people.  The gene is called by some "The Warrior Gene" but others who understand call it the Lucifer gene because it gives people the same mentality as the devil himself.  Their ability and nature to fight like a demon without remorse is the reason for the nickname.  You see a sociopath doesn't view others and living things as having any real value other than for their own amusement.  They typically enjoy torturing and killing small animals when they are young.  They have no sense of remorse or wrong doing.  It is said they have no conscience to tell them right from wrong.

Sociopaths believe others in this world were literally put here to serve them
.  Serial killers are often sociopaths who became psychopaths, it's clear they have some serious anti-social mental malfunctions going on in the way they perceive things.  They never admit they are wrong because in their minds they do not make mistakes, but it's always someone else's fault.  They are often highly intelligent and natural born imitators.  They are very good at winning people's trust.  They crave having people follow and admire them.  They have egos the size of Texas that need to be fed.  They love saying things, telling stories, and quoting from books like the bible in order to get someone to pat them on the back and recognize they are good and special.

These people often end up in politics and religion because of their mental disorder but they are neither good, Godly, nor someone to be looked up to or followed.  Our churches and government are full of these kinds of people.  They don't exist to serve us, they exist to serve themselves and enslave us and they do this at our expense.  Some of these are Shadow Government people who have the power and influence to order our military to attack innocent civilians.  Their ability to lay the blame on someone else is uncanny and by using the media outlets they can turn public opinion anywhere they want it because people in general believe their lies.

9-11 and Government Deceptions
(Events orchestrated by sociopaths)
I've studied the 9-11 event from all angles multiple times and I know for a fact it was a bomb or cruise missle that hit the Pentagon, not a jetliner and it wasn't a passenger jet that dropped it, it was a US military jet painted to look similar to a passenger jet.  It had no windows and it was caught on video by a man with a video camera at the hotel across the highway.  Every time he posts the video someone removes it, but I did get to see it drop the bomb and saw the bomb hit the building.  People who saw the wreckage said there were no bodies, no plane debris, no luggage, no seats, no engines, nothing that should have been there was there.  The jet they said hit the building was 47' tall.  The engines hung down 7' below the wing and the thing hit at ground level so why are there no skid marks in the grass?  If a jetliner had hit the Pentagon that entire wall would have been rubble and yet only a relatively small "15'" hole was initially made through the wall.  There's video and photos that show it before the roof caved in.  Original photos of the area showed very little if any debris but secondary photos reveal tiny pieces of wreckage that weren't there to start with.  It was like the debris was brought in later by someone else.  People were threatened not to reveal what they knew.  Others were paid to lie to us about what they said they saw.

The two jets that hit the towers were also computer controlled drones and I saw one of them drop a bomb and detonate the remote control system a moment before it hit the building.  The jets didn't bring the buildings down, a controlled explosion did

Seconds before and after the planes hit, the lobby on the ground floor exploded hurting people on the ground floor, setting them on fire and an immense heat was being generated from the walls and core of the building.  All the fuel in the jets were gone moments after the impact and couldn't generate enough heat to melt steel (abt 800F for less than 5 min.) and these buildings had steel superstructures, the best in the world.  They frequently withstood winds producing much more pressure on them than a jet hitting them.  What kind of controlled explosions was it?  It was nanite thermite.  The only thing able to generate enough heat to destroy the superstructure of those buildings.  Look close at the bright red sparks from the windows before the buildings fell.  Then watch a thermite explosion and you will see they are exactly the same.  Thermite cuts through steel like a hot knife through butter producing over 3000F.  If you have never seen what it looks like you should.  Anyone can buy the chemicals to make it, heck it's little more than aluminum and iron dust.  Yes you can make it yourself and the items used are not controlled yet, but the one chemical that is, is only found in military grade nanite-thermite and yes they found this chemical in the debris of the tower wreckage.

While the media proclaimed Bin Laden was behind it and people believed it without question Bin Laden said on video he had nothing to do with the event and if you know anything about the man you know he loves nothing more than to take credit for hurting those he calls infidels.  He said, "I didn't do it, I had nothing to do with it, why is the US always blaming me for things I did not do?"  Bin Laden was a sociopath but the one thing he wouldn't do is take credit for someone else's work.  He was just a convenient patsy the real terrorists could blame it on and make the population of the world think he was responsible.  Someone to throw the blame away from the real terrorists.

Follow the money.
One day before the 9-11 event Donald Rumsfield said, "We are missing 2.3 trillion dollars from the US budget."  He intended to find out where it went.  One day later the area of the Pentagon that keeps track of all the money was hit by a bomb or missile!  33 people in that department were killed and all the records of where that money went was destroyed.  Did Bin Laden know where that department was?  NOPE!  Could an untrained, unlicensed pilot have hit that location with a jet that size?  NOPE.  According to professional airline pilots they couldn't even do it on the first run.  They say the jet is too big to turn at high speeds and low altitudes, a human just can't do it on the first try.  A computer on the other hand can.

Speaking from experience, I was flying a Cessna 310 with my instructor over 300 knots from Kansas City to Lee C Fine airport in the Lake of the Ozarks.  I knew it was coming up but I couldn't yet see it and it's a large airport able to receive jetliners, you can see it miles away from the air.  I began to slow and nose down to lose altitude.  I looked ahead and saw the airport coming up fast but by the time I was able to change my course I was 10 miles past my destination.  You see like the C-310 these airplanes are not beginner class, they are slick and slide through the air like a knife!  You put the nose down to lose altitude the airplane speeds up even when you pull the throttles back.  I had to level off and turn around and come back in order to land.  My instructor smiled and said, "It's nothing like a C-150 or Skyhawk is it?"  Nope, it isn't.  Unless you've done it yourself you can't imagine how quickly your target can come into sight and then be miles behind you.  These jetliners were moving over 500 kts.  They are slick, fast, and very difficult to control at high speed at low altitudes.  They are not stunt planes that can turn on a dime. These things are big and heavy and you must think way ahead in order to come to any specific geographical location.  You turn the yoke and you wait for the aircraft to bank.  Miles pass while you get your heading.  Compared to the Lee C Fine airport a sky scraper is just a speck on the windshield and by the time you can see it at 500+ knots it's already gone.  If a pro couldn't do it on the first pass, an inexperience pilot couldn't either, believe it, it wasn't those terrorists flying the planes, it was a very high tech computer.

The guy they said was flying that plane was found alive and well in another country so the US investigators (the people we trust with our lives) changed their story and said another guy who's instructor said he couldn't even fly a small aircraft let alone a big one.  He couldn't have done it!  As it turned out 8-9 of those terrorists were discovered alive in other countries, it wasn't them who did the deed.  One of them was a professional Egyptian pilot who said, "you must take my name off that list or I will lose my job!"  So stop believing in these liars we have in charge of our investigations.  They are not helping us, they are helping the real terrorists by covering up the truth.  You know that's against the law so why doesn't someone hold them accountable?  Why do they do that?  Because that's where the money is and you can be sure they are either being paid handsomely or they are under the threat of being murdered by the shadow people in charge of our hidden government motives AKA The New World Order.
Now we know sociopaths are not just serial killers, they have no regard for human life and some of them are genocidal crazy and there are some who can literally give commands to some of our military people and make them murder 1000's of innocent people while laying the blame on someone else.  They can manipulate the media to say anything they want and the general public is gullible enough to believe the lies.  They can get soldiers to do their bidding all the while they are poisoning the soldiers who are working for them.  Have you never watched TV or the movies?  You know there is no honor among murderous villains.  Someone near the top wants the links to them and their deeds buried.  They hate having witnesses.  They are prone to hire someone to do the dirty work then murder them to get rid of the links back to the actual guilty parties.  If someone wants to work for someone like that they better be ready to die because that's just what will happen.  You walk the walk, you dance that dance, and you pay the piper with your life.

They think this Earth belongs to them.  They call themselves the social elite and they are the ones who decide who becomes a member of their group.  Being rich isn't enough.  A person must either be a sociopath or prone to believe the message being preached by the sociopath.  These are incredibly powerful influential people who won't blink at having someone standing in their way murdered.  They use the media and Hollywood to discredit those who are aware of their scheme.

There are different groups who are a part of the same anti-Christ mechanism.  We call them The Builderburgers, The Illuminati (followers of Lucifer), The People of the One World Order, The Bohemian Club, The Skull and Bones Society, etc.  Their intentions is to take over the Earth and create a one world government.  This is mentioned in prophecy as "The Beast" who will go after God's people and murder them.

They call themselves by his name.  Illuminati, the followers of Lucifer.
Do these people work for the anti-Christ?  You better believe they do.

Here's a link to one of the sociopath pages on the web, enjoy.


There's another entire complex story behind the images below but they are for the most part used by those intent on creating the one world government of the anti-Christ.
Please note the symbol along with the image of the angels in the image below.  This is an association between the image "All Seeing Eye" AKA "The Capstone" and heavenly beings known as angels.
Lucifer was an archangel also known as a seraphim (fire angel / giant angel associated with fire and brilliance.)  It was an angel who delivered the symbol to the Founding Fathers but the angel was sent by God.  Later the followers of Lucifer moved in and stole the image for their own purpose.  These followers of Lucifer are groups of sociopaths and psychopaths intent on world domination.  They believe Lucifer is actually good and was intended by God to bring about this "as it is in heaven so shall it be on Earth" New World Order prophesied in the bible.  They think they are doing the will of God.  They can't see they are bringing about the prophecy of the "children of darkness" "One World Order" that God said he would destroy in the end.