I need to make a few more updates and edit the page but it's here for those who are interested in the short version of how these things work.  For those who don't believe in God who think everything happens by chance just look out there at the night sky then at the complexity of life around you and consider that it was all done for nothing.  Truth is when it comes to the Creation of all these things everything has a purpose and existance beyond what we see with our human eyes.

My website is out here to help people gain a better understanding of God and what God wants from us.  Some of the things I am about to share with you are taught in Christian churches but not fully understood or explained.

We exist in a creation process.  During our lives we develop our personalities and we are all the same in some ways yet individually different in others.

The product God is working on is our spirits and souls because the flesh will die and is not immortal but energy can't be destroyed and spirit is energy.

God the Father is spirit energy and is the source of all energy that goes into the cosmos and every living thing.

The "Living Word of God" is the part of the Father that creates all living things and is spirit but can also become flesh or anything He wants.  He became flesh and we called him Jesus / Joshua / Yashua and dwelled among us.  Before that He was known by other names including Yahweh, The Great I Am, Adonai Elohim.  Gospel of John book 1 he is described as "The Word of God".  He did this to put his own signature into an energy format that could be accepted by a human being and recognized by the Father.  This is why he did all that he did and this is why I know he is the Messiah.  When he arose from the dead on that morning he had just returned from the dimension I call the "Underworld" and the Catholics refer to as Purgatory.

On the morning he arose he was approached by Mary of Magdalene who when she recognized him she reached to hug him and he said "don't touch me for I have not yet ascended to the Father."  He said that because he had to present himself to the Father untainted by anything or anyone else so that spirit that would become the Holy Spirit would be pure.  When he returned from the Father he allowed them all to touch him.  Then when he ascended back into heaven his followers begged him to stay but he said "Unless I return to the Father the comforter (Holy Spirit) will not come."  He was saying that spirit was within him and in order for it to be shared among human kind he had to return and give up that spirit to the Father so it could be returned to his friends so the Father would recognize them as belonging to the Father, thanks to the Son (AKA Jesus).

This is why Jesus said "I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes unto the Father except through me."  Within the Father spirit resides the Tree of Life which is the Glory of God and all those who are His children may partake of that tree."  That is the pure essence of the Father.  In this realm one can exist for all eternity just as the Father exists for all time and in a place that does not recognize time as we do.

Hell or the Lake of Fire is literally a place that exists outside of the Father's presence or Grace.  Since energy exists and can not be destroyed you might imagine what that Hell would be like but it also exists as the Father exists for all time and in a place without time.  There's literally no way to count how long a soul has been there and there's no end to that suffering.

There are many who believe in reincarnation thinking that after one dies if they don't go to Heaven they get a chance to try again.  Like God recycling souls.  They base their beliefs on unfounded and misunderstood theories and biblical texts.  Some site that when Jesus spoke of John the Baptizer saying that "Elijah is with us" that he was saying that John was the reincarnation of Elijah.  Their understanding seeks that which they choose to believe in rather than the truth of what Jesus was actually saying to them.  You see Elijah didn't die, he's still in Heaven with God.  He was translated directly into a Glorified incorruptible body.  He didn't reincarnate.  However the spirit that was with Elijah was with John.  Meaning his purpose and mission in life was similar to that of Elijah's.  It is also written that others will exist in the latter days and they come having the spirit of Elijah.  Elijah was the witness chosen to proclaim God's messages among the unbelievers.  Elijah was a bold prophet of God.

God never creates bad things and it isn't like Him to choose or want to destroy the things He makes.  The part of God that creates things is referred to as "His Word" because when God speaks things happen.  God speaks things into existence.  So it was written that in the Beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.  And the word became flesh and dwelled among us and we called him Jesus."

Everything is created through a process and while God can speak and things happen nearly everything is created through these processes.  Our being alive is a creation going through a process so we are a creation in progress.  Energy can be transformed but not destroyed.

Jesus gave other examples to us during his life and one of them is his saying referring to the Pharisees.  He said you don't put new wine into old wine-skins because the new wine will build up pressures inside the skins and they will burst.  There's an important key to how spirits and living humans exist in a kind of balance.   Everything exists according to the rules the creator established and even the Creator Himself did not go against the rules he created.  This is why he had to go through a process to create a method of salvation and redemption so that we humans could return to the Father God / Great Spirit and be recognized as belonging there with Him.  So what's the deal with the new wine and old wine skins mean?  It means they already had a spirit in them, a bad one and even God wasn't willing to try to convert them and save them.

God created what we call free will through a process as well by allowing us to be mortal we exist between two other dimensions.  One which is without God and one that has God's influence so both demons and angels can access us in this realm.  The good and the evil the Yin and the Yang exist side by side in this place and it makes us who we are through our individual experiences.

Since God didn't make anything evil or bad we know that originally Lucifer was good, and referred to as the most brilliant angel of all of God's creation.  Then comes the "until evil was found within him."

Religious people think we are going to sing for God for all of eternity but what they fail to understand is that our meaning of singing and God's meaning of singing are two completely different things.  You see Lucifer was said to be the "Choir master of the heavens."  He is the one who kept the angels "singing" but the meaning of that word is not the same because they were not really singing songs we as humans would recognize.

On the second time I died I was taken into the heavens to see the greatest host of angels and all singing and all making vibrations throughout the Cosmos.  I was literally lifted up by the song and that song never ends.  Then while observing I saw three female angels approach and one of them spoke saying "Isn't this beautiful?  It goes on forever, there's no end to it.  You can remain with us or you may return this choice is yours."  I stood there puzzling over what I was seeing because something about it just didn't seem to have the same meaning.  Then she said "This is the sound of Creation's Engine."  Suddenly I fell to the floor and then floated up again because the realization of the meaning of this had struck me.  I said "I must return and tell everyone what I have seen."  They sent me back for the second time and here I am sharing my story.

You see the singing is not a human song, it is in fact a job working in the process of creating things as co-creators with God.

In the book of Revelation we are told of the 144,000 elite of God who are the first fruits and they do not die but hey are transformed in the blink of an eye.  They are given new white robes, a new name that only God knows and each one of them receives a special song that goes with their names.  That song is their work, their job and their process in creation.  You are reading my song written in words right now.  This is the song and it is my message of truth to explain so others may understand the mysteries of God.

Now Lucifer turned against God because he found out what God wanted the humans for.  Even Lucifer wasn't as amazing or as flawless as he thought.  He thought he was the greatest thing God had ever created, the most powerful the smartest angel God had ever created but what's God want these humans for?  He wants them to command angels!  He wants them to become part of the creative force of the universe.  Lucifer wasn't going to have it and set out to derail and sabotage God's plan.

Lucifer began playing God because before he fell from God's grace he could walk among the humans and strut his stuff.  No one had then seen God but they could see the angel and knew of his power.  They were in awe.  They began to worship the angel and Lucifer loved it.  Yes Lucifer was a sociopath.

Lucifer created abominations upon the earth and the Serpent was one of those abominations.  In fact it was his ultimate creation.  It looked almost human.  It walked it talked, it had arms and legs and it had the nature of Lucifer himself inside of it.  This is the same Serpent that resided within the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden.  Yes God's laboratory that was given for Lucifer to be the CEO over.  He had a great ark of DNA for all living things and he began modifying and making creations that were not according to God's plans.

When this came to God's attention God sent the angel Michael to deal with Lucifer and his creative forces.  Though Lucifer and his kind had been cast down from the heavens to the Earth the Serpent remained in the Garden of Eden and God told Adam and Eve don't eat of that tree don't even touch it because in the day you do you will die.

Eve disobeyed God's orders and talked with the Serpent who was cunning and deceptive just like its creator.  He said "You will not die but you will become like God knowing good and evil."  She partook of that which she was told not to and her DNA was transformed, she became mortal having new feelings and emotions she had not experienced.  She became an animal having sexual desires and feeling nature's call to reproduce.  She took that same fruit that had transformed her to her husband Adam and it is said she pealed it so he would not know what it was.  Either way he took it and then realized what it was he said "what have you done?"  So we recognize his surprise so he was in fact tricked by Eve.  He also became mortal.

Now we understand they didn't "die" that day but they were transformed into mortal beings and mortal beings will die.  We should note that the same word for day here was the same word used as day in the 6 days that God created all creation.  It is not one of our days but the word can also mean "many days" which we would refer to as "an age" or undetermined length of time in which something takes place in stages as a process.

Eve's first child was after the nature of that creature she was seduced by and that was the Serpent.  Cain was like the Serpent and Like Lucifer he was also a sociopath and could not be saved.  God asked Cain and Able the brothers to both present an offering to God and when that was done God accepted Able's offering but did not accept Cain's.  This made Cain jealous and furious enough that he murdered his own brother with a rock.  Please notice that Cain's reaction was the same as Lucifer's when he realized what God wanted the humans for.  His father is Lucifer, the deceiver, the great old dragon. (Cold blooded unfeeling reptile.)

It wasn't about the grain and sheep it was about who they were in respect to the way they were made.

God punished Cain not by killing him but by sending him out into the world "the land of nod" which means into the land wandering a man without a home.  He married outside of God's chosen Adam and Eve in the land because there were already people out there, people who Lucifer had been ruling over and pretending to be God to before his fall from God's grace.

In order for someone to be a sociopath they must have at least one parent who is a sociopath.  Cain's father was the Serpent whose father was Lucifer.

Cain was the only sociopathic child that Adam and Eve had.  There were no more from them but Cain had children among the outsiders who Lucifer had ruled over and he had other sociopathic children among the women of that world.

Seth was born to replace Able who was murdered by Cain and Seth had children and descendants and Enoch was the seventh from Adam and Eve.  God was with him and he warned the descendants of Seth not to associate with the children of the valley.  Why?  Because they were not the children of God they were the children who worshiped "pagan gods" AKA fallen angels who lorded over them for God only knows how long.  That and among them were sociopaths who could not be saved.

So the angels came telling God what had transpired upon the Earth and said "we shall go down and separate them" but God said "No because you will harm those who are good among the people."  So God allowed both the good and the evil to exist side by side upon the Earth.  The purpose of course is so that we who can recognize the difference between good and evil will chose to be good and not evil.  Those who can't choose good are the children of Lucifer the devil, the great old dragon who turned against his Creator and created abominations upon the Earth.

Some believe that all can be saved but the bible was clear the path is narrow and few ever find it.  It is also clear that some are literally born to burn and if that's the case then we know those after the nature of Lucifer and the Serpent are sociopaths and psychopaths are in fact born for one purpose and that isn't to be saved.  Others who are not sociopaths may choose but they should consider their choice wisely because they aren't going to reincarnate and get another chance.

While sociopaths can't be saved there are many who have mental malfulcalties (disorders) who might be saved.  I had pondered on this question and prayed for years for the answer wondering if there was any hope for those who were born with their minds wired up wrong and as with so many things over the years the answer with always within my grasp, I just didn't see to recognize it until much later.  If a person is born gay for example and they can sense good and evil and recognize that Jesus is the Messiah they can accept the Holy Spirit and place themselves before God and see what He says.

Those who are not born homosexual however who choose that life do so because they accept a spirit of perversion which is not of God.  The Holy Spirit will not remain within someone who also accepts a sub-demon within them.

The fallen angels do have bodies and are confined in the underworld but not all of them are confined in spirit.  How does a demon express it's wills and desire upon the living then?  The answer is they create and manipulate external entities or energy entities that go back and forth between the underworld and this world.  They affect human beings and the living and anything they see and experience their demon can also see, hear and experience.  Thus these entities can feed upon the living as well as possess a person for their own "home" or "host."  They often repeat things they heard said and will repeat the things their demon tells them just like a puppet.  When I hear someone say word for word the same thing I've heard a demon say then I know that person is possessed or controlled by a demon via a sub-demon.

Another thing to note is that people especially sociopaths will not only repeat word for word the same things that demons say they will also repeat the same things someone else says when their interests conflict.  Meaning they being natural born pretenders will attempt to turn the tables on the one they are in contest with by using the same words being spoken against them.  If one says it's not about things it's about family and really means it the sociopath will like-wise say the very same thing back at the person who told them that as if to imply they are innocent and it's the other person's fault.  Sociopaths are natural born imitators.  They are also pathological liars.  When challenged they will lie to the point of sounding completely crazy throwing words together that don't make any sense at all.  They will also change their story from one telling to the next without realizing what they've said.

So knowing the creation we seek to understand the creators.  Jesus said by their fruits they are known.  If we have some understanding for the nature of the sociopath then we should also expect their creator to have the same traits.

Leading on from that we may expand to understand the creation of Islam, why it exists, who created it and what it means in our world today.

Abraham and Sarah couldn't have a child.  Then one day 3 angels came and one of them had the spirit of God within it speaking to Abraham.  Abraham recognized these three approaching and knew they were angels.  He told Sarah to fix a feast for the Lord was coming.   Since the Lord had not incarnated yet His spirit resided within the angel and this is the angel who Abraham referred to as being the Lord.  He told them Sarah would have a child and she was listening and realizing Abraham and she were both old she laughed and God heard her.  God sees and hears what his angels see and hear just as the demons do with their sub-demons.

God promised a child to the elderly couple but just as God often does He didn't give any details about it. Let the humans figure it out themselves.  :)

We know that two of those angels went on to Sodom to retrieved and save Lot and his family.  The third angel the one who had the Lord within it returned to the heavens.  When time passed and Sarah realized she was not with child she offered her handmaiden / servant to her husband that he might have a child as God had promised.  She was trying to fulfill God's promise to Abraham through her servant.

So Abraham took Hagar and she had a child she named Ishmael.  Now Hagar made fun of her master Sarah because she had the child that Sarah could not and she shamed Sarah and made her angry.  You see the first born son inherits the father's estate.  Think about that for a moment and understand the mother of the child was also entitled to bragging rights and part of that bounty.

Sarah realizing what was happening knew she had made a mistake and she insisted that Abraham banish the two.  When Sarah was with child and she realized what she had done was against God's wishes. She had thought wrongly with the best of intentions and it all went against God's plan for her and Abraham.  Hagar and Ishmael had to go, but Ishmael was the first born of Abraham and therefore held the rights to All that Abraham owned.  Reluctantly Abraham banished Hagar and Ishmael and they departed with great resentment toward Sarah her son Isaac and Abraham.

Now Ishmael and Isaac were half-brothers and both lay claim to their father's inheritance.  One born by promise under the law since Sarah and Abraham were married and one born under bondage and against the law since Hagar was Sarah's Egyptian slave.  The child born in bondage got nothing he and his mother were banished and exiled.  The child born under the promise of God, Isaac inherited his father's land and property.  From Isaac descendants the entire nation of Israel was born.  Before they were known as Israel they were known as the "Hyksos" or Shepard Kings and they resided in North East Egypt and built the great city of Avaris.  These were the people who took over Egypt and built the Great Pyramid of Giza using Egyptian slave labor but with plans given to them by God.  The Great Pyramid is the alter spoken of in Isaiah 19:19-20 and is the alter to the Lord of Light, the one true God that exists in the middle of and on the boarder of the land of Egypt.

Hagar was distraught and knowing that Abraham was truly a man of God she petitioned God for resolution to the crime committed against her and her son by Abraham and Sarah.  An angel came appearing to Hagar and promised her that her son would father nations and their descendants would be as the sands of the sea.  The entire Arab race sprang up from the descendants of Ishmael and they took whatever they desired from the land and people as they could hating the descendants of Isaac to this day.

There exists hidden messages within this very important story which are explained in the New Testament.  In time the descendants of Isaac were known as Hyksos and the Children of Israel, they were also later referred to as the Jews.  The meaning of the word is basically chosen of God or "God's chosen."  Everything about them existed as a thorn in the hearts and minds of the Arab people who were denied the inheritance, the story and origin of these two races holding the message, a simile that God hid within the pages of history and the story of two races of people one born of promise and one born of bondage under the law.

From the Arab race was spawned the religion of Islam as a challenge and defiance against the Jewish people.  This religion was born of hatred against the Jews for the seemingly wrong that had been done to their ancestors.  This to them is a physical wrong but it translates directly into the inheritance not of Abraham but of God and the real children of God.  This refers to the sons and daughters of light and the sons and daughters of darkness and bondage.

Concerning Mohammed

Mohammed was a student under the Jewish rule wanting to belong but was kicked out for his lack of acceptance of the laws as they were being taught to him.  Remember, he was an Arab descendent of Ishmael, one of those who resented the fact the Jews became God's chosen people instead of the Arabs.

Having a double dose of resentment and a hand full of texts he likely stole he went into a cave to pray where he was attacked by a demon who grabbed him squeezed him and he could not breath.  When it released him he ran for his life saying "I believe I have been possessed by a demon."  Telling his story to others someone told him it must have been the angel Michael and from that moment on what was a demon attack became a visitation from the only angel powerful enough to defeat Lucifer.  From that moment on he was hailed by the Arab / Islamic world as being the last prophet of God.  What you should realize now is that Mohammed was a sociopath and may have been a psychopath.  He was also a pedophile, a murderer, a thief, and a liar.  Being a sociopath he wasn't eligible for anything more than what the fallen angels were.  He couldn't be saved.  He was very much a form of Anti-Christ from then until now.  He made up the things he had written (because he couldn't read or write) and one of the child brides he married when she was 8 years old wrote her own accounts of some of his dealings.  She said "He made things up" and "He wasn't even in Mecca when he said he made that journey."  There much be some reason why they hate educated women to this day.

The Koran then reflected Mohammed's demon's desires and it was not God Mohammed was hearing from.  Sociopaths are by nature wired and encoded into their DNA to hear the voice of Lucifer and the Serpent instead of God thinking it is God they are hearing from when it's not.  He taught murder, deceit, rape and pillage, for gain and all the things we see today that's wrong with what is called radical Islam.  The truth is that thinking and that spirit is encoded into the Koran and as long as that book exists there will never be peace on Earth.

They want you to think that salvation was taken away from the Jews and given to those who follow Islam and nothing could be further from the truth.  At some point God referred to those of Islam as the infidels because they could not be saved but many of their leaders are sociopaths and sociopaths can't be saved for reason's I've explained.

By their fruits they are known and the Creator creates while the destroyer destroys and Islam destroys.  God is the God of truth but Allah is a deceiver lying at every word.  These are not the same gods.

The Jews over-all did not accept Jesus as their Messiah, they are still just as lost as their ancestors.  The people of Islam recognize that Jesus existed to but they will not accept the fact he really is the Messiah so they are just as lost as the Jews.  Only those who accepted Jesus as the Messiah have the legal right to claim birthright to the Kingdom of God.  None of this can be taken by force but it is God alone who recognizes His children and He does that because they are marked with His own Son's spiritual signature, the Holy Spirit that Christ created for those who accept Him.

The Great Pyramid of Giza and the Hyksos
Some of the following was only mentioned in one or two verses in the bible and not explained in any detail in the bible.  Please note Isaiah 19:19.  "In that day there will be an altar to the Lord in the heart of Egypt, and a monument to the Lord at its border."  Ask yourself why God would have an alter to himself put among a bunch of pagan pyramids.  Why the outside of the Great Pyramid was built on Egyptain measurments and the inside built based on Hebrew sacrid cubit?  It's the only one like it anywhere on Earth.  Facts about it are being hidden by the Egyptian authorities.

The Hyksos descendants of Isaac were sent by God into Egypt to literally build a book in stone, an altar to the one true God who they called the Lord of Light.  In that language it was pronounced Cheops. 

This being before Egypt took the Hyksos captive so you have some time reference for this event.  We see the scripture says "in that day there will be…" as to imply that it wasn't there yet but would be in the future.

From my research on this subject and some information coming from Egyptian historical records some of which were written by an Egyptian priest named Manetho recorded the arrival and takeover of Egypt by a people from the North East known as Hyksos (Shepard Kings-AKA a bunch of people who were known for raising sheep).  These came in a strange manor that frightened the Egyptians so badly they were afraid to fight back.  These Hyksos took over the land of Egypt and stylized it "Hyksos" done away with the worship of the many gods of Egypt for the worship of the one God who they called Cheops, meaning "Lord of Light."  During this time they lead the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza taking approximately 22 years.  After the pyramid was completed they left in the same strange manor they had come.  No actual mention of this transportation was described but whatever it was it was so beyond anything they knew it terrified the Egyptians.  There was mention of a Shepard King who traveled with them and someone else of mysterious origin.  Now when these returned to their city of Avaris it was evident that Egyptian spies followed and when the Shepard King departed in that strange transport the Pharaoh sent his army after the Hyksos taking them captive and destroying their city.

It was clear the Egyptians were not afraid of the Hycsos they were afraid of the Shepard King and the strange form of transportation used to move them from one place to another.  They not only destroyed Avaris but buried it to hide it.  In time an excavation of the city was preformed digging up the foundations of buildings they found seven seals there that belonged to Joseph who worked for the Pharaoh of Egypt managing the food supplies.  Why? Because these were his people before he was sold into slavery by his brothers and taken into Egypt.  As I said parts of the story is missing but these parts I have been able to track down from various locations.  (* The Great Pyramid Decoded by E. Raymond Capt is one of those sources.)

Anything that isn't explained on this page maybe somewhere else on either this site or the old one.  If you don't find what you are looking for please send me an Email and ask your question.  Use the Email page to do that.  Thank you and God bless.