What Are The Facts?

Translating from one language to another the meaning of words can be lost not just in the language but because of cultural understanding.  One word might mean stream, it might also mean river.  One word might mean "day" and the same word might mean "ages."  A word might be translated as void and without form when it really means to be destroyed and in ruin.

Because of this the bible as we know it is not the final or unfallible word about God and Creation.  While the truth is alive and can be found in part in the bible it in itself is not the Living Word of God.  The Living Word of God is really alive and can speak.

All things can be related to in forms of energy.
Energy can be transferred from one location to another.
Energy can be transformed from one form to another.
Energy cannot be destroyed, therefore energy is eternal.
Spirit is energy.
God the Father is Spirit and therefore is unlimited energy.

They who come to the Father do so in Spirit and in truth, there are no exceptions.
The key to access the Father is to be recognized by him that being the signature of the Creator being with us, AKA The Holy Spirit.

The Father is "The Kingdom, The Power, and The Glory."  Jesus words from the Lord's Prayer.  Any who wondered or questioned who the Father is need only turn to these words for the answer.  Christ is the Living Word of the Father who intercedes for us to the Father.

is the Creator being/entity.  The word / name means "Mighty Ones."  It's plural not singular.  "Let us make man in our image."  Us and our are plural.

We are taught The Creator Himself became born of the flesh and we called him Jesus / Yehoshua (Joshua).  Jesus was the singular representation of the plural form of Elohim.  In the form of a human our Creator took upon himself the sins of humanity in order that we as a people and as individuals might be restored to the Father through Him who died for us upon the cross.  Please don't get hung up on the names because many of those names like Elijah are literally a word having a certain meaning.  "God is with me" or Yehoshua "I come in my father's name."  We all know who Jesus was and we who know also know he is the Messiah.

You are a creation process, ask yourself is God finished creating you into what He wants you to be?  Of course the answer is He's not done with you yet, we who are living are a work in progress.  That's how God does things.  If God didn't create you in 6 days then why should you think He created the entire Cosmos in 6 days?  Time to wake up people.

All creation is accomplished through a process
, while there may be lightning in the process nothing happens in a blink like a bolt of lightning.  The Earth and entire Cosmos was not created in 6 days, it was created in 6 ages in which various processes were completed.  The "6 day" Creation described in Genesis is a mistranslation as well as a misunderstanding.  Words for void and without form translate correctly to destroyed and in ruin.  What was being described was a recreation process that followed the destruction process during the great war in the heavens between the angels.  The re-creation process also took 1000's of years.  The original creation process took many millions of years.

Lucifer and his angels
were in charge of a creation project involving humans before the creation of Adam.  He fell in the war between the angels and his "glory" was taken from him and those who were captured with him.  They are known as fallen angels as well as demons.  They had the understanding of creation from God when they first received their assignment.  They still understand how creation works even though they are in fact incarcerated on the second and fifth levels of the heavens.  Their "sub-demons" are the entities that move between dimensions and move among the living.

Lucifer / Devil spirit was with the serpent in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve were created.  Adam and Eve were the first of their race they were not the first of their species.  Adam was named after the color of his skin which should be enough indication that others of different skin color were present upon the Earth in that time.

Why did the Creator need to incarnate into the flesh being half human and half God in order to produce the solution for fallen humans?
  Because at times the Creator takes a first hand involvement in His work and He had to create a unique spirit that was half of himself and half human in order for it to be able to bond with the human spirit in order to reconcile the error that separated humans from Creator God in the Garden of Eden.  This makes the one we call Jesus / Yahshuwa the only messiah.  Which is why the prophecy and the Father said he is God's only begotten son.  There is no other name under heaven by which one might be saved.

Give a person a fish you can feed them for a day.
Teach a person to fish and you can feed them for a lifetime.

You can ask for the answers until the person you are asking will become frustrated and stop answering, or until that person dies or moves on and then where are you?

You can learn how that person came up with their answers and you will not only be able to help yourself but teach others as well.

Religion and Politics
are man made.  They are used to control the population.   Those who can't be controlled are considered a threat by the establishment.

Concepts for religion
were taken from instructions given by God to humans and incorporated into what people consider as religion, therefore a common misconception of religion and God was conceived in the human mind.  The truth is God can and does exist without religion.  Since religion binds the minds and souls of the people it was the Creator himself who came to set us free by explaining the truth to us and by giving us the Holy Spirit AKA the laws within or "God within."

If something can be used for good someone will likely find some way to use it for some evil self-serving purpose.

A weapon of any kind is just a tool until it's used as a weapon against someone.  The weapon is not to blame; the person wielding it is.

A tool of almost any kind can become a weapon.  The tool is not to blame for how it is used; the person wielding the tool as a weapon is to blame.

When you see someone hiding the facts of some event it's because there's something they don't want you to become aware of.

A person who has something to hide likely is involved in something of a criminal nature.

It's not a UFO anymore if it's close enough that you can see, it's a flying saucer.

Dad Always Said...

A person should be as good as their word.  If a person gives their word it should be as good as a written contract.  If a person's word is no good the person is no good.

Keep an open mind but not so open your brains fall out.