These are likely the most important pages on the entire website.  You won't have a clue who I am without reading these first.  This is also why I'm doing them first and allowing the users of the site to access them now. 

I'm not "preachy" like most religious people are.  Don't bother with preconceived notions about the kind of person you think I am.  I'm not religious and my views on quite a few things that are being preached in the churches are different.  If you met me on the street or out on the river you would never know that I'm the guy who runs this website.  Swearing isn't bad language it's when someone asks God to curse someone they don't like and God said don't do it.  Bad language is another kind of thing but what is commonly known as bad language is no different than the meat offered to idols, if  you understand it then it's no harm to you.  Paul said when he was in Rome he acted and spoke as the Romans did in order to blend in and be accepted.

When I first began telling my personal experiences I thought one day I'll get it all up to date.  I'm inclined to believe that as long as life exists there's no end to the story or the updates that need to be made.  I posted my original personal experience pages in 2002 using MS Front Page HTML editor.  I quit using that program years ago because the one I use now is much better.

Over the years I've experienced quite a few strange things from ghosts to UFOs to angels, demons and more.  People who read and study this site sometimes ask me if I'll be revealing new things and the answer is yes I will.  I'll be revealing a few new things that some people won't like because some of those things are about them.  Since I don't intend to do this more than once I'll try to get it right this time.  People have been begging me to write a book about my life story and at the moment my personal pages here are the closest thing I have made public.  My personal journal of course is the the most detailed but it's many 1000's of pages long.  It names names, sometimes dates, it reveals events that I witnessed and contains information about some that exposes some dark secrets about them.  Some of those things deal with events they think no one else witnessed.
I am what psychiatrists call an extrovert.  It is my nature to be honest, friendly and help others including total strangers unless they give me some reason not to.  Because of this my worst mistakes have been in trusting in bad people.  The saying no good deed goes unpunished has been the story of my life compounded by the fact I am also an empathic sensitive.  I've learned that after awhile even someone as friendly and helpful as we are can be burned in life to the point where we become reclusive and withdrawn.  I've had to accept the fact the majority can't be taught or helped and in the end will suffer their fate regardless of what anyone tries to help them.

I was raised in a haunted house next door to another haunted house
.  I've stood nose to nose with ghosts and evil spirits and a larger than life size male shadow entity in broad daylight.  God has spoken to me on several occasions very clearly!  Usually speaks to me in dreams but sends angels occasionally.  I've had angels visit sometimes waking me in the morning to deliver a message. I've stood within a few steps of a hovering UFO, up VERY close.  Once you've experienced things like this there's no going back, your life is changed forever.

I've been called crazy, had my life threatened because of what I teach,
and have even had people tell me such things don't exist.  I've observed first hand the conflicts in some people's thinking that one thing might exist but not the other.  The fact is people tend to choose what they want to believe in then seek evidence to support what they choose to put into that box.  People form their ideas about God, who and what God is and what He wants from them, often based on what someone else told them based on some dogma or misconception.  Let's just say they do their best to keep their idea of God where they can control it.  Heaven forbid that God might be doing something without their permission.  They don't get it, you can't explain to them that God can't be kept in a box of their design and is far greater than they could ever imagine.  You can't tell them they don't know what they don't know.

These pages are about things God has done for me and shown me in my life so don't think I'm writing to blow my own horn.  If God can do these things in my life I ask you why can't He do similar things in yours?  The truth is I'm not alone in my experiences and people write now and then to let me know, my skeptics and scoffers would be surprised to know how many.

Yes There Are UFO / Alien Craft
People tend to base what they believe on previous religious teachings, what someone has drilled into their minds and their own personal experiences.  Our personal experiences are not all alike.  I've stood within a few steps of a hovering UFO but those who have not experienced this may not believe me based on their lack of the experience.  Have you ever seen the bottom of the ocean?  Ever seen a million dollars?  Ever doubt such things exist?  The absence of evidence is not proof such things don't exist.

Yes There Are Ghosts!
I grew up in a haunted house and I've related some of my paranormal stories to people who tell me "ghosts do not exist."  They believe this because they have never had an experience of their own and their lack of understanding of the bible seems to support their lack of overall knowledge of these subjects.  Yet they can't find or quote one thing in the bible that supports what they have chosen to believe in.  If you ask them to verify their believes and they can't it makes them angry and resolves nothing.  You see I don't need to prove to them that ghosts or UFOs exist, I know they do.  Them not believing is not a threat to my belief system, but they sense it is a threat to theirs.  A common reaction is "Your lying, your crazy, your possessed by demons!" ...and anything they can't explain is the result of the devil.

Enlightenment Involves The Discovery Of Truth
Those who desire the truth more than they desire to find evidence that supports what they choose to believe in will eventually find the truth providing they never give up.  Some of my personal encounters that will be described in this area will be difficult for some to believe but I testify with God as my witness I have done my best to be accurate.

Oh No! They Are Not Like The Pharisees!
Some of my experiences described here may even cause certain people of religious thinking to become angry just as the Pharisees did with Jesus because of his testimony of truth.  They were continually trying to keep people focused on the physical but Jesus was trying to teach them the spiritual laws and how through the spirit they could truly be set free.  This physical world is not our home, it is temporary and Jesus was trying to convey that message to his friends and followers.  He said the things we bind here on earth will be bound for us in heaven and the things we set free here in this life will also be set free for us in heaven.  God wants people to realize and understand their casual acquaintance with Him in this life is not enough.  He wants them to understand you have one chance to get this right and what you do about your spiritual welfare in this life will go with you into your spiritual eternity.  Over the past 50 of my 63 years of life God has expressed this to me in different ways teaching me over the years the things He wanted me to understand and share.

Some who read my messages about how the devil has misled people through their religions think I hate God.  There is no place I would rather be than with my Lord.  There's nothing I can think of that is more comforting than to be among other Christians who have the Holy Spirit praising God in word and song. 

Religion Restricts, Binds, and Controls People
Some write telling me that I am lost and must become a member of their specific church or as one put it when I "get to the pearly gates and knock God won't recognize me."  Telling them God knows exactly who I am because He's the one who called me by my name seems to have no effect because their religious minds are made up.  That is the kind of spiritual bondage God wants to set us free from.  Going to your specific church has very little to do with that but certain churches are more prevalent to teach greater truth about spiritual things than others who call themselves Christian churches.  Some churches are notorious for binding the spirits and minds of their people.  Religion restricts, binds, and controls people.

The more religious a person is the more they "
put on their blinders" and are prone not to like the things they read on this and other pages I have written about these things.  The spirits that keep them bound do not want truth seekers to set the people free.  Those in bondage desire to remain there by choice.

False Religions Abound
I will explain why there is only one religion that has the correct God in mind.  This will offend non-Christian religions.  I cannot be sorry for telling the truth but I can tell them where their religions come from and it was not from God, it is from fallen angels who got in trouble for pretending to be gods when they were not.  This caused the great war in the Heavens and those angels were cast down to the earth where they continue to deceive people about who God is and how best to serve Him.  I can explain to them the reasons why God did what He did through Jesus and how there is no one else who did these things in any other religion.  I can do all this without even quoting from the Bible but referring to things that were written there as historical accounts and then expand on these things to tell you why those things happened as they did.

People who have had similar experiences will find these pages informative and comforting
.  Some of them feel they are so alone in the world because of having such powerful spiritual experiences.  Now they can see they are not alone.  For those who have never experienced such things, it will be difficult to comprehend what I have to share.  For those who are bound by incorrect religious teaching it may even anger them to learn they have been deceived by their religious teachings.  Usually those who are angered like to direct their anger toward me rather than to believe they have been taught things that were not true. 
They don't want to test their beliefs for fear they will find they are wrong.

God's message to you is, He wants to reach you with the truth.  He is very upset that any have been led astray.  This is very much why He called me to help people overcome religious misconceptions.  Read my experiences and messages here,
lay your religion and everything else on the altar of God, and start praying for God to answer you and don't quit until He does.  God doesn't want anyone to be required to follow after human teachers.  He wants to be an everyday part of your life.  He not only wants you to talk with Him, He wants you to be able to hear Him when He talks to you.

Praise God on earth and in Heaven and all thanks be to Him who has set my spirit free.

People often ask what I think about some spiritual subject and then want to know why I think this way.  My time is limited, my eyes are not so good any more, and I just don't have the time or desire to write novel length messages to every individual who asks.  So here you can read about these things and decide for yourself if I'm crazy or if you think I'm telling the truth.  I testify here that the accounts on this website are true to the best of my ability.  I fully admit how strange some of it may sound to someone who has never had experiences like these.  I understand very well how people who are bound by religion and religious spirits will not like some of the things I say.  God called me for a specific service and that being to explain certain spiritual things in much more depth than was given in the Bible.  He says there are people who are ready to hear these things now and the time is growing very short.  For those who can't understand or refuse to accept what God is telling them at least they have been told and perhaps, one day when the really bad things on earth expand and affect their lives dramatically, they will remember what they read here.  Perhaps that will be enough for God to help them and to come into a real personal relationship with them.  Perhaps when He finally speaks to them they will remember they read about it here first and then they can accept Him.

Sometimes the Holy Spirit wakes me up and pesters me until I come in here and write down something God's wanting me to share.  Sometimes I get up in the middle of the night and come write something then go back to bed and at other times like this morning I may write most of the day providing my other jobs are not conflicting with God's business in my life.  God knows I would rather be about His business than anything and when I can I try to incorporate some of His messages in my other work.

I am a published Author writing a series of books that are science fiction and intended to be entertaining as well as spiritually enlightening.  By the time I complete this series I intend to cross certain subject areas that concern some people and then explain to them how it is possible that God has ultimate control over all of His creations.  These books also speak about someone who wasn't even a regular church going person who was called out into God's service by God without even realizing it at first.  She is led down a bizarre path in her life only in the end to discover that path would lead her right back to God.  It's not intended to be a story about religion.  It is intended to be entertaining and drop hints along the way as Megan helps her friends both far and near.  In the Megan Martin novels she wasn't to become Ember Reign until novel 7.  Losing my publisher after novel 6 threw that entire series off the table.  In the Ember Reign series Megan becomes Ember Reign in the first novel.  It's the adult version of these novels and you can get it from me from the websites EmberReign.com or from Amazon.com Kindle downloadable books for about $5.

Like some of the prophets in the Bible, God has shown me things and explained some things to me that I can't describe in detail for reasons that He has explained to me.  The most prevalent reason being that the devil, specifically a demon known as Nata, loves to take the truth, twist it and bend it then use it to mislead others with.  I despise when deceptive spirits do things like this and therefore must agree with God's reasons for not wanting me to explain certain things.  It's been 11 years since I original wrote this area of the site and I do intend to reveal more than I have previously.

Chapter One
I was raised in a small town along State Route 100 in Illinois called Pearl.  It's a river town and at one time in its history was larger than Saint Louis.  It had a big button factory and farmed the rivers for shells they made buttons out of.  Somewhere along the line something went wrong, the city was cursed and went downhill from there.  People left in droves moving to surrounding towns and cities until Pearl was left with a population around 500 when I lived there.  Now it's around 200-250.

Like any community it had its few "upper crust" people some which lived on the slope going up to the Old Pearl Prairie where they could look down on the rest of us with some impunity.  They weren't all bad people but they were mostly "snootas" AKA "snobs".  They didn't blend well with the rest of us.  Thanks to my dad's business however we knew most of them because now and then we worked for them.

The Christian Church
I was raised in the Christian church but they taught me things that were not entirely true.  During my life I went to the Christian church, the anti-instrument Church of Christ, and another Church of Christ that my grandpa John W. Smith helped build.  It had been converted from anti-instrument to just a regular Church of Christ and now and then the people would argue about what kind of church it was.  Every one of them had some flaw they taught to their congregations.  Of course I was just a kid and didn't understand what all the religious rhetoric was about.  What I didn't realize was God was going to teach me what it was the hard way.

I could write chapters about my experiences with those three churches.  Faults aside they did teach from the same Bible.  Their differences, like so many, are based on their interpretation of how God wanted us to serve Him.  I learned the religious leaders of these churches, usually the elders, would strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.  There were those who always wanted to choose a side and jump on the bandwagon completely oblivious, not caring what the truth really was.  Often their ability to get hung up in the letter of the law was at the heart of their flaws.

There is a great spiritual movement in the world today.  God's people and His angels are working to bring the church denominations together.  Satan and his bunch are doing anything and everything they can to prevent it.  Some of you may have realized how certain denominations are much friendlier with other denominations.  The reason is because God is working to build spiritual bridges between them to bring all of His people together again in mind and in spirit.  God knows the devil and his hordes cannot defeat us if we stand together of like mind and spirit in the truth that God has given us.  Likewise the devil and his hoards also realize this and would sooner have us dead than for us to win the battle between the forces of light and darkness.  The dark forces have been working to undermine truth planet-wide and the changes they have wrought in America are disastrous and kin to the spirits that existed in Sodom and Gomorrah.  The bible clearly says the end times will be "as it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah" and we are heading that way like a locomotive out of control.  The more they accept spiritual perversions the closer we are to that day.  These things we were given as signs to watch for so that we will know when the time is near, and it is near.

Our faith in our God is what we believe in.  Our religion is how we practice that faith.

The anti-Instrument Church of Christ I was kicked out of first.
I was just a kid, a young teenager, and one Sunday morning decided I would just walk over and go to church at the anti-instrument Church of Christ.  I liked to sit in the back on the right hand side and that morning the service was very entertaining.  Two of the elders had a hat rack installed in the foyer without consulting the other elders.  They took center stage as they argued over if it was God's will the church building have a hat rack or not.  These are people who hold a tuning fork out the window for fear they are adding to the New Testament book of the Bible.  Anyone having half a lick of sense laughs and says, "Are they completely out of their minds or what?"

They, like so many, are distracted by the physical and miss the spiritual message by so much all because of one little point of consideration. They didn't want a piano in their church building as if it were the One True Church of God and they might defile or disobey God on some small letter of the law and end up in hell for it. 
Like God gave a crap!

They took over the morning service, told the pastor who was a friend of mine to sit down and shut up, then they told the church members to separate into groups and who ever was for the hat rack get on one side of the church and who ever was against it get on the other side.  Yes, the pastor of the church tried to stop them but they refused and would not listen. 

Going out the door the elders were of the habit to stand and greet people as they were leaving.  While shaking one of their hands I said, "
You know you don't have a piano in the church building because you think that is adding to the New Testament but there's no place in the New Testament that says you can have a P.A. system, no place that says you can have a pulpit or even the pews people sit in."  The elder scowled at me then at his fellow elders then back at me and said, "I would appreciate it if you would never darken our doorway again."  That was the last time I ever went to that church but as I was walking across the drive in front of the lumber yard God spoke to me telling me, "That's all right Bryon, they have taught you exactly what I wanted."

I heard God speaking to me but it was not a loud voice but was very clear.  Even so I didn't understand what God was getting at or what He was trying to teach me out of all that.  It appeared that God was teaching me things that contradicted the teachings of religion and I found this somewhat disturbing.  The more God taught me, the more I learned, the more disturbing it became.

The Church of Christ at "Peaceful Pond"
I don't even know if there is such a place as Peaceful Pond.  I changed the name of the place just as I did in the first edition "The Adventures of Megan Martin" out of respect for the church and the people there.

One day while at the Church of Christ out near "Green Pond" I watched as an argument broke out over whether or not this particular Church of Christ was still an anti-instrument church or not since they brought a piano into the building and began using it in their services.  I saw very much the same type of ordeal here as I saw in the previous church I had been asked not to return to.  Again the preacher got up and tried to calm the argument and they told him that he could be replaced.  The man, also a friend of mine, walked out the door and when he passed I followed him outside where he sat upon the church stairs with his Bible and began to pray.  So I asked him, "
Why are they arguing like that, what is the name of this church really?"  The pastor walked out onto the walkway toward the road and I followed him.  He pointed at the sign on the church building above the door.  He said "What does that say?"  And I read it.  "It says Green Pond Church" and he said "Yes, house of God."

What the preacher was telling me that the name on the church wasn't nearly as important as God.  He was telling me the devil was trying to divide God's people over the smallest misconceptions.  Over the years I have learned more often than not it is not the pastor or preacher that causes the problems in the churches, usually it is the elders or someone else.  In fact I have learned over the years the better a preacher or pastor is the more likely it is they will be fired by the elders.  That's not to say that all pastors have a clue either because I have met some bad pastors and preachers in my life.  Men who led their entire flock astray.

All three of these churches taught that God doesn't speak to people anymore and considered speaking on tongues was a special gift that was done away with.  When asked sometimes they would tell you that even the devil can speak in tongues and therefore taught the concept that speaking in tongues was of the devil and intended to lead people astray with.  What they didn't know was they were the ones leading people astray on this very subject.  This dogmatic teaching bound my own spirit into believing that lie.

A very important lesson in this is that you may later learn the teaching was wrong but may not be able to free your own spirit from that dogma.

It took God to overcome the damage they had done to me in my spiritual life.  Meaning they didn't mislead people intentionally, they did it out of ignorance, but God literally went around them to get His job done.  He frequently helps people not because of their religious teaching but literally despite it.

Changing the subject I want to talk about something that is most certainly spiritually related that being the subject of Ghosts.  The preachers tell us the Bible says when a person dies they either go to heaven or hell right away.  I lived in the upstairs area of a two story house.  It had an attic door on both sides of my room that literally went out into the area between my walls and the roof.  That's an attic any way you look at it and when in there you had to watch your step because if you didn't walk on the boards you could fall through the ceiling into the room below.

It was a wood frame house and I was small but I remember dad and his friends working to build the place. I remember a basement full of sand and having a swing near the steps that was fastened to a floor joist.  Dad bought the house and literally jacked it up to put the basement under it.

At that time the house couldn't have been all that old but it made strange sounds at night.  That wasn't too bad, I could deal with the strange sounds but this one attic door, the one on the west side of my upstairs room would come open at different times for no reason.  It had a latch on it, and believe me I would latch it and you couldn't just pull it open without pulling the latch.  I would go to bed one night and wake up the next morning and that door would be open.  That used to bug the heck right out of me so one night I had the bright idea to slide a box of books against it.  The box was quite heavy and I had to put some effort into moving it against the door.  I went to bed, I got up the next morning and was relieved to see the door was still closed.  I walked past the foot of my bed and saw the heavy box had been moved away from the door.  I walked over and opened the closet door and it opened exactly against the box as perfectly as if it had been moved there by the door.  I pushed the box against the door many times and many times I would find it moved out into the floor.  I didn't say much about it though for fear someone would think I was crazy.  I think I did tell my sister about it and may have even shown her the box and how it moved.  She told me that all three attic doors would open and close on their own.

So what did move the box?  What opened the door?  Was it a ghost?  I don't know but that thought certainly came to mind.

The Foreman House
There were two old school teachers living in the house next door.  One of them died and the other sold the house to my dad.  Since it was right next door and me being a teenage boy I considered that's our house now and if I want to go snooping around over there then I have the right to do so.  So I would climb out the window and down the radio tower at night and go over there around 11pm or so with my flashlight.  My first trip there at night was real indeed.  I went in and locked all the doors then walked around the house and went and laid down in the east bedroom with the door closed.  I was just resting and half snoozing when I heard footsteps in the house.  I thought someone had come looking for me so I listened and watched to see who it was.  I heard the foot steps make a strange sound, a clump, thump sound that didn't seem right to me.  I heard it come across the floor furnace making a very distinctive sound.  I heard it move out into the middle of the living room floor and I jumped out with my flashlight and said something like, "HA! I caught you!"  And to my shock there wasn't anyone there.  I quickly returned to the bedroom and locked the door.  I listened as the foot steps came to the door and I watched under the door with my flashlight still not believing what was happening.  When the door handle turned I went out the bedroom window head first and ran all the way back to my room.

A few days later when I worked up courage I went back and just listened to the sound of the footsteps as they went through the house and off to the east bedroom.  I heard the sound of a squeaking door then I heard another sound.  Then I left.  I told my sister and we returned in the daylight and I showed her by walking the path myself what I had heard.  But then in that far room I couldn't find anything that could make that odd squeaking sound.  The room was full of books and dresser drawers.  There in the corner I saw a narrow slit in the wall but couldn't get to it.  We began removing the books from the dresser drawers so we could move them.  Finally we managed to move one of them that was against the wall just enough that I could climb up over it to the slit in the wall.  I pulled it open hearing the squeaking sound it made gave me chills.  I said "
That's it, that's what I heard!"  I managed to get it opened just enough I could stick my head into it and look around.  I looked down and saw a box and opened it to see what was inside.  I said "It has leather straps in it," and my sister said pull it out and see what it is.  I pulled it up and to my shock it was a wooden leg.  That's no joke, it really was a wooden leg.  That explained the thump, clunk sound of the walking.

That's certainly not the end of that story and wasn't the last time people encountered the ghost in that house.  People talk about residual hauntings which play over and over again like a recording.  This ghost however was aware that I was there and it changed its path to come to my door to see who I was.  If people either go to Heaven or hell the moment they die then what is this ghost doing walking around in that house?

I'll talk more about spirits and ghosts later on.