Over the years certain people with the insight to ask realized that God is the biggest keeper of secrets in the Cosmos.  So they ask me if I will reveal some of those secrets to them and lately I've been willing to reveal some of those secrets for two reasons.  The time is very short on the prophetic scale and I've been diagnosed with a certain type of cancer that typically kills the patient - either the cancer itself or the "cure" can be fatal.  My cancer Dr. said because they caught it in time I stand a fair chance of survival.  My surgeon tells me I stand a better than 50% chance of surviving the operation.  The problem is that after the operation people who have this type of surgery sometimes have heart complications or strokes.  So while God did tell me I would witness two Great Escapes in my life time I've not witnessed those things yet and will likely survive long enough to see it.  In the event I'm wrong then I should share the most important secrets that I know.


You have heard of guardian angels placed with God's children.  These are not placed on "so called Christians" they are placed only with spirit-filled Christians.  Among the spirit-filled, God will move selected people to certain locations where powerful angels are waiting to receive their commands.  The reason the New World Order and One World Government commanded by the people of Satan / Anti-Christ have taken so long to take over the world is because of these guardians.

Guardians protect everyone including the very stupid and the well-intending but ignorant.  They protect everyone in America from that system I just mentioned including those who want God out of government because they can't separate religion from the concept of Godliness.  The founding Fathers were the first guardians over this country and they placed references to God and the Bible all over government buildings and even hid them within the structures.  Some were placed outside for all to see which are the first ones the atheists go after.  Not all are atheists some call themselves Christians but since they are not spiritual Christians they can't understand those things that are only revealed through the Holy Spirit.

Many are unaware that angels actually made appearances to certain of the Founding Fathers and revealed certain information to them.  As the forces of darkness learned what some of those secrets were they began undoing what God had done through the Founding Fathers.  If they can't remove it for some reason they will deface it and claim it as their own.  This leaving bits of truth mixed with lies because the best deceptions are based on truth.  This is the main reason why God would not allow images of things in heaven or on Earth within the temple because he knew the deceiver would use those things to corrupt people with.  Those who are deceived often believe they are doing God's work when they aren't because they couldn't possibly know the truth even with it in front of them.  So no matter how much truth and secrets of God I might reveal here the evil one and his children will not understand it fully.  It won't prevent them from using it against those who are not truly enlightened.  (And I don't mean the people of the Illuminati.  They are among the most deceived on the planet.)

Guardians may or may not appear to be religious people and many of them aren't religious and may not go to Church except on special occasions.  Many of them don't realize they are guardians; they do by instinct what the Holy Spirit directs them to do.  That means that Jesus Christ directs them through the Holy Spirit within them.  Because of this they will instinctively do what God tells them to do.

The guardians will look like everyone else. They don't stand out as being special unless you know exactly what to look for.  As long as enough of them exist among the living the anti-Christ and One World Order can not come to pass.

Guardians will pray for God's angels to protect the integrity of the United States, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights on a dally basis.  Their angels range in size from taller than a building to high as a skyscraper.  They will always have at least three special angels for this purpose and some may have more than that depending on who they are and what their purpose is.  They will pray for those who are evil in our government with blood on their hands to be exposed for the criminals they are and to be held accountable.  They will pray against those who shed innocent blood.  They will pray against those who were actually behind the events of 9-11 and the assassination of President Kennedy, and other like or similar terrorist acts.  If a guardian who doesn't know they are reads this they will quickly realize who they are.  They will understand it's just as well they don't reveal this to anyone especially someone they can't trust.

I'm revealing these things now so those spirit-filled Christians know how these things work.  Be aware that a friend or relative may be a guardian.  You may have a neighbor who's a guardian and you had no idea.

God's angels are most certainly living among us and more often than not we don't see them, but sometimes someone may but they may not have any idea who that person is.

If bad people move into next to a guardian likely they won't be there long before something happens that causes them to move away, because God's angels are protecting that guardian so they can do their jobs without a great deal of interference.

Sometimes things happen for reasons we as humans can't comprehend.  When it comes to guardians everything in their lives will be directed by God.  Everything will have a reason and purpose even if it takes them awhile to realize what that purpose is.

Secret Messages In Plain Sight
God has people hide secrets and truth among novels, TV shows and movies sometimes.

One of the most important of all was released literally on my birthday, 12/12.  The name of the movie is The Day the Earth Stood Still.  The message is there, go watch it, and see if you can find it yourself.

One of the most important TV series may seem odd but it's an action series about spies and the dirty secrets kept by our government.  The name of the series is Nikita.  The agencies mentioned exist under other names but they do the very same kinds of things mentioned in the series.  They murder innocent people and blame it on someone else and they get away with it consistently because there's no one else in power high enough up that will stand up to these organizations and put an end to the terrorists that exist and operate within the USA.  Sometimes the name of the agency will change but the faces and intentions rarely do.  Anyone who steps on their toes hard enough will end up having a mysterious death and most of those appear to be accidents.  They aren't, they're murders.

When I wrote the Megan Martin and Ember Reign novels I often hid true things as fiction within them.  If a person is intuitive enough they can read these novels and find those secrets.

Scientists are saying if humanity is going to survive we must find  a way to live on Mars.  Ask yourself why they are saying that and spending so much money and time to figure a way to make that idea possible.  Ask yourself why certain governments of the world are building massive secret underground bunkers.  The answer is of course they are aware of an impending disaster and they intend to hide their elite and chosen people in those bunkers when the time comes.  Normal people like you and I are not invited.  They expect us to die for the purpose of population control.  Because people won't control their own numbers.

The worst most devious people on the planet are often the most useless yet these very same people think and often say openly they want to get rid of the useless "eaters."  They often mention these useless eaters are middle to lower class people.  The majority of these are elite socialites, very wealthy and very powerful and many of them are members of secret clubs like the Illuminati, Bohemian Club, Skull and Bones, the Builderburgers.  Many of them who've made their wealth thanks to the efforts of the working class people.  Now they have a plan to keep all the gold for themselves and eliminate or reduce the population on the earth.  These elite people are the useless eaters but they being mostly sociopaths and psychopaths are unable to realize they are so smart they can't see the truth in front of them.  They fail to realize that once the working class are gone there won't be anyone left to feed and care for them.  Their fortunes won't be worth anything.  When we are gone it won't be very long before they realize they can't eat their gold.  Who are the real heroes?  The working class people; that's who.  As such the bible says the meek shall inherit the Earth, but only in the end after the Great Tribulations that will be caused by the social elite.