I'm not going to make a long drawn out speech on this page recounting my message to those who are happy with their religion, nor to fanatics of any kind.  People who like angry rant tend to think they are intelligent, but they are not.  The less they know the more intent they are to prove it.  That won't work here.  God didn't choose me to help churchy judgmental religious people.  He chose me to help those who are just the opposite of that.  The kind of people Jesus would be hanging out with if He were here in person.  If highly churchy religious people would dwell on that for a moment they might learn something important.

We were given examples in the bible and they read it and completely miss the hidden messages in plain sight.  The bible says many will come to God on Judgment Day and tell him what all they did for him and he will say "Depart from me you wicked servant.  I know you not."  Who do you think he was talking about?  These are people who have spent their lives being churchy religious people driving away the people God is calling.  Who's going to help those people if the people in the churches can't or won't?  You can be sure God found someone else to do that job and that someone will not be someone they would expect.  "Can anything good come from Nazareth?"  "Yes, yes it can."  Jesus came from the last place anyone would expect the Messiah to come from.  He associated with the sinners and called them friends.  He and his deciples were all judged by the organized religion of that day.  They are still judged harshly by those of organized religion today.

I now believe my original idea was best by staying simple, less is more.  Anyone who can't comprehend the simple instructions shouldn't be reading the website or sending me E-mails to express their disapproval of the content of my sites.  If you go into a store and don't like what you see, leave and go find another store.  It's not complicated.

I've been told how self righteous I am, but anyone and everyone who knows me knows without quetsion that's not the case. I'm not righteous or religious in any way.  I was chosen evidently because of previous ancestors were in God's service also chosen like me.  I've done nothing on my own to earn anything special.  God called, spoke to me and gave me a job.  I said I would do it.  So yes I know for a fact God not only can but will speak to certain people when it suits Him.  I don't mean a little voice or thought in your head I mean CAN REALLY SPEAK and when He does His voice is all I could hear.  I was pale as a ghost first time this happenped.  I know that for a fact.  I just do not tolerate idiots or bullshit at all.  I call it what it is and that draws some fire.  Elijah and most of God's special people did the same thing and people didn't like them either so I'm in good company.

I've been told that my teachings are not biblical.  I can tell you there are things in the bible that aren't right, they were worded wrong or they were mistranslated and often these things are misunderstood.  I make it a point to point out those things and the highly religious hate that because they think the bible itself is the living word of God and it isn't, Jesus is.  I do not follow the Old Testament teachings but I am familiar with things in it and some of those things were given in abstract like Ezekiel's vision.  It was an abstract of the Earth and does not depict or describe the Earth accurately at all.  Scholars have tried to figure it out and they think he was seeing a UFO of some kind.  He may have seen UFOs, Enoch and Elijah did but that's not what the vision was about.  Visions are like dreams in that they often use abstract or symbolic language and while sometimes they are literal sometimes they aren't and sometimes they are mix of both.

I've been told I'm unChrist-like.  Let me tell you about Jesus.  He hated organized religions.  He spoke to bound and banished evil spirits.  The church and churchy people hated him and judged him constantly.  He didn't tolerate wicked deceptive people and made it a point to explain to his followers to "leave them alone."  He associated with "sinners" on a regular bases.  He cursed the money changers in the temple told them they had turned His Father's house into a den of thieves then promptly beat the heck out of them and ran them out of the temple.  Now back up and tell me again how Jesus was.  No and I'm not as tolerate with them as he was.  No don't follow me, that would be a mistake.  Judge me if you must but don't bother to write a rant to explain it to me I won't ever see it.  What did Jesus do when the self righteous were ready to stone the prostitute?  He pointed out those who have no sins should cast the first stone.  He knew all their sins and they hated him for it.  I would consider the prostitute a friend but I have no use for religious churchy people.  I wasn't put here to teach the bible either though I can I don't usually.  My job is of another nature to help people with things that most can't help them with including the churches.  If anyone thinks I'm a hard case I have two other very good friends I can let them talk to and they will like them less than they like me you can be sure of it.  Two of the finest both far better men than I am when it comes to being about God's business.

Jesus did not believe in being politically correct, neither do I.  That's a trick of the devil the name of the spirit is Leviathan.  It has a huge part to play in these latter days.  You can see it's effects all around us every day.  Anyone who thinks Jesus was about being nice is all wrong.  He very clearly said "I have not come to bring piece but a sword."  He calls it as He sees it and so do I.  Let's face it the truth is offensive to those who believe in the lie.

When I do receive hate mail these people are not aware they are actually giving me a compliment.  Nearly all of these people have sub-demons literally controlling their lives.  Many sub-demons know who I am because I've dealt with them in the past.  If evil people hate me then I'm doing something right.  I see that as a good thing.  While they are writing hate messages I'm busy reading and answering messages from people in need, doing my best to help someone.  They can't say the same thing.  The sub-demons don't want me helping people to be rid of them.

I have 3 levels of E-mail filters set to remove hate and rant mail.  Anyone who takes time to write along those lines has wasted their time. I will never see it and wouldn't read it even if it does get past the filters.

The filters are very good and sometimes even remove legitimate E-mails from people seeking help.  This is why you must put "Spiritual Things" in the subject line if you want me to get your message.  This will not over-ride messages with hate or rant content.

I receive messages nearly every day from people around the world asking questions, sharing stories, and many who need help with problems they can't find anyone else to help them with.   I've lost count how many wrote telling me they had no reason to live and were ready to end their lives. I talked them out of it and convinced them they can take command of their life and help others.

The world is full of those who like to pretend to help while charging people for their services and keeping them dependent upon them.  The man who preaches that demons come out of the TV set literally creates the problems he claims to be saving people from then asks for donations to support his needs.  When I explained that to his followers he claimed I was sending demons after them in an effort to be rid of me and protect his flock and his income.  He's like the exterminator who turns the bugs and rats loose in the building then comes to rid the place when the owners call for help.

I do not charge for my time or services.  I seek no followers; I don't want followers.  I seek to empower people and give them command of their own lives so they can continue without being dependent on others.  I am happy to help when I can and my greatest hope is for them to move on and help someone else as I have helped them.

I run 11 websites, I write novels, I do video production and other things.  Sometimes I spend all day or more than one day answering messages from a single day.  I stay busy and I'm not always in the best of health.

If my site wasn't enough to help you with your problem or you have something special to share write me at bryon(at)spiritualthings.org  Change the (at) to @, put Spiritual Things in the subject line and I'll read it if I can.