In The Beginning Was God

God gives us clues, He gives us keys to unlock mysteries hidden all around us.  He didn't give us the bible to blind our senses or bind our spirits.  He gave us the bible as a guide and hid many of the keys we need to unlock those mysteries.  The most important key I can think of is this...

No one can come to the Son unless the Father leads them.  No one can know the Father unless the Son reveals Him to them.  No one can come into the Father unless the Son who is the Creator gives them the key.

When Jesus was here preaching and teaching many important lessons the one thing that stands out as the basis for all teaching is the fact he was not here to serve himself, he was here to serve His Father who is in Heaven.  He said the Father is spirit.

One thing our science is aware of is energy can be transformed but not destroyed.  Spirit is energy.

Dark Energy
Jesus was working for his Father who is an energy entity.  We don't think that much about it simply because we can't see or measure most of it.  It's like air or empty space but guess what, they have proven space isn't actually empty.  Science has discovered what they call dark energy out there and they say you can't see it or test it but you can tell it has an effect on everything.  Dark energy defies description, doesn't follow any known law, affects all mass in some way, can't be contained or controlled but it most certainly exists.  Just like God if you think about it.

Energy In Many Forms
In my research I've learned that energy comes in as many forms as you might imagine and some you may not have.  Jesus spoke with demons and unclean spirits (that make people sick).  In my paranormal research I have acquired an EVP literally from the spirit of cancer.  Yes they talk.  Yes they are intelligent energy and you can listen to the EVP on this site or on my SpookyPlaces.net website.  The EVP is called "You Looked At Me."

My second cousin Scot G. sent me that and never told me what it was until after I had listened to it.  I said "
that's a class A EVP."  He said "It is, but it's not a ghost."  And he told me the story how he had captured that EVP.

I tend to test everything and I have a friend who has special abilities, spiritual discernment, and has cast demons out of people.  I didn't tell him what that EVP was and asked him to tell me.  I played it for him three times and he said, "
That's the spirit of cancer."  I said, "You mean those things can talk?"  And he said, "Sure, Jesus talked with them, it's in the bible."

I'm perfectly happy to tell you who this man is but since he works in the world of religion among those who can't comprehend the depth of who he is and tend to judge with malicious judgment I use his name sparingly.  Religious people find his name on my sites and since they think I'm "of the devil" they tend to judge him for being my friend, the same way the Pharisees did with Jesus.  No it's not fair, it's not right but you can't fix stupid so we do the best we can to avoid those types of confrontations.

The fact my friend had special gifts had been proven without a doubt.  The fact Scot said it was cancer who spoke the EVP had also been verified.  If you think all this sounds crazy we aren't even warmed up good yet.  I will reveal things on this website most preachers haven't the slightest clue about.

Science And God
Religious dogma teaches all kinds of things that aren't true based on bad teaching and misunderstanding of the written word.  If you can take one book and generate dozens of denominations from it why not?  Each denomination and individual church has their own version of what they think the bible says.  Each one proclaiming they have the right understanding.  If they all knew how far off they were, they would shut up because every one of them is wrong somewhere and some are more wrong than others.  They create divisions among the people that God didn't intend yet they all claim to be God's people.  Let's face it, something's wrong.

Dogma teaches that science is out to disprove the existence of God therefore the devil is behind science.  WRONG!  Science is actually what we refer to as our attempt to understand what God has done.  Creation's way of finding the Creator.  You see the more they dig the more they prove intelligent design.  How many scientists that started off as unbelievers have changed their minds upon startling discoveries?  How many unbelievers have set out on a paranormal investigation only to discover spirits actually do exist?

Did you know there's an entire group of scientists who were once non believers who believe in God / intelligent design now because of their discoveries?  When humans get religion out of the way it's amazing what they can discover!

Think about this for a moment.  Those who know for a fact that God exists aren't the slightest bit concerned that science might disprove His existence.  We do not see science or scientists as a threat.  We tell them, "good job, keep on going, there's no telling what you will discover tomorrow."  On the other hand when those who say they believe in God yet see science as a threat talk about such things they instantly become defensive.  You can see it in their eyes they are ready for a fight.  They don't realize they reveal their own insecurities when they do that.  Sure they believe in God but they don't know for a fact, neither do they trust in God.  Truth is their beliefs conflict with God's business and it makes no sense to them when they try to understand it.  Anything they can't understand is not of God the way they see it.

When our understanding of science and logic no longer conflict with our concepts of God then we have found a proper balance
.  No conflict, no confusion, problem solved.  Religious minded people are constantly seeking the enemy without realizing they are the enemy.  They get right in their own way and refuse to move based on some dogma or misconception they insist upon believing.

Spiritual Energy
Practically everything that exists in the physical world has some spiritual counterpart.  Just as we exist in physical form, we also have an electrical form.  Just as we think, so that we are.  Humans are part flesh, part spirit, and part soul.  Body, mind and spirit.  Our mind is both physical and spiritual.  When our bodies die our spirit continues on without the body and our spirit is our new body and our soul is our mind that makes us who we are even after death.  What we bind on earth in life remains bound for us in the spirit.

Lucifer and his angels had bodies at one time, not bodies like we have but still they had bodies.  They were transformed into new bodies when they were rounded up by Michael and his angels and demoted from the presence of God.  They were bound in a dimension within a dimension I refer to as the Underworld.  Their bodies can't leave that place yet they still have influence over things in the mortal world.  Meaning they can't physically possess someone, yet they can still control and possess them in another way.  Ask yourself how is this possible?

The answer takes us back to a time when Lucifer was the bright morning star of the heavens and still working for Creator God.  Lucifer only knew what God programmed into him and nothing more.  He can't create new things but he can pervert existing things.  Just as God uses angels to do His bidding in creation, Lucifer has the ability to create spirit entities that allow him access into our world.  These entities become the eyes, ears, and mouths of demons in our world.

Spirits exist around us and within us.  Some spirits move about freely.  Some spirits touch us, some enter us, some leave us.  Spirits change people's personality.  They change people's outlook on life.  Spirits set our perceptions on life and set the choices we make.  Spirits tells us what we like and what we do not like as well as how we respond to those things.

The combinations of spirits within us make us who we.  Spiritual energy contains information, personality, identity.  Spirits establish what we consider to be good and evil.  Some spirits are passive and respond to our will while other spirits are forceful and want us to respond to their will.  Spirits feed on certain kinds of energy, energy that either drives or calms the emotions of their host.  Some spirits feed on hate, anger, destruction and violence while other spirits feed on positive healing energy.  Some spirits use and abuse their host while not wanting their host to be aware of them - these are deceptive spirits.  Other more beneficial spirits like nothing better than for their host to be aware of their presence - these are truthful helpful healing spirits.  The more you know and understand about spirits the better equipped you will be to deal with them and life in general.

If you have read my personal experiences pages then you have some idea where I'm going with this.  If you have not read those pages you should before you go any further.

Those with religious blinders tend to base their beliefs on their lack of knowledge and experience and believe there is no such thing as ghosts.  For someone who can see them, for someone who's walked among the spirits and seen all types there's no question about it ghosts exists.

The Bible doesn't explain everything that goes on in the unseen world around us.  If something isn't mentioned or isn't described in some detail the teachers assume that such things do not or no longer exist.  Some things that are mentioned the teachers fail to understand so they teach these things incorrectly.  Before the Crucifixion of Christ we were only familiar with evil spirits and angels that roamed the Earth.  We know the Witch of Endor called up the spirit of the prophet Samuel into the dead body of a soldier and we know he was saved but came up from a dark place into that body.  We know he wasn't in heaven with God.  After the Crucifixion of Christ something changed, and I can tell you what that was.

They say the Bible doesn't mention ghosts but in fact it does and mentions spirits and people seeing ghosts walking among the people as if they were alive during the three days while Jesus was in the underworld.  God will tell His children the truth, if they really want to know.  They say, "
The Bible teaches us that when you die you either go to heaven or hell immediately."  They say that but there's no where in the Bible that supports that teaching.  Ask them to show you and they can't do it.  I was raised being taught these things and I believed them until God revealed the hidden truth to me.  Keep these things in mind as you read these pages.  I'll explain to you the difference between Old Testament and New Testament rules that regulate the activity of certain types of spirits we call ghosts.

Haunted House
When we bought our new house we were aware of spirits, angels, demons and such but we had no idea what was haunting our new house until I went OBE, got out of my body, and went on patrol to find them.  I found shadow-like entities of various types roaming the house.  Some looked like dwarfs, some like lizards, some like monkeys and so forth.  They were into everything.  They turned things off and on.  They made noises.  They opened doors.  They flushed the toilet etc.  I became angry and began throwing them out of the house.  I had no idea what they were at the time but I knew what they weren't, and they were not good and they were not staying in my house with me.

Sub Demons
Finally when the demon Nata showed up and told me to leave his little friends alone I realized these things belonged to the demons and I set in to find out what they were.  Now I call them sub-demons.  These entities feed upon the living.  They have no body of their own.  They can possess people.  They cause all manner of mental illnesses and disorders.  They can cause physical illnesses.  They talk to people, put thoughts into their minds, they pretend to be someone or something they are not, they deceive people.  This is how a demon can be in our world without being in our world.  Lucifer was doing with these things what God does with angels except that angels live off the God force / light energy while sub-demons live off the energy of mortal beings.

This video clip shows one of these sub-demons captured by a paranormal investigator.

The majority of these things are bad, they are trouble makers and terrorists but most of them can be dealt with when you know what you are dealing with.  Most of them aren't overly dangerous but some of them are and you don't always know what you are dealing with when you begin an investigation of this kind.  Some have been known to attack people, bites, scratches, hitting, leaving marks and bruises.  Some of them have been known to set fires.  Yes, some of them can literally burn a place to the ground.

Now and then you will see evidence of these things on the paranormal programs which is where this clip comes from.  My Ghost Stories Caught On Camera is one of the best.  Some of the shows where eye witnesses to these events tell their stories is also very good and one of those tells how one of these three toed sub-demons dumped the contents of a refrigerator on the floor then walked through it leaving a set of perfect tracks in the ketchup.

Remember, I saw our first sub-demons 30 years ago, long before we had teams of paranormal investigators.  I knew they were real and the fact that some have been caught on video and photo is more evidence for those of you who have never seen such things.

Evil Existed In Eden
In the Garden of Eden there were two trees that were set apart and special.  One was the Tree of Life and the other the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  After eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, Adam and Eve became aware of something new, for now we will call it sin.  Sin is clearly a condition of being and deals with people's awareness and perceptions of life.

You Are What You Eat
Read and remember this, "people are what they eat" but not what they "eat" but what they "consume and take into their soul."  You are what you feed upon and if what you feed upon is truth then you should do well.  If you consume only those things you choose to believe in then you are on the path to self fulfillment and you become the embodiment of the lie.  As with religions they teach according to tradition that are only partly based in truth.

Bevis & Butthead is not educational programming!
If you fill your mind with the garbage that flows like a river out of Hollywood then you program your mind in a way that is detrimental to your well being.  Everything that appears on your TV is intended to have some affect upon you, and most of it is bad for you.  In the words of the famous comedian George Carlin "It's bullshit people, it's bad for you."  Soap opera type TV shows have always been bad for you.  If you don't already have problems in your life and relationships these things will set your mind to fail.  Reality shows aren't based on reality, they are bad for you.  If you watch trash programming and have problems in your life, blame yourself because no one makes you watch it.

There are networks out there that carry educational programing.  TLC, History, National Geographic, Science, Travel Channel etc.  Now and then the major networks even carry a few things of interest.  Prime time shows aren't too bad with a few exceptions.  I heard they are bringing the series Dallas back!  It was crap the first two times and it's still garbage programming.  But a few of the prime-time shows contain educational content in the form of drama like the detective shows, CSI, Bones, Elementary, NCIS, etc.  There are a few shows that aren't really educational that can sometimes have valuable content scattered through them.  There are a few that won't create negative repercussions in normal people like Haven, Once Upon A Time and even Grimm.  Now and then someone produces something with a positive message in it hidden as fiction or science fiction like the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still.  The message of course is humans are the greatest threat to their own existence and we are destroying this Earth without thought or regard.  This is not our world to do with as we please and one day humanity will realize that too late.