Did you marry the women of religion or did you marry the free spirit of God?
I was looking for my soul mate and during that time nearly married the daughter of the women who was threatening my life from the Southern Baptist church.  I was not only trying to find my own church home, I was trying to find my mate and on both counts that was God's business not mine.  My problem was back then I was having a hard time trusting God with my affairs.  When all that went down the drain and God explained to me that it wasn't up to me I put everything on the altar and gave it to Him.  I said, "God you find me a mate or I just won't have one."  A week did not pass until this other girl's best friend showed up at my C.B. shop to see me.  This is the girl who then became my soul mate and wife of 34+ years.  I nearly married the girl of bondage, the girl of religion who offered salvation but couldn't deliver it.  Then to see God had a girl for me born not of religion but of a free spirit and this entire set of events held a direct message to me from God for my life.

My entire life God has sent me messages like this now and then but normally people fail to see the messages that come to them from God especially messages like this one.  His life was an example, a direct message to His people.  His children are no different and their lives are living messages intended for them to read and understand.

The people of religion like to argue with me and tell me what Jesus did and what Mary did and that's fine, but what did they do?  What are they doing?  God told someone something, etc and so-forth yes that's fine but what did God tell them?  Don't waste your time or mine telling me what Jesus, Mary, Paul and Peter did.  I know what they did.  What are you doing and
what has and what is God doing in your life now?

Red Hair!
Of course certain things God has instructed me about and methods He has used to teach me certain things are very much unique to those like me.  Until I understood the full meaning of seeing a red-headed person in my dreams God was sending red headed people at me from all directions.  Those who weren't trying to kill me for one thing or another were hurting, cheating on, or lying to someone else for one reason or another.

Some of those red heads were witches working for the devil and trying to ruin or kill me.  It might sound funny to some but believe me there's nothing funny about it when God wants to get a message to someone who isn't listening close enough.  Now that I understand that message, hopefully I won't have to go through any more ordeals like that. 
Seeing red headed people in my dreams means trouble is on the way but that doesn't really mean that all people with red hair are bad, does it?

Needless to say, God drilled those experiences into my mind in such a way that when I see a red headed person coming my way all the "red flags" go up.  If I see a red head in my dreams I know trouble is near.

What Happen to the Girl of Religion?
I married the girl God sent to me and we allowed God to direct us to the city and to the job she was to have after she graduated college.  The girl of religion who I might have married went to a Southern Baptist college, went out drinking one day with her new boyfriend from the college.  They were drunk, ran the car into a ditch, rolled it over and broke her neck.  She's dead and returned from the grave one night to tell me where she ended up and why.  If God hid a message in this what is it?  That spirits of religion lead to death?  That Southern Baptists are not as saved as they would like to think they are?  Just like the people with red hair God had His reasons to teach me as He did.  Just as I don't think all red headed people are bad I personally don't think that all Southern Baptists are as lost as some of them but here's what happened.

The Lake Of Fire In The Underworld
I was in a very powerful night vision literally in the spirit in that place in real time without many symbols.  I was standing beside a small building that might have been a small church.  Cripes now that I think about it, it was just about like the church that girl went to when I knew her in life!  This building was on the edge of a huge smoldering pit with cries of pain that echoed up from the smoke.  Then out of the smoke came a naked figure with deep scars across her body.  Her breasts were cut off, she had bruises and marks as if from an awful beating.  She walked right up to me and despite the fact she looked a great deal different I recognized her and called her by her name and asked her what in the world she was doing in this awful place.  She called me by my name and greeted me then we entered this building. Inside it was just one big empty room.  She said, "Bryon, you were right and we were wrong.  God has allowed me to come back to tell you this."  She told me a few other things then she turned around and walked out the door and returned to the flaming pit.

I went out and looked into the pit and it was filled with people who call themselves Christians, thought they were doing God's work on Earth but weren't even saved.  It wasn't God they were hearing, it was the spirit of religion.  They all made a HUGE mistake and had no idea until it was too late for them.

So God showed me the girl of the spirits of religion end up in the pit where the Rich Man in the story about Lazarus ended up.  She wasn't saved in life but she thought she was and this is where she ended up.  I was cursed by her mother and family because I caused her to doubt her salvation that didn't exist.  She would have been better off had she listened to me and believed that God had sent me to help her but she listened to her mother and ended up not only dead but in the flaming pit.  Her next stop isn't going to be any better and eternity is not just a long, long time, it is a place literally without time.

God doesn't want these people of religion to end up in the pit or in hell.  He wants them to wake up and get with the program.  He wants them to throw their religion on the altar and accept the Holy Spirit and their salvation for real.  Then he wants them to convert their churches from houses of religion to houses of God.

NOTE: I've been in the underworld many times in spirit often with angels and I've seen there are pits of fire for every group and type who are lost.

Miracles Do Sometimes Happen
The 700 Club
Each place I lived in, God taught new lessons and reverified old ones.  We had not been at our new location very long at all when my tongue began to swell up until it would hardly fit in my mouth.  I had trouble talking, I had sores down both sides of it from it rubbing against my teeth and being bitten and it was very unpleasant.  I went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN trying to get help for the problem.  They had four or five doctors look at me from head to foot and only one of them could speak even a little bit of English.  They photographed my tongue several times then told me they couldn't help me.  Hard to believe one of the most renowned hospitals on Earth had no idea what was wrong with me.  So much for going to see the 'experts'.

I returned home and the problem continued until one day I was watching the 700 Club on TV and Pat Robertson said, "
I see someone who has something wrong with their tongue.  It's all swelled up and God's healing that for you right now."  I chuckled thinking that it couldn't possibly be me and then in a moment my tongue became warm then hot then the swelling went down in a matter of just a few minutes.

Not long after that my wife was reading in a new medical journal we bought about symptoms.  The first symptom of being poisoned was a swollen tongue.  About then the swelling of my tongue began again.  We then discovered that drinking the city water was the cause of it and from then until now I drink bottled water and I have had no more problems with my tongue.  Now don't you find it strange that some of the best doctors at the Mayo clinic didn't even know basic medicine?  But God was teaching me another lesson.

At that time I had a Catholic friend who cursed every time the 700 Club came on the TV set.  He cursed Pat Robertson and every cast member whose names he could remember.  He did everything he could in an attempt to influence me to think and act the way he did but I knew things all ready about the 700 Club that my friend was not aware of.  I knew the spirit of the Living Word of God was among these people.  They talked to Him and they listen when He talks back to them.  I also know it's not wise to make fun of God's real people because that can cost a person more than money.  There's more to this man's story that I'll talk about later on but his life went into a spiral downhill from then on.

More Southern Baptists
During the time we lived in the apartment building I spent a lot of time praying and reading the Bible.  Then one day someone knocked on the door and before I even reached the door the Holy Spirit moved in me telling me there was a terrible spirit of religion at the door.  I remembered this so clearly from the two Southern Baptist churches I had been kicked out of.  The spiritual scent and impression was identical and I knew it before I ever reached the door.  I peeked out the peep hole and saw two women and a man.  Then I looked at my wife and told her I sensed the spirit of Southern Baptists at the door.  I opened the door and the first thing I did was to ask them if they were with the Southern Baptists and they said they were and wondered how I knew that.  I didn't answer that question for fear of leaving the wrong impression.

They asked to come inside and I allowed them.  One of them had a clipboard and began asking me questions and for every question they asked I answered with another question directly from the Bible.  But it wasn't just me answering; it was God speaking through my mouth just as He had done in the past with people of this same religion.

My wife watched in amazement and I was also amazed upon hearing the quick witty responses flow from my mouth.  The answers were 100% on the money and the Southern Baptists who were taking the survey had no response.  God was angry with them for some of the things they practice like thinking they can take an accurate survey to find out who is saved and who is not.  God was angry with them for thinking they could count the attendance in Southern Baptist churches and think for one moment they had anything close to an accurate head count of how many would be saved.

They had a long list of questions but by the time they reached the seventh question one of the women sat bolt upright and said, "
This man is a prophet of the Living God and we should not be bothering him."  They words came out of her mouth like a sudden revelation.  She stood up and began walking toward the door.  God was telling her they were in trouble and wanted them to know it.

Now and then I have had people tell me literally out of the blue that I was a Prophet of the Living God and never once had I consider they might be right.  Memories would flow through my mind of all the strange things that had happened to me in my life.  The words God told me during that powerful first vision.  Could it be that's just what He was trying to tell me?  That my calling was to be a Prophet?

Numerous times God has warned me about spirits and people of religion and numerous times I have had serious bad encounters with the Southern Baptists.  I will honestly admit I'm afraid of them just as Jonah was afraid to go to Nineveh.  When that spirit of religion is near me I can smell it like the smell of death.  Once you smell it you never forget it.  I should also say I have been inside other Southern Baptist churches and didn't sense that same spirit.  Of course the only time I set foot inside a Southern Baptist church these days is when I have a video job that takes me there.  Then I pray to God that He will allow me in and out without speaking to any of them out of my mouth and get me in trouble again.  It's really strange when God speaks out of my mouth like that and I hear the words as they do and while I know what's going on they think it's me doing the talking but it's not and it's not funny.

A Southern Baptist might read this segment of my story and still not get the message.  That's how powerful the spirit of religion is that's with them.  People who are bound by a spirit of religion tend to believe numerous things that are not true based often on dogma or misunderstandings of biblical text.

7 Demons !
The Alamos
I promised new content when I redesigned this site and this is a story that wasn't on the old one.  I met a young man who worked at a motorcycle salvage yard as I had a motorcycle and sometimes needed parts.  His name was Fred Akin.  He was about my age maybe a little younger.  He had some serious spiritual / mental problems.  One day I went over there to see him literally jump on a Mexican's car and bash the windshield in with a tire iron.  I'm not sure what it was about but he wasn't happy.

He lost his job there and I got him a job working where I worked.  He reminded me of someone else I wish I hadn't met when I was a teenager but there was something about him that fascinated me and I became his friend.

We had a series of misadventures and I told him he had bad spirits, demons of some sort, with him and they needed to go.  I had never cast a demon out of anyone before and was reluctant to try.  I was aware he had been going to different churches soul searching for some help.  He had taken a friend of his to the Alamo's church.  I had told him previously leave them alone, they are a dangerous cult, but he didn't listen.  He took a friend with him one day and they grabbed his friend, dragged him down to the altar against his will, and began the brain washing process.  These are violent ungodly people led by a sociopath.

Tony Alamo is in prison now still expecting his wife to raise from the gave as he promised his disciples.  The psychiatrists know he's a sociopath.  His church however lives on!  People who fall for the teachings of a sociopath, often become as crazy as they are, and they tend to stay that way.  They are like the devil in the flesh.  These types of followers are what sociopaths look for in a flock.  People who are crazy enough to do anything in service of their masters.

If you ever come across any of the Alamos keep on moving and don't turn back!

Fred came to get me one day because he said he had loaned some of his tools to one of these Alamo men and he was terrified to go to the man's house alone to get them back after what he had witnessed happen to his friend.  I went with him and waiting outside he went in.  There was a man working on a vehicle in the yard and he had a wrench in his hand and came up to me, shook that wrench in my face, and told me this was none of my business.  I told him my friend had asked me to come so he could get his wrenches back and if he shook that wrench in my face one more time I was going to take it away from him and shove it where the sun don't shine.  His eyes widened and he backed away.  My friend got his tools and we got out of there quick.

He apologized for not listening to me and asked me if I would pray for him and cast out his demons.  I said I would and we did that one night in our apartment.  I had all the faith in God and the angel to do the job and sure enough 7 evil spirits / sub-demons left this young man and vanished.  He was thrilled and I had performed my first exorcism and it was a success!  I didn't realize at that moment I had made one serious mistake.  I had forgotten to bind those things and send them back to the underworld!

The following night all seven of those things came to my bedroom to express their disapproval of my casting them out.  One of these wore Indian feathers and war paint.  They terrorized me until I woke in a cold sweat and realized my mistake.  I began praying.  I bound them and cast them down to the underworld, and once again my method worked.  I can't tell you how happy I was and would remember never to make that mistake again.

The New House
Not All Hauntings Are Spirits of Dead People
Please note, the following true accounts will sound strange to someone who has never had an OBE or other supernatural experiences.  It's also another one of those short versions that isn't short at all.

Naturally that's not all that happened to us while in the apartments but after two years we decided we needed to begin investing in a house rather than throwing our money away on an apartment.  God had shown me and told me in several dreams and night visions that we should go find a house we liked and we should buy it.  We searched, we found a house on the north side of town that was really old.  We didn't really like it or the neighborhood that much but the price was about right and we decided we would buy it.  The owner said he would meet us there on a certain morning and we would finalize the papers.  We arrived that morning to see him and he had already sold the house to someone else.  We continued to search but found nothing else that was even close to what we wanted.  One day one of our neighbors in the apartment buildings told us she had been to see a house she liked but could not afford.  She gave us the address and told us to at least go have a look see so we did.

We came to the house one evening as the owner was showing another couple out the door.  The moment he saw us he proclaimed out loud, "
Thank God!  He said he would send someone who could live in this house."  Then he patted me on the shoulder and said, "wait right there I'll be right back."  I looked at my wife wondering what in the world he could be referring to.  When the man returned he told us some really strange things and one of the things he told us was that he recognized us as being the ones God had sent who could live in this house.  It was also strange that God had told us to go find a house we liked then this man says he knew God had sent us to him.  It's also interesting the other house was sold literally from under us as it was.  It's interesting that even though this house cost more than what we could afford the down payment for the owner literally gave us the money to make up the difference.

He said he had rented it out many times but for some reason couldn't keep anyone, they just would not stay. He said some of them literally went crazy and began tearing the walls and doors up.  He said he spent thousands of dollars fixing the house after certain people had lived here.  A previous family was also named Smith but they were some of the worst people who had lived here destroying many things.  It was like the owner knew the people God would send to him were named Smith and perhaps had mistaken a previous Smith family as being the ones who God had sent to them.  Then he tried to live here himself and soon learned the house had a problem that was difficult to explain; it was not just haunted it was seriously haunted.  Of course he didn't tell us in those words, he just said, "
there's strange things that happen here" and basically wished us well.

Perhaps he had made a mistake with a previous Smith family but the moment he saw us he knew without a doubt who we were and that God had in fact sent us.  We knew we had been sent and despite the fact we knew something was wrong with the house it looked nice and was in a good neighborhood and everything we had hoped for.  We decided we would take our chances and buy the house, trust God, and just see what happened from there.

We lived here for awhile without problems then one night we began hearing sounds in the house.  We heard doors open and close; we heard the sounds of someone walking around in the house and we searched the house but no one was here.  We were frightened and began locking our bedroom doors and we could watch and listen as the door knobs would turn by themselves but no one else was in the house.  Music would play from the south west room and that night I was the one to go see what making the sounds.  That night I found a small space invader game in that room.  It was on and playing music that it had never played before.  I turned it off and removed the battery from it.  No one had even been in that room in more than a week but that game was on and playing music.  Something had turned it on. 

I could write an entire novel about our experiences over the three month duration.  Things were flung across the living room in the middle of the night and no one was there to fling them.  I had written something the Holy Spirit had inspired me to write and there it was laying out in the middle of the floor far from where it had been on top of the TV set.  I put it back where it had been on the TV set and a few days later was awakened to a loud crash again only to find it against the wall in a corner of the living room.  Several times this poem like thing had been flung from the top of the TV set into different areas of the room but no one was here who could have thrown it.

After about a week or so of the strange things and hearing sounds like people walking around inside the house when we knew no one was here, we were ready to move out ourselves and would have if we had the money.  The problem was we had spent everything on this house and there was no where else to go.  We would pray ourselves to sleep each night and pass out from exhaustion.  Then one night I literally got up out of my body and stood beside the bed.  I thought I was awake and actually standing beside the bed until I turned and saw myself and my wife laying there asleep.  Then I realized I was out of my body and I set out to patrol the house.

I found "things" moving about inside the house that were not ghosts of dead people.  They were "things" - spirits of the fallen ones and unclean spirits.  I saw what looked like small reptilian things some 3 and 4 feet long.  These things would literally climb the walls and I would grab them and throw them out right through the west wall and threaten them never to return to our house.  I saw small dwarf like beings and I went into a rage and began throwing them out of the house as fast as I could.  Some of them would hide from me and I would search and find them and throw them out.

I would spend the entire night doing this in spirit and would patrol around outside the house and there in the street I saw three young people dressed in 1800's, early 1900's style clothes.  They were transparent and I went up to them and went around them wondering what they were doing.  They were ghosts of dead young people from about 14 to about 20 perhaps.  They were watching me throwing the bad spirits out of this house.  I tried to speak to them and their mouths would move but I could not hear them.  Time passed.  Each night I would get out of my body and began my patrol and each night as I threw more bad spirits out of the house I would look out front to find more ghosts in human form just watching the entertainment here.  Before it was over there must have been 25 or 30 ghosts standing in the street watching me throw the bad spirits out.

After about three months the supernatural activity subsided.  We would go through the house praying and sanctifying the entire house.  We would play gospel music since we learned the bad spirits hated that kind of positive energy.  We did everything we could think of to reclaim our house and we certainly made headlines in the dark places of the underworld.

The Demon Nata
My spirit became conditioned that if a bad spirit was anywhere on this property I would get out of my body and go after it.  One night after being alerted to the presence of a bad spirit I went OBE and saw this demon in the form of a man standing in the hallway near the bathroom door.  I went to him and asked him who he was and he would not answer me.  He told me I had caused certain problems among some of his friends and told me to leave his little friends alone.  He was referring to the little bad spirits I had been throwing out of the house and he didn't like that.  I said I was not only not going to stop throwing them out, I was going to throw him out of the house too.

Standing nearly a head taller than me he laughed then threatened to kill my first born child, then he threatened my wife and I grabbed him by the neck and we fell into the bathroom fighting.  Suddenly the room went mirror image, the door slammed, and blood began to rain from the ceiling.  Still we fought and he continued to laugh.  Finally the room filled with blood and I was near the ceiling when this demon vanished from the room but the blood continued to fill the room.  I tried to open the door but it would not open and then I realized it was all a trick.  That if he could make me believe it then he would win.  I simply willed myself back to my body jumped out of bed, landing square on my feet, and I began to pace the floor and pray for God to deliver that demon into my hands.

He showed up on another night and I saw him taking my wife into the south east bedroom and I went after them only to find an empty room when I got there.  When I returned I saw my wife next to me in bed and wondered what was going on.

Wife Diagnosed with Cancer
Quite a few things happened and I can't write it all but then my wife was diagnosed with a particular type of cancer.  I continued to pray and continued to patrol OBE any time some bad spirit showed up but they were not as plentiful as they had been during the first three months.  Then one night I was standing in front of the house in spirit when I saw the demon fly over and I followed him south to a huge factory.  I followed him in and grabbed him and demanded him in the name of Jesus to tell me his name.  He said "who wants to know" then he hit me and ran.  I flew after him and caught him and again demanded in the name of Jesus to tell me his name and then he said "My name is Nata" and again he hit me and ran.  It wasn't so funny to him any more since I was able to come after him at his portal.  He went down into a huge hole, a portal and again I went after him and caught him and demanded again for the third time for him to tell me his name and again he said "My name is Nata" but this time he added "but you can call me Charley Wheeler."  (That Charley Wheeler thing is a connection to a human being who was or perhaps still is being used by Nata for certain occult activities.  That's another story but the man did exist and the moment he found out I was looking for him he left in a big hurry.)  I looked up from Nata and there standing in a circle all the way around us were demons ranging from about 5 feet to about 8 feet tall.  I took my leave at that moment and returned home.

Until I got his name I called him the trickster
.  He had played all kinds of dirty tricks on me over the years and I realized this was the same demon who had continually tried to trick me now and then and make me look like a fool.  He used people like that Catholic "friend" I mentioned earlier to deceive me and others like him.  Now that I had the demon's name I could find out who he was and what he was up to.  Prayers to God continued all the time and I was led to search the Strong's concordance in the Hebrew and discovered a name that was pronounced the same and that it meant to bend or twist something that was straight.  My name for him wasn't that far off because deception and playing tricks on people is exactly what this demon loves to do.  He is a very huge part of the deception inside of religion that convinces people that religion is the Holy Spirit of God.  Just how dangerous is this demon?  Once he has people under his control in the name of God under the spirit of religion they will not turn again to God that He should save them because they think they are already saved.  This demon can not only kill people under certain circumstance, it can cost them their immortal soul.  For me, the battle with this demon made me much stronger spiritually and gave me experience in spiritual battles both inside and outside of the human body.

After returning to my body I began to pray against this demon and had him bound so that he could no longer come here or bother us.  Then I went O.B.E. again one night and literally reached inside my wife and pulled the worm of cancer from her and the next time she went to the doctor it was gone without a trace and has not returned in years.

People who are infected by the spirits of religion and influenced by this demon come to me and try to straighten me out.  What are the odds that I would fall for the same deceptions again now that God has revealed them to me?  What are the odds I would put my hand back in that fire after being burned by it so many times in the past?  Why does Nata and the devil still send these people to me when they know I will never again follow anyone but Jesus who is the Lord of Light.