Religion Can Not Save Anyone!

Being good can't save you either.  Only the indwelling of the Holy Spirit can provide that direct link to the God the Father in whom all of the Kingdoms of Heaven reside.

Until a person can separate the concept of religion from God can they find their way past the stumbling stones that have caused so many to fall.

As with all things, religion can be used for good or evil and in most cases it's used by sociopaths and psychopaths to gain a following.  Much more harm is done in the name of religion and someone's fictious concepts of God than good.

Our Founding Fathers understood this when they set a rule of separation of church and state.  Understanding why they did this is a key to understanding where we go from here.  In England the government was directly connected to the Catholic church and could murder people for saying anything contrary to what the church was preaching.  If they said the Earth is flat you better not tell them the truth or you could die for it.  The church murdered many innocent people by these rulings and the government helped them do it.  They not only supported mass idiocy they promoted it.  The Founding Fathers knew this was wrong and to prevent their new government from doing similar things they made a rule that government could not dictate a religion.

On the other hand every one of the Founding Fathers were Godly men who gave thanks to God for all the good things they had.  This is not religion this is spirit and good morals we are speaking about.  So it was said that people who lead the country should be men of good morals and God fearing people, giving both respect and thanks to the God who delivered them.

So you can be religious, go to church every time the doors open, pray to God, and call yourself a Christian and you can still die and end up in a flaming pit filled with like souls.  I know for a fact they exist because I've been in the underworld in spirit on occasions and I've stood on the edge of one of those pits filled with screaming Baptists.  One of them literally came out and I recognize her from life and she told me, "You were right, we were wrong."  And she jumped back into the pit.  
This story is in my personal experience pages.

Those people had religion and they called themselves Christians and they were lost and didn't know it.  God sent me there to teach me that some Christians were lost as well as to warn them and it nearly got me killed trying to explain the truth to them.

Spirit on the other hand is indwelling - it's a piece of the Creator, it's his signature in spirit form and when you have that spirit inside you then you are saved because the Father can recognize you as belonging to Him.

Those of the spirit of God are free, no longer bound by religion or anything else and when the Holy Spirit is unbound it offers certain gifts to the individual, some which are mentioned in these pages.

Many are those who call themselves Christians who think they are saved who still say God doesn't talk to anyone anymore.  They need to stand in front of the mirror with their bible in their hand and say that out loud.  Why?  Because if God doesn't communicate with His people how can He possibly lead them?  Truth is they can't hear God's voices and they are not being led by God therefore they are Christians in name only and they are lost not led.  I've had some very stupid, so called Christians tell me that God doesn't speak to me.  But how can they know God doesn't speak to me?  They base their judgment on the fact that God has never spoken to them.

Numbers 12:6 explains how God speaking to His people works.  While He has spoken out loud to me on occasions in the past mostly He speaks with me in dreams and night visions.  Some are very clear and some He speaks as a voice just as he did when he spoke to me in the past.  Sometimes he appears as my dad/father and speaks to me the same me knowing that it is God I'm speaking to.  Other times the Holy Spirit speaks and sends messages and sometimes it's easy to understand and sometimes it can be more difficult depending on the message and how willing I am to receive it.

There is a saying, "It is possible to become so heavenly that a person is of no Earthly good."

The meaning of course is simply that sometimes people become so religious that no one around them can stand them.  When that happens the message you are trying to deliver becomes lost because your methods of conveying that message are ineffective.  Better to do or say nothing than to waste your time and your audience's on fruitless banter.  God doesn't like people doing Him favors anyway so unless directly instructed to do so by God I recommend a modest approach.

No you need not worship and sing all the time. We would never get anything done if we did.  We need only tell the Holy Spirit within us what we want and it will continue to pray or sing in spirit until we change its orders.  Understand that prayer is our method of communicating with God the Father and songs are our message.  A song can be a song but can also be your message.

The Holy Spirit is like an angel in that it is energy, like an energy angel. It will do what it's told to do as long as its instructions are clearly understood and something God would have us to do.  When we pray and work toward things that God hasn't instructed us to do then our efforts are in vain and pointless.

Jesus gave us examples of how prayer works and what the Holy Spirit would do for us. He also pointed out that those who like the Pharisees pray long drawn out prayers on the street corners did so for their own benefit. They did so to show everyone else how holy and righteous they were.   Jesus said "don't be like them who do these things."  These types of prayers are vanity and they do not go to God they do not benefit the person praying or anyone else around them in any spiritual way.

The Holy Spirit is what actually prays to the Father on our behalf. The words we say out loud are not the words God hears, for the most part. But Jesus said go into a closet and pray where God hears you and no one else can. These prayers done silently are the prayers God hears. It is true when anyone who has the Holy Spirit prays even out loud the Holy Spirit within them repeats any sincere prayer to God and will continue to do so like the incense the priests would burn night and day.

The incense was to represent the prayers to God but the incense itself does nothing at all. The priests are not aware of this because their understanding of spiritual things is limited to the physical instructions they were given.  What they do is symbolic and nothing more.  The sacrifices were also symbolic and nothing more.  God has no use for mutilated burned carcasses of any kind.  Jesus was the only sacrifice required and God made that sacrifice for us Himself.

Religion only serves the purpose of bringing these misunderstood things through time so that those who become enlightened can see recognize and understand the meaning of these things. This is the very same reason why Jesus said he was not here to destroy the laws of Moses but he was here to fulfill them. Which is why he could do literally anything he wanted to do regardless of those laws. This is why he said "I am Lord of the Sabbath" when he was questioned about working and doing things on the Sabbath day. He was saying "I'm the guy who made those rules therefore I can do anything I want regardless." This is why Paul said "All things are lawful to us but not all things are helpful." They were both saying those who are set free in spirit who have the Holy Spirit and understand the reasons for the laws can literally do anything they want and not be judged for those acts by God as long as they remain within the boundaries of the Holy Spirit of Christ Himself.

This is why those who argued about what day they should worship were told basically it makes no difference, you may worship on Saturday, or Sunday or any and all days of the week if you have the Holy Spirit of Christ. So those who are in the spirit will hold every day as being Holy and important a special day that God gives them and they will pray occasionally and do things to honor God even as they work. Those who do not understand are bound by the limitations of their understanding to the laws. These things are revealed only by the Holy Spirit and those who do not have the Holy Spirit are confused, they can't comprehend such things. The people who still hold to the written law do not understand and therefore will often judge those who don't obey the laws as they understand them. Who then is wrong? The person who has the Holy Spirit or the person who thinks they do but still doesn't understand?

Jesus said "I have come to fulfill the laws" means He came to complete them. Those who live by the spirit are no longer bound by those written laws. The written laws can't save anyone anyway only Christ and the Holy Spirit can do that. Once a person comes into the understanding of spiritual things they are no longer bound by the laws that apply to those who do not understand the purpose of such things.

When those who understood such things ate meat offered to an idol were seen by someone who was a follower of Jesus yet did not understand the spiritual significance saw them eating that meat they went to report it. They were told it means nothing because they who ate knew the idol is not a god in the first place and that it's just meat so eat it if you are hungry.

The sacrifices they made had no meaning either, they were only symbolic of the sacrifice Christ would make in order to be our messiah and to create his signature in the flesh to be made available in the spirit to those who accepted Him. So God said he was sick of their sacrifices. It had no meaning to Him. It served no real purpose because it was all pointing at Jesus saying "look there" but many did not look and did not see nor did they accept Christ as their Messiah. For them it was all for nothing.

In very simple terms all things that were symbolic messages to us are no longer important once a person accepts Christ and His Holy Spirit into them. Then the symbols only exist for their own understanding of why and how God did all these things right under everyone's noses yet only a few could ever comprehend the true message of such things.

So they want to tell me I'm going to hell and disobeying God because I don't worship on Saturday / Sabbath day. I honestly have friends who have told me that, because they are unable to understand the purpose in such things. Same as the meat offered to idols, it makes no difference to someone who is saved, because they should understand the true meaning of such things.  Until they understand they may practice keeping those laws.  They may ponder and ask why did God do or say such a thing until they get their answer.

During his ministry Jesus was judged and accused for doing and saying so many of these things and this is what lead to his being crucified.  Jesus was not a fan of organized Religion.  Of the Religious teacher he said "they are like white washed tombs people pass by not knowing what corruption they are passing.

There are a few laws however that always hold true and anyone should understand these with or without the Holy Spirit.

You should have no other Gods but the One True God who is the God of all Creation.  That God is of truth and love and His children follow that same will having respect for all living things.  These are their fruits as mentioned in the bible.

You must never murder another soul and you should never take a life without good reason.  That includes taking the life of an animal.  Murder is taking the life of another person.  If however you are defending yourself against that person it is not murder, it is self-defense because God allows for defending yourself and those you care about from wrong doers.  If you take the life of an animal it can be for food or to put a suffering animal out of its pain or defending yourself if that's the case.  Wildlife management is allowed under the laws of each state and is acceptable.

Many laws are self-explanatory because we should treat others the way we would like others to treat us.  You should not take that which does not belong to you.  You should respect the laws of the land.

There are no laws as yet against love, kindness and compassion for others.  There are things that are good and right to do and there are things that are wrong and anyone who has common sense should understand that without being told.  These things should be taught to our children so they may avoid trouble in the future.

Islam on the other hand is just the opposite of what Creator God wants from us. 

Everything about Islam is deceptive, violent, disrespectful of others and wrong. 

Anyone who wants the truth only need to study the origins of Islam to find out it came from the Jews but was rewritten to suit a sociopath's desires.  Sociopaths are genetic and spiritual descendants of Lucifer himself.  They can't be saved yet they lead as many astray as they can and shed as much blood as they can.  Salvation is not in that.  There are no virgins waiting for anyone on the other side as all animal instincts' are done away with when the mortal body dies.  Only a perverted sociopath would believe such a thing.