In closing I would like to say thank you for taking the time to read the entire site and I hope you found something in here of value to you.  The fact there is now a closing page on this site also should reveal something important is going on, and something else that is soon to happen.  Me receiving messages from visitors to this site is about to become even more restrictive.

There are some important things that I have yet to post on here for people dealing with certain kinds of demons.  The reason is because evil spirits and evil people also read these pages looking for a weakness.  If I tell people here how to close a portal to the underworld or bind and cast out a demon, the evil spirits will know the same things you know.  Knowledge is power and there are secrets that must be kept in order for these spiritual things to work successfully and consistently.  Soldiers of the Light need to know these things and how to use them.  Until now the only way I can get those to the people who need them is via E-mail.  Until I can come up with a solution to the problem I'll leave the E-mail page open for those who need my help.

I'll put up another page that has no links to it and send a link to it via E-mail to those who need it.  I am very tired and would like someone else to take over the E-mail duties of this site.  That person will have access to me if they need help with anything.

I have finished editing my third novel of a curent series I'm working on and I intend to begin reformatting the information on this site including some missing things and write this site into a novel that people can either buy or give to those who need it.  I won't know until I have a publisher how that's going to work how much work will be involved or how long it will take to make this all happen.  I do know it will be a large time consuming project.  I also know we are all running out of time.

I've been working on this site off and on for quite a few years and, yes, I know there's mistakes here and there of one kind or another.  Yes, I know it seemed at first that I intended to make things even more complicated than they were.

Years ago I realized the more I learn the more I see how little I know and I'll tell that to anyone and everyone.  I still get hate mail from people who think that I think I know it all.  I've learned you can't help them and neither can God.  The only ones who send those rants to me are the ones who really do think they have it all figured out. ;-)

Yes I know I managed to step on just about everyone's toes at some point in the site, I won't apologize for it because there is a reason.

When the religious leaders tried to figure Jesus out they made things far more complicated than they needed to be.  Some of those "complicated" truths they failed to understand were so simple they just couldn't see it.  They worked their hardest to find something wrong with what Jesus was saying to gain some reason to have him put to death.

Jesus said, "
I have not come to destroy the laws of Moses, I have come to fulfill them."  The religious leaders and those having religious spirits could not understand how any of these things could possibly be true.

Yes, I know I come across like some opinionated religious fanatic out to find fault with everything and everyone.  Those who read this site often think they have me figured out when they don't.  Something that seems to make sense at one moment and then doesn't the next.  Go figure.

Consider that most of the people who have come to this site didn't read more than a few lines before they either lost interest or left in a fit of rage.  Not everyone has what it takes to reach the last step, to open the last door, and take a peek inside.

There are a few poems and songs that have been written that give a message that sums it all up.  One of those is "One Tin Soldier."  A Story about the mountain and the valley people.  A story of greed that motivated the valley people to go to war against the mountain people over a treasure buried under a rock.  Finally when everyone but one valley soldier was left he turned the rock over to find the treasure.  '"Peace on Earth" was all it said.'

The story of the old Indian who had known of a pirate's treasure all of his life yet neither he nor any of his people sought after the gold.  When he was asked why not he said "Why should I?"

"So you can buy stuff," she said.

"I have stuff," said the old Indian.  "I have the earth at my feet, the sky above me, the sun to light my day and the moon to light my night.  I have the birds in the trees and the stream flowing through my yard.  I have stuff."

The old Indian knew what was truly important but people today have lost sight of the simple truths that hold the real treasures.

In the beginning God didn't ask His people for much.  He said, "Give thanks for what you have and throw a party once a year for 7 days and invite everyone including strangers."  He said you can even have strong drink, anything, just thank Him for what they have.  Imagine how nice life would be today with this philosophy.

God didn't care about all their blood sacrifices, in fact became sick of it and said, "I don't want your sacrifices."  The first instance of this was concerning Cain and Abel.  What's the point?  Cain offered his grain and yet that was not good enough.  Abel offered a lamb and this offering was accepted.  It wasn't about the blood, it was about the heart and motivations of those giving the offering.  It was about the reason for the offering.  So the older brother was jealous and killed his younger brother with a rock.  God came, angry for the evil deed and cast Cain out into the land of Nod (wandering).  He became the father of the race known as the first children of darkness.

Cain just didn't get it.  The religious leaders who had Jesus crucified just didn't get it.  The people who sent me hate mail and long rantings just don't get it.  They want to crucify me for the same reasons the religious leaders crucified Jesus yet they can't see themselves in the mirror before them.  Religious leaders and preachers today preach but they can't explain the simple truths that Jesus shared with his friends.

I can explain these truths because Jesus explained them to me.  I can tell you not only why He did what He did to set us free from religious bondage but the reason why He did it the way that He did.  You should have found these explanations somewhere in this site.

Years ago I was allowed to experience things that indicated the things I was being taught in church were not 100% accurate.  I was raised in a haunted house yet I was taught the moment someone dies they either go to Heaven or Hell at that moment.  Nowhere in the Bible could I find the chapter or verse to support that teaching.  Not one of my bible teachers could show me that and it made them angry that a kid would dare ask them to.

Where did they come up with that concept?  When I asked the general answer was it was a demon haunting my house, either that or I had imagined it.  I didn't live there alone and I was not the only one who experienced the ghostly footsteps and doors that opened and closed on their own.  I didn't fall into the dogma being taught but decided to follow Jesus teachings by testing all the spirits.  I learned that God doesn't mind His Children asking for things and that if He could give Solomon the gift of wisdom He might also give me the gift of the understanding of spiritual things, so I asked and He delivered.  I began testing everything and the doors were opened to me.

The day grandfather died he told me he saw two men at the foot of his bed.  He said they had been there all night and must be tired.  I realized he was seeing angels but didn't say anything.  As I was leaving he said, "I know who they are. They are angels and they have come to take me home."  I know that not one but two angels will escort the saved into the presence of God.  Later I was shown first hand what it's like to die and go into that light with the angels.  The problem was, they brought me back, not once but twice.

I read my Bible front to back, back to front until I lost count how many times I had read it.  I read different translations and got a Strong's concordance to look up individual words to know their real meaning.  I found things that didn't add up.  I found that some translations are better than others and some are down right misleading.  I also learned there are people who believe the Bible itself is the Living Word of God.  These people will believe a mistranslation, misunderstanding, or wrong teaching literally to the day they die and there's nothing you can do to show them otherwise.

I've learned that when a person chooses to believe a lie that God will in fact send a delusion to them they will believe with all of their heart until the day they die.  This is why I say you can't help people who think like that.  Later at the Judgment God will explain their mistake to them.

I've learned that when God is against someone, even one of His own children who refuse to listen to Him, He will back away from them as I mentioned above.  Stop speaking to them and allow them to believe something that isn't true.  For those who never would listen to Him, they say God doesn't speak to His Children anymore.  Show me that in the Bible, it's not there.

There are spirits of religion who will speak to people and even trick some into thinking that's God speaking to them through the Holy Spirit when it's not.  Anyone who's heard the real voices of God will know instantly.  This is why the Bible says, "I am the God who calls you by your name."  And they will not follow another voice.  I am one of those.

I've had visits from angels, some that were watching over me that I was allowed to see before they vanished.  I've had visits from angels that actually spoke to me delivering messages.  I've had visits from angels that scared the hell out of me.  I've had visits from angels that have woken me up from a dead sleep to deliver a message.  I've had full blown visions from God delivering messages to me and or answering questions for me.  I've had powerful dreams and night visions all of my life and in some of them God speaks to me clearly and reveals things to me.  Sometimes He would send me places to meet strange people and learn new things.

I learned that everything God does concerning His children has a purpose and I was willing to challenge that reasoning to find the purpose.  A friend and I stood within a few short steps of a hovering UFO.  And yes I was told there is no such thing as UFOs or alien beings.  Guess what?  They're wrong, UFOs and alien beings do exist.

I was told that Adam and Eve were the first humans God ever made.  Guess what, they may have been the first of their specific genetic structure but they were not the first beings God ever created or even the first humans.

I learned Adam and Eve were not alone on Earth when God kicked them out of the Garden of Eden.  Though they spent a lot of time alone they lived in a high place overlooking a valley where Cain had been sent and there were people living in that valley.

I've learned that in the Bible the creation story that was said to have been written by Moses was just a short segment of a story written by Enoch.  Creation didn't happen in six earth days it happened in six eons or ages known as groups of days that can be millions or billions of years each.  That's to say we can't be sure how long each age actually was.  The words translated for void and without form actually translate to "destroyed" and "in ruin."  What is being described is a recreation.  It does include the description of how a nebula and galaxy is formed.  Then it describes the earth being in ruin and a re-creation taking place.   This is the process known by science as evolution.  It doesn't take place as they think it does and God is the design artist who makes the changes.  This happens most often during the destruction periods.

I've learned that some things that Jesus said are literal and can be taken at face value without a translation.  Like when he said, "In my Father's house are many mansions."  Yet the people who believe God made everything in just 6 earth days for us alone base that concept on a mistranslation and misunderstanding.  Yet they can't believe Jesus at his word because if Jesus was stating the truth about there being many mansions in his Father's house then they must disregard their belief that all of creation was done in just 6 earth days.  They must then admit there are beings out there in the Cosmos that are much older than we are.  They don't stop to consider how long it took Adam to name all the living things God had made.  How long would it take you to just read a list of every living thing?

I've learned there are highly intelligent people having PhD's who are not as smart as some children I know when it comes to some subjects.

I had the gall to stand up and challenge everything and everyone. I dared not only to test the spirits but the Bible, the teachers and everything else.  I've been kicked out of churches, had my life threatened by people who called themselves Christians who were lost without their knowledge.  I've watched as those people who threatened me, entire families fell apart because they refused to listen to the message God sent me to them with.

I found out how to receive the Holy Spirit, what it feels like and a few of the things that might be done with it.  I know that a person who's never experienced the real thing can fall for the spirits of religion when they come to them.

I've cast demons out of people and locations.  I've closed portals to the underworld.

I've helped people around the world with all kinds of spiritual problems they couldn't get anyone else to help them with.

My name is well known in the underworld and among the demons and their sub-demon counter-parts.  I can tell you they hate me but rather not be in a location with me if they can help it.  I can tell you they are frequently causing their "people" to do things to disrupt my life in one way or another.

I learned first hand that unclean spirits like cancer can speak.  I learned first hand there are people with the spirit of discernment who can listen to the voices of these spirits and correctly identify them.  There's a voice file, an EVP of this spirit linked to one of my pages talking about such things.  If cancer can speak, you can be certain that God can.

I've learned angels come to and from the earth constantly and come in a wide variety, most of which are not in human form.

I've learned there are ascended beings known as the Great Elders who command great hosts of angels who look after humanity for God and help God's children from time to time.  It was God who revealed these things to me and led me to realize they exist and then later allowed me to meet a dozen of them in spirit.  They come in groups of 12.  They have a living craft I call a delta class lightship that can do things the likes of which, well let's just say it has God-like powers.

I've learned that if you aren't pissing someone off out there and receiving hate mail now and then you are not doing your job as a soldier of Light.  I've learned those content with their religion are not God's working soldiers.  Just because someone is out there causing trouble doesn't mean they are working for God either.  The evidence is in the fruit of that labor.

I've learned there are people out there just like me who have had encounters with spirits, angels, demons, and with God just like I have and I'm not alone.  I've learned there are people out there who have amazing gifts of the Spirit who can do astounding things the likes of which I can only imagine.  I'm glad to say now and then one of them will contact me and thank me for the work I'm doing here.

I've learned that when Jesus said, "They who come to the Father do so in spirit and in truth," is to be taken literally about all things.

I've learned that swearing isn't bad language, it's an act people did long ago when they would ask God to curse someone for them.  Yet I've seen so called Christians asking God to put the fix on others, even other Christians and "set them straight."  They have no idea what they are doing is "swearing."  Something God disapproves of.

I've seen people try to pluck the speck from a brother or sister's eye while having a log in their own so large they couldn't see to help themselves into the light.  Strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.

I've learned that sometimes a person will be convicted by God over something they have wrong in their life and they come to take it out on me because I'm almost available to them while God isn't speaking to them anymore.  It pisses them off.  It's not the first time humans took out their anger on one of God's prophets because they refused the message that prophet gave them from God.  That's just how it is.

The world is full of ignorant people and thousands more are being born every second of every day.  You wonder why there are so few good movies and TV Shows, ask the producers.  They will tell you it's because that's what the majority wants to see.  These babymakers have no idea they are working to bring about a part of the Great Tribulation directly connected to famine, death, plagues the likes of which this world has never seen.

I've learned there are people out there who think they are being "Christ like" when they do nothing at all that Christ did.
  I've seen them pick up their stones and throw them at God's own prophets who were sent to help them.  I've  found chapters and verses that speak of a people like that in the Bible.  People who speak of God with their mouths but their hearts are far from Him.  They have no clue they are they ones those verses were speaking about.

And they will say, "When was it that I refused to feed you master?  When did I not give you clothes when you were in need?"  And God will answer and in that day they will understand the meaning of that message.

Where was I the day you read this page?  I was feeding the hungry and clothing the naked.  I was dodging the slings and arrows of the self righteous and those who hate the messages that God sends to them to help them.

None are blinder than they who refuse to see.  None are deafer than those who refuse to hear God's messages.

I have literally witnessed a preacher who chose to be deaf and blind to God's personal messages for him, and the man literally became deaf in both ears and blind in one eye and despite all of God's efforts the man refuses to accept the special gifts God holds for him.  God can't help him, I can't help him and it breaks my heart because the answers/keys to greater mysteries are within his grasp.

If they need to have it explained they will not understand.
If they have no need of an explanation the answers will be opened for them.  Things like these are only revealed by the Holy Spirit of Christ who brought us to this place in time.

Jesus said, "
Take up your cross and follow me."  If you think for a moment you can do that without taking a beating you should think again.

This website is all about challenging what you have chosen to believe in and there's no way for me to do that without stepping on people's toes making enemies in this world and the one below.  So I get hate mail from preachers, priests, nuns, druids, witches, agnostics, Christians, and Muslims.  What have you done for God and your brothers and sisters today?