What Did Jesus Do?
Ask yourself if Jesus and his followers sat around discussing who went to what retreat, who fixed tables and chairs, who planted flowers and how their favorite gladiator, softball or football team did in the previous event.  Did they stand on the street corner and quote scriptures and pray to show how Godly they were?  Of course they didn't.  The Pharisees and their followers did things like that. What did Jesus say about it?  He said "don't be like them."  He said "they are blind guides."  Yet today everywhere you look you see people calling themselves Christians who act just like that and it appears that no one knows better.

There are literally countless thousands of people calling themselves Christians who live under the delusion that's what God wants from them.  They are constantly doing what they think God wants while unable to receive a single message / direction from Him.  They turn to the bible and now and then some of them will do something even if it's wrong.  You know what God told me in a powerful vision that shook the entire house?  He said not to do Him any favors. 
Translated that means if He doesn't send you then you better not go.

Many are called and few are chosen.  This is a very important key to understanding these things.  There are people who were called who didn't have a clue didn't care and didn't want to serve God.  There are others who are called who pick up the task and can hear God's voice for awhile, a few years perhaps then for some reason they go deaf and can't hear Him anymore but they don't realize he's not there for them.  When people go deaf to God He will listen for awhile and try to regain communications but in time He will eventually turn His back on them.  When people become spiritually blind they can no longer see what the truth is and it's all connected with their spiritual cognition.  God said when people refuse to accept the truth He will send them a powerful delusion and they will believe it.  That means He's done with them.  Sometimes He will send a prophet to them to warn them but 98% of the time they will hate the prophet sent to help them and do their best to demonize him.  In the old days they would stone the prophets of God.  Yet they who stone never have a clue they are the ones on the wrong side of God until it's too late for them.

Some of these so called Christians go out bible bashing thinking that's what God's people are supose to do but that's not how it works. 
When God sends a prophet to someone the message is usually "get your attention focused on God and turn from your wicked ways."  Prophets of God do not go to represent themselves, they represent God.  The message usually isn't personal but sometimes emotions become intense.  Sometimes personal things become involved but are actually irrevelivent.  No one likes to know they are on the wrong side of God.  Highly religious people however are more resistant to God than people who know they are sinners.  This is why Jesus associated with the sinners and not the highly religious of his day.  The same things apply to this day, nothing has changed except the names of the highly religious.

It goes without saying real Christians are sick of the posers / wanna-be's.
They give God a bad reputation.

I run a Christian discussion group on Face Book called Relationship With Jesus and when people come in there posting quotes from the bible without any background lesson or connection members begin to take notice.  People who do that are looking to show people how Godly they are while seeking a pat on the back.  The devil is brilliant at quoting scriptures and he hates God and the people doing the quoting.  Of course the devil hates all of us.  Quoting scriptures for the glory of one's self doesn't help anyone and urks the real Christians out here doing what God tells them to do.

If they post messages about their personal lives and all the trivial things they did over the past week and there's no spiritual lesson involved we take notice.  Generally someone often myself will try to give them a hint that's not the purpose of that group.  We could care less about their flower garden or their softball team.  I seriously doubt God would have their "important" affairs on His list at all.

When people quote scriptures that only apply to others and not to themselves it's a huge insult to the group and to God, so don't do it.  If the scriptures you quote don't apply to you then keep your mouth shut, because members of this group will spot you right away.   No one likes a hypocrite.

There are Deceptive Christian Religions
Have you ever heard the saying the devil works his hardest within the Christian churches?  You should believe it because it is true.  No one on earth is more resistant to God's voice and will than those who are highly religious.  Islam and Judaism have both rejected Jesus/Yeshua as Messiah.  Other religions could care less who Jesus was.  Cut it any way you like lost is still lost.  Only those who bare the mark of their Creator will be recognized by the Father Spirit.  If you could see the spiritual signatures then you would understand.  Since spirits are like ghosts and we have no scientific method to put them into a test tube and analyze them you are left to wonder and have your opinions that lead to spiriutal death.

The devil doesn't need to do anything in the church of Satan, those people just don't care about salvation.  The devil doesn't need to do anything in the church of Islam.  He got the ball rolling and people picked it up from there to carry out the will of the devil.  The simplest truths are completely overlooked in the dark religions.  The devil knows who Christ is and that causes him some concern.  Highly religious people are "feeling directed" all the time to do things other than what God tells them to do.  Finally He stops talking to them and they keep right on feeling they are being directed even when they aren't.

Important Note: Jesus wasn't the Messiah's name.  Jesus is the name given to him by the Romans.  Translated it means Son of Zeus.  Zeus was a pagan Roman god, wasn't a god at all therefore is not recognized by Christian religions.  The Messiah's name was Yashawa or Joshua.  There wasn't any "Js" in the Hebrew language but we understand.  Frequently I refer to him as Jesus since everyone should know who I'm talking about.  Remember it was the Romans who created the Catholic church and tell people to pray to Mary.  Mary can't influence the Father's decisions one way or another so don't waste your prayers.

Jehovah's Witnesses
There are religions of all kinds intended to mislead and confuse the truth.  Some of those religions come to people in the name of Jesus, so do not be deceived.  Anyone who tells you that eternal life will be in a human body here on earth has been deceived and is trying to pass along their deception to othersFlesh and blood does not inherent the Kingdom of Heaven.  Jesus said "My kingdom is not of this earth."  The JW's say it is.

        The Jehovah's Witnesses teach this concept, directly against the teachings of the Bible and of God.  They stand there with Bible in hand and say things trying to get you to agree with them then they hit you with it.  Some of the most deceptive and deceived people on the planet are JW's.  The JW's are perhaps the worst in the world to get them to stay away from your home, but I finally found a way.  You let them in and you can try to explain things to them the way the Bible teaches it but they won't listen because they have that spiritual implant and mind set that prevents them from realizing where they went wrong.  You can't help them and at some point in your life you must realize that and accept it.

How to get rid of the JW.'s and keep them away.
Here she came, a mother J.W. with her children.  I let them in and heard for the umpteenth time the lines they use to get me to agree with them.  Finally she came to the part where she asked me "You want to do what the Bible teaches us right?"   And I said "Yes I do.  We should do just what Elijah did with the false prophets of Jezebel, take them down to the river and cut their throats."  I told the wife to get the knife and when I turned around she was leading her children out the door as fast as they could run.  They have not returned, I wonder why not.  Asking them not to return had no effect on them.  They knew we were all ready Christians and were not about to become JWs still they return without mercy time and time again.  These people are not intelligent.  Anyone who can teach directly contrary to the New Testament cutting out the parts they don't like and only using the parts they want to agree with are not intelligent.  You do not want to become one of them.  Fear is something they do understand.  If that's the only way you can keep them away then use it, I'm sure God won't mind.  Tell him I said so and He'll no doubt get a laugh out of it.

The Branch Dividians
People will say "He is here," or "He is there."  Do not go because these are sent to you from the deceiver.  A mentally ill homicidal pedophile man named David Koresh claimed he was the second incarnation of Jesus Christ.  From what I get from the news and TV shows about him he claimed he had returned to do all the things he hadn't done while he was here the time before.  He preached from the Bible!  The Bible itself said not to be deceived by people like this yet he preached twisted truths and lies with the Bible in his hands and people followed him to their deaths.  What in the world was wrong with those who followed him?  The next time our Lord Jesus Christ comes He will come in all His Glory and everyone will know who He is.  People who would fall for this kind of thing are people who don't understand why God the Creator was incarnated in the first place.  He only did it to create the Holy Spirit within himself so that his children could have the keys to His Kingdom.  He doesn't need to reincarnate ever again, at least not for us.  Anyone who tells you they are another incarnation of Jesus Christ is a liar. Do not believe them do not follow after them or their teachings, but warn everyone you know about them.

Rev. Wright
Rev. Wright speaks like an Islamic terrorist but he does it in the name of Christ!
He says "God damn America!"  Islamic radicals say the same thing!
Listen and watch for youself!
We ask ourselves how in the world could anyone be so gullable as to follow someone like Koresh, Jimmy Jones, or Charles Manson but the truth is there are people who will literally swallow and believe almost anything.  Obama's former preacher, Rev. Wright preaches and literally screams "God damn America" yet he has thousands of followers.  He constantly beats his people over the head with the evils of slavery with a completely one sided viewpoint.  His people think he was sent by God, the truth is he wasn't.  How do I know?  Because God actually does speak to me and chose me for a certain job.  I know because anyone who has the Holy Spirit of God within them can't speak in certain ways.  There are things they won't do like tell God what He needs to do.  People  who have the Holy Spirit are very careful what they say because if it's wrong, not of God they know without question they can be held accountable for it.  Rev. Wright speaks like he doesn't believe there is a God who he will answer to.

The bible says do not swear but people today don't fully understand the meaning of where that word came from or what it applies to.  Swearing isn't just bad language it's when someone asks God to curse someone else.  Rev. Wright saying "God damn America" is swearing.  It's something God tells us DO NOT DO IT! Yet that doesn't slow the Rev. down one bit.  He's breaking God's commands out in front of the entire world and calls himself a man of God?  Think about it.

Rev. Wright doesn't tell the other side of the story.  He doesn't tell his people how thousands of good white folk died while helping set the slaves free.  I know because I've got relatives who died in the war against the south.  He doesn't tell them how whites and other races were also taken captive into slavery.  He doesn't tell them how God wanted the blacks to take part in the building of America.  He doesn't accept that God sometimes does things people don't like in order to make His plan happen.  Every nation and race on earth has a history of slavery and mistreatment and the Jews are no exception.  Rev. Wright hates the Jews yet what does the Bible say?  It says those who are against the Jews are against God.  Those who turn their back on Jerusalem also turn their back on God and God will turn his back on them. How smart are you? Can you figure out what's wrong with him?  Stop following after people and turn your eyes and ears toward the true God our Creator.

What else do I know for a fact?  God established America and knows exactly how difficult that was.  He knows exactly how much blood was shed to bring this about.  He established America after His namesake and purpose to bring balance of power to a savage world.  No country on earth has done more to help set people free than America.  No person on earth ever did more to set people free than Jesus Christ who gave his own life for this purpose and our salvation.  Yes America is in serous trouble from people who are motivated against God, people like Rev. Wright.  People who know that with America out of the way they can run wild on earth without fear of America or God.  I also know God has a surprise for them when it's all over and they won't like it.  These people call themselves Christians and pretend God sent them, but God didn't send them, God allows them their time.  God allows people to make their mistakes by following ungodly leaders.  Be sure you are not one of them.

The Alamo's
Ken to the Dividians the Alamo's make all kinds of claims to gain attendance.  They chorused their members into giving up everything they had to the Alamo's.  They even threatened members and potential members dragging people down the isle to the front of the church to convince them to join.  I had a friend who went with a friend of his to this church and came back telling a real horror story about what goes on inside.  He had loaned some of his tools to a certain Alamo member and was afraid to go get them by himself.  I went with him and stood outside as he went to get his tools.  A member of that church then threatened me telling me to leave because this was none of my business, shaking a wrench in my face.  I promptly told him I was there with my friend and if he shook the wrench in my face one more time I was going to take it away from him and shove it up his butt!  My friend got his tools back and ran for his life from this freak show.

I hear it frequently on the police scanner how Alamo members take over parking lots leaving their propaganda on vehicles.  They are asked to leave over and over again until the proprietor finally has to call the police to get them to leave.  These people liter, harass and vandalize private property.  If ever confronted by members of this group avoid them at all cost, they are dangerous.  Apparently breaking the laws of our country is one of the things they teach in their church.

I intend to post scriptures for these things when I get time to look them up.

The Mormon Church
There is nothing in the book of Mormon that will help someone find the path to salvation.  Like Islam and Catholicism they use the Bible/Jewish texts to lend credibility to their religious concepts.

Anyone who tells you that someone can be baptized by proxy has been deceived
You can't pass along the Holy Spirit to someone who has died without it.  To even think that such a thing is possible allows people to be deceived and costs people their souls upon their death.  Which is very similar to the Catholics trying to pray someone out of Purgatory.

Anyone who believes a set of "golden tablets" dug up out of the ground in the US is more important than the Bible has been deceived.  The fact they were said to be on golden tablets should be enough to show you they are not the real thing.  Do you think for a moment the Holy Grail was made of gold?  The devil knows people are mislead by shiny things, things of value.

Any church who calls children Elders and sets them above their place turns the devil loose inside them with pride and ego.  This will cost quite a lot of them their souls and it will be their "elders" who taught them lies who will be held responsible on the day of judgment.  An "Elder" is the title for someone older, knowing and wise. Because children, basically people under 50-60 years old, can think they are an elder (knowing and wise) the devil can use this as leverage to hold them bound and prevent them from knowing the truth.  I've had them profess nonsense to me against the teachings of the Bible and they were convinced their lies were founded on truth greater than that in the Bible.  God took me in the spirit to one of the Mormon elder's secret meetings to show me what goes on there.  He showed me the tombstone with the Mormon church's name on it at that time.  This I testify with God as my witness, since it was God who showed me these things.

The Mormon "Elder"
Aliens and Demons
God likes to verify things he shows His people, in this case the original text that I will mention was written by a kid who was a member of the Mormon church and was later kicked out of that church, but still retained the concept that he was a Mormon Elder.  After you read the text you may wonder why and how he could ever consider himself a Mormon or an elder, or anything else but humbled.

I did a search on the Internet for a certain set of words and found a text written by a Mormon boy.  He said he was taken by aliens into a place in the ground where he was taken before a tall gray bug eyed alien on a stone throne.  At this point it sounded like an alien abduction.  Then the larger alien told him that he would give him power and authority in the Mormon church if he would bow down and worship him.  The boy said he knew who the alien was, he was the devil and he wasn't going to worship the being.  Other aliens threw him down and shoved something up his nose.  He woke with a nose bleed.  He asked me if I thought what happened to him was real or not.  I told him "Something doesn't have to be physical to be real."

He was right, he saw the devil in one of his various formsHe was right, the devil has power and influence in the Mormon church.  What he didn't understand was what the demons were doing when  they "shoved that thing up his nose."  A lot of people would call that an alien implant, but this one is a demon implant.  It's not physical, it's a spirit that alters a person's perception of truth.  It is a spirit that causes people to believe delusions.  He took on a very renowned Old Testament name that he likes to be referred to by. One who was said to have walked with God.  He thinks he's privy to that kind of connection with God, yet teaches things contrary to God's teachings.  He was kicked out of the Mormon church for telling them what happened to him, yet he still likes to call himself an "Elder."

He frequently preaches things directly contrary to Biblical teachings
.  He preaches reincarnation and swears the Bible teaches such things.  I know I've read it more times than he has and I've not found anything to support reincarnation. 
He preaches it's all right to be homosexual because God is going to save everyone.  The Bible clearly says only a few will be saved. The wide path leads to destruction the majority will go that way.  The narrow path leads to salvation but only few ever find it.  Since God showed me what the Holy Spirit is, how it was made and how it works I can tell you what Jesus said about the narrow path is 100% true.

He's been accused of child molestation and been investigated
more than once, was put on restrictions but was never convicted that I am aware of.  I'm not convinced that he's innocent. 
The purpose of all this is simple.  He was "abducted by aliens" who "turned out to be the devil and some demons" and the devil told him that if he would bow down and worship him that he would get power and authority in the Mormon church.  He admits the devil is in the Mormon church yet he refuses to give up Mormon teachings.  He thinks he's equal to one who walked with God who didn't die but was taken.  He's in his 20's and wants to start his own church so as to help people know his truth, why?  Because he thinks he's qualified.  What do you think?  Then again he may be just like others who work in churches who are looking for children to molest.

Snake Handling Churches
And they can handle snakes and not be harmed!  They recite it over and over dancing with poisonous snakes.  They deliberately fail to recognize another scripture that says "Don't tempt the Lord your God to anger."  To test God in this method isn't something God wants His people to do.

There's a far cry from foolishness to being protected by God's angels.
  What many of these people won't tell you is how and who started the snake dancing religions.  It began by a hillbilly named George Went Hensley who had been reading the Bible, found and picked up a rattle snake that didn't bite him.  He believed that because of his faith in God the snake would not bite him.  He set out on a snake dancing campaign to show people his faith.  Let me tell you something, the "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Erwin handled all kinds of deadly poisonous snakes and it had nothing to do with faith and everything to do with knowing how.  Steve Erwin wasn't killed by a snake but George Hensley eventually was bitten during a service by a rattler and died as a result of it.

These seriously deluded people think it was all God's will, but not one of them heard from God to know His will.  They site how long George was able to do this without dying.  Yes God is patient and slow to anger but eventually if you dance the dance long enough you will pay the piper.  George Hensley and many others of foolish religious practices have paid the piper.  The sad thing is they never actually found God the Creator to know Him as their personal savior.  What they found is an intoxicating adrenal rush which is a drug that feeds their deluded minds.

When the government passed laws against such religious practices the snake handler cults sited that God's laws supersede the laws of the land.  What the fail to site are the scriptures that say "Obey the laws of your land."  There's not one thing in the Bible that commands people of faith to handle snakes to prove that faith.  The laws of our land do not conflict with the God of the Bible when it comes to handling snakes.  People shouldn't tempt God to anger by practicing foolish religious rituals "in His Name."

The Roman Catholic Church
The Roman Catholic church is based on tradition rather than truth or facts.  It means "because we say so that makes it so."  God said "don't do what the pagans do" but no church on earth has more idols to pray to than the Roman Catholic church.  No church on earth has paganized Christianity more than the Catholics.

The Catholic religion is based not upon the teachings of Jesus but upon the teachings of Paul.  Paul was not one of the original 12.  He came along more than 70 years later.  He was raised worshiping an idol and his work as a soldier was to crucify Christians.  Before he became a Christian he learned a special resentment toward women which he taught his followers.  As such on some subjects he taught directly contrary to what Jesus taught concerning those things.  Jesus taught it is better to marry and not burn with lust.  Paul taught it is better never to touch a woman.  Paul taught celibacy but Jesus didn't.  Jesus taught mary, have children as they are a blessing, and be happy in your life.  Paul is the reason preists and nuns do not marry.  The reason so many preists and nuns have fallen is because they burn with lust, and the Catholic church does their best to hide it.

What is it exactly?  Simply put it is the marriage between Roman politics, religion and Christianity.  It is the very thing Jesus was angry about when he threw over the tables of the money changers.  That day the Romans were meeting with the Jewish religious leaders to discuss the foundations of a new religion to control the population and bring peace.  Jesus was furious with their intentions and made a public display of his disapproval.  The very next day they arrested Jesus and made plans to have him crucified.  
The demon, or devil himself who inspired and created the Catholic church wanted Jesus out of the way.  Jesus was well aware of the spiritual adultery that was taking place.

Peter isn't buried under the Vatican, he never was.  They dug up a bunch of graves under that site and they found men, women's and even animal bones.  Finding one adult male skeleton with no skull and no feet they said "This is Peter."  It isn't Peter as Peter was buried in Jerusalem with his birth name inscribed on his coffin.  Simon son of Jonah. When confronted with this fact the Catholic official said "It doesn't make any difference as long as the people believe that Peter is buried here they will follow the Catholic church's teachings."  Duh!  Deceptive Christian religion.

They also learned what they had dug up was an ancient Roman graveyard.  It had been there long before they built their "holy buildings" upon that location.

They claim when Peter was in Rome Jesus appeared to him and left his foot prints in stone.  It never happened.  1) When Jesus departed He didn't return in physical form.  2) Apparitions don't leave foot prints.  3) God wouldn't let them have an image of himself inside the Holy of Holy why would he give them an impression of His footprints to worship?  Answer, He wouldn't!  Truth?  The truth is the Catholic church has been lying to and misleading people for a very long time.  They start by lying to their priests.  It's more convincing when the teachers believe the lie they are teaching.  Their answer "It doesn't matter as long as the people believe.." their lies.  Then it's all for the common good of mankind.  Would the Lord of Truth approve of their methods?  I don't think so, what do you think?  I've known these things for awhile but only recently have people been doing some research for TV shows to tell the rest of the world what's going on.  Watch this 22 min show yourself.  "The Search for St. Peter."  If they will lie to you about little things they will lie about anything.

Another misconception being taught by the Catholic church has to do with Jesus changing Simon's name to Peter.  Jesus asked Peter "Who do you say that I am?"  Peter said "You are the son of God."  Jesus said "Upon this rock I build my church." 
He meant upon the truth that Peter had just said "You are the son of God."  Jesus said "Unto you I give the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven."  Yes he did but he didn't mean that Peter would be in charge of thee Heavenly Gate.  Everyone who has the Holy Spirit of Christ has the keys to the kingdom of Heaven.  Thanks to the Holy Spirit Peter isn't the only one who has the keys to that gate.  Jesus said "No one comes to the Father except through me."  Jesus himself is the gate and he created the Holy Spirit which are the keys to that gate.

The pope blames the fact that Catholic priests molest children on the loose morals of the USA.  It wasn't God who told them to make the priests celibate.  God knows how people were designed and what they require to maintain mental, physical and spiritual balance.  The devil also knows how to throw a person out of balance and make them more susceptible to temptation is to take away required fundamental things.  Sexual frustration is the cause for many human aliments and the motivating factor in many crimes.  While the US does have poor morals in some areas the Catholic church is the cause of their priests falling from grace.  While they are telling people to confess their sins you can be certain confession is the last thing the Catholic church will ever do.

In order to understand the Catholic church you must back up and study the history of Rome. 
Rome was and IS very much into politics, religions and controlling the masses by using the tools of their trade. No one knows politics and religion better than Rome.  They conquered lands and brought back religious artifacts from each land they conquered
They stole artifacts from the temple in Jerusalem, bought them to Rome and God cursed them!  They learned what trends were active and what methods worked to control the population.  They brought these things back to Rome and mixed them to create what is now known as the Roman Catholic Church.  They said "If you insist on having Jesus Christ then you will have him our way!

The beads, scepters, graven images, long robes, christening babies and Christmas are all pagan (non Christian) in origin.  The Roman's were as big into graven images and idols as the Egyptians.  They know that Jesus warned not to have graven images.  They rationalize that if the graven images are of Jesus's crucifixion, Mary and the saints then it has to be all right.  The truth is they left Jesus on the cross and disobeyed a direct command from God.  Yahweh wouldn't even allow the Jews to have any images of Him even in the Holy of Holies!  Perhaps the Catholics didn't get the memo!

Another thing you should know about the Romans is they had lead in everything, their plates, their pipes and drains and even added it to their food for flavor.  They didn't know it causes all kinds of neurological and mental problems.  The Roman Catholic church was no doubt founded by mentally ill people who ate lead.

Call No Man Father.  A few days ago a friend of mine in LA called to tell me one of his other friends told him to read the book of Matthew.  While reading it he realized errors in Catholic teaching then asked some of his Catholic friends why they ignore the commands of Jesus clearly marked in the Bible.  Their answer was "someone else needs to interpret that for you."  Then he explained that Jesus said no one need interpret it because the Holy Spirit of God would be our teacher.  No mater what question he asked the answer was the same.  His friends insisted that he couldn't understand the Bible unless some Catholic interpret it for him.  In his frustration he called me to ask what I thought about such things.  What do you think I told him?  I told him to do what the Bible says and not listen to his Catholic friends who are trying to mislead him concerning spiritual things.

The day Jesus went to the temple and overturned the tables and ran people off
the Romans were meeting with the Jewish religious leaders.  Jesus came to make a statement of his disapproval of what these leaders were doing and how they were lying to and cheating the people.  Shortly following Jesus was arrested through a collaboration between the religious leaders and the Romans.  Are you good at math?  Put two and two together and see how this adds up.  The last thing Jesus wanted was for the Jews and Romans to team up and create their own religion.  What did they do...?

Jesus Christ was murdered by the Romans! 
Despite this Catholics insist the Roman Catholic church was founded by Jesus Christ himself.  What did I say above?  Jesus didn't approve of the union of the Jews with the Romans.

Jesus was never in Rome because the Romans killed him in Jerusalem.  From the time they are babies Catholic families indoctrinate their children into the Catechism (Catholic ritual dogma.) When a child is raised Catholic they will accept it usually without question as being the truth. If a lie is repeated enough times it substitutes for the truth to those saying it and many of those hearing it. Because of this 99% of Catholics are incapable of realizing truths like these and "testing them" to see if they are true. All around the Vatican you will find buildings and structures created for demons and pagan gods and the Catholics hold these things of the devil to be sacred. To their shame they are incapable of knowing what is of Christ and what isn't.

The Catholic church is also greatly responsible for the world's over-population problem.
  When God told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply He was speaking to the only two humans on earth.  Because of the over-population problem we all face extinction and everything predicted by the book of Revelation.  In the time of great tribulations people will throw rocks at the Catholic church and blame them for the plagues, starvation and deceptions that will come upon the people in the latter days.

The Catholics teach that you can pray someone out of purgatory.  You can't pray someone out of purgatory, anyone who says you can doesn't understand.  They do not understand the Holy Spirit and how it is passed from one believer to another.  They do not understand how the Holy Spirit is the spiritual signature of Christ.  The word Purgatory is an invention of the Catholic church based on their understanding of the underworld, which is based on Old Testament writings.  Conditions of the underworld changed after the crucifixion.  The Catholic church is the invention of the Romans who took Jerusalem and Israel captive and crucified Jesus Christ.  Rome is no friend of Jesus Christ, it never has been and most likely never will be.  I've had Catholics who were searching for the truth come to this website then write to tell me how far off the mark I am concerning the Catholic church.  They they tell me to study the history of the Catholic founders.  I tell them they should study the history of Rome if they want the real truth.  Why don't they research the history of Rome?  Because the truth is not something they want.

The Roman's conquered many lands and took religious artifacts and documents with them back to Rome, ask yourself why they always did that.  The Vatican and areas considered holy by the Catholic church is filled with pagan artifacts.  The beads, images/idols, and scepters and even Christmas are all pagan in origin and things Jesus warned us to stay away from.

Rome was then and still is notorious at their ability to control the masses through religion and politics.  They mix the truth with lies and they always have.  The Catholic church is born of the heart of Rome and it is exactly what Rome created it to be, a device to manipulate the masses.  If you listen and watch you will see them frequently use terms that indicate that controlling the masses is more important to them than the truth.  One example, Christmas, Dec. 25th (Winter Solstice) is a festival for a pagan sun god!  It was also the "birthday of the Persian god Mithra."
When the emperor Constantine converted to Christianity in the 14th century he proclaimed Dec. 25th the birthday of Jesus.  It stuck and this pagan festival has been proclaimed the birthday of Christ by the Catholic church every since.

Jesus was born in the spring or summer, not winter. 
Jehovah warns us not to practice pagan ritualsJesus said don't be like the pagans yet the Catholic church incorporates more pagan practices than any other Christian religion.  The more intelligent consider these things and challenge for the truth.  If you are a Catholic and you really want the truth you will need to step away from organized religion and start your research again.  One reason is the Catholic church is famous for finding and hiding valid and true documents to prevent the "masses" from having access to them.  Some believe the Catholic church has had people murdered in order to secure some of those documents and to silence others like myself.  The truth is out there and you can find it if you really want it.

Purgatory is for the most part another name for the Underworld.  The place where all the spirits of the dead were kept before the death of Jesus Christ.  After Jesus Christ entered the Underworld upon his death he touched each of his own people giving them his spirit and allowing them to pass from the Underworld through the created world and into Heaven to a place known as Abraham's bosom.  All those who were not His friends were left in the Underworld.  Since Jesus had broken down the boundaries between the Underworld and this world many spirits who were held captive there returned to this plane of existence as ghosts. (Please see the page about ghosts.)  Hell or the Lake of Fire is not the Underworld.  Yes angels or demons do still bind some really evil misguided souls within the Underworld apparently to keep them from mingling with the living.  If you saw the movie Ghost where the evil guy's spirit was dragged into the earth by the little shadow things, well that's pretty much what it looks like. That's the best rendition that I've ever seen of the what the real thing looks like.  Makes me wonder if the director or author had seen this before in the spirit.

There is something God showed me that I have yet to be able to explain.  He has allowed me to see other waiting places that are not in the Underworld.  These places do look like schools and the angels gather souls and bring them to these places.  I do not know who the people are or why they are being held in those spiritual waiting places.  I suspect these people were all ready saved.  I can say that God has allowed me to see these places in the spirit on more than one occasion.  I will not tell anyone they will get a second chance, I do not believe it is in anyone's interests to do so.  I say do everything you can to get it right the first time because you may not get another chance.  I do not know who those people are or the name of the places where I saw them.  If I'm mistaken and these places are the places the Catholics refer to as purgatory then I must say that only a few souls are being brought into them.  There is a portal to another place within these places.  It looked like an elevator.  I didn't see if it goes up, down or both directions.  People go into it, there's a flash of light and they are gone.  Angels can return though it, but I never saw any people return through it while I was there.

I receive more hate mail from Catholics than anyone else
.  They write to tell me they know the "Holy Roman Catholic Church is the one true church founded by Jesus Christ himself" and they tell me to research the history of the Catholic church.  The truth is I have, over and over backing up into the history of Roman culture to find truths that Catholics can't see in front of their faces.  I find it astounding how close so many people can be to the truth and yet they can't see it right in front of their faces.  They want to straighten me out yet they have not one stitch of valid evidence or documentation to prove what they have chosen to believe in.  The truth is on these pages.  The main truth is the Roman's crucified Jesus Christ.  He was never in Rome, He did not found the Catholic church, someone else did.  Rome has been crucifying Christ every day since then.  Check the history of the events.  You know that Pilot and his wife (Roman who reluctantly had Jesus Crucified) was finally beheaded himself by Rome for having Jesus put to death?  He washed his hands of the affair and said he would have nothing to do with the death of this innocent man!  His wife warned him she had dreams and said Jesus was innocent and he knew it was true.  Rome finally having pilot beheaded was not an act of justice it was an act of manipulation over the people to gain their trust.

Rome stole precious artifacts from the temple in Jerusalem took them back to Rome and had them melted down.  Rome in general had and still has no respect for Jesus, the Jews or Christianity.  I also get some of my best compliments from reformed Catholics who have discovered the truth about these things.  Some of those people have also met Jesus in the spirit and know who He is.

The more a person's belief system is challenged by the truth the more they tend to show their emotions.  They come to my websites looking for reassurance that their beliefs are correct and when they find these pages they find their beliefs threatened by the truth.  They are not capable of comprehending the fact they came here because of their own insecurities.  They pray asking God to guide them sometimes and He leads some of them here and instead of finding the courage to challenge and test their own beliefs they threaten and challenge me.  They are not capable of understanding that it was others just like them who were threatened by the truths that Jesus gave them.  They had Jesus crucified because of their own insecurities and these would crucify others like myself who testify to the truth to expose the lies.  I know I'm far from perfect but at least I'm on the path to the truth and I've discovered quite a few lies that people believe in without question.  People of the truth are not threatened by lies because they build their belief system up on the solid rock, as Jesus said to do.  So when people read my pages and hate me for it they should realize that something is wrong with them. They should test their own religion and their own beliefs and find the truth on their own.  The last thing they need to do is turn to others who support the lies.  This is a path you must walk on your own for awhile until you find others who are on the path to the truth, people who challenge and test ALL the spirits to see who sent them.

Never forget it was the Romans who crucified Jesus and the Roman Catholic church has been crucifying Him and His prophets and people every since.

Christian Posers!

The world is full of Christian poser wanna-be's and their corisponding churches.  These are "dead" churches full of zombies" who enjoy quoting scriptures, patting each other on the back while trying to give each other that cozy feel good moment that makes them feel like they are God's chosen, when they aren't.

They have a spirit of religoin that didn't come to them from God and they are incapible of knowing the difference because it's all they have ever known.  When you have never known anything different they have nothing to compare with to know they went off on the wrong road way back there.

You can spot them from a mile away because they have cerain traits and spirits that run among them.

They love to quote the scriptures to show how Godly they are.  The catch is the quotes don't apply to them, they always apply to someone else or everyone else.  ("See how godly I am, please tell me so and pat me on the back.")

They love to tell you about their flowers, how they fixed a table, about their softball team or bowling league and about their wives attending a Christain retreat.  Everything they think is important is so superficial it urks the real spirit filled Christians and embarasses God at the same time.  None of these have ever cast a demon out of someone, cleared a house of evil spirits and protected it, and most of them can't say they ever helped save someone else's life either directly or indirectly.

These groups are a dime a dozen and there are 1000's of them. They give God a bad reputation.  People who come to my group are serious about spiritual gifts, learning to use those gifts, spiritual prophecy, learning to speak and to hear God's voice, healing, and  prophetic dreams and night visions.  When someone comes into our group and begins with the posturing and posing and telling us about all the important things they did over the past week, you know, fixing tables and going to their retreats and quoting scriptures to show how much more knowledgable they are than people in our group, let's just say they don't last long with my group and the kinds of groups I am interested in.  They march right in and set in the front row just so someone else can tell them they need to move to the back or get out.

Our group has some impressive experienced spirit filled insightful people.  We are all students and we are teachers.  Anyone else who enters and wants to learn are welcome.

Don't fall for the posers.  God didn't send them so don't blame him for what they do.