The beast rose up out of the sea and the people gave their power over to it.  The beast is a government, the sea is the people of the world.  The voice of the beast is the man who represents it like a government leader or president.

In order to understand how the demons manipulate and influence people you need to understand that Lucifer and his kind only knew what God programmed into them.  Just as God uses angels as His eyes and ears demons created what I call sub-demons to do the same thing for them.  These are energy entities that come in various forms from dwarf like to monkey, lizard and other animalistic shapes.  Some of the worst of these almost look human.  They come in three finger three toe, four finger four toe and of course the highest order of them have five to six fingers and toes.   On rare occasions they have been caught on video or left tracks that could be seen.  More often they like to scratch people or hit them and they do leave hand prints when that happens.  I've walked in the spirit on many occasions and I've seen several varieties of them.  Real psychic mediums can see spirits and they report seeing the things I've seen.

Sub-demons are invisible to the human eye but they can influence susceptible people in various ways.  They pretend to be spirits of ghosts and they can also burn or scratch people to let them know that "something" is there.  I found out the hard way about these things and later learned what they are.  I also found out they have been captured in photographs and on video.  I tell you this because you need to understand how the Anti-Christ spirit is able to influence the living.

In the book of Revelation we are warned that before the second coming there will be two major Earth changing events that include the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the reign of the Devil as the Anti-Christ.

During that time we are told that our sons and daughters will prophesy and our old men will have dreams and young people will see visions.  These according to Numbers 12:6 God speaking "When a prophet is among you I the Lord make myself known to them in a vision and I speak with them in dreams."  This is how God calls His prophets.

We are warned that messiahs will literally come out of the woodwork saying they are the second coming of Christ and John warns us "do not go."  We are told that when the Lord Christ does return it will be like the sun rising in the east every eye will see him and every knee will bow. There will be no mistaking who Christ is at that time.

There are a few things you need to understand about the Beast we are told of in Revelation.  First of all The Beast will be an Earth born entity consisting of multiple leaders.  The Beast is powered literally by the Anti-Christ spirit who's father is in fact Lucifer / the Devil.

The spirit of the anti-Christ is very old.  Spirits never die they are made up of energy and can't be destroyed.  It was the Anti-Christ in the form of religious leaders in the days of Jesus who had Jesus put to death by the hands of the Romans.

The Anti-Christ spirit has been around for a very long time and there's a reason why they call it by that name.  It will remove and do away with any evidence that exposes its existence or in some way distracts from its own ego and objectives.  They say "God" but their god is not the same God as the Creator God.  Their God is not Christ or the Father.  The anti-Christ spirit was created and is commanded by Lucifer because of his hate toward his Creator for providing salvation for humans and then giving them command over angels through the Holy Spirit of Christ.

For years I've been dropping clues as to how to know who the current face of the anti-Christ is.  It's very simple and I will explain on down the page.

I don't want to get long winded on this but would like to point out the most important things about this entity.  It is highly deceptive but has certain traits that are consistent.  It comes both in the name of God as well as the Anti-God.  It also comes as the "instead of God."  It sees itself as being the messiah.  It still sees Lucifer as the "Light Bringer."  It thinks God and Christ are bad and Lucifer is good or god.  The human manifestation of the anti-Christ can even come in "Christian" form.  Meaning the man behind the mask can be a Christian (saying he's of Christ.)

It loves to hide things from the general public while setting itself up as God upon the Earth.  It steals from us, lies to us and murders our people.  It also works very diligently to hide the truth whenever it can because the truth is the direct enemy and opposite of the Anti-Christ. If the truth is exposed to this entity it will make every underhanded effort to eliminate that truth.  I can give pages of examples where this has happened in the past.

The spirit of the anti-Christ is manifold, it has many fingers and quite a lot going on all at the same time through different entities and the people those entities control.  This is a spirit in those people who are working to remove every sign, symbol or reference to God in our government.  If they see a cross or reference to God in a government building or land they will take action to have it removed saying that it is unconstitutional.  Declaring "separation of church and state" as their legal platform.  All of it is a lie and the Anti-Christ spirit of the Beast is behind it.  All the while the person of the anti-Christ remains watching and not saying much about these things in an effort to remain illusive.  For example, if Obama was actively against Christian symbols in our government it would be easy to say he's the man who represents the anti-Christ.  Since he stands up and says he's a Christian he can retain votes from Christians that he would not otherwise have.

The Anti-Christ and human face of that spirit will lie when the truth sounds better.  Basically telling the people what they want to hear then doing something else once he has their trust.

Since the Anti-Christ is a spirit it resides with certain kinds of people, those all having certain prominent traits as I have all ready described.  Occasionally you will find someone like Adolf Hitler who literally carries the spirit to new levels while murdering people and burning bibles.  Hitler was one of the faces of the Anti-Christ all the while seeing himself as the God sent messiah to save humanity by eliminating the "unclean masses."  The plague upon the Earth at that time of course was Hitler and his followers.

One thing that set Hitler in a category of his own was the confiscation of and burning of piles of bibles.  You may expect people you've never heard of before to appear seemingly out of no-where and tell you the bible is evil and that you should burn it.  They will have their reasons for saying so and some of them will literally tell you that "God" told them to tell you that.  They may also admit to hearing voices and say that God gave them this revelation.  I can assure you God didn't tell them that but the devil / Anti-Christ is capable of speaking to people and has been known to masquerade as an angel of light or God.  Some of these people will believe 100% without question that God is the one who gave them the information they are preaching.  We should keep in mind that those who teach deception have themselves been deceived.  That's when you need a good understanding of what you are dealing with and the bible contains truths to test those spirits with, so naturally they want rid of it.

Some will say it is of the devil or that it is of the beast or the mark of the beast and the thing you need to recall from the bible about things like this is the mark of the beast is described in the book of Revelation.  It is for the identification and  tracking of people.  It is for buying and selling and without it no one will buy or sell in that day.  Simply put you don't buy or sell anything with the bible so on that one note alone we know the bible is not the mark of the beast.

The mark of the Beast is of the Beast alone and it all ready exists and does exactly what the Bible said it would be used for.  It is a tiny computer chip that is placed in the skin, back of the hand or forehead.  It has personal identification in it and a number that identifies that person to a master computer that is called literally "The Beast."  This computer does exist and tracking and keeping information about people is all that it does.  The people behind this computer are of the Anti-Christ government.  Also sometimes called the shadow government, the Illuminati, etc.  They are extremely rich and powerful and like to remain out of the spotlight.  Their main workers who represent them exist in full public view.  You might never suspect that people like Obama and Hillary Clinton are working for a much larger more powerful group of people that we never see.  Where do you think they get all that money to run for political offices?

These people believe they are messengers of the one true God but their god is not God at all.  Their efforts are man made and exist on a physical level.  They program the Beast computer with information they believe God is giving to them for the purpose of righting the wrongs that exist among the people and governments of the world.  You don't need to be a genius to know there's no nation on Earth that's perfect, they all have problems.  These people seek in their own minds to resolve those problems not just for single nations but for the entire world.  They have all the evidence they need to support what they have chosen to believe in.

I'm one of the first to admit the instead of Christ has done a great deal of harm in the name of Christ / God.  I teach that not everyone who holds a bible and preaches is of God.  This instead of Christ is another variation of the Anti-Christ and it exists to take anyone who won't follow the teachings and rules of actual Anti-Christ spirit.  If someone is determined to be religious then it's there for them.  The list of churches who are part of this is quite long but don't let them trick you either.  The truth is out there and it can be had by those who want it bad enough to do the work.

How To Recognize The Anti-Christ
Now I'll tell you a very simple set of secrets.  Yes God does warn me who is acting as the "face" of the anti-Christ.  Since God doesn't always tell everyone of His people in the same way He gives signs to watch for and methods so they can know.  The answer is very simple and when ask I sometimes make a joke of it.  They ask me who I'm voting for and I tell them "the other guy."  They say "what?"  I explain "I check to see who the Hollywood liberals are voting for then I vote for the other guy."

The Hollywood liberals are among those who the sub-demons of the anti-Christ literally live within and feed upon.  From the abundance of their hearts their mouths speak.  They will always vote for the person the anti-Christ has the greatest influence over.  Like Sodom and Gomorra the Hollywood group is literally bathed in spirits of the anti-Christ, who was created by the devil for the purpose of setting his stage to have his last command upon Earth. 

Literally the spirits from Sodom and Gomorra did not die, they just moved when all the people of that area died.  If you guessed most of them moved to California you are correct.  They love the rich, famous and powerful.  They love to be worshiped because that's how they draw energy from everyone else.  Who is worshiped more than the stars on the silver screen?  Yes they become idols for us to worship, and 99% of them are nothing like the people we think they are.

Does the man acting as the current face of the anti-Christ know that he's the puppet of the anti-Christ?  I doubt it.  The bible says they who practice to deceive have all ready been deceived.  I think the man has all the best intentions and has no clue that he is the puppet of the anti-Christ.  God didn't specifically tell me that and yes I might be wrong but I will say this.  For a person to be as slick and convincing as the anti-Christ representative is it's best they also believe what they are preaching.  The best sale's person is someone who believes those rotten old cars they are selling are actually a good deal.

Once you realize how these things and these spirits work you will realize your eyes have been opened to things that were hidden in plane sight.  You will discover you know people who call themselves Christians who go to church on Sunday and say their prayers.  Then you will see those same people vote for the anti-Christ.  If they were being lead by the Holy Spirit they wouldn't do that therefore we must conclude they are being lead by a spirit that is not of God.

I know a preacher very well who gets up in the morning says a long prayer, has a prayer circle before he works at work and makes a big deal to look, sound and make himself and others believe he is actually lead by God.  He voted for the anti-Christ at the last election and later said "I can't believe I voted for that guy!"  I would just about bet he will do it again though I hope I'm wrong.  When it comes to things like this it's good to be wrong.

The same man says he's lead by God one day at a time and that I'm evil.  I tried in the past to help him and he and his wife rejected me concerning those things that could have literally saved their lives as well as their souls.  You see not everyone who is called is chosen but there are some who are called and begin acting in a religious way because they know no other way to act.  God has sent me to help people who thought they were saved when they were not.  They said "If God was going to choose someone it wouldn't be you, it would be me."  Why?  Because they think themselves to be "Godly" and "righteous."  They put themselves in the front seat in the church and think they have earned that position.  When God does the sorting on Judgment day they will be fortunate and blessed to end up outside the church on the steps.  That's where they like to keep their God, outside the church on the steps.

So you see once you have the keys to understand how to be lead by the Holy Spirit you can also recognize others who have the same gifts and talents.

If you have read very much of my site especially my personal pages you know I didn't come here by chance and most of the things that have been revealed to me are not to be kept secret.  I'm not special or important but the message I bring you is.  There will be many sharks in the water, false prophets and teachers, wolves in sheep's clothing.  Don't let them trick you into believing something that is not true.  God gave you a mind so use it and do some digging and praying on your own to test those spirits.

God does not want mindless followers who don't ask questions, he wants people with GREAT minds who question and test everything.  Next time the preacher says "don't question God" you tell him you are not questioning God, you are questioning him, the preacher for his knowledge of spiritual things.

Anyone who has true insight into spiritual things should be able to answer questions that few others could answer.

Test all the spirits to see who sent them.