(This page hadn't been up a day and I was receiving compliments on it!)

Welcome to my
Hooters page!

I'll bet you are wondering why in the world I thought it was important enough to create this page.  You can bet I'm going to tell you before I'm done.

You might be surprised at how many well-intending, dogma-bound religious fanatics who believe the restaurant and sports bar is a pornographic establishment!  PLEASE!  These people don't know what pornography is!  How smart can they be?

It's a family oriented establishment.  We see families with kids in there every time we go.  It's not their fault if these religious fanatics have perverted thoughts!  If they can't stand the temptation they shouldn't go there but they shouldn't blame Hooters or anyone there for their own faults.

So I went up to get my new iMac computer and there was a Hooters across the road.  My wife and I went in for lunch and saw a family seated at a table.  The younger man who must have been around 25 or so had a beautiful Jesus T-shirt on and I stopped to tell him I liked his shirt.  I found out he was the videographer at one of our local (same city we live in) Pentecostal churches.  His family didn't have a second thought about eating there.  Why?  The food and service is excellent - that's why.  The buildings have beautiful woodwork.  If you like sports they have TVs all over the place on ever sports channel you can think of.

So my wife and I were in the Best Buy a few days later and I made the mistake of telling a guy there that I saw this other family in Hooters in Fayetteville, AR.  The guy went nuts!  He knew the other guy!  Now I find out this guy I was talking to said he was the videographer of another very large church in the city that is based on the Pentecostal beliefs.  These two people are different as night and day.  So while he's going on "Oh my gosh (God!) I can't believe they were eating and supporting a pornographic establishment!"  While he was ranting and showing his own ignorance I turned around and walked off leaving him talking to himself.  Let's face it some people are just too damned dumb to talk to, I'm out of there!  These same people don't think one thing about going to beach where women and girls wear swimsuits that put those orange shorts to shame.  Let's face it, this is America.  People have the right to be hypocrites if they want!  That doesn't mean you have to believe their rantings.  That doesn't mean you can't know the truth.  That doesn't mean you can't be smarter and better informed than those religious freaks who give God a bad rap.

Ask them next time who Jesus preferred to spend his time with?  The drunks, prostitutes and tax collectors - that's who!  What does the Bible tell them to do?  To be Christ-like - that's what.

Let's face it even God didn't like associating with the religious freaks of his time so he found better company.  Who do you think designed woman in the first place?  Yeah, you are pretty smart.  ;-)

So we were eating there with some friends and a friend of ours who is without question the most inspired spiritual person we've ever met joined us.  I shot like 90 TV shows for this guy.  He's a gifted song writer, musician and minister of the gospel.  Well someone else saw him in there who knew him and told someone else.  The next thing he knew he was apologizing to those religious freaks for being seen in Hooters!  OMG!  So he calls me on the phone to tell me he knew there wasn't anything wrong with eating there but since certain other weak-minded, morally fouled up people were going to hold him accountable he couldn't ever go back.  He even quoted several scriptures to me which clearly say we know it's not a sin because we understand.  Like eating meat offered to idols we know the idols are not God so eat if you want.  The catch is if someone sees you eating that meat and they don't understand then to them it is a sin.  What do these weak minded people do?  They judge someone who's closer to God than they will most likely ever be.  Other scriptures say things like "if you do these things do it unto yourself."  That means don't let the hypocritical religious fanatics even see you if you do such things so they won't be judging you.

In the beginning there was only one rule.  Live your lives and thank God for all that you have.  The more people who entered onto the world scene the more complicated things became and presto we received man made religion.  Don't laugh, it's HUGE business today but it's not God's business, they just want us to think it is.  The purpose of the Creator being born in the flesh as Jesus and then being crucified is a huge part of the process of bringing the lost back to the Father where there's no religion, no fanatic people judging us and where things are simple once again.  Once God's laws are written within a person's spirit and soul things do become simple again.  Enjoy your life, thank God for all that you have.  Don't let religious fanatics who think they know the truth judge you and take control of aspects of your life.  It's people like that who have turned other people totally off on God.  I also believe that one day those fanatics will answer to God for all the people they've chased away who might have been saved.

You know what.   I preach and teach the gospel to people every day and if someone tries to take my liberties away or dictate to me according to their own limited understanding they will get a quick lesson about how stupid they are, from me.  You know those people wouldn't be nearly as ignorant of the truth if their preachers had not been afraid to preach the truth to them to start with.

You better believe I can quote the scriptures and I can tell you the sin is with those who can't stand to be around attractive, well-mannered waitresses and good food.  If you want to eat at Hooters people you go right ahead, enjoy yourself and tell them I sent ya.  Just don't let a girl with a name tag that says "Bumper" wait on you.

...Bryon Smith