What Are Evil Spirits?

Long before the Bible was translated and long before the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls people were aware that spirits existed.  They knew spirits could affect people, their health, their success or failure, their family and friends and how they perceived the world around them.

The Bible tells us that long ago there was an angel named Lucifer who was so bright he gave the morning star a run for its money.  In fact some called him The Morning Star.  There is some debate as to if he was actually brilliant to look at or if the term was relating to how smart he was.  Truth be known God bragged on him.  Who is like him?  Some say he was the Choir Master of Heaven.  Most do not understand the meaning of that term since angel songs are not like songs that humans sing.  The songs of angels are the sound of creation's engine.  So if this is the case Lucifer was in charge of some or many aspects of creation like a foreman in God's factory.  If so he knows how things are made and what makes them tick.

Angels are creations of God as is everything but their purpose is to help create and maintain that creation.  Lower levels of angels simply function without thought very much like a factory robot running a program.  Some of us see no real intelligence in them at all.  The sun burns and warms the earth, big deal.  It was created in a certain way and provides key elements to life as we understand it.  Enoch described the angels of the sun as being like massive beasts that stand miles high.  They are angels and they can also be explained by science.  Without these angels we wouldn't exist.  The earth would be a frozen empty waste land.

Limestone rocks used to be living things on the bottom of the sea floor.  They live, they die they get compressed by more dead things and presto they become stone.  Big deal right?  Well the truth is they were once literally billions of living things.  Stones made up from dead once living things have a certain kind of energy signature that things formed from non living things do not have.  This energy signature contained a program that is recognized by God long after the death of the animal.  Humans are the same and even our memories of our soul are recorded within our spiritual life force or spirit.

Great piles of dead dinosaurs buried deep within the earth turned into oil some how.  We call things made from that goo petroleum products.  From petroleum jelly to the fuel we put into our vehicles most people use some form of petroleum products every day.

What's this have to do with evil spirits?  Things live, they die and they get transformed into something else.  It's the cycle of nature and it's spirit driven.

People tend to place the foundations of what they believe in upon their own personal experiences.  I'm hot, I'm cold, I saw something I can't explain!  They start looking for answers in various places but most of them only want to be told the things they have chosen to believe in.  Those mindless spirits who go about their tasks like a computer running a program have been called ferries and elementals by various groups.  The basic witches and wiccians don't believe in the devil, God, heaven, hell or demons, but they do believe there is an underworld.  That's because the spirits they recognize are mindless energies that preform simple tasks.  The seed creates the flower, the worm eats the flower and the flower becomes worm poo, neither are self aware.  The things pagans don't realize are much more interesting.

You've heard the saying "seeing is believing" but sometimes "believing is seeing."  It works both ways.  Sometimes before a person can find the truth they must be willing to open their mind to the fact there are things around us we can't comprehend.  They must want the truth bad enough to face their worst fears and go digging for it.  We can't actually see the air but we know it's real because we can feel it.  We can't see UV or IR light or radio signals but we know they exist in certain frequency spectrums.  Spirits also exist in frequency spectrums normally unobservable by the human eye.

Ancient documents give us some valuable clues but while not everyone comes to the same conclusions the majority of us will agree that spirits of various kinds do exist.

Demons were once angels, designed and created by God for a purpose.  Those angels were created in what we call a hierarchic.  They were created with various levels of intelligence and purpose.  They were created with commanders and underlings of various calibers.  The highest orders of angels known to human kind are called archangels.  These are the most intelligent and powerful angels in all of creation.  These angels are only sent to worlds that have life on them, worlds like Earth.  Their knowledge of creation is unfathomable.  Their power comes from that knowledge as well as the legions of angles they command.

Several levels of angels are self aware, archangels included.  Lucifer wasn't on the earth during most of his reign.  We know this because the Bible tells us there was war in the heavens between Lucifer and his legions against the archangel Michael and his legions.  It may have been something of an unfair fight since Lucifer was of the creative type or what we might call a nerd angel while Michael is military minded and commands a real army of angels.  Michael's purpose is to keep the other angels in order should they get out of hand.  Lucifer and his bunch got out of hand.  As the story goes Lucifer and his angels were defeated and cast down from the heavens to the earth.  They were transformed into a form more befitting of their deeds and there remain in the underworld until their time comes to an end.

Lucifer has been known by many names including the "Great Dragon."  His name at that time was descriptive of his office.  Now he is known as Satan (the accuser) and the devil.  Names fitting his new job description.  How many were they who fell?  The Bible said a third of the stars fell from the heavens with him.  I'm guessing that's a LOT of angels, all of them under his command.

What was Lucifer doing that got him into trouble?
He was playing God.  He was jealous of his creator (also known by other names) the Lord of Light.  What do we know of that activity based on what we know of his power and office?  We know he was altering nature, things that God had made.  We know he was accepting the worship of beings that may have been very much like us while alive.  I also expect he was demanding blood sacrifices as he's never stopped doing that to this day.

What are evil spirits?  They are fallen angels known to us today as demons.  They exist within the underworld.  They affect and afflict living things on planet earth via mostly shadow entities and lower forms of evil spirits that can include physical afflictions.

Do demons have physical bodies?
  Yes they do but remember they were once angels and they have spiritual abilities.  Meaning they don't need to be there in person to affect, control or afflict someone.  They send their underlings the shadow entities to do their bidding for them.

Has anyone seen a demon's body?
Yes they have but people in general think those demons are aliens.  You can imagine how confusing your conclusions might be when you mistranslate something.  You might be shocked to know how many mistranslations and misunderstandings actually exist within the pages of the Bible.  People who think the Bible was translated by God are fixed and unchanging.  Meaning they hold to a tradition, a dogma or a lie harder than anyone.  Doing so means they miss the actual truth God wanted them to have.

Demons love it when people are determined to hang onto a misconception or dogma.  Imagine how they will feel when they discover the six days of creation were God's days not earth days and God sets time in ages or sets of time not in physical days.  The 70 weeks of Daniel wasn't 70 weeks at all it was many years! 
Imagine how they will feel when they discover that Moses didn't part the Red Sea he parted the Reed Sea just north of the Red Sea.  Just one letter different and the entire meaning of the message is changed.  The error has nothing to do with a person's salvation but people will clutch to the error as if it were God's truth and that's a sad thing.  The reed sea was actually destroyed by the earth quakes God used to liberate the "Amo" (God's people) from bondage in Egypt.

How do Evil Spirits Affect People?
Jesus mentioned that people who build their beliefs upon false things are like those who build their houses upon the sand.  When the storm comes the sand will wash away and the house will fall.

Jesus described people of the same type like a boat without an anchor or rudder.  When the wind blows the boat will go where ever the wind takes it.

These things are factual makes no difference who said them.  You can see it all around you the way people behave.  If you want to know what the spirits are doing just look around you and then turn on the news and see what's going on in the world.  We were told to watch the signs of the times and the signs of the times are upon us.  Wars, rumors of wars.  People doing mindless acts of violence on fellow humans.  Some of them actually say "I don't know what came over me."  Now and then someone will say "The devil made me do it."  Don't laugh.

There has been a war against the powers of light and darkness since before Adam and Eve.  That war has taken new steps against the children of light.  Churches are being forced into government control in various nations including the USA.  I also received a message telling me that Churches are now being taxed in Nigeria.

The Spirit Wind
Spirits affect the living of all kinds, the difference is that when spirits affect people the more intelligent people are the ones who have some say in if or how those spirits affect them.  Have you ever seen a riot?  When mindless hoards of people become like a pack of wild animals vandalizing, murdering, raping, stealing and setting fires to buildings?  People who do these things are blown by the spirit winds that drive them.  These are emotion driven people who act before they think, if they ever think.  The only thing that keeps people like these under control is the military and police forces they fear.  If left unchecked they would become a huge gang of land pirates consuming everything in their path.  What propels people like these?  Shadow entities created and sent out by demons who exist in the underworld.

Demons can think, reason and formulate plans.  Demons understand the working of creation and nature.
They have the ability to create shadow entities they send out into the world in search of suitable hosts.  Shadow entities are purpose driven mindless and not self aware.  They are controlled like puppets by their creators.  The demons can see through the "eyes" of the shadow entity.  Demons can instill all kinds of emotions and thoughts into their host humans.  "The voices! The voices just won't stop!"  Yes they can even speak thoughts and put images into the mind of the host.  They sometimes pretend to be angels or God speaking to their host.  This is what happened to Mohammed in the cave.  It wasn't an angel.

Some demons are jealous incompatible monsters who destroy friends and families.  Find a couple who argue and fight all the time and you may find a demon with them who thrives on conflict.  Find a person who lies and you will find a spirit of deception.  Find a person who rapes and you will find a spirit that loves to inflect itself upon others.  There are several of these types but all of them feed on fear.  They, the host is afraid and they want others to be afraid of them.  Terrorists display the emotions of their shadow spirits and emulate them by trying to instill fear in others.  We call them terrorists for a reason.  The host is afraid or angry and wants to hurt someone else so they lie about them.  One thing I know for certain God's angels are keeping score and God is observing the numbers.

Find a person who's sexually out of balance and you will find someone who's spiritually and physically out of balance.
A person's sexual cravings are directly related to the condition of their spirit body and mind.

Find a person with a deadly bad habit they have no control over and you will find someone who is spiritually, physically and mentally out of balance.  Their sexual cravings are also altered.

People frequently act out the nature of the demon that influences them via shadow entity. Some people are hosts who carry the shadow entity who are not directly affected by it.  These people carry the seeds of the demon via shadow entity.  When they come into contact with a likely or receptive recipient that shadow entity can pass along a "seed" of itself into that person to see if the person's soul is receptive to the influence or temptation.  It's demon will feed upon the life energy of the receptive host.  Passing along a shadow seed is as simple as touching someone or shaking someone's hand.  Once the seed is planted and a receptive host found that shadow entity will remain there and grow sending energy and information back to the demon who created it.  Now and then the host will realize something is wrong in their life and fight back.  Weeds like these can be plucked outPeople can get help if they wantNo one can be helped who doesn't want help.  The shadow entity does its best to be sure the host they inhabit does not want or is not able to seek help.  People who don't want help can't be helped by anyone. It's the entities best defense.

When I use the term "receptive host" I mean that not everyone is subject to receive or compatible with all kinds of spirits good or bad.  Some people are naturally protected from certain kinds of evil spirits.  Few people are protected from all kinds of evil spirits.  Some people need to pray for protection.  There are angels that are called "guardian angels" who were designed for this specific purpose.  If you are a child of God and have the Holy Spirit of God you can command your guardian angel to protect you from certain types of evil spirits or "temptations."  You can even command that angel to guard over your family and loved ones.

People command evil spirits to.
  Witches do have limited control over the spirits they learn to command.  What they do not understand is that when you command those spirits in this life those spirits will command you in the spirit life.  If you draw bad energy through you then in time you will pay the price. 
If you dance to the music you will eventually pay the piper.

Be Careful What You Wish For
Black witches are well known for cursing people.  Sending evil spirits after them like a pack of hell hounds.  They have much less effect on someone who has a guardian angel who protects them.  When those spirits can't expend that evil energy on the target person they return and take it out on the one who sent them.  This is also known as black witchcraft.  The secret is people who aren't even witches send out evil spirits upon others out of hate, sometimes this hate is unfounded and generated by their demon.  There are Christians in churches who think they have the best of intentions who literally pray against their preachers sending demons after their teachers.  People they should be praying for to lead them in the will of God but they are praying for bad things to happen to those people!  What they should be aware of is God is keeping score.

I've had people do me dirty, hurt me and my family, steal things from me, lie about me and I've hated some of those people and wanted bad things to happen to them.  God always sends me educational and corrective dreams to let me know I'm making a serious mistake.  The reason is if I let that kind of energy through me then I'm the one who gets hurt the most.  The best thing is to let God have them.  Like the old saying, if you give a fool enough rope eventually they will hang themselves with it.  The Bible says to turn them over to the devil for the destruction of the flesh so that perhaps their souls might be saved.

Evil Destroys Entire Families!
When you see an entire family who's being destroyed from the inside out you will notice things about them.  They fight frequently.  They have all kinds of serious problems.  They love to blame others for things they themselves have caused.  This redirecting the anger is the main defensive system of the shadow entity(s) within their family.  The power of the evil shadow spirit will move and manipulate its influence and power between family members.  This usually happens as a spirit prefers certain kinds of energy to feed upon.  A key point to note is evil shadow entities prefer children who just become of age.  This is when they like to move from an older person to the younger while still maintaining control over the family through constant turmoil.

The world is filled with people who exist in darkness unaware of the demons that influence their lives and this world.  In the day of Great Light when the Lord returns all these things will be revealed.  People will cry out in anger and desperation realizing the mistakes they've made.  They will actually see the evil entities that have controlled their lives.

In Closing
There are too many things involved in this subject field to fit on a single web page.  You may or may not believe in evil spirits but if you watch the people you can see what those spirits are involved in at any given time.  Just like a weather station people will act out the rage and nature of the spirits that drive them at any given time.

These are my observations.
I have no PH.D. but I have walked among the spirits, I've experienced and seen the shadow of death.  I've seen angels, demons, the devil and God.  I've walked in the great underworld among demons, ghosts of the dead and angels who maintain the gates of certain demon's prisons.  I've not only seen shadow entities I've thrown them out of my house until the demon Nata came to confront me.  When I threw him out the devil showed up a few nights later.  They both threatened my life and the lives of my loved ones, but I don't take threats from demons.  If you or someone you know has serious things wrong in their lives then someone needs to tell them what's going on and get some help.

It makes sense that knowledge is power.  A brilliant genius who knows all kinds of things who isn't aware of evil spirits is at their mercy.  The more a person knows about spirits and the rules of spiritual warfare the more power that person has to control their own destiny.

There is not much worse than to see someone who knows they are at the mercy of a demon who does nothing to right the wrong that's been done to them by the demon.