I'm not done yet. this segment keeps being pushed down the page as I work to gather the facts, names and dates to be shared on this page.  It's going to take some time for me to finish this with details but I will answer certain questions as I go and for now the most important question you might ask is ....

Was the original Templar lead by God?  Absolutely.
Was the original Free Masons lead by God?  Yes and some of them were aware of that, but not all.
Was God responsible for the founding of America?   The answer is absolutely.
Are there pagan and occult influences mixed into America's history.  The answer is absolutely.
Is America and her government sick?   Absolutely.

Is there an effort to resolve this and heal America?  Yes there is, and it's futile at best but at least it shows that someone is aware of the problem and trying to do something to help.  Say a prayer, it couldn't hurt.  As long as America stands as it is the dark one can not take his place as a world power.  The only reason this has not happened is because of Christians fighting to keep God and truth in power in the USA.  That influence filters out to the rest of the world.  Jesus "you are the salt of the earth."  Praying active Christians working for God is the main reason why the great darkness has not yet fallen upon us.  The other reason is because the Great Elders are still making contact with God's chosen people and marking them with the seal of Christ.  There are so very many it takes awhile for them to do this.  Once that is accomplished some serious changes will take place on earth the likes of which human kind has not seen in 1000's of years if ever.

America runs on capitalism and that runs on money, power and greed.  Our government literally runs on corruption which is why all the things that are wrong with America are so predominate.  The only way to fix what is wrong with America is to fix what's wrong with her government.  There are those who believe the only way to accomplish this is through dramatic forceful change.  "You got to tear it down, rip it apart, throw out all the corrupted politicians and start from scratch!"  I mean after all, politicians are mostly lawyers and lawyers are mostly trained legal liars.  Justus isn't important to them, winning is all that matters.  They are parasites that feed off the nation's wealth which is why we are so far in debt.  You want to know what I think?  Pray, let God fix it but be ready to act when God calls upon you because He's not going to do it all by Himself.  That my friends is another mystery.
I am here to testify that God does exist and so does the Creator Being who I know was Jesus when incarnated upon the earth.  Jesus himself stated in His Father's House were many mansions.  His Father's house is the entire universe.  Jesus also spoke of the heavenly host.  Preachers preach it but few can explain it.  If you have read much of what I write on these pages you know I can explain how these things work.  I will also give names of people, places and events to the best of my ability in order for you to take this information and find the same picture of something very similar.

I had the key bits of knowledge before I began seriously researching the activities of the secret societies.  I was allowed to see the glowing key image that tied them all together and this by heavenly beings in service of God.  I was allowed to see the connection that nothing exists on earth that didn't first exist on the Master Design Table in the heavens.  And I was saying "as it is above so it shall be below."  Even Jesus said that.  Then I discover these secret societies like the Free Masons are saying "As above so below."  But their understanding of it and mine are not the same.  Their's is pagan meaning it is not of God the Creator.  They are not the first to make this mistake and will not be the last.  When they look to the heavens they see stars and they try to find some meaning in them as the pagans do.  They attempt to replicate things they see in the stars upon the earth as to give these earthly things a heavenly significance.  They find importance in physical things that will perish as Jesus said and like so many of the religious world they miss the real message.

They speak of the awakening and believe it is something they can achieve by some effort of their own.  The Great Awakening is being conducted by God and those in His service right under their noses and yet they can not see it nor will they understand as it passes them by.

They seek meaning in complex formulas thinking that by some effort of their own they will become enlightened and thus save themselves.  What they fail to realize is the answer is so simple a child could understand it.  This is why Jesus said "unless they come to me as a child, they shall never enter in."

God gave His knowledge through grace to everyone
.  That means the secrets are in plain sight for everyone to see.  Those who he calls who accept him become his friends and these he will reveal secrets to and I'm revealing quite a few of them on these pages.
Those who can see will see and those who can not will not and there-in is the biggest secret of all.

And in that day the simple shall confound the wise.  The uneducated in these things shall baffle and confound the highly educated.  Now let me share another secret.  There are many who have left these secret societies and a few who have learned something amazing in their quest for truth.  Why?  Is it possible they have realized the truth is not hidden inside their secret societies?  It's actually somewhere else?

Is there some connection between Enoch and Egypt?  Yes there is and it is a very important link.

There are some things they teach that hold certain truths but do not focus on those things to the point you miss the most important lessons.  Enoch was not Hermes or any of those other god like beings people worship.  Did Enoch ever return to do something amazing on God's behalf.  Yes I think he and Elijah have both returned and I think it was they who lead the Hicsos to take Egypt captive and build the Great Pyramid of Giza. Isaiah 19:19-20 clearly speaks of an alter to the Lord of Light (Cheops) in the middle of the land of Egypt and on the boarder there-of (Gaza=Boarder). 

Egyptian records clearly say an ignoble people known as the Hicsos (Shepherd Kings) came from the east in a strange manor.  This method they used to travel frightened the Egyptians so much they refused to fight against them.  Egypt was captured by these Hicsos during the reign of KuFu and during that time they built the Great Pyramid of Giza.  Among them was one having great power and another having great knowledge known as the prince of the Hicsos, the designer of the Great Pyramid.  We find that a mathematical measure was used inside the structure that is directly connected to Enoch.  The outside of the Great Pyramid was built using the Egyptian cubit but the entire insides was built using the Sacred Cubit first given to Enoch then to Noah and was handed down to Moses, Joshua, King Saul, David, Solomon and so forth.  It was inside the Ark of the Covenant when it went missing.

Who are the Hicsos?  They were a bunch of sheepherders who lived in the city of Avaris, north east of Cairo Egypt.  They were the descendents of Abraham the nation of Israel before they were called Israelites.  They were one of the main key elements that set in action a series of events of biblical magnitude.  It was because of them Pharaoh took them captive and set in motion the events that were later brought about by Moses in order to set God's people free.  You will find information about these things on some of my pages here.  Read the ZionZionZion page for more information.
Please understand that I can not list all of the things I am aware of here.  I can't list things I am not aware of obviously but I am aware that I am one of those who have been contacted by the same entities as some of those I mention.  I am also aware I am not the only one who has been contacted by this entity.  I am aware they do not contact people without having a purpose in mind for their mission on earth.  They don't do this for the fun of it and sometimes the people they contact and give a mission to end up dead because of it.

On this page I intend to share with you things that brought me to this place in time and how I know some of the things I know and how I came to some of the conclusions I came to.

I began this journey as a kid being raised in a haunted house yet being taught in the Christian church that ghosts don't exist.  I was also taught that UFOs, flying saucers and alien beings didn't exist during a time when UFOs were being sighted world wide.  One night I found myself standing within a few short steps of a low hovering UFO and I concluded that some of the things I had been taught were wrong.  They didn't mean to lie to us they were teaching from the parts of the puzzle they were familiar with, that puzzle missing just just a few but a lot of pieces.

If you have read my personal experience pages then you all ready know a lot of what I'm going to share on this page but here I intend to condense it and add a few things I did not put in the personal pages.  Now and then I will mention things on this page that are described in detail on my personal pages.  If you have not read the personal pages you will need to go there find the segment and read it for the details of those things.

Pieces of the puzzle I know to be fact.  Ghosts, UFOs, alien beings, ascended beings, demons, angels, flying saucers and God all exist.  Without these you can't assemble the puzzle into any recognizable shape.

The bible tells us that all things work to the good of those who love the Lord.  I am inclined to think that's true for the most part but even more important are those who are called and chosen by God are lead down a path where everything tends to have a purpose weather we realize it or not.  Sometimes we get the message years later only after certain other parts of the puzzle have been found.

Nothing can exist on earth that didn't first exist somewhere else, in the heavens.  As the prophet said "nothing is new under the sun, all that has been will be again."  That prophet knew things many today may yet to realize.

In my personal pages you will read where I had given my life to God as a lad and later when I was 20 or so I had a full blown vision from God that literally shook the house I was living in and frightened everyone in the building.  They thought it was an earthquake but the noise, thunder and shaking of the house was coming from my room.  In this event God called me by my name and put me into the category mentioned in Numbers 12:6.  The strange events have not stopped in my life to this day.

The Great Awakening
Don't confuse this with the awakening mentioned by the Free Masons.  It's not that kind of awakening.  This awakening I speak of is being done literally as God's angels make contact with the living and give them pieces of the Master's puzzle.

Numbers 12:6 says God makes Himself known to a prophet in a vision then speaks with them in dreams.

In 1989 I was told in a dream that I would meet a strange man having strange ideas about UFOs and the beings behind them.  I was told in writing to ask him for a sign so that I would know who sent him.  One week later I met this man (Ray Griffin) who told me I was going to Fyffe, AL and meet with two reporters concerning a massive UFO and its occupants.  I didn't think so but when I returned I had another powerful night vision in which these beings revealed the "secret" sign to me as it exists in the heavens.  I went on the journey just as I had been instructed by these night visions and the things I learned were staggering.

Susan Stockman
, one of the reporters had direct contact with these beings and sometimes would see them in her house at night as tall beings wearing black hooded cloaks.  She said they walked through the walls just like a ghost.   One night she said she woke with a burning on her leg she looked to find a triangle inside a circle burned upon her leg.  The cloaked figures are like the man who gave the great seal of America to the founding Fathers.  Please remember that I said they altered it and others have altered it since then to change the meaning of it.  The first time I died via the Shadow of Death I was taken by two angels who appeared as 8 foot tall men dressed in a black hooded cloak.  These were death angels sent to escort me to Christ in the Heavens and back again.

The beings in the massive midnight blue triangular UFO are ascended beings I refer to as the Great Elders.  They come in sets of 12 and I was informed there are currently 3 sets of them evaluating the human condition on earth at this time.  Everyone who has been contacted by these beings have pieces of the puzzle.  The man who I am aware of who has the most pieces of the puzzle is Ray Griffin and I have no idea how to contact him.  There is a preacher by the same name but that's not the man I am speaking about.

Now back up and recall where historical records say certain people were contacted by mysterious beings or heard a voice speaking to them.  Joan of Arc being one of them.  At least one of the leaders of the Templar was contacted by them.  At least one or two key members of originalonal Free Masons were contacted by them.  In 1989 a lot of people were being contacted by an entity they couldn't even see who spoke to them delivering a message to them. I was one of those people.  I can say for a fact Joan of Arc wasn't crazy, she was called by an angel of God and sent on a mission that cost her her life in the end.  It's easy to declair someone a saint after their dead.  The good she did however made a positive change in the world that set the stage for new events.  I wouldn't want to be found guilty of burning Joan of Arc at the steak on Judgment Day.

I must admit I enjoy speaking to these people who claim they know the secrets and then to tell them about the voices and how the Great Elders have returned and they are making new contacts.  Then watch their faces flush realizing this person who has no formal education or access to these secrets tell them things that have been kept secret at cost of death.  The worst part for them is the Great Elders didn't tell the Free Masons they had returned.  Kinda makes you wonder why not.  Jesus said it.  "They who come to the Father come in spirit and in truth."

In the first dream I was told I would meet the strange man and told in writing to ask him to give me a sign from heaven so that I would know who sent him.  I met him a week later and that was Ray Griffin.  He told me I was going to Fyffe, AL and I said "like hell I am."  A second night vision reavealed more secrets including the symbol I was to ask for, that I kept secret.  Returning from my trip he called and told me what I had seen and this is exactly what the Great Elders intended from the start.  He asked me "Do you know who the ship belongs to?"  And I said "It's the Great Elder's Flagship."  And he said "Now you are on the right track."  After this an angel came to me, woke me in the morning, I couldn't see him.  I could feel him and hear him.  He called me by my name, gave me a title, a message and a puzzle to solve.  The key the one night vision had given me and the message this angel delivered to me have set me on the path that brought me to this place in time.

1: God is alive and well.  He has sent the Great Elders and a massive host of the heavens with them.
2: Humanity is sick and in danger.
3: Great Earth Changes are coming!
4: Many people will die.
5: Government knows something bad is coming and they got thier information from beings they call multidimensional aliens.  They refuse to warn anyone because the population of the planet is so great they can't deal with us.  They want rid of millions of people and we are all expendable.  They have what they call safe places where the nation's most important people will be kept safe.  They have locations where certain elite military will be kept safe so they can keep what's left of the population under control.  Any who survive who have not practical use will be killed.  They don't want to spend food and water on people who are useless to them.
6: They will begin to set their one world government into place along with their national religion.  This is the religion of the "Beast."  Everyone will be tagged coded and tracked.  Curency will become a thing of the past.  Genetic coding will also begin.  You can imagin what that entails and how far this can go from there.

I will tell people the symbol the Great Elders revealed to me was similar to the All Seeing Eye, but it isn't just like any of those I've showen.  I can tell you it is used as a symbol of recognition in the heavens and has been used upon earth for the same reason.  I can tell you it is not a physical thing you can hold in your hand or wear around your neck.  It is not something that can be bought or sold.  Among the Elite of God mentioned in Rev. 14 it can not be stollen.  When God says He will place His mark upon His people this mark is the Creator's signature.  It is spirit.

Mortals in general will not do what is right among them to keep their species safe.  Either a government will do it for them or God will do it for them, either way if humanity is to survive someone will need to take authority.

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Does she look familiar?  She should, she's the Santa Maria.  The flagship of Christopher Columbus.

Note the Templar flag on the sails.  This tells us he was either also a Templar or was on a mission for the Templar.

Columbus was a Free Mason
and an explorer but the Santa Maria was a cargo ship, not an exploration vessel.  That should tell you he knew where he was going. He was given a brilliant glowing marker that came up from the ocean that he wrote about.  He was led either by a divine hand or a UFO maybe both depending on your point of view.

When Sir. Francis Bacon sent his people to the new land their secrets came with them.  Their secrets a mix of pagan beliefs and twisted facts stating all kinds of things including the belief that Enoch was the first of their kind.  They believe that Enoch returned under several names teaching selected people and literally creating the secret societies.
This turned into a massive project that I have been working on some nearly every day.  I hope you enjoy my efforts on these pages and find them helpful to answer your questions.

If they help you ask new questions then at least they have served a good purpose.
 Sumarian is one of the oldest known languages.  The city existed in a land known as Mesopotamia, meaning literally the land between the rivers.  This is not "Samaria."  This is the land of Adam and Eve extending northwest from the location of Eden.  (see map below)

The ancient Sumaria people worshiped pagan gods such as Anu, Enki, Enlil, Inanna, Utu (AKA sun god), and Nanna (moon god).  They believed in an after-life, a dismal existence in the underworld as a ghost.  No references to ascending and being with God in the Light of Heaven.

Question, if these are the oldest people we know of how is it that Ballbek predates it 2000-4000 years?  The first answer is "we don't know where these people came from before they came here?"

Isn't Hebrew the oldest known written language?  Wasn't Enoch in that bloodline? ;-)  Direct descendent from Adam, through Enoch, through Noah, on down to David, Solomon, and so-forth?
Take a closer look.
Sumer was first settled between 4500 and 4000 BC by a non-Semitic people who did not speak the Sumerian language.  They migrated in from the north literally speaking an unknown language.  These people were highly intelligent they farmed, irrigated and had industry.
The location of the Garden of Eden given to us from the Bible tells of four rivers that came together at that location and flowed through Eden.  Two of those rivers still exist.  Satellite imaging indicates the other two are now covered by the gulf water.  They did in fact exist a very very long time ago.

Biblical and other ancient records including the books of Enoch tell us that Adam and Eve literally lived out their lives within sight of Eden as they knew that was the Garden of God.  They wanted to remain close to God but their descendents branched out across the land.  They had three sons.  Cain, Able and Seth.  Cain killed Able over jealously and God gave them Seth to replace Able.

In biblical records we are told only of the sons of Adam and Eve and yet people ask "where did their wives come from if they were the only people on the planet?"  They went out into the land found wives and had children.  Where did the wives come from if Adam and Eve were the original humans?  Another document tells us that each time they had twins, one boy one girl.  The sons married their sisters and the idea of incest was so against the rules these writings were considered illegitimate therefore could not be authentic.  Think about it.  Either way you look at it something about both of these explanations is not right, but one of them must be.
We also know the bible only followed the male bloodlines.  Females were rarely mentioned and not generally considered important.  Adam and Eve having only sons do not produce children for our logic to feast upon.  Either they had twins and married their sisters and we are all inbred or there's another answer.

If there were wives to be found in the land who's parents were not Adam and Eve the answer is Adam and Eve were not the only humans on earth.  If that is the case the Bible has mislead us and if the Bible is the Living Word of God it can't lie!  Therefore another explanation must be found.  We know Cain was literally driven from the area of Eden for murdering his brother Able.  We know he was marked by God so that if someone else saw him they dare not kill him.  Who could kill him if there's no one else out there but Adam and Eve?

The answer according to logic is that Adam and Eve were not the only humans living on earth at that time.  They were however the only humans who came from the Garden of Eden at that time.  This is the bloodline that God sought to protect and later redeem.  What we have here is a pair of humans who are genetically altered and were intended to mix with the current population of earth to improve the quality of the human species.  Here's the way I look at it.  God didn't lie.  When the pieces of the puzzle are missing humans tend to fill in the blanks any way they can.  The Bible is not the Living Word of God, it is the inspired word of God in the form of a historical record.  The Living Word of God is complete and without flaw and it is Christ.  There shouldn't be anything complicated about it.
The Illuminate came onto the scene literally after the fact.  After the others who were called by God for the mission had all ready completed what they had been sent to do.

Founded on May 1, 1776.  Who are they and what does the world need them for?  Maybe we don't.  Perhaps they are here to fulfill the dark side of the prophecy.

The same symbols associated with the Templar and the Free Masons were adopted by this new secret society, not in America but rather in Bavaria.

In modern times it is also used to refer to a purported conspiratorial organization which acts as a shadowy "power behind the throne", allegedly controlling world affairs through present day governments and corporations, usually as a modern incarnation or continuation of the Bavarian Illuminati. In this context, the Illuminati are believed to be the masterminds behind events that will lead to the establishment of a New World Order.

In 1784 the ruler of Bavaria once a supporter of the secret society banned it from his country.  The group attracted lawyers and highly literary and influential men capable of manipulating the leaders of nations.  Being hunted down the group went underground and became one of the most secret societies known to this day.  Some believe the group literally controls the largest group of world bankers on the planet.  Some believe they are the ones who choose who will run and who will be elected president of major nations.  Some believe makes no difference which candidate you vote for Rep. or Dem. makes no difference since both candidates were selected and under the control of the Illuminate AKA the Shadow Government.
Where ever you find powerful wealthy influential men you will find members of the Illuminati mingling among them.  One known location where this happens once a year is the Bohemian club.
Bilderberg Group
The annual Bilderberg Group conference is the most important meeting in the world. It is attended annually by more world leaders, more top politicians, more royalty, and business leaders, than any other gathering of any kind. The G8 summit is a mere side-show in comparison. No other meeting is attended by the leaders of all the major international institutions, such as the World Bank, the IMF, the UN, and the EU.

Collectively, these are the men who control the world, and their decisions therefore affect every human being on earth, now and in the future. Yet Bilderberg Group meetings receive no publicity and are not reported in the news.

There are members of this group who can literally get away with murder, and they do.  Could there be Illuminati among them?  The Illuminati are among the worlds most powerful people.  You tell me?
Read About Them
There is no group secret or otherwise more powerful or more dangerous than this one.  From the food you eat, the movies and TV you watch and the games you play, these people are into literally everything.  You want to know who runs Area 51?  You want to know why even the President can't get answers? You want to know who it is who should be held responsible but can't be?  You will find them in this group and at the meeting.
The two groups that have the most in common are the Illuminati and the Bilderberg group.  Both of them want to create a one world government and they know the way to do that is through industry and money.  The biggest enemy to these groups are the individual person and the truth.  The things they fear the most are intelligent armed individuals.  What do they do when they take over a country?  They disarm the citizens "for their own safety."

Now look closely at the original ideas of the Founding Fathers of America and all the things they included into the Bill of Rights.  Second amendment, "The right for the individual to own a gun."  That was then, this is now.  What is the major movements these days?  "Get God out of government.  Get the guns away from honest citizens."  The Founding Fathers knew better than anyone what happens when the government becomes the bad guy.

America became the new country, the nation that brought balance of power to the world and held nation's leaders accountable for their actions.  People ask "Why must America be the world's conscious and police the world?"  Good question.  I hate war and don't like it when our soldiers are sent to some foreign land to die defending the rights of people who hate us to begin with.  Then again I'm not God and couldn't pretend to understand the why.

In the eyes of the godless America is the biggest enemy on earth.  In the eyes of the godless any American is fair game.  There are a few out there in those lands that God forgot who have noticed where their help came from.  Some of them thank Allah, some of them thank God because of it.  There's a snake under a rock watching and behind that rock are men praying to Allah to kill the infidels.  It doesn't get much more twisted than that does it?  Don't think someone isn't trying to find a solution to the world's problems, they are but don't be surprised when they offer to sell us the solution and we find out it's worse than the affliction.

I can't prove it but I suspect one or both of these groups was behind the assassination  of President J.F.K. One of the theories is he was about to expose some part of the shadow government and their activities to the public.  Some say the C.I.A. was behind it but even so who's behind them?  Without some solid evidence we are literally attacking shadows.  The one thing I am sure of is Oswald was the patsy, the fall guy.  Ruby was the guy intended to get rid of the one guy who knew who was behind it.

I can tell you what the cure for America's problem is and that's to take control of big business away from them and put it in the hands of people who aren't able to steal and buy their way to the top.  Bring jobs back to Americans.  Stop having babies like there's no tomorrow!  Over population leads to wars and famine.  The next thing is to make as many people as possible as independent as possible.  The less people need the less the stress on society in general.  Give people clean green power.  Give them things that allow them to support themselves.  How do you think the space fairing people survive?  If you could find an ascended being and ask them to speak from past experiences what works and what doesn't what do you think they would say?  And that's why God's the one in charge in the end.
The Bohemian Club

The Bohemian Club is a private men's club in San Francisco, California, United States.

Its clubhouse is located at 624 Taylor Street in San Francisco.[1] Founded in 1872 from a regular meeting of journalists, artists and musicians, it soon began to accept businessmen and entrepreneurs as permanent members, as well as offering temporary membership to university presidents and military commanders who were serving in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Today, the club has a diverse membership of many local and global leaders, ranging from artists and musicians to businessmen.

This is a perfect place for the Illuminati to meet with powerful influential men from around the world.  I'm not saying they do, I'm saying it's highly likely they do.  The trick is this, the Illuminati are so secretive if you met one odds are high you would never know.
Read about it.
The Romans and Greeks were notorious for stealing religious artifacts, treasure and ideas from the people they conquered.  This is the main reason why Catholicism is a mix of Christian and pagan ideas.  The example below is one of the most interesting as Baalbek in Lebanon is dated around 9000 years old.  Originally built by ancient people who worshiped the god Baal who descended from the heavens landing upon this massive stone slab.
The Greeks and then the Romans taking the location built their own monuments and buildings upon it happy to confuse the truth of the origins of the location for archeologists today.

According to some this location literally predates the time when Adam and Eve were evicted from the Garden of Eden.

In the ancient stone base you will find stones weighing as much as 1000 tons!  These were lifted and placed upon the foundation stones of the platform.  There is no way modern technology could do this today, yet ancient people seem to have done so.  The Greeks and Romans did not do this.  Someone did it long before they came.

We must ask why would they go to such extreme effort? That's only one of the big stones, this place is full of them!
Linked to The Illuminate AKA The Enlightened Ones.

The Free Masons believe that Enoch was the first of their kind.  Now you see the connection between the Free Masons and the Illuminate.  Please understand at this time there are both good and bad groups using the same titles and none of them are exactly on the right track that I am aware of.  The key is those who work to serve God and truth and those who seek to serve themselves.

Free Masons say Enoch, seventh from Adam was the first of the enlightened among human kind.  I believe that he was.  They say Enoch was the king of Atlantis.  Not likely, for multiple reasons.

They say Atlantis existed between the East and West off the east coast of North America.  My information indicates it is possible, probably broken in half and scattered across the floor of the Atlantic during the greatest earthquake and flood human history is aware of.  Known to most of us as the flood of Noah.  The Bahama Islands are possibly remnants of Atlantis.

According to the information that caused the destruction of Atlantis God was angry with them and sank them in the abyss.  Who ever the king of Atlantis was you wouldn't want to follow him.  Enoch on the other hand was favored by God so highly He allowed him to walk with the angels through the heavens revealing secrets to him that no human could comprehend at that time.

The Greeks believed Enoch came to them in the form of Hermes.
It is believed that he invented the Zodiac.  He taught people the craft of building cities.  Enoch wrote 365 books while in the heavens and brought them back to the sons of Seth (his relatives).  This book was handed on by them to others.  The likelihood of anyone coming across them was fairly high.
Keys Unlock Doors
It wouldn't be the first time someone thought that someone from the past returned for what ever the reason.  People in Jesus time were always looking for an answer and speculated that Jesus was a reincarnation of Enoch or Elijah but Enoch and Elijah didn't die, they were taken into heaven by God for a reason.  Let's face the facts, it's human nature to get it wrong.  They believe in the incorrect concept of reincarnation that opens doorways that lead into dark hallways and rooms that lead to bad places.  They don't know why God took Enoch and Elijah in the first place.  God certainly didn't send Enoch back to become Hermes and then grow old and die.  You can be assured Enoch and Elijah are still in the city of Light with the Great Elders of God.  Besides Enoch who else might have known these secrets?  If you said an arch angel of God entrusted with creation process you are correct.  Only an angel like Lucifer or an ascended being would have known the same things that were revealed to Enoch.  Once again we realize there must be another answer.  If not Enoch then who?

The Templar, Free Masons, Illuminati, and certain pagan and occult groups believe the Holy Grail was a rock upon which Jacob slept and had a dream of angels going to and from the heavens.  They believe this rock has some powerful significance. It's just a rock and while they are focusing their attention on that rock they are missing the truth completely.  So much for being enlightened.  They fell for one of the oldest tricks in the book.  When the Magi pull the rabbit out of the hat they won't have a clue what really happened.