"If it's not in the Bible it Doesn't Exist!"
You have no doubt heard this expression.

I'm not here trying to speak ill of the bible, it is a cricitle and inspired piece of work that was in fact translated for us by well intending people who were as we know, human.  What do humans do?  It is their / our nature to make mistakes.  Those who believe the bible is the living word of God are confused because they forget that Christ is the Living Word of God.  There is only one Christ.

The most criticle thing to understand about spirit at this point is, if it exists in the physical it had to have first existed in some form in the spiritual realm. 
Our accuracy understanding the world around us depends upon our understanding of spiritual things.  Likewise we can study physical things and gain understanding of spiritual things.  In time the more enlightened among us will come to realize that literally everything that exists is alive in some way and part of a much larger entity.  Our planet is a living entity and we are part of that entity, etc.

The Bible doesn't explain everything that goes on in the unseen world around us
.  If something isn't mentioned or isn't described in some detail the teachers assume that such things do not or no longer exist.  Some things that are mentioned the teachers fail to understand so they teach these things incorrectly.

They say the Bible doesn't mention ghosts
but in fact it does and mentions spirits and people seeing ghosts walking among the people as if they were alive during the three days while Jesus was in the underworld.  God will tell His children the truth, if they really want to knowThey say "The Bible teaches us that when you die you either go to heaven or hell immediately."  They say that but there's no where in the Bible that supports that teaching.  Ask them to show you and they can't do itI was raised being taught these very same things and I believed them until God revealed the hidden truth to me.  Keep these things in mind as you read these pages.

The original sin while it was a transgression against Elohim's commandment /
word it caused the transformation of Adam and Eve closing them off from their former connection to their Creator.  The transformation blinded Adam and Eve to their connection to the Father God and made them aware of their physical nature.  It gave Adam and Eve a new awareness and the freedom of spirit and soul to do things that were not only against their Creator but detrimental to themselves.  Now they had a choice to obey, or disobey.  This new awareness closed down their original awareness of their Creator and instead of the one rule now they  had several.  Regardless a person is either of spirit and Creator or they aren't.  They are either saved or they aren't.

The chemistry that makes all living things in creation work is not based upon physical things, it is based upon spiritual things.  The energy within a living thing that makes it alive and unique is the key to life.

It wasn't so much the fruit they ate but the spirit and energy within the "fruit" that gave them the awareness that good and evil existed.  Love and hate didn't exist to Adam and Eve until they became aware, and the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil contained the spirit that made this awareness possible.  God kicking them out of the Garden of Eden allowed them to come into contact with all the other spirits and entities that were all ready present within this world.

The real choice we have is what master we serve.

Spirits exist around us and within us.  Some spirits move about freely.  Some spirits touch us, some enter us, some leave us sometimes.  Spirits change people's personality.  They change people's outlook on life.  Spirits set our perceptions on life and set the choices we make in life.  Spirits tells us what we like and what we do not like as well as how we respond to those things.  The combinations of spirits within us make us who we are or who we will become.  Spiritual energy contains information, personality, identity.  Spirits establish what we consider to be good and evil.  Some spirits are passive and respond to our will while other spirits are forceful and want us to respond to their will.  Spirits feed on certain kinds of energy, energy that either drives or calms the emotions of their host.  Some spirits feed on hate, anger, destruction and violence while other spirits feed on positive healing energy.  Some spirits use and abuse their host while not wanting their host to be aware of them these are deceptive spirits.  Other more beneficial spirits like nothing better than for their host to be aware of their presence, these are truthful helpful healing spirits.  The more you know and understand about spirits the better equipped you will be to deal with them and life in general.

Please watch the Video showing spirits inside and moving around the lady.
Also be sure to view the spiritual halo from the link in the menu above.

One of the most critical things a person needs to comprehend is that God the Creator doesn't do things at random, He is the ultimate logic.  God created diversity in order to give people a choice and something to compare things with.  God does not create good things for people to hate and destroy.  People were put here for a reason, for development, processing and eventually incorporation into the body of the Creator.  It is not those who destroy innocent life who are regarded by the Creator being, it is those who realize that life is the ultimate resource and greatest asset to the Creator.  Those who overcome hate and anger and come to understand what is desired by the Creator being.  Those who produce the fruits of the spirit, love, compassion, kindness, wisdom, insight and understandingPeople who start wars and love to kill innocent people are hated by the Creator being.  Those who seek peace and defend the innocent from terrorists and Godless people are highly regarded by God the Creator.  People who love and seek the truth of all things are highly regarded by God the Creator.  People who hide the truth and tell lies are despised by God the Creator.  IslamIslamic Arabs have literally buried entire cities to prevent the truth of them being made public.

Concerning God being the Ultimate Logic.  Picture it like this.  God is a potter and he makes a bunch of pots.  Someone comes in and begins breaking those pots that God made.  Do you think the potter is going to like someone breaking all the things he's made?  Of course not. 
Anyone who claims their god tells them to break those pots is not working for being who created the pots.  Therefore it is logical they are working for the enemy of the potter/Creator being.

There are exceptions to certain rules and God is the one who decides when and where.  God also made certain changes at a certain point in the process of creation on earth. 
Another thing is God does not work randomly, he is working creation from a blueprint.  A very important key part of that blueprint is known as BC and AD.  It has to do with the Creator being incarnated in order to produce the key to the Father who resides in Heaven.  A key he can give that can be passed among His people in order for them to be recognized by the Father just as He is recognized by the Father.
Numbers 12:6

This website is not here for just anyone, it is here for the people who God leads to find it.  The spiritual secrets revealed on this website are profound and some very complex.  The explanations of these spiritual truths will be revealed and verified to those who the Father spirit has and will touch through the power of His Holy Spirit.

No one can come to the Son unless the Father leads them.  No one can know the Father unless the Son reveals Him to them.  No one can come into the Father unless the Son who is the Creator gives them the key.

Because God allows me the understanding of these spiritual truths I am not interested in converting anyone from their present religion.  I am not interested in religious arguments; they are fruitless and don't help anyone.  I am not interested in pasturing a church.  I will not accept donations or payment for my services in regards to God's business among humanity.  God sent the shadow of death for me, I died, I was taken by two angels to the Great City of Light to meet with the Lord our Creator who is Jesus Christ.  He allowed me to walk and fly among the sprits to see them, what they are and know their business.  He still on occasion allows me to view into the spirit world to see what they are doing.  He gave me the understanding of important spiritual things leaving no doubt or speculation about the things.  God gave me a message to share with those who He sends to me and that's all I am interested in doing here.

People Seek Out Those Things They Choose To Believe In.

Just like going to a buffet most people search out "things" they consider to be evidence to support that which they have chosen to believe in.  A very few people out there are actually searching for the truth concerning spiritual thingsThese few people are the ones God is actually interested in and this is why I am here, for those few people.  There's a very quick test you can take to know who you areIf you ask for the truth and God gives it to you and it taists like crap, you hate it but accept it anyway then odds are fair you are a seeker of truth.

There are many religions in the world.  There are many secrets concerning the things of Heaven.  The truth has been hidden by God for a reason, that reason being so that only those who God chooses to reveal these secrets to will have them.  The only way a person will come to God and have these secrets revealed is through great humility and deep desire to know the truth regardless.  God is watching, just remember.  The very best way to get the answers you require is to ask the right questions.

Prophets or False Prophets?
As in the days of old there are prophets and angels among the people, there always have been and until the Great White Throne Judgment there always will be.  As in the days of old there were false prophets and until the Great White Throne Judgment there will be.  The trick is for the people who are interested to figure out which ones are of God and which ones are not.  It's one thing to have the gift of prophecy and it's another to be a real prophet of the Living God.  Many people have the gift of prophetic dreams but there are relatively few who are actual prophets of God.

A prophet of God will have the experiences mentioned in Numbers 12:6. 
God will also speak to them calling them by their name and give them the title "Prophet of the Living God."  Because of this they know without any doubt that God has called them by their name and given them a title.  Usually these people were not asking for the job when God called them.  God is not looking for the most eager people and certainly not the most religious, He is looking for the most capable to do what ever job He calls them for.  God knows who to call, He can see right through us.  He knows the color and nature of our spirits.

Quite a lot of well intending people who have the gift of prophetic dreams mistakenly believe they are prophets of God.  As such they teach people things that are not things God teaches.  Remember even the false prophets had the gift of prophetic dreams.  Kings following the advice of false prophets have caused entire  civilizations to collapse and perish.

The Living Word of God is the voice referred to by the prophets when God would speak with them directly, not in a dream but while wide awake.  A person who has never experienced this is left to wonder how God does things but a person who has heard the voice and been called by their name and giving the title by God will not have any doubt about it.  The Voice of God page tells more about this.

The Challenge
I dared to ask the question, "If these things are true then why are they true?"  I made enemies in my own churches and got kicked out of 4 different Christian churches.  I was cast into the fire and taken on the ride of my life.  All the while, I was never alone in the flames, the Son of God was with me, He is always with me.

How do I know these things I reveal on my pages are true?  Because God called me, took me out of my body, allowed me to walk among the spirits and to see the truth and reason for their existence, as well as our existence.  God speaks to me according to His own rules as mentioned in Numbers 12:6.  His method of teaching is usually done over a period of time.  Just as a student does not learn everything they need to know in a moment, they pass through stages and classes of learning, and this is how God has taught me the things I will reveal on these pages.

It is possible for God to give a person a HUGE amount of knowledge in an instant but it is not possible for that person to comprehend or even realize the magnitude of all of those things in a moment.  These are like the things God rolls up in the scroll to be revealed in their own time, when the recipient / student is ready to receive them.  I am aware there are children, literally young people who are calling themselves spiritually wise, some even calling themselves "elders" of God's church.  These people are deceived and not more than children in the spirit, yet some will follow after their teachings and they will be deceived.  Test everything with God's inspired word and if it goes against the things God's inspired word teaches then odds are very good it is not of God.  People get lost in interpretations so be careful.

Yes it is true there are a lot of things concerning the Kingdom of Heaven that were not revealed within the pages of the Bible, the details of certain things are not revealed.  Jesus refers to these things as "the secrets of the kingdom of Heaven".  I can help you with some of those things which have been revealed to me but even my own knowledge of those things is limited.  The information comes to me as God decides it is time for me to know such things.

Ever heard the story of Jonah and the Fish?

Remember how Jonah the prophet of God was told to go to Innerve and preach to the godless there to prevent God from destroying the city?  Jonah didn't want to go because he just knew the red-necks of Innerve would kill him.  Instead he ran away from what God told him to do.  He boarded a ship and they set sail in the opposite direction.  The storm became intense, the rain poured down, the wind blew, the lightning flashed, the waves beat against the boat until they just knew God was going to sink them unless they found out why He was so angry and resolved the problem.  Jonah told them it was he who had angered God and they threw him overboard.  He was swallowed by a big fish.  A fish that God had especially prepared for Jonah.

How many things can you learn about God and prophets of God from that one story?  Let me see what I can see in it.

1.  God gets angry!  (Whew! That should be the first lesson.  And fear and respect for God is number 1)
2.  God destroys people, when they become "Godless" enough.  It makes Him angry.
3.  What makes God angry?  People who disobey and disrespect His commandments.*
4.  God knew Jonah would run and he had that fish ready.  Well, He only knows how long he had that fish ready to swallow Jonah.

How long do you think someone could live in the belly of a fish?  A few seconds, a minute at most I would guess.  But God prepared that fish in such a way that it would swallow Jonah but not kill him.  And why did God have the fish swallow Jonah in the first place?  The answer is simple.  He was preparing Jonah to take His word, the Word of God, to the people of Ninivah.

There are quite a few more lessons to be learned in this story but my point here is that God prepares things, fish, people, His prophets to do their job.  The ultimate objective of course is to put certain people on the correct path in life.  This is one method that God uses to prepare certain people for certain tasks.

Just as God prepared Jonah for that task at hand he also prepared me over many years for a certain kind of mission.  I assure you I'm not here by my own choice.  Like Jonah I originally ran from what God told me to do too.  Like Jonah, God brought me back, literally from the dead to finish the job He gave me.

The world is filled with the voices and words of people preaching religions of all kinds.  There's only a handful of people who were especially prepared to take God, our Creator's word to the people who the Father chooses to deliver certain messages to.  The messages God gave me to deliver was not for everyone, but only for a selected few.  If you found this website and have read this far then there's a fair chance the Father sent you to find this website, because there's something here that He wants you to understand.


Like a a lot of things on this domain this website will eventually be redone.  Reorganized and put in proper order.  Everything takes time and I am very busy these days. I am not greatly interested in having flashy graphics.  I am interested in content and organization of this website area.  I am also designing it so you can print it out and have it to read as you desire.

Over the years I've analyzed dreams for people and helped people get pointed in the right direction in their lives.  I answer important questions about religion, spirits, who we are as a race of beings and what we are doing here.

Even though the Bible explains quite a lot of these things it mentions some and then doesn't explain some of them well at all.  It is a common belief by some who are possessed by religious spirits that the Bible is all that God ever had to say to his people.  The truth is quite a lot of the writings and words God sent forth to His people was destroyed and a lot of other texts were lost.  Jesus told his followers quite a lot more than what they wrote for our benefit.  He told some of them things that He said are secrets to be revealed during the last days.  We are living in the last days before the second coming of our Creator now.  Some of these secrets are being revealed to certain people at this time.  Still the basics are there in the Bible.  What you need to be saved is there if you follow the directions correctly.

This website is dedicated to answering your questions about such things and helping you to better understand how these things were revealed to me by God over many years.

Critical Information

The Bible
Is God's inspired word.  It contains everything you need to find the one True God and to be saved.  The problem is that different churches interpret critical information differently.  The Holy Spirit of God, created by Christ Jesus is the key to the Father and to your salvation.  This key is most commonly passed on from one person to another through the laying on of hands and praying that the recipients receives the Holy Spirit.  There are some who pray and there are some who even pray and lay hands on people who wish to receive the Holy Spirit.  But know this, you can not receive the Holy Spirit from someone who doesn't have it.  There are countless people who have the spirit of religion along with the best of intentions who are preaching words from the Bible and they don't know they are not savedThey can't help you.  If you can not see their spirit to know the Holy Spirit is not with them then you will receive the spirit of religion in place of the Holy Spirit and you will become like them, not knowing you are still lost.  You will never again question your salvation, you will not search again for the Holy Spirit because you will think you have received it when you have not.  The religious leaders in the days of Jesus thought they were saved.  When Jesus was asked about them he said "Leave them alone, they are blind guides."  He not only knew it was useless to try to explain the truth to those religious leaders he didn't want them in the first place.  So he said "You never put new wine in an old wineskin."

Human's Make Mistakes
No mater how complete a book or website on this subject it will be found lacking something.  Despite our best efforts being human allows us to make mistakes.  Usually God lets me know when I make a mistake that is something that needs to be fixed.  He has been known to send me powerful nightmares with detailed instructions.  If something is wrong on these pages and I am aware of it I will make every effort to fix it.  If God doesn't tell me about it sometimes my friends do.


Being attacked while asleep. Night terrors. Sex and spirits.
On 8/16/2009 10:47 AM, Danelle wrote:

> I don't understand. I was sleeping and suddenly something woke me up and fear seized me and I started screaming and I was really scared. My legs started  trampling and stomping violently and I couldn't control my self. It was like something went inside me like i was possessed. I cant walk because I injured my self, both of my feet...I was scared...

> Do you know anything about spirit of fear?
> How come some spirits affect someone violently?  do you think maybe I was just scared of something that caused me to lose control? I was sleeping..and it woke me up and I started screaming...:( It was very scarcouldn'tuldnt control my body...
> so if a person fears does it attract spirit of fear? I dont understand..I prayed to God to protect me from the power of demons...I prayed many times before i went to sleep..and then this happened...I cant walk :( I'm not going to be able to go to school... I wish you were here...

Their area spirits of fear, terror spirits. night terrors that attack a person while they sleep.  There's an entire family of them and the hag is one of them.



The Varlock also creates night terrors and all of these are parasite type spirits that feed off the living while they sleep.  Yes they are types of vampires.

They are all similar yet different from each other.  Most of them require some type of invitation.  Most of them produce a paralyzing effect to numb their victims so they aren't aware of their presence.  You however were shown the birthday cake and nearly ate the candle.  That means you are being allowed to see some of the spirits that are with you that feed upon your spiritual energy.

Knowing these things actually exist is your next step in learning about spiritual things.

Most of those spirits hold a person so they can't move, the night Hag is one of those.  This one however you were kicking and moving without your control so I would say this is not the Night Hag that is attacking you.

Science tries to explain it all away as if there is no spirit at all responsible.  There are always spirits present.  Everything is about energy both good and bad and how these things affect the living.

Most likely there's something in your room this thing is attached to.
There's a chance that something is you.

Somewhere in your past you may have done or said something that had spiritual significance.  Something that attracted this spirit to you.

Another possibility is that someone else, perhaps someone in your house has cursed you and given you to this thing.  Literally sicked it on you like a bad dog.

People curse people all the time and many times they don't even know what they've done.  I've known of people who prayed against their preacher and sent curses toward him and then God showed him what was going on and he sent those curses back to the ones who sent it.

I've had witches and people who called themselves Christians put curses on me and like my friend Joe I sent them back where they came from.

Once energy is sent out like that in the form of a curse it must expend itself.  If it can't expend itself against the one who it was directed at it will frequently return and take out it's anger on the one who sent it.

Several forms of illnesses can result from the constant presence of negative energies and many kinds of cancer are one of those things.  So you want rid of it ASAP.  To do this you need to try to identify what it is and where it came from.

There are certain things that ward off certain kinds of spirits.  If you want to keep good spirits away just fill your house with things that contain dark energy.  If you want to ward off evil things fill your house and presence with things that give off positive energy.  Sometimes I use songs and music by Billy Dale.  I keep them on my computer and can play them any time I need a lift.  Billy is also anointed in the spirit and has cast out demons from people.  Billy also correctly identified a spirit of cancer that spoke in an EVP.  Are these unclean spirits real, can they speak, you better believe it.  Listen for yourself.

Since everything is about energy you might expect that music is a form of energy.  Some kinds of music attract good energy "Good Vibrations" for example while others attract negative energy.  "Rap, metal / heavy metal head basher music" for example attract a wide range of dark energies.  Foul spirits love that stuff and eat it like a kid eats candy.  If anyone wants to attract that kind of spirit all they have to do is give it something it likes to eat.

Energy feeds upon other types of energy.  Likes attract in most cases and in a few opposites attract depending on the type of spirit.  There are spirits that have what I call reversed polarities.  The most common one with reversed polarity is that of the homosexual.  Inverted polarity spirits alter a person's own polarity, causing that person to crave what that unnatural spirit craves.  These things while seemingly benign are some of the most dangerous in existence because they open up a person to all manor of other dark and negative energies / spirits.  In this process those attacked by foul spirits have an insatiable hunger.  They can eat and feed and never be satisfied.  They can have sex until they scream and never get enough.  They may try all kinds of perverted things but nothing will work for them.  Wow that sounds like the spirits that control a lot of the rich and famous to doesn't it?  That's because they are related.

Hollywood is full of mentally unballanced people and you will find quite a few of them in controling positions high in the ivory towers.  Hollywood not only accepts it embraces the sickness, the disorder.  It loves to promote that unballanced mental state through their productions.  Ever notice however that when they make a leading character's roll homosexual the ratings for that series falls a quarter to a half literally over night?  I could mention a few TV series that have done this and completely ruined their success, most were canceled.  Some were bought by forigners and retooled.  Some are nearing their end and they know it so the homosexual writers, producers, directors feel they have nothing to lose by promoting their illness on the screen.  BBC's Torchwood was one of those that went into the shitter literally over night.  The moment they reavealed that I canceled it on my DVR and everyone should have.  Santuary revealed Dr. Hellen Magness as being more bi than normal.  The moment I saw her kiss that woman on the mouth I said "well that's the end of that series."  I expect if they get another season out of it I will be surprised.  I expect they know they won't get another season and that's why they did it on this one.

A person's ability to have sex is directly connected to their health.  While sex is as natural as eating, breathing, sleeping, going to the bathroom and is directly connected to a person's health it is also a method by which spirits are passed from one person to another.  While S.T.D.'s are an obvious result of the passing along of unclean spirits between people there are other spirits that are not so easy to observe or detect.  A few are good but the most noticeable are the bad ones.  A person may end up with all kinds of problems and not realize it was someone they had sex with who did it to them.

Knowing these things it was recommended that a preacher have only one wife.  Go your way and sin no more, etc.  It wasn't about having sex, it was mostly about the passing along of foul spirits between the people, that and having unwanted children.  God hates children to be unwanted and without parents.  Today with birth control readily available the worst part is the passing along unclean spirits between people.  What's the other lesson in this?  If you feel the need to have sex you would want to choose someone who you know doesn't have a lot of foul spirits.  Where do people hang out looking for a sex partner?  Usually in the bars.  Which is the worst place on earth to find a bed buddy.  Of course those bar people can be found in other places and the same foul spirits abide with them.

The first thing you do is pray down a veil of protection, an angel of bright white energy from God and command it to remain with you all the time especially at night.  Command that angel to protect you.  Ask God to send the angel, tell him what you want it to do.  Expect it will come and when it does you can give it commands to do limited things for you.  Protection is what this one is for but you can also have it warn you when an evil spirit is present.  This is a very important angel to have and keep near.  They can be attached to people like yourself or locations, like your bedroom.  If you want one of each then you need to ask for two and give the commands for one to stay in your bedroom and one to remain with you.  A very good idea.

Now you need to search for something in your past that may explain it.  If you find something you need to find some way to disconnect yourself from it.

If that turns up nothing then you need to investigate your enemies and any of them that may have connections with evil.  Voodoo, Satan, the devil.

Let me know what you learn.

God bless,



The Bible
Spiritual Things
In the Garden of Eden there were two trees that were set apart and special.  One was the Tree of Life and the other the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  After eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil Adam and Eve became aware of something new, for now we will call it sin.  Sin is clearly a condition of being and deals with people's awareness and perceptions of life.  Today we humans call it "being human" because we make mistakes, we realize our mistakes and we work to correct our mistakes.  At least some of us do. 

Spirit speaks to us in dream symbology, likewise Jesus taught in parables which use the same language.  Those two trees are symbolic of two things that existed in the giant DNA creation laboratory.  Who ran that laboratory?  You're first answer will be God but are you aware the most translated word for God in the Creation story is "Elohim?"  It means "Mighty Magistrates" <none higher>  It is also plural.  And it was they who said "Let us make man in our image."  Also plural.   You should also realize at this point that every truth is in the translation of the word or words.  If the translation is wrong or misleading the message loses it's real meaning.  I was kicked out of two Southern Baptist churches for pointing that out.  <find out more in personal experiences>

Remember this, "people are what they eat" but not what they "eat" rather what they "consume and take into their soul."  You are what you feed upon <mentally> and if what you feed upon is truth then you should do well.  If you consume only those things you choose to believe in then you are on the path to self fulfillment and you become the embodiment of the lie.  As with religions they teach according to tradition that are only partly based in truth.