My Personal Experiences

This page tells of some powerful personal experiences God has given me in my life and how God taught me certain important lessons.

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This is another page in progress but will contain a lot of things that have happened to me in my own life that will testify to the fact that God is real, He does love us and wants to be our personal spirit guide and best friend.  Once you read this page you will have a better understanding why I'm more than a little bit strange.

The first thing you need to understand about this page is that it is about me and my own personal experiences.  It is about things God has done for me and shown me in my life so don't think I'm writing it to blow my own horn.  If God can do these things in my life I ask you why can't He do similar things in your life.

People tend to base what they believe in on their own personal experiences.  They like to believe in what the evidence points at sometimes even when the evidence is based on a misconception.  The truth is out there and it's not beyond our reach.  Those who desire the truth more than they desire to find evidence that supports what they choose to believe in will eventually find the truth providing they never give up.  Some of my personal encounters that will be described on this page will be difficult for some to believe but I testify with God as my witness I have done my best to be accurate.  Some of my experiences described here may even cause certain people of religious thinking to become angry with me just as the Pharisees did with Jesus because of his testimony about God.  They were continually trying to keep people focused on the physical but Jesus was trying to teach them the spiritual laws and how through the spirit they could truly be set free.  This physical world is not our home, it is very temporary and Jesus was trying to convey that message to his friends and followers.  He said the things we bind here on earth will be bound for us in heaven and the things we set free here in this life will also be set free for us in heaven.  God wants people to realized and to understand their casual acquaintance with Him in this life is not enough.  He wants them to understand you have one chance to get this right and what you do about your spiritual welfare in this life will go with you into your spiritual eternity.  God wants you to know this is serious business.  Over the past 40 of my 50 years of life God has expressed this to me in different ways teaching me over the years the things He wanted me to share with you.

Some who read my messages about how the devil has mislead people through their religions think I hate God or something.  That's not even close to the truth. There is no place I would rather be than with my Lord.  There's nothing I can think of that is more comforting than to be among other Christians who have the Holy Spirit praising God in word and song.  Some write me telling me that I am lost and must become a member of their specific church or as one put it when I "get to the pearly gates and knock God won't recognize me."  Telling them God knows exactly who I am because He's the one who called me by my name seems to have no effect because their religious minds are made up.  That is the kind of spiritual bondage God wants to set you free from.  Going to your specific church has very little to do with that but certain churches are more prevalent to teach greater truth about spiritual things than are others who call themselves Christian churches.  Some churches are notorious for binding the spirits and minds of their people and the more spiritually bound a person is the more they have the spirits of religion binding them and controlling what they think say and do.  Meaning the more religious a person is the more they are prone not to like the things they read on this and other pages I have written about these things.

I will also tell you and explain to you why there is only one religion that has the correct God in mind.  This will offend non-Christian religions.  I can not be sorry for telling the truth but I can tell them where their religions come from and it was not from God, it is from fallen angels who got in trouble for pretending to be god's when they were not.  This caused the great war in the Heavens and those angels were cast down to the earth where they continue to deceive people about who God is and how best to serve Him.  I can explain to them the reasons why God did what He did through Jesus and how there is no one else who did these things in any other religion.  I can do all this without even quoting from the Bible but referring to things that were written there as historical accounts and then expand on these things to tell you why those things happened as they did.

There's no way in the world that I can described all of the valuable lessons and experiences God has given me in my life but I will try to put down the ones that God leads me to share with you here.  People who have had similar experiences will find these pages informative and comforting.  Some of them feel they are so alone in the world because of having such powerful spiritual experiences.  For them they can see they are not alone.  Those who have never experienced such things it will be difficult to comprehend what is written here.  For those who are bound by incorrect religious teaching it may even anger them to learn they have been deceived by their religious teachings.  Usually those who are angered like to direct their anger toward me rather than to believe they have been taught things that were not true.  God's message to you is, He wants to reach you with the truth.  He is very upset that you have been lead astray on any particular religious subject.  This is very much why He called me to help people to overcome religious misconceptions.  Read my experiences and messages here, lay your religion and everything else on the alter of God and start praying for God to answer you and don't quit until He does.  God doesn't want anyone to be required to follow after human teachers.  He wants to be an everyday part of your life.  He not only wants you to talk with Him He wants you to be able to hear Him when He talks to you.  (Please note, I am not telling anyone they shouldn't go to church.)

Praise God on earth and in Heaven and all thanks be to Him who has set my spirit free.

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For the next few days I'm going to try to come in and at least add one segment to this in the mornings God willing.  Please understand that not every account on this page is in exact order but will be close as I can remember.  A few events will be placed together just because they were similar kinds of events.  Also understand that when I speak of "people of religion" I am not referring to God's people I am referring to those who think they were called who were not.  Who think they are doing God's will but are not.  People who are controlled not by God's spirit or voice but by the voices of their particular religions.

Chapter One

Why am I writing this?  For the same reason I wrote this entire section of the website.  Because people often ask me what I think about some spiritual subject and then want to know why I think this way.  My time is limited, my eyes are not so good any more and I just don't have the time or desire to write novel length messages to every individual who asks me.  So here you can read about all these things and just decide for yourself if I'm crazy or if you think I'm telling the truth.  I testify here that the accounts on this page and other pages in this area of my website are true to the best of my ability.  I fully admit how strange some of it may sound to someone who has never had experiences like these.  I understand very well how people who are bound by religion and religious spirits will not like some of the things I say.  God called me for a specific service and that being to explain certain spiritual things in much more depth than was given in the Bible.  He says there are people who are ready to hear these things now and the time is growing very short.  For those who can't understand or refuse to accept what God is telling them at least they have been told and perhaps one day when the really bad things on earth expand and affect their lives dramatically perhaps they will remember what they read here.  Perhaps that will be enough for God to help them and to come into a real personal relationship with them.  Perhaps when He finally speaks to them they will remember they read about it here first and then they can accept Him.

Sometimes the Holy Spirit wakes me up and pesters me until I come in here and write down something God's wanting me to share with the public.  Sometimes I get up in the middle of the night and come write something then go back to bed and at other times like this morning I may write a half day or most of the day providing my other jobs are not conflicting with God's business in my life.  God knows I would rather be about His business than anything else and when I can I try to incorporate some of His messages in my other work.  I am a published Author now and writing a series of books that are science fiction and intended to be entertaining as well as spiritually enlightening now and then.  By the time I complete this series I intend to cross certain subject areas that concern some people and then explain to them how it is possible that God has ultimate control over all of His creations.  These books also speak about someone who wasn't even a regular church going person who was called out into God's service by God without even realizing it at first.  She is lead down a strange and bizarre path in their life only in the end to discover that path would lead her right back to God.  It's not intended to be a story about religion it is intended to be entertaining and drop hints along the way as Megan helps her friends both far and near.

My eyes are not as good as they once were, I'm 50 years old now and sometimes they just blank out on me and it may take several seconds for me to be able to even read what I have written so for now please forgive the mistakes you will find here.

There are some things I may describe here in some detail and other things I will only speak about in general so that you get the idea.  Certainly like some of the previous prophets in the Bible God has shown me things and explained some things to me that I can't describe in detail for reasons that He has explained to me.  The most prevalent reason being that the devil, specifically a demon known as Nata loves to take the truth, twist it and bend it then use it to mislead others with.  I despise when deceptive spirits do things like this and therefore must agree with God's reasons for not wanting me to explain certain things that God has shown me.

My personal experiences with the paranormal are certainly novel length and I will do my best to put as many of them on this page as I can even then it will only be a very small part of my life's experiences with these things.

I was raised in the Christian church which I have very high regard for even to this day but they taught me things that were not entirely true.  During my life there I went to the Christian church, the anti-instrument Church of Christ and another Church of Christ that had been converted from anti-instrument to just a regular Church of Christ.  Every one of them had some flaw they taught to their congregations.  Of course I was just a kid back then and didn't understand what all the religious rhetoric was about.  What I didn't realize though was that God was going to teach me what it was all about the hard way.

I could probably write chapters about my experiences with those three churches.  Faults aside they did know and teach from the same Bible that speaks about the same God.  Their differences however like so many are based on their own interpretation of just how this God wanted us to best serve Him.  I learned the religious leaders of these churches, usually the elders would strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.  While they did help me to understand who the One True God really is they missed some very important lessons that God Himself was determined to teach me.  While my memory isn't perfect by a long shot I will do my best to be accurate as I can and tell the stories as I remember them.  Out of respect for these churches and people who may still attend them I will not use their specific names or tell exactly where they are located.  People who know me personally will know these churches or people and there is nothing I can do to change that.  There is a great spiritual movement in the world today.  God's people and His angels are working to bring the church denominations back together again.  Satan and his bunch are doing anything and everything they can to prevent it.  Some of you may have realized all ready how certain denominations are much friendlier with other denominations.  The reason is because God is working to build spiritual bridges between them to bring all of His people together again in mind and in spirit.  God knows the devil and his hordes can not defeat us if we stand together of like mind and spirit in the truth that God has given us.  Likewise the devil and his hoards also realize this and would sooner have us dead than for us to win the battle between the forces of light and darkness.

Our faith in our God is what we believe in.  Our religion is how we practice that faith.

The anti-Instrument church of Christ I was kicked out of first.

This took place about 35-38 years ago.  I was just a kid, a young teenager and one Sunday morning decided I would just walk over and go to church at the anti-instrument Church of Christ.  I liked to sit in the back on the right hand side and that morning the service was very entertaining.  It seems two of the elders had a hat rack installed in the foyer of the church without consulting the other elders.  They took center stage as they argued over if it was God's will the church building have a hat rack or not.  These are people who hold a tuning fork out the window for fear they are adding to the New Testament book of the Bible.  They like so many are distracted by the physical and miss the spiritual message by so much all because of one little point of consideration. They didn't want a piano in their church building as if it were the One True Church of God and they might defile or disobey God on some small letter of the law and end up in hell for it.  They took over the morning service, told the pastor who was a friend of mine to set down and shut up, then they told the church members to separate into groups and who ever was for the hat rack get on one side of the church and who ever was against it get on the other side.  Yes the pastor of the church tried to stop them but they refused and would not listen.  Going out the door the elders were of the habit to stand and greet people as they were leaving.  While shaking one of their hands I said "You know you don't have a piano in the church building because you think that is adding to the New Testament but there's no place in the New Testament that says you can have a P.A. system, no place that says you can have a pulpit or even the pews people set in."  The elder scowled at me then at his fellow elders then back at me and said, "I would appreciate it if you would never darken our doorway again."  That was the last time I ever went to that church but as I was walking across the drive in front of the lumber yard God spoke to me telling me "That's all right Bryon, they have taught you exactly what I wanted them to teach you."

I heard God speaking to me but it was not a loud voice but was very clear.  Even so I didn't understand what God was getting at or what He was trying to teach me out of all that.  It appeared that God was teaching me things that contradicted the teachings of religion and I found this somewhat disturbing.  The more God taught me the more I learned the more disturbing it became.

The Church of Christ at "Peaceful Pond"

I don't even know if there is such a place as Peaceful Pond, I changed the name of the place just as I did in the first edition "The Adventures of Megan Martin" out of respect for the church and the people there.

One day while at the Church of Christ out near "Peaceful Pond" I watched as an argument broke out over whether or not this particular Church of Christ was still an anti-instrument church or not since they brought a piano into the building and began using it in their services.  I saw very much the same type of ordeal here as I saw in the previous church I had been asked not to return to.  Again the preacher got up and tried to calm the argument and they told him that he could be replaced.  The man also a friend of mine walked out the door and when he passed my chair I followed him outside where he sat upon the church stairs with his Bible and began to pray to God.  So I asked him, "Why are they arguing like that, what is the name of this church really?"  The pastor walked out onto the walkway toward the road and I followed him.  He pointed at the sign on the church building above the door.  He said "What does that say?"  And I read it.  "It says Peaceful Pond Church" and he said "Yes, house of God."

What the preacher was telling me that the name on the church wasn't nearly as important as God was.  He was telling me the devil was trying to divide God's people over the smallest misconceptions he could trip them with.  Over the years I have learned more often than not it is not the pastor or preacher that causes the problems in the churches, usually it is the elders or someone else.  In fact I have learned over the years the better a preacher or pastor is the more likely it is they will be fired by the elders.  That's not to say that all pastors have a clue either because I have met some bad pastors and preachers as well.

All three of these churches taught that God doesn't speak to people anymore and considered speaking on tongues was a special gift that was done away with.  When asked sometimes they would tell you that even the devil can speak in tongues and therefore taught the concept that speaking in tongues was of the devil and intended to lead people astray with.  What they didn't know was they were the ones leading people astray on this very subject.  This teaching bound my own spirit into believing that lie.  It took God to overcome the damage they had done to me in my spiritual life.  Meaning they didn't mislead people intentionally they did it out of ignorance but God literally went around them to get His job done.  He frequently helps people not because of their religious teaching but literally despite it.


Changing the subject for a little while I want to talk about something that is most certainly spiritually related that being the subject of Ghosts.  I'm trying to follow some kind of time line here and this is something I learned at an early age.  The preachers tell us the Bible says when a person dies they either go to heaven or hell right away.  I lived in the upstairs area of a two story house.  I had an attic door on both sides of my room that literally went out into the area between my walls and the roof.  That's an attic any way you look at it and when in there you had to watch your step because if you didn't walk on the boards you could fall through the ceiling into the room below.

The house was a wood frame house and I was very small but I remember dad and his friends working to build and fix the place up. I remember a basement full of sand and having a swing near the steps that was fastened to a floor joist.  At that time the house couldn't have been all that old but it made strange sounds at night.  That wasn't to bad, I could deal with the strange sounds but this one attic door, the one on the west side of my upstairs room would come open at different times for no reason.  It had a latch on it, and believe me I would latch it and you couldn't just pull it open without pulling the latch.  I would go to bed one night and wake up the next morning and that door would be half way open.  That used to bug the heck right out of me so one night I had the bright idea to slide a box of books against it.  The box was quite heavy and I had to put some effort into moving it over against the door.  I went to bed, I got up the next morning and was relieved to see the door was still closed.  I walked past the foot of my bed and saw the heavy box had been moved out away from the door.  I walked over and opened the closet door and it opened exactly up against the box as perfectly as if it had been moved there by the door opening in the night while I was asleep.  I pushed the box against the door many times and many times I would find it moved out into the floor.  I didn't say much about it though for fear someone would think I was crazy.  I think I did tell my sister about it and may have even shown her the box and how it moved.  She may remember that I don't know.

So what did move the box?  What opened the door?  Was it a ghost?  I don't know but that thought certainly had come to mind.

There were two old school teachers living in the house next door.  One of them died and the other sold the house to my dad.  Since it was right next door and me being a teenage boy I considered that's our house now and if I want to go snooping around over there then I have the right to do so.  So I would climb out the window and down the tower at night and go over there around 11pm or so with my flashlight.  My first trip there at night was a real trip indeed.  I went in and locked all the doors then walked around the house and went and lay down in the east bedroom with the door closed.  I was just resting there and half snoozing when I heard footsteps in the house.  I thought someone had come looking for me so I listened and watched to see who it was.  I heard the foot steps make a strange sound, a clump, thump sound that didn't seem right to me.  I heard it come across the floor furnace making a very distinctive sound.  I heard it move out into the middle of the living room floor and I jumped out with my flashlight and said something like, "HA! I caught you!"  And to my shock there wasn't anyone there.  I quickly returned to the bedroom and locked the door.  I listened as the foot steps came to the door and I watched under the door with my flashlight still not believing what was happening.  When the door handle turned I went out the bedroom window head first and ran all the way back to my room.

A few days later when I worked up courage enough I went back and just listened to the sound of the footsteps as they went through the house and off to the east bedroom.  I heard the sound of a squeaking door then I heard another sound.  Then I left.  I told my sister and we returned in the daylight and I showed her by walking the path myself what I had heard.  But then in that far room I couldn't find anything that could make that odd squeaking sound.  The room was full of books and dresser drawers.  There in the corner I saw a narrow slit in the wall but couldn't even get to it.  We began removing the books from the dresser drawers so we could move them.  Finally we managed to move one of them that was against the wall just enough that I could climb up over it to the slit in the wall.  I pulled it open hearing the squeaking sound it made gave me chills.  I said "That's it, that's what I heard!  I managed to get it opened just enough I could stick my head into it and look around.  I looked down and saw a box and opened it to see what was inside.  I said "It has leather straps in it," and my sister said pull it out and see what it is.  I pulled it up and to my shock it was a wooden leg.  That's no joke, it really was a wooden leg.  That explained the thump, clunk sound of the walking.

That's certainly not the end of that story and wasn't the last time people encountered the ghost in that house.  People talk about residual hauntings which play over and over again like a recording.  This ghost however was aware that I was there and it changed its path to come to my door to see who I was.  If people either go to Heaven or hell the moment they die then what is this ghost doing walking around in that house?

I'll talk more about spirits and ghosts later on.

What about Angels ?

Grandpa Campbell was an old man and living with us.  Every morning I would make an effort to go see him and every morning I would have to explain to him who I was.  One morning I walked into the room and he greeted me by my name.  I was somewhat shocked that I didn't have to explain to him who I was.  We began to talk and every now and then he would look over at the corner of the room.  Finally he said "You should get those men some chairs, they must be tired they have been standing there all night long."  I looked at the corner and then back at him and realized we were in the presence of angels.  I told him not to worry that those men would not get tired of standing there.  Then before I left he said "I know who they are, they are angels and they have come to take me home."  I told mom as I left the house for work that morning what was going on and that day when I returned home they were taking him away in the ambulance.  Grandpa died that very day.  He saw two angels in his room and he knew who they were.  You won't find grandpa's ghost haunting that house because grandpa isn't there anymore, he's in heaven with the angels.  That's not all I have to say about angels but I'll get to that later on.

What about UFO's?

In the 1970's at different times we had seen a strange white light moving around in the sky but had never been very close to it.  One day while down on the river near the fish market I was talking to some of my friends around 11pm that night when we saw a bright white light coming south down the river toward us.  I watched for awhile then realized it wasn't a light on a barge if it had been it would have been swinging from side to side but this one wasn't flashing around at all.  I asked one of my friends who lived there in a little house and he said "Oh that, that's just our UFO."  Then he proceeded to tell me how it would come up over the rail road bridge then turn and go up over the power lines over the mine.  It would hover there from five to ten minutes and then would cross south west over town to the top of the next flat on the hill.  Then it would go straight south until it was out of sight.  We watched and sure enough this thing came right up near us over the bridge then turned and went up over the hill and power lines just as they had said it would.  We jumped in my car and literally drove up a tractor path up a steep hill to get to it and just as we cleared the trees the UFO moved off toward the south west.  Several times we were close enough to it to see that it was not an airplane or helicopter.  We raced to the hill top where we had seen it and couldn't find it anywhere.  We drove along looking in all directions and then suddenly one of the guys with me yelled "There it is, behind us!"  I stopped the car and we all got out and watched.  Sure enough we must have passed right past it or under it and had no seen it and then suddenly there it was again in clear view.

I'm not sure just how many days passed but I was out roller skating with another friend and we were coming home sometime around 11pm when we saw the bright light hovering over the power lines.  I told my friend to pull over inside the town limits and we would watch it pass over the town.  So he pulled over and we were standing in front of his car when it appeared the object was getting closer to us.  I said "Looks like it is getting larger," and then I realized it was coming straight at us.  The next thing I knew it was hovering right in front of us and my friend being frightened jumped in the car and went to back up but hit drive and nearly ran over me.  I jumped into the car on the run then he hit the breaks and I was looking up through the windshield directly at the bottom of that thing.  He began to back up and I saw headlights behind us.  We watched as the bright light went up into the sky and south across the old area over the hill.

Come to find out the people who we had seen coming up behind us was my dad and younger sister.  They had also seen the bright object fly up over the hill and disappear.  The object was bright white, very bright to look at with a fluid like silver blue halo moving over it.  It should have lit up the entire town but it didn't.  It did not make any sounds at all.  It had a black area that was narrow at the top and wide at the bottom and appeared to be a window through which someone inside must have been watching us through.

Another friend of mine who lived on that old area south of town admitted that it had landed in front of him one night and he nearly hit it.  He said his car died and lights went out and he had to slam on his breaks to keep from hitting the thing.  He said it sat there for a few moments and he was afraid to unlock his doors.  Then he said it took off and his lights came back on and engine started.

You read about people and hear stories and watch movies where someone was asleep and saw an alien being in their bedrooms and wonder if they didn't just dream it all up.  But these sightings were not those of dreamers they were by people who were wide awake and out driving around.  These were not distant sightings either where someone may have mistaken some small light to be something it wasn't.  These were close up sightings where there was no mistaking what was being observed.  I could tell several more true stories about this one and several more but for now please understand there is such a thing as UFO's and there are beings inside of them.  Please also understand that not all UFO's are what they appear to be.  Not all aliens are what they appear to be.

My first Vocal call from God

I was playing with a country band back then and we were having practice at the band manager's house and when my lead part came up suddenly the only thing I could hear was God calling me by my name.  He said "Bryon Smith, you get out of here."  I was shocked!  I missed my lead part and had the oddest expression on my face.  The manager stopped the song and started over again.  At exactly the same place God called again exactly as He had done before and again I went into shock.  The manager stopped the song, looked at me and said something like "Are you all right?  You look like you have just seen a ghost or something."  Naturally I wasn't about to tell them what I had just experienced.  I prayed about it seeking some answer as to what exactly God wanted me to get out of and a week later some "old friends" were told a lie about something some kid said I did.  I found my life being threatened and I decided the best thing for me to do was leave town ASAP and start life over somewhere else miles from there.  I must say I don't care for those people at all but they preformed a service for God and for me by acting on the lie they were told as well as on their own ignorance of the truth.  Since then I have discover that God frequently uses the emotions of the unenlightened to perform certain services for Him.  Not because they know the truth or love Him but because they just don't know any better.  In this God accomplishes His plans not because of people but literally despite the people.

Second Big Call From God

I found myself in a much larger city and on my own without a friend in the world.  Well that is except for God who I now knew without a doubt could answer me in a loud clear voice that could be quoted word for word.  God wanted to literally strip me of everything that was familiar to me except for him.  It's like I was going to put everything on His alter one way or another and then learn to trust and to communicate with Him.  My Bible and my God were my two closest friends.

I finally found myself at 312 E. 12th street in a house that had been converted into an apartment building.  I made a few friends and became involved in an interdenominational church group.  One day they planed to go on a door to door crusade and asked me if I would join them.  I told them I would join them if God said it was all right.  They looked at me like I was crazy.  I get that a lot in my life now.  They didn't understand that I knew that God could and would speak to me loud and clear.  I set in to praying about it not only expecting God to answer but practically demanding Him to.  I got up and lay down in my bed and fell through it into a full blown vision.  I was falling toward what looked like the sun.  I was screaming bloody murder and the only star in the sky was directly over me.  Suddenly it came at me, became a large white hand and as it came near me I grabbed at it and instantly fell away from it again.  Again I called for help, again the hand came to get me, again I grabbed at it and again I feel away from it.  I realized my mistake was in grabbing at the hand and trying to save myself.  I called for help again and this time crossed my arms over my chest.  The hand caught me and suddenly I found myself floating about a foot or two over the bed with my hands straight in the air.  The room was shaking and quaking like thunder and the entire building was shaking.  I heard God call me by my spirit name and I answered.  Then the voice came from the thunder and said "Don't do Me any favors.  You will be where I want you to be when I want you to be there.  You will say what I want you to say when I want you to say it.  You will do what I want you to do when I want you to do it.  Do not do Me any favors."  (This is an exact quote of what God said to me that night.)

I floated back down on the bed and the moment the thunder ceased I could hear the old man in the next room over beating on my wall yelling "What in the world is going on in there!"  So I know what happened to me that night was not a dream or a night vision at all and I wasn't the only one who heard it.  I was the only one who truly experienced it though.  I didn't realize it at that moment but right then I had come under the category of Numbers 12:6.  God would explain that to me years later.  Needless to say God answered my prayer and told me that going on that door to door with my friends for me would be considered doing God some favor that He did not approve of.  I never told them not to go but took it as a personal message to me not to go.  It became evident to me that God doesn't just speak like that to everyone and they had to follow their hearts while I had to obey what God was telling me personally.

The other important thing to consider here is no mater what I say think or do God had spoken to me personally calling me by my name and delivered a very specific and personal message to me.  If I believe God tells the truth then I must also trust in what He told me.  Every time I think about doing anything related to God's business I stop and think "Did God tell me to do this?"  Then I listen for the Holy Spirit inside me to say something one way or the other.  Most of the time I can get an answer right then even if the answer is to "wait for an answer."  When I do or say something I have reason to regret since I am a very sensitive person I remember what God told me.  I hate to offend people, I hate to offend anyone and that is my own person feelings.  I would prefer they just go on believing what they want to believe rather than to have them hate me over something God had me try to correct them about.  Some people are offensive for no good reason while others only speak the truth and the truth itself tends to offend people.  Jesus offended a lot of religious people in his life and his Apostles went on from there to offend other religious people until all of them were put to death for crimes against God, all but one and he died on an Island prison..  If eating meat offered to idols is not a sin unless your eat of it in front of a brother or sister who thinks it is a sin then don't eat it.  But when a person continually practices dangerous spiritual misconceptions then it is better to try to help that child of God to understand they are making a mistake even if they don't want to hear it.  When Jonah finally went to Nineveh he spoke before a multitude of people who were living in sin and that's the message he delivered to them even in fear of his life.  Like Jonah telling people they are living in sin or practicing things that God would not have them do is not one of my most favorite things.  Why do I do it then?  Because like Jonah found out I don't want God mad at me.  So when I feel badly about offending someone with the truth or wonder if I have done the right thing I remember what God told me in that vision.  I am only to do what God wants me to do and what I do will be what He wants.  If I make a mistake believe me God tells me about it in no uncertain terms and I'll rush to tell who ever I made the mistake with that God has corrected my teaching.  I'll tell them I made a mistake in my understanding.  In the end it is just as God told me, I will do what He wants just as He said that I would.  Then my faith is not in my own works or deeds and not in my own understanding but only in what comes to me from the Mouth of God, who is the Living Word of God.

Out of the Blue!

It was at this same building in the same room while two friends and I were looking out the window at a storm that was passing the area when lighting struck the communications tower at the Campbell's 66 truck port across the road.  A blue bolt of lighting splintered from it and came through my window right between my two friends and hit me square in the head.  I remembered seeing the flash of the lighting, I saw the blue flash come through the window but the next thing I knew I was waking up on the floor 30 minutes later while one of my friends was still trying to revive me and the other had just picked up the phone and was getting ready to call an ambulance.  I worked for Communications Specialists at that time and that tower that had been struck by lighting was one of our towers.  I also find it interesting that the name of the business was Campbell's since my grandpa who saw the angels the day he died was Campbell.  The slogan for Campbell's 66 was "Humpin' To Please."  For me it was all about communicating with God.  That's why He brought me there and that's what the process was all about.  The trucking company is a delivery service and that's what God was doing.  He was sending me a message literally in a bolt of lighting, to a communications tower from a delivery service that I actually worked on.  This event was witnessed by my two friends as well as myself.  Still I wouldn't understand much about the singular events until later on, some of them years later in fact.  A lot of strange paranormal things happened to me at that place and a lot of it involved learning to understand dreams.  I kept a dream journal at that time, I had several of them filled in fact and now I have lost all but one or two of them over the years.

Southern Baptist Church

Second church I got kicked out of.

I was in that city for 3 to 3.5 years then packed up and moved to another place were I set up my own business, a C.B. radio shop.  Up the hill on a side road was a small Southern Baptist Church.  It was close and easy to get to so I made that my usual Sunday morning stop.  I hate to say it but I can't remember when I had ever been in a church that was so spiritually cold.  These people were like the living dead!  In no time though the pastor there realized that my spirit compared to theirs literally glowed.  He said he wanted me to join their church and he said "we need more people like you in here."  Of course being who I was I always asked God for permission or advise about what ever I did that had to do with His business and I told the preacher I would consult God about it and ask Him.  Of course the preacher quoted something out of the Bible to me in order to convince me that it was God's will that I join that church but what the pastor didn't know was that I all ready had a direct hot line to the Lord of Light and was able to get information and advise on a personal level.  I could actually ask God and get answers while this pastor had never heard the voice of God in his life. 

Well God said no showing me His response in night visions and usually in symbols.  I found some of them particularly disturbing.  I felt in my heart and mind they were a contradiction to what God would normally say but despite my own feelings about it I would do what God said.  Still I returned to that church on Sunday morning as usual and began to take a friend with me.  This particular friend I am speaking of is perhaps the only genius I can call friend.  He worked for me, had a first class radio phone license to work on all kinds of radio equipment.  He fixed C.B.'s for me at the C.B. shop.  He was held an advanced class HAM radio license which he advanced to extra class, that's as high as you can get.  He built his first HAM radio fairly much from scratch when he was 14 years old and his own dad was a Missionary Baptist Minister.  I learned in time there was a huge difference between the Missionary Baptists and the Southern Baptists.  Some of the Southern Baptists have a huge chip on their shoulders.  That's neither here nor there and could be that God was sending me ot the most Godless churches He could find in that area in order to teach me these lessons.  The Baptist churches I have been in around here have a warm spirit and they are nothing like the ones I was kicked out of.

As it went in our adult Sunday school class the pastor being the teacher for that class would sometimes make mistakes in his quotes of the Bible and my friend would correct him on it telling him the correct quote for that scripture.  The preacher would look it up, see that my friend was correct and admit his mistake.  Several Sundays passed and at each Sunday school class the pastor would make some mistake and my friend would correct him on it and each time the pastor would look up the scripture and admit he had made a mistake.  Then one day the pastor came to me and asked me not to bring my friend back to church anymore because he was disruptive.  My friend had greater knowledge of the scriptures than the preacher did and that didn't set well with the pastor of this church.  He didn't like being corrected.  He would much rather preach a lie to the people than to be corrected.  His response to God trying to teach him was exactly the same.  He continually taught his congregation little mistakes every Sunday, some of those mistakes would cost some of those people a great deal.  Then again he asked me to join their church telling me they needed people with my kind of spirit there.  Again I quoted something from the Bible that literally came out of my mouth as a surprise to me telling him that God would decide.  Everything this pastor came out with from the Bible God would speak something through my mouth to correct him on his own use of particular texts.  I told the man I would continue to pray then I would go out and wonder where in the world these words were coming from that I had just spoken but had not even thought of a moment before then.  Then the words of another scripture came to me telling me at certain times we were not to think what we would say but God would give us the words to say.  In my case literally putting them into my mouth.

I actually wanted to join a church but God was showing me there was something serious wrong with that church and God was trying to teach me something very important that over years would become a valuable lesson and part of my own ministry.  I learned the Southern Baptist actually vote to see if someone can join their church.  God said they were judging to see if someone was worthy of entering heaven or not.  God was letting me know that He had sent me and for someone like them to vote to see if I was good enough to join their church was an insult to God.  God had more to show me like that entire church was filled with people having the spirit of religion that had taken the place of the Holy Spirit of God.  Meaning they all thought they were saved but not one of them had the Holy Spirit and not one of them were saved.  The pastor could sense the Holy Spirit with me and this is why he continually begged me to join their church.  I told a certain family what God was showing me in my night visions about them and the fact they were all lost and needed to pray for the Holy Spirit.  They scolded me telling me that if God was going to speak to someone it would be to them and certainly not to me.  These people actually had me doubting what God was telling me and more than once had me crying and apologizing for repeating what God had said to me.  They said I had caused them to doubt their salvation and that was an evil thing that I had done.  Think they would have been somewhat concerned had they know God really had sent me to tell them these things?  Better safe than sorry I always say.  And they were the ones trying to cause me to doubt that God had been speaking to me all those years, so who's the evil ones anyway?

The third time the pastor there asked me to join their church I was going out the door with a angry mob behind me pushing to get out the door and suddenly God opened my mouth and said "You have enough Baptists in your church, you need some Christians."  It was very clear and very simple.  I stood there in shock for a moment upon hearing the words that had come from my mouth.  The next thing I knew several very angry Baptist women were chasing me across the parking lot threatening to kill me.  I was so excited fearing for my life I backed my white charger right into a power pole before I could get it pointed out of the parking lot to make my escape.

There was something very interesting in the way God spoke through me using the terms Baptist and the term Christian.  He was saying there wasn't anyone in that church who were saved.  There weren't anyone in there who were of Christ.  The religious spirits knew what had come out of my mouth and they sought to kill the messenger.  Those were evil dark spirits and demons that worshiped in that church.  They had all the people there bound in the spirit and controlled them like puppets.

That afternoon one of the women who had threatened my life there at the church called me at my C.B. shop and threatened my life for a full 30 minutes and I just sat there and listened to her.  She said and I quote, "I could kill you and God would forgive me for it!"  She called me everything but a human being during that call and insulted me in every way she could think of and God heard the entire thing.  These spirits of religion like the ones in that church and with this women and her family are extremely dangerous they have killed people before in the name of God and they are quite willing to admit they would do it again.  These are the same spirits that were in the scribes and religious leaders in the time of Jesus who had Jesus put to death at the hands of the Romans.  These are the spirits among certain religions who crucify Christ every single day and night where ever they can.  These are the spirits that drive away countless numbers of people from these churches, people who are smart enough to know they can't find God in there among certain religious people.  Then the people searching for help end up going somewhere else and sometimes they come back with an attitude against God all because of the people in the churches they met who claimed to be of God who were not of God.  I have had people send me messages telling me the devil is really God and Jesus in the devil and it was all the result of someone who was searching for the truth, went to church and ended up encountering spirits of religion instead of the true Holy Spirit of God.

That same night I slept in the floor in the closet in my C.B. shop.  I prayed until I fell asleep from exhaustion and God sent me two powerful night visions.

The Dragon of the Underworld.

A night vision is like the most vivid dream you could ever imagine.  It's not really a dream but similar to a dream in that a person will be asleep when they see the vision.  I found myself on an elevator with a lot of other people going deep into the earth.  There was a man there talking like a tour guide.  He was telling us we were going where no human being had ever been before.  The doors opened and we were deep inside the earth.  The tunnel was dark and covered with mud.  I was the first out out the door and I saw human tracks everywhere and realized the tour guide didn't have a clue what he was saying.  I had a flashlight and walked out into the tunnel and stopped.  I knew something was very wrong about all this.  I watched as the people separated into smaller groups and each group would choose a side tunnel.  I looked at the ground and saw a huge dragon footprint in the mud and I began to yell at the people to come back, they were in danger.  I even ran after 3 of the men who were walking and talking and they returned almost far enough to see what I wanted to show them.  They said "what is it?"  I told them "I have found dragon foot prints here, there's danger down here!"  They laughed at me, called me names, said I was crazy then instead of just looking to see the tracks for themselves they turned and went their own way once again.  I looked down at the foot print then felt hot breath on my neck.  I looked up and there I saw the fire red eyes of a transparent dragon looking down at me.  I saw the dragon was invisible to the people and the dragon had dug all those tunnels and had divided the people who would be God's people but because of the dragon they do not understand the difference between the Holy Spirit and the spirits of religion.  The dragon hated me because I had discovered its existence and now could see it because God had opened my eyes.  It acted like it wanted to eat me and I stood there and looked back up at it and said "You can eat me if you want to because I'm not going to run."  I looked at the last three men as they vanished into the darkness of their religious world then back up at the dragon, "And I'm not going to follow them either."

I woke up, God gave me the divine understanding of the night vision then I prayed myself back to sleep again and another powerful night vision came to me.  The thing you need to understand about this particular night vision is that God was showing me how it was the devil who divided the people in the name of religion.  It was the devil who caused the people to argue and take sides so that they created the denominations.  This was not God's doing, it was the devil in the form of the great dragon who did this.

Pig Headed Preacher!

I found myself in an old classroom like back in the early 1900's perhaps and it was filled with old style school desks.  I was there with my friend who I mentioned who the preacher said don't bring him back to church.  I saw a big man with the head of a pig in front of the classroom and he had a very boisterous voice.  He was preaching up a storm and then before I realized it he attacked my friend and began trying to choke him to death.  I jumped on the big pig man's back and pulled my right shoe off and began whacking him over the head with the heal of my right shoe.

Once again the moment I woke God gave me the divine understanding of the message.  He was telling me the pastor at that Southern Baptist church was a pig headed teacher and that God was very angry with him.

Monday morning rolled around and here came that preacher to talk to me at my C.B. shop. He asked me to return to their church and to set things right with him and the people there.  There was no way I was ever going back to that place again, I had all ready had my life threatened and now God had shown me the truth about the kinds of spirits that worked the people up there like puppets.

Now I told the pastor that God and sent me to powerful night visions and I told him what God had shown me in them.  He said "Dream's have no value, why even dogs dream."  To which I responded, "Yes, I'm sure that God speaks to his creatures."  Then I told him to read Numbers 12:6 and he did.  Then he said "Well I never thought about dreams like that before."  To which I responded, "Perhaps you should."  The pastor left and that was the end of my business with them.  A pastor who doesn't know the Bible any better than that shouldn't be teaching.  A preacher who doesn't have a direct functional line to the the Father and can hear the Father speaking to them shouldn't be preaching either.  People need to be lead by those who can "see" and who do "understand" both the scriptures and spiritual things.

Not long after that the pastor had a heart attack and lost his ministry.  Remember the women who threatened my life?  Her younger daughter went to a Southern Baptist Collage and while there was out drinking with a new boyfriend from that same collage.  He was so drunk he ran off the road the car rolled over breaking her neck and killing her.  The younger son went to prison for armed robbery.  Her husband divorced her.  Her older son came down ill and nearly died.  He did finally recover and then became a Southern Baptist preacher.  I just hope he's closer to God than the one who was there in their church before.  God allowed the girl of religion to return from the grave to tell me where she ended up and why.

Glowing Green female Alien!

I know I promised I wouldn't tell anyone but since I'm not going to use his name here and since it was about 25 or so years ago I'm going to tell you anyway.  Remember her older son who I just mentioned who became the Southern Baptist minister?  One day before they ran me off from that church he called me outside and wanted to tell me a story about something that happened to him one night.  He said a glowing green female alien came in through his open window, had sex with him then floated back out the window.  He went to the window and watched her leaving and thought this was so strange it just had to be a dream but there went some kind of craft off into the night sky and he realized he was wide awake and looking out the window.  He was so concerned about it he needed to tell someone but he was frightened to tell anyone from that church or anyone who was a member of his family for fear what they might think or do as a result of it.  He knew I had seen a real UFO back in 1970 and therefore would be more likely to believe him so that's why he chose to tell me his story.  I don't think he made it up either but I also know that not all aliens are what you might think they are.  His glowing green alien could very well have been a demon or even some manifested spirit of religion that had come to take advantage of him.  Now how would you like this man to be the pastor of your church?  All I can say is I know their church was full of demons and bad spirits of all kinds and I pray that God delivered him from those wicked demon spirits.

The Pentecostal Church

God speaks to the preacher on our behalf.

No I didn't get kicked out of this church, something completely different happened here.  I took a friend of mine who later became my wife to a particular Pentecostal church and we arrived there early.  We were seated in the back on the left hand side and could hear the preacher praying and singing to God in English and in the spirit tongue.  On this particular day I had just enough in my pocket to buy a hamburger and small drink and I don't think she had but a little bit of change.  Meaning one of us could eat or we could split something small but that was the best we could do.  As church began they passed the offering things and I put in everything we had knowing full well we wouldn't be eating that day.  But I trusted that God would take care of us and here's what happened.  Right after the offering the preacher said "God tells me we have some very special guests with us today and He wants to give you a gift."  The preacher gave an envelope to one of the ushers who gave it to us.  Inside was two passes for a full meal at a nice restaurant across the road from the church.  I acted on faith and God took care of us because the preacher of that church was one of God's own and because that man was able to speak to God and hear God speaking back to him.  The preacher didn't have to understand even what was in the envelope all he had to do was to understand that God told him to do something then to act upon it.  Very often in our lives this is how God works, have faith, act upon God's directions and then we can understand it later.

In the other churches that I got kicked out of the spirits there were spirits of religion but here while this preacher was teaching I could feel the warmth of the spirit of God flowing through the building.  Later on we returned here to see this preacher and discovered the elders had fired him and he had moved on to another church.  I was never able to find him after that.  As I said, usually the better the preacher is the sooner the elders or someone in the church finds a way to get rid of him.  There's a lot more reasons to this as you might imagine but simply put the devil works his hardest inside of the churches to prevent them from having preachers and teachers who really can speak with and get real time answers back from God.  As yet not everyone has a personal real time working relationship with God and it is good when one with spiritual insight and understanding is the teacher.  If the people are lead and shown their way into the personal relationship with God then the people avoid falling into the ditch.

A Vision Foretelling Mother's Death

I was sick when this happened and had an awful sore throat that was keeping me awake.  I was living in a small trailer on an Ozark mountain in the forest.  I wasn't asleep, I was only wishing I were when suddenly a spirit took hold of me and I sat bolt upright in bed with my arms over my head and began speaking in an unlearned language.  It sounded very much like the Hebrew language.  I was unable to move the entire time and as these words flowed from my mouth I thought the devil himself had come for me.  A red fiery form appeared on the door at the foot of my bed and it was as if it were burning through the door except there was no heat or smoke.  The red flames formed into the shape of a women's outline and I was so frightened I was fighting to get loose from that spirit.  Suddenly it let me go and I literally fell over in bed.  I hit the floor instantly and ran to the other end of the trailer expecting something was about to get me.   I paced the floor for about an hour again drinking hot tea and things to ease the pain in my throat.  About an hour passed before I worked up courage to return to bed.  When I did I discovered I couldn't take my eyes from the door where I had seen the image.  I finally decided to roll over and face the wall, I closed my eyes and in a moment felt I was not alone.  I rolled back over and there standing beside my bed was the biggest Great Dane dog I had ever seen.  It was just the color of a deer, tan in color and had what I sometimes call "white-fire" eyes.  I looked into the dog's eyes and it was like looking into infinity.  I was shocked and amazed but I was not afraid of the big dog.  I laughed and asked "What are you doing here?"  The big dog looked at the door where the fire like image had appeared, then it looked back at me.  It did this three times and as it did suddenly I understand that a women who was very close to me was going to die but that I should not worry because she would be in heaven with God.  The moment I understood this the dog walked right out through the door and vanished.  I got up and paced the floor for another hour.

The next morning I went to tell my sister in-law what I had seen and found her and her children gathering on the sofa looking as if they had been there most of the night.  In fact they looked like they had seen a ghost or something.  I said "You won't believe what happened to me last night!"  And she said something like "Try me."  I told her what I had seen and she then began to tell me what had transpired during the night there.  She said her oldest son had awakened in the night screaming.  She ran to see what was wrong and turned the light on.  She said he was looking into the mirror and pointing saying "It's grandma, it's grandma and she's all dressed in red."

I had received the message of what was going to happen and he had received the message of who it was going to happen to.  It wasn't long after this we received a call telling us my mother had taken ill and was in the hospital.  It wasn't very long after that she died.  The reason she died was because of taking the pain killer Tylenol that was prescribed to her by her doctor for pain in her leg.  She had been told it was a safe drug and she had nothing to fear from it and it killed her.

The Shadow of Death!

An Out of Body Experience

My very first out of body experience happened while I was living alone in my little trailer out in the Ozark mountains not far from the Lake of the Ozarks.  I was alone in my trailer and had just lay down to go to sleep when a living shadow literally came through the wall and covered me.  The moment it did I couldn't breath or move.  I prayed it away in the name of Jesus and it went back out the way it had come in.  I got up and walked the floor for awhile afraid of what the thing was and what its intentions were with me.  I finally lay back down again and here the thing came again covering me as before and again I prayed it off in the name of Jesus and it left as it had previously.  Again I walked the floor for awhile before returning to bed.  I remember it was winter time, it was cold outside and chilly inside.  I only had one little oil stove and it was at the other end of the trailer.  Finally I lay down again and here that thing came again covering me and this time I thought if I prayed it away twice and still it returns then God must have some reason for it to be here what ever it is.  Then I put my entire faith and trust in God's hands and I prayed to God that His will for me be accomplished.  Instantly I sat up and was not cold anymore except for my legs.  I saw my hands in front of me then looked down and saw another pair of hands beside me.  I was frightened.  I turned to see and saw myself laying there as if dead.  I saw my own face from outside of my body.  That's not a little bit comforting especially the first time it happens.  I prayed again and said "Ok Lord what do you want with me?"  The next thing that happened the wall vanished and I found myself as if floating in space with two large hooded angels one at each side of me.  I saw what I thought was a single star in the night sky.  I could not tell if it was coming toward me or if I was going toward it.  Then when I was near it I saw it was a massive city of great light.  Then is saw the face of a very old man appear over the right side of the city and this man I understood was one they refer to as the ancient of days in the Bible.  It may have also been the symbol of the "Face of the Father."  Then he smiled at me and vanished.  Then on the left side I saw another face appear and this one was the face of Jesus Christ.  Upon His head he wore a simple golden crown with 12 points on it.  I know because I counted the points 3 times then He smiled at me and I found myself seated back in my body just as I had been before the angels took me away.  Once again my legs were cold and then something pulled me back into my body.  The next thing I knew I was chilled all over.  I had a flashlight in my right hand as I had it in my hand because of the dark shadow spirit that had come over me.  I tried to turn the light on but flipped the switch but nothing happened.  I tried again and nothing but then on the third time the light came on and the shadow was completely gone.

My first full blown vision back at 312E. 12th street could be considered an OBE but because I did not leave my body and see myself there I did not classify it as being an OBE.  This one however I was able to see myself laying there in the bed as if I were dead.

God gave me the understanding of what I had experienced and said it is the spirit of the Shadow of Death the prophet spoke of when describing the valley of the shadow of death.  God didn't want me dead but the only way to show me these things was to take me there in spirit to see them as He had done with other of His prophets in the past.  I saw the face of the older man on my right and the face of Jesus on the left placing Jesus at the right side of the face of the older man.  If the older man was The Father that would put Jesus at His right hand.

Charismatic Catholic Church

The third church I got kicked out of

A friend of mine was also on a quest to find the truth and would go from one church to another nearly every weekend.  He took me to a Charismatic Catholic Church one Sunday night.  The definition of that is it is like a Pentecostal Catholic church.  Catholic's were trying to get back to God but refusing to turn loose of their Catholic religious bonds that held them fast.  While they were having a sharing they asked me if I had any spiritual experiences I would like to share with them so I told them about my experience with the Shadow of Death.  Their leader politely told my friend that I was possessed by a demon and that he should never again bring me there to that church.  When the Pentecostals believe someone is possessed by a demon they will at least pray for you laying on hands and praying in spirit to the Father for help.  These people on the other hand were not interested in helping anyone they were only interested in the feeling the Holy Spirit could give them as they received it like a drug.  Can you imagine what it is like for someone who only had the spirits of religion for years then suddenly to discover there really is a Holy Spirit that can make a difference in their lives?  A real Holy Spirit that can enter a person and they can really feel it moving inside them!  They knew the Catholic Church had not told them or taught them the truth about these things so they moved off and began their own church trying to bridge what they had from the Catholic religion over into what they had discovered from the Holy Spirit while God was trying to free them of their religious bondage.  Once they received the Holy Spirit they knew it was real but they refused to listen to it and to release the bonds that had been placed upon them by the Catholic religion.  They refused to play their religion and everything else on the alter before God and ask Him for the truth.  If they had they wouldn't have been holding onto God with one hand and their former religious bondage with the other.  The moment their religious leader discovered what a powerful experience God had given me to share with them the spirit of religion inside of him felt threatened by my presence.  He knew that I would tell his people things that would release them from that spirit of religion and allow their spirits to fully communicate with God.  He knew that spirit would try to release them from their bondage and he wasn't about to have that happen because he wanted to maintain complete control over those people.  He wanted them to experience the Holy Spirit as he had done but he refused to allow God to be in charge of his church for fear that God would take away his influence over those people.  He also knew by watching the faces of those who heard my story they were hungry for the truth and they knew I was telling them the truth.  He knew I wasn't possessed by a demon either and praying for me wouldn't help his situation at all because there was no demon in me but spirits of religion that held him bound were threatened.  So he lied and told my friend that I was possessed by a demon and told my friend never to bring me back there again.

This is how one method the devil uses to prevent God's messages from reaching the people.  If someone discovers some truth that sets them free from one particular bondage the devil will quickly rush in with other spirits of religion to prevent that person from becoming truly set free by the Holy Spirit of God.  It's a path people walk in their lives and the moment the Holy Spirit comes into a person's life the devil, the dragon is always working to prevent that person from being as powerful in the spirit as they can be.  Those who fight their way through to the end become the Elite of God who are mentioned in Revelation 14.  The devil is very afraid of them because they will not follow anyone but God and they have great power in the spirit.

So now you see these Catholics were being set free by the Holy Spirit and they were discovering the truth about so many things the Catholic religion had held from them and had even lied to them about.  Then here comes the devil in the name of God and by the sprit of religion to control these people and keep them bound separate from the Catholic church hoping to avoid infecting others of the Catholic church with the spirit of truth about the Holy Spirit but also preventing them from reaching out to God for their full spiritual freedom.  These are things God was teaching through experiences and then explaining to me in night visions.  These are not things I could have learned by some instant divine revelation.  There are some things you just can't learn by being told about them, you must experience them yourself and then ask God to explain it for you.

Another Southern Baptist Church

The fourth church I was kicked out of.

Still searching for a church where I felt I could belong and still not fully understanding what God was trying to teach me I continued to search.  I found another little Southern Baptist church out in the country and began going there.  I went to one of their weekly Bible discussions and during the discussion someone mentioned something in the Bible that I had all ready researched and was aware that it was a mistranslation.  I informed the group that I had searched the Strong's concordance and gave them the correct translation for these particular verses.  I mentioned the place in the Bible where demons and Lilliaths were translated as wild animals and owls.  The next Sunday night the moment my girlfriend and I entered the building we felt a chill in the air that we recognized was a bad spirit instantly.  A few moments later the preacher called me in front of the entire church to humiliate me.  He said that one of the Bible study group members had told him what I had said about the Bible having mistranslations in it and told me that if I ever spoke bad of the Bible again that would be the end of me coming to their church.  Instantly the Holy Spirit inside me spoke to reveal what God had been trying to teach me all those years about how the devil created the known religions as they are today.  He showed me how the devil had bound the people up and prevented them from receiving their salvation because of the improper practice of physical acts.  Meaning the devil got people to focus on the physical and caused them to miss the spiritual things God really wanted us to understand and to receive.

I learned this Southern Baptist church like the previous one I had been literally chased out of taught that the Bible was "The Living Word of God."  To them pointing out a mistranslation in the Bible was like calling God a liar and they were not going to stand for it.  These people didn't have the Holy Spirit of God they had the spirit of religion and were lost without even realizing it.  They pray frequently but never hear God speaking back to them so when the spirits of religion would speak to them in their hearts and minds they mistook it to be the Holy Spirit of God speaking to them.

Over the next year or so God showed me many things about my calling and how I would serve Him by exposing these lies.  He showed me the difference between praying through your mouth and praying in the spirit.  Praying by your mouth is just words into the air but praying in the spirit through the Holy Spirit that Christ created and gave to His children was the same as praying to the Father in the name of Jesus.  He showed me how so very many things He taught were symbolic of spiritual things and the symbols themselves had no real value except to teach people the understanding of the spiritual counterpart.  He showed me the difference in these things are the reasons why He spoke in parables and symbolic languages.  He showed me how and why dreams are a dark language that also use symbols for this very reason.  He taught me to understand the terminology and understanding between the "Inspired Word of God" and the "Living Word of God."

Why I Have No Church Home Yet

What churches did I find the spirit of God in?

I went from one church to another and have no idea how many different churches I went to over the years but God would show me them in dreams and then I would just get up and follow where the Spirit of God lead me on different days and on Sundays and whenever the spirit moved me.  God had kept me separated from them so that I could see and learn without being influenced by them which churches were closer to God than others.  What I learned was the Pentecostal churches were far closer to God than all others I had ever seen.  The Holy Spirit there is the real thing and not just some spirit of religion trying to control the people.  I never once got kicked out of a Pentecostal church for any reason.  I felt so completely at home in all of them that I went to that I would have stayed except for one thing, God didn't want me to.  Why not?  Because He wanted me to be able to truthfully write this for you without saying I had been influenced by the Pentecostal churches to say the things I say here.  I'm not talking about all Pentecostal churches but the ones I went to, the ones God lead me to.  I am aware of snake charmer Pentecostals who are so far off the mark because they dare God to prove to them they are saved by placing themselves in harm's way.  God said don't tempt Him or test him in those ways and there are some who do.  They do this for the adrenalin rush it gives them as they mistake this feeling to be the Holy Spirit guiding them, but it is not.  I am aware of another radical Pentecostal church that instead of praying for someone's salvation they literally beat the devil out of a man and someone called the Police to come break up their church one Sunday morning.  At that time I worked on police radios and overheard the commotion on a police scanner.  They had to have E.M.T.s in an ambulance to come take the poor man to the hospital.  The devil uses these out of control so called Pentecostal churches to drive people away from and prevent new comers from going to the real Pentecostal churches that are of God.  I don't recommend going to any of these extreme so called Pentecostal churches but I'm talking about the regular Pentecostal churches most commonly found around the country.  The Assembly of God churches are a basic down to earth Pentecostal church where anyone should do well.  Evangel Temple and Tabernacles are also Pentecostal churches.  Tent revivals are usually lead by a Pentecostal missionary minister of the Gospel and usually these ministers have special abilities and a very special calling which is why they travel as they do.  I love a good old fashion tent revival.  People pray in the spirit and people get healed.

Of all the churches in the world the devil hates the spirit filled Pentecostals the most.  He can't stop them so he does his best to defame them through these radical churches he is able to worm his way inside of.  Just don't believe everything you see or hear because the truth is out there and so is the devil doing everything he can to muck up things for us.  You may like to read this page that I have included about this subject.  "A Church Home or Not?"  It contains more information and includes things this segment of the website does not talk about.

Seventh Day Adventists

Churches who are bound by the laws!

Remember that friend of mine who I mentioned who took me to the Charismatic Catholic church?  He was on a quest to find him a church home to and went to all kinds of different churches and sometimes he would find one that caught his attention and then he would come take me to see what I thought about them.  The world is fairly full of churches who find some "letter of the written word" they want to hold onto as if it sets them aside giving them the illusion they are special in God's eyes.  The anti-instrument Church of Christ holds to the farce that just by not putting instruments inside their churches they are avoiding the wrath of God mentioned in the end of the last chapter of the book of Revelation.  They say if it's not in the New Testament then it can't be inside the church building.  So they leave the instruments out and install their P.A. systems, their big screen projection systems and tons of other things that were not mentioned in the New Testament either.  They do not realize what they have done and how God sees this.  They have created a situation that only applies to those who do these things.  Just as Jesus told the Pharisees they would not be guilty but since they say they see then they shall also be judged accordingly.  What that means is if they had not hung up on that "letter of the law" thing the rest of the things they put in their church wouldn't be held against them.  Since they say they understand they must not add things to their church building they will also be held accountable for everything else they did under that same pretense.  They strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.

Now this friend I mentioned began taking me to the Seventh Day Adventists churches and instantly the Holy Spirit inside of me recognized these as religions who had done something very similar to that of the anti-instrument Churches of Christ.  These churches hold into one single day of the week as if it were holy not understanding why the scriptures said to keep the Sabbath day holy.  When ask what day was better in the Bible the children were told that some hold one day over another and some worshiped on Saturday while others worshiped on Sunday (first day of the week) while others held all days as being alike and worshiped any time they felt the spirit move them to do so.  The first answer is let them worship on the day they choose because the second answer is all days are alike for those who really have the Holy Spirit of God.  The problem is when people hold onto one day as being more important than another.  In doing this they are like the anti-instrument Churches and because of this they will fail to understand why God said to remember the Sabbath day and to keep it holy.  They strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.  In a huge building filled with perhaps several thousand people I did not sense one person there who had the Holy Spirit of God within them.  What I sensed was a building with a lot of people who had the spirits of religion.  The Holy Spirit with me said basically "get out of here as fast as you can."

God doesn't care if you go to church on Saturday or Sunday or Wednesday or Monday.  You want to know what the deal is about the Sabbath day and why it is to be kept holy?  You will need to also understand the Sabbath day is in fact God's days and times and not ours.  The earth was recreated by God in Seven of His days, not seven of our days.  If you read the creation story in the book of Genesis you will note that no mater what God did the day was not over until the job was done.  This is why the prophet said "a day to the Lord is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day."  Now the prophet was only giving you some idea that God's days were not our days but he did not intend for you to take him literally on every point of consideration.  What they are saying is it doesn't make any difference to God what our days are or if it takes God a thousand years or a million years to accomplish something, when He gets done with a certain phase of His work then it is one day.  The process of His work here on earth now is nearing the end of a phase and we are now living in the "Sabbath" or "Seventh" day of the Lord.  These days that we live in should be kept holy and everyone who is God's child should pray to God continually keeping their lamps lit for the time that is to come without warning.  It is very sad to know that so many will have hung up on the importance of a single day of the week and missed the Holy Spirit so far because of it.  Every time this happens the devil laughs and knows he has beaten large numbers of people who would have been saved had they only known the truth.  Every time God sends someone to help those poor misguided people the devil rises up among them with a "righteous wrath" and a "holy war" and either kills the prophets God sends to them or tries to.  This is exactly the same spirits and same battle between Jesus Christ and the religious leaders of His day and time that had Jesus put to death.  Don't think for a moment they are gone.  They are not gone, only the faces have changed but the spirits are the same and their intentions are still very much the same.  They intend to derail, sidetrack, and completely mislead those who are trying to find their way into the light of the "Living Truth."

During this time in my life God was teaching me constantly about these things and I spent a lot of time in spirit with angels who wrote messages to me showed me page after page of messages from God.  They sang messages to me one after another.  They told me to warn this friend of mine to literally run from the Seventh Day Adventists and I told him.  I even wrote him word for word some of the things that angels said to me and he said I was crazy and lost and bound for hell.  I wonder if he would have said those things if he had seen the angels that I saw and heard God speak to him the way God speaks to me.  The spirits of that religion had all ready grasped him by the mind and had full control over him, there was nothing else I could do to help him.

The Man of Brass

A powerful night vision

One of the powerful night visions that God sent to me concerning these religions that I have mentioned is the one I call the Man of Brass.  In this powerful night vision I was in a building like an old brick building in some large city.  Several floors up I found a big room full of people who were having a big party.  I flew above them wondering what the big deal was and I could hear them worshiping the man of gold.  I heard them sing and wondered what this man of gold was about.  Finally I saw him come from a room and began dancing and singing around the people delivering his message of deception to them which they believed.  I saw he was not a man of gold at all but only a being of polished brass.  I began to tell the people the man of gold had lied to them and they went crazy and wanted to kill me.  I then said I would prove to them he was only brass and the man of brass attacked me.  We fought a terrible fight and finally I knocked him right out through the wall.  He had no power over me except to infuriate the people toward me.  I looked out the window to see where he had fallen but he was not on the ground.  Suddenly his face appeared in the wall laughing at me and I struck at him knocking him back time and time again but he would move back then reappear somewhere else.  Finally when he did not return I looked around and most of the people that had been in that room were gone.  I saw an iron staircase leading upward toward a door.  This staircase looked like a fire escape.  I began to climb it and as I was about half way up suddenly my feet began to hurt with terrible pain.  I looked down and saw I was climbing a staircase with steps made of razor sharp metal and I had no shoes.  Suddenly I felt something biting at my hands and I saw poison spiders biting me and began to brush them off.  I knew I was going to die and the one thing that I had to do was reach that door at the top of the stairs and get to the other side, which I did.  On the other side of that door is a very long hallway and angels who looked very much like humans.  I fell to the floor and lay there and as I was dying one of the angels leaned down to me and said she wanted to show me something.  Then I left my body even in the night vision and she took me to see an angle choir that was so massive that I could not see the end of it.  Angels standing several rows high like on a huge stadium bleachers and as far as the eye could see.  They were singing a song that literally lifted my spirit into the air it was so beautiful.  Then the angel asked me if I wanted to stay with them now, in this place in heaven where the music is always playing and there's nothing quite as sweet then it would be as I desired.  At that moment I was once again dead in real life and being given a choice by an angel of God.  I thought and considered the wonders I had seen and the fight that I had fought to be there then I said "It is more important for me to tell the people what I have witnessed.  I know I will return here now when I do die for the last time."  The angel smiled and the next thing I knew I was back in my body in the hallway looking up at angels standing all around me.  They lifted me up from the floor and brushed me off.  The next thing I knew I was waking up again back in my body with a message once again from God and from the angels of God.

What was God showing me?  He was showing me that my fight on earth was going to be a very painful one and that in the end I would die and return to heaven.  He was showing me there would be angels all around me during my life and this is not the only time He has revealed this to me.  He was showing me the man of religion the people worship on the earth and how that man of religion has deceived them into thinking he is of great value when in fact he is nothing but polished brass.  He was showing me this was a very big part of my calling to deliver a message to those who think they are saved when they are not.  To warn them the time is very near and fast upon them and their time is running out.

How Do You Know For Certain If You Are Saved?

First thing you need to understand is the devil will tell you that you are saved when you are not and he will make you think it's God talking to you when it's not.  People who have never heard the voice of the One True God often mistake the urgings and voices of religion as if they were the voices of God.  Anyone who has ever really heard the voice of God will not mistake it.  Meaning there are a lot of people who have heard the voices of religion and think they are saved when they are not and that's what this is about.  The spirits of religion say "Don't question your salvation you might loose it!"  But the only thing you have to loose are the spirits of religion.  The thing you have to gain is the Holy Spirit of God and true keys to Heaven.  The only ones who are concerned about questioning their salvation are the ones who are filled with the spirits of religion.  People who have the Holy Spirit of God who know they are saved won't blink an eye over it.

For those who say I'm causing you to doubt your salvation I say "If you are saved then you may have heard God call your name and you know His voice and you know you are saved."  To these no one can cause them to doubt their salvation because they know it is assured to them by God who has called them by His Voice and by their own name leaving no shadow of a doubt in their mind they are saved.  To those who have never heard God's voice I say to you that "you have good reason to doubt your salvation.  Get on your knees and pray to God until He speaks to you.  Put everything on the alter of God and fast and pray and don't stop until God answers you and tells you what you need to do.  The only thing you have to loose by trying this is an eternity in hell."  Don't waste one moment of your time being mad at me for exposing the truth to you because you don't have time to waste.  The great battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness is in full swing and getting more intense as the days go by.  It will continue to increase until the Lord of Light actually returns to claim His prize which is the One True Church and his Bride.  (And it isn't the Catholic "C"hurch either.)

"Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me"

There is something very important that everyone who is a child of God needs to understand.  Anyone who has the Holy Spirit of Christ in them and that spirit not being bound will stand up and serve the Lord with unusual courage, knowledge and wisdom they will also offend those bound by spirits of religion frequently.  Jesus said "Take up your cross and follow me."  What do you think He was telling us?  If we who have the Holy Spirit of Christ within us do as we are told by Him we will do what Jesus did and will meet the very same resistance and ridicule that He faced and dealt with.  This ridicule and resistance does not come from the sinners it comes from those who claim to be from and of God when they are not.  Jesus freely associated with all kinds of sinners and was condemned for it by those of religious thinking.  Jesus was not welcomed by the religious leaders of His time and most of His special Prophets will not be welcomed by them today.  We will find the religious minded who under the control of Satan the great dragon who lives inside of religion wanting to kill us just as he did Jesus and those who were his friends.  If Christ lives within you unbound and allowed to function and express God's messages you will be treated as He was treated and you will soon learn who the builders are who rejected the Chief Cornerstone.  You will find them inside the churches now as much and even more than ever.  You will find a lot of them dressed in long fancy robes and praying just as Jesus said.  "They speak of me with their mouths but their hearts are far from me."  The even more serious truth to this is that if you are not being persecuted by the religious minded then there's a very good chance you are not doing your job as a Christian.  If those of serious religious intent are content with you then get on your knees and pray to God that He will show you where you went wrong.  If the anti-instrument, Catholic, Southern Baptists, Charismatic Catholic, or snake charmer churches like you, then you should fear for you immortal soul and ask God what you should do.  There are churches full of people who think they are saved when they are not and they are not likely to hear it from you or me.  But sometimes one out of several thousand will be touched by God's spirit and move them to seek the answers, to find the truth and these are the ones you must look for because their churches and their religious leaders and even their friends can not help them.  These are the people I am here to help and I am not alone there are others who God has called who are just like me and if you pray for help God will lead you to them.  If you are there called to help then God will lead them to you.

My Brother's Airplane Crash

God speaks in dreams. A prophetic dream.

All my life I have had powerful informative dreams.  God actually speaks to me in dreams now and then using words I can quote and identifying Himself as God.  Sometimes He appears as my father in dreams but even in that form I know who He is.  Now and then I would have dreams about people dying and when I would tell these dreams and then someone would die it was somewhat unsettling not only to those who I told but to me. 

At this time in my life I was living at the airport where I lived in my trailer and worked at the airport.  I had a powerful night vision that made me mad.  I saw my brother hand me a plate of fish bones.  The skeleton of a fish was on that plate and I didn't like what I saw one bit.  One week later I returned from a trip to town to discover the dream had come true.  My brother's airplane had crashed only a few yards from my trailer.  In my dream I was facing west, in my trailer I slept facing west.  In my dream my brother came to me from the west with the plate of fish bones.  In the crash his airplane was moving directly toward my trailer from the west.  They said his chances were not good.  His back was broken and he had serious nerve damage.  I'm not even going to describe all the details just believe me the doctors didn't expect him to live.

The fact the dream came true in just a week is amazing enough as sad as it is but my Brother didn't die.  If you have not all ready figured out the symbols of my brother handing me a plate of fish bones then you should understand it was a message from God about my brother and that fish is a symbol of a human being.  Just as Jesus said "I will make you fishers of men," you should also understand that fish is a human symbol.  A plate of fish bones is the same as saying either the death or skeleton of a man or person.  Had it not been for all of our prayers to God on my brother's behalf and God then granting him another chance to fulfill his calling to train missionary pilots then I'm fairly sure he would not have survived.

God restored my brother's health enough that he was able and more than willing to do what God had called him to do even if it meant giving up everything else in his life.  There are so very many misconceptions about the callings of God and there are certain people who God calls who can run but can not hide.  My brother is one of those people and I am another.  This is why I say to us who can hear and communicate on a two way bases with God it is critical that we do not follow anyone else's interpretations of what God wants for us in our lives.  Only God can tell us what He wants us to do.  You can't come tell us that God himself established your church and then tell me that if I don't get with the program and join your church that God will be mad at me.  I even had one Catholic fellow tell me that when I get to heaven and knock on the gate that Saint Peter won't even know who I am.  Telling that man I have been in the spirit and to heaven on several occasions and have talked with the angels and was reassured that's where I would return to didn't have any effect on his narrow minded religious concepts.  Telling him that God calls me by my name had no effect on his inability to comprehend was I was telling him.  God doesn't even recognize the names of the people who are not saved and does not speak to them in that respect.  This man had never heard God call him by his name and has no idea what what he's preaching or how much he has been deceived by his own religion.  He has no idea how his religious leaders will be held accountable for the deceptions they have taught for 2000 years.  When people turn their backs on God, God just does not talk with them.  He will not guide them or lead them.  Read your Bibles!  See what happened when people didn't obey what God told them to do.  So when they say God is leading them you better question it, you better test it out good because there's trouble there.  Yes someone is leading them but it's not God.

God had called my brother to serve him but when my brother decided to go ahead with his own business plans God dropped the bomb shell on him and put a screechingg halt to his life and all of his plans.  My brother and his wife both knew what it was about and when my brother repented of his transgression God allowed him to live and to fulfill his calling.  Don't ever take God's callings for granted.  Don't even think that everyone who is called can just do what they think God wants them to do because it isn't so.  Read your Bible and find out what happened to the Prophets of God who didn't follow His instructions to the letter.  The Bible has numerous accounts from being swallowed by fish to being killed by a lion.  People who God calls by His voice and by their name are very special people to God and they will serve Him exactly as He directs them to OR ELSE!  Jonah found out it was better to be killed by an angry mob who God had sent him to preach to than to have God after him.  He repented for 3 full days in the belly of a big fish before being puked up and then having to go preach to people who he feared would kill him anyway.  You go back and read my first full blown vision and see what God said to me then think it over real hard.  Either I'm the craziest person on the planet or I'm telling the truth and if I'm telling the truth then look out, there really is a God and He means business.  My brother sort of ran from him to and so did I and I told you about being dead and how I was returned to tell my story.  I didn't tell you how many times I died or how many times I could have been dead and the angels of God rescued me but take my word for it it's several times and not just once or twice.  God waited for me patiently to come to my senses and I hit the end of my line just like so many do who God has called.  I realized that God would take everything He had given me back if I did not come to my senses and do what He was telling me to do.  I'm more like Jonah than any other prophet I think because I would rather avoid the tribulations of trying to deal with the religious minded of the world and just let them burn.  If I open my mouth and say what God tells me to say I get in trouble and I don't like trouble at all.  So when I say things that offend people believe me it is not by my own choice that I say these things.

My brother on the other hand grew up in the same churches I did and was told and taught the same things I was.  He was also bound in the spirit to believe that God doesn't talk to people anymore.  But he knew very well that God was calling him and he set out on a path and started several Christian churches along the way.  Nearly every place he and his wife lived they were willing to open their doors to their friends and neighbors and preach and teach the Bible.  I have very good reason to believe that numerous people were saved because of his efforts but God had a much greater calling for him.  God called him to train missionary pilots.  God showed him to paint the airplanes black and white and put a white dove on the doors.  At the same time unbeknownst to him God had called another man and wife to build an airport for the purpose of training the missionary pilots and told him to name it "Dove Field."  Not one thing that happened was a coincidence, it was all well planed by God.  You will find them just south of Iron Mountain Lake in the state of Missouri.  You will find them on the web at .  You will find them involved in a day to day effort to help missionaries fulfill their calling to reach the darkest most Godless places on the planet where people hunger to hear the word and good news of Jesus Christ being taught.

God Speaks In Other Ways Through Real Life Messages

Number 12:6 clearly indicates that God has a voice and does speak with certain people clearly and with Moses he spoke clearly and face to face.  While God was scolding Aaron and Merriam He was speaking to them by his voice while standing in a cloud in the doorway of their tent.  This was a voice they had never heard or experienced before.  But God said He made Himself known to His Prophets first in a vision (which is a frightening real experience) and then speaks with them in dreams which are a dark symbolic language.  It's dark if God isn't speaking to them by voice in a night vision yes but God has many ways of speaking to His people and to His Prophets.  He literally hides His messages in clear sight quite frequently in fact.

Back when I was trying so hard to find a church home and God was showing me time and time again the churches didn't want anything to do with him.  If they didn't want anything to do with God then certainly they wouldn't want anything to do with someone He sent to them.  You see the old cartoon where the man was seated on the steps of the church and another man came up and asked what the problem was and the man said "they kicked me out of their church" then the other man says "I have been trying to get in there for years and they won't let me in there either."  Then the man on the steps looks up to see the man he is talking to is Jesus.

Did you marry the women of religion or did you marry the free spirit of God?

I was also looking for my soul mate and during that time nearly married the daughter of the women who was threatening my life in the Southern Baptist church.  I was not only trying to find my own church home I was trying to find my own mate and on both counts that was God's business not mine.  My problem was back then I was having a hard time trusting God with my affairs.  When all that went down the drain and God explained to me that it wasn't up to me I put everything on the alter and gave it to Him.  I said "God you find me a mate or I just won't have one."  A week did not pass until this other girl's best friend showed up at my C.B. shop to see me.  This is the girl who then became my soul mate and wife of 22+ years.  I nearly married the girl of bondage, the girl of religion who offered salvation but couldn't deliver it.  Then to see God had a girl for me born not of religion but of a free spirit and this entire set of events held a direct message to me from God for my life.

My entire life God has sent me messages like this now and then but normally people fail to see the messages that come to them from God especially messages like this one.  His life was an example, a direct message to His people.  His children are no different and their lives are living messages intended for them to read and to understand.  The people of religion like to argue with me and tell me what Jesus did and what Mary did and that's fine, but what did they do?  What are they doing?  God told someone something, etc and so-forth yes that's fine but what did God tell them?  Don't waste your time or mine telling me what Jesus, Mary, Paul and Peter did, I know what they did what are you doing and what has and what is God doing in your life now?  Of course certain things God has instructed me about and methods He has used to teach me certain things are very much unique to me.  Until I understood the full meaning of seeing a red headed person my my dreams God was sending red headed people at me from all directions.  Those who weren't trying to kill me for one thing or another were hurting, cheating on or lying to someone else for one reason or another.  Some of those red heads were witches working for the devil and trying to kill me.  It might sound funny to some but believe me there's nothing funny about it when God wants to get a message to someone who isn't listening close enough.  Now that I understand that message hopefully I won't have to go through any more ordeals like that.  Seeing red headed people in my dreams means trouble is on the way but that doesn't really mean that all people with red hair are bad people now does it?

What Happen to the Girl of Religion?

I married the girl God sent me to and we allowed God to direct us to the city and to the job she was to have after she graduated collage.  The girl of religion who I might have married went to a Southern Baptist collage, went out drinking one day with her new boyfriend from the collage.  They were drunk, ran the car into a ditch, rolled it over and broke her neck.  She's dead now and returned from the grave one night to tell me where she ended up and why.  If God hid a message in this what is it?  That spirits of religion lead to death?  That Southern Baptists are not as saved as they would like to think they are?  Just like the people with red hair God had His reasons to teach me as He did.  Just as I don't think all red headed people are bad I personally don't think that all Southern Baptists are as lost as some of them are but here's what happened.

I was in a very powerful night vision literally in the spirit in that place in real time without many symbols.  I was standing beside a small building that might have been a small church.  Crypes now that I think about it it was just about like the church that girl went to when I knew her in life!  This building was on the edge of a huge smoldering pit with cries of pain that echoed up from the smoke.  Then out of the smoke came a naked figure with deep scars across her body.  Her breasts were cut off, she had burses and marks as if from an awful beating.  She walked right up to me and despite the fact she looked a great deal different I recognized her and called her by her name and asked her what in the world she was doing in this awful place.  She called me by my name and greeted me then we entered this building. Inside it was just one big empty room.  She said "Bryon you were right and we were wrong.  God has allowed me to come back to tell you this."  She told me a few other things then she turned around and walked out the door and returned to the flaming pit.

So God showed me the girl of the spirits of religion end up in the pit where the Rich Man in the story about Lazarus ended up.  She wasn't saved in life but she thought she was and this is where she ended up.  But I was cursed by her mother and family because I caused her to doubt her salvation that didn't exist.  She would have been better off had she listened to me and believed that God had sent me to help her but she listened to her mother and ended up not only dead but in the flaming pit.  Her next stop isn't going to be any better either and eternity is not just a long, long time, it is a place literally without time.

God doesn't want these people of religion to end up in the pit or in hell, He wants them to wake up and get with the program.  He wants them to throw their religion on the alter and accept the Holy Spirit and their salvation for real.  Then he wants them to convert their churches from houses of religion to houses of God.

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