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I see them all the time, i wish i knew more. last night when i was going to bed i had my face right in the pillow (where no light from the moon or anything was visible, solid dark) and i was trying hard to see what they were doing. most the time its like they are just walking by or standing there. but last night it looked like they were working on something. it was hard to tell. when they are walking by or standing there its easy to see. but when i was trying to see what they were doing last night it was hard. but it looked like they were working on something. i only focus this hard to see them occasionally or for a short period of time (its draining). but i couldn't make out what they were doing. just the littlest loss of focus and they disappear and i have to start over. if i blink either eye just a little, they disappear and i have to start over. it takes a lot of focus. i think this is why i never sleep well. when i get in bed I'm normally praying or seeing things that keep me from relaxing. anyways, Have a good night, God Bless
Father And I Building A Huge Machine 5-2-2009
Yes they are working on a machine of some kind.  I was helping them in spirit two nights ago. I can't tell you what that thing is because it looks like no machine I've ever seen.  I can tell you it extends from earth into the sky and Father and I were working way high on this thing but I could look at not see the top of it.

I was running something like a wire welder.  This thing created metal and you could make any shape you could imagine with it.  As it worked it made a brilliant light like a welder would make and when it was off you could see the metal and the shape you were making.

If I were to guess this thing looked like a massive conveyor belt system like you would find in a quarry.  I understand the thing I was working on with Father his other workers and angels was symbolic but that doesn't mean it isn't exactly what it appears to be.  Meaning a machine that conveys souls or people into heaven, or the heavens or something like that.

30 Min. of School Left 5-3-2009
Last night I was in a school and I knew there was a larger school down the road but "mother" let me off here at the smaller school for a reason.  I knew I only had "30 min" left and I would graduate.  I went to classes and in the end of the day went to a smaller building that had higher levels and I was standing on the floor.  Most of the people here were children and I was one of a handful of adults in the building.  Above I could see other floors and even children up there looking down.  I looked to see that no other adults were watching and I lifted up from the floor and stood in mid air at the hand rail of the upper balcony.  Some of the children began screaming and yelling "Look at that, he can fly!"  I stood still and the other adults looked around but did not notice that I was floating in the air above them.  Then I moved to the rail behind me and floated over their heads but only the ones on the top balcony appeared to be able to see me floating and moving along.  I went over a handrail onto the top balcony and there could see out a large plate glass window onto the school ground.

It is prophetic and the school has to do with spiritual things.  The 30 min left has to do with how much time I have left.  It may have to do with how much time we all have left before something serious happens.
Giant Odd Snake  5-11-2009

I came into a large room where a woman sat near a very large odd looking snake.  This snake could change the shape of its body making it either long and thin or short and fat.

Now the snake saw me and moved toward me and the woman began to cry a warning.  It flicked its tongue at me and moved toward me as I moved back.  Finally it quickly moved around my shoulders and placed its head on my head and tried to push me down.  Then I reached and felt for it and found its head.  I grabbed its head with both hands and holding the mouth shut I pulled it off of my head and forced it down to the floor holding it as the woman watched.

Snakes mean something is going on that we are not aware of.  Many of those who are God's prophets recognize the snake as an evil thing, but it isn't always evil but what it does in the dream gives us clues.  This one has evil and harmful intentions.  This one is one that is sniffing people of God out and trying to put them under its control.  This is why it moved its head over mine and tried to push me down.  But I caught it with my hands and taking it I moved it from me and took control of the snake.

We woke up this morning to discover that both the backyard dogs were gone.  We searched but did not find them.

The dogs got out of the yard without us being aware of it.  We slept good for a change but at 6AM when I heard my wife calling for the dogs I knew something was wrong.  Then I heard the front door open.  I got up.  We began the search.  I'm not saying this is what the dream is about but when you think about the symbols and what I needed to do today you can see that I am not working on my regular jobs.  The snake took control of my day if that is what this dream is about.


Rocket Payload 5-18-2009
I was loading a model rocket with "things" payload for people who wanted to send some "things" for a ride in a rocket.  The rocket was at least two or three times larger than my big V-2.  It had a camera in the nose cone and I've never owned one that had a camera.  When I was about to place the nose-cone on the rocket I realized I had forgotten the recovery wadding.  Upon taking everything back out of the rocket the last things I found were two little toy models of Batman.  One was about 4 inches long and one was 7 or 8 inches long and they were tied together with a string.  I told the boy to my left "I didn't put those in there!  Where did they come from?"  He said "I don't know but I guess dad wanted them to go for a ride in your rocket."

I told the boy the rocket would be over-loaded if I left those two items in there and since they had not been listed as part of the official payload I would leave them out and just carry them to the landing site and make believe they had been in the rocket when it was launched.  No one but us two would know the difference.
        This rocket is a messenger of some kind.  The payload are also messages while the rocket represents the method the messages should be delivered.
        This message is being set into the sky or the heavens so to speak.  Is this a message to God?
        The boy said "I guess dad wanted them to go for a ride."  But dad is a reference to Father and father is a reference to God.  Meaning that God wants those messages delivered to Him.
        Why "Bat Man?"  Two little black figures of The Bat Man.   What kind of message could that represent?  Both tied together.  One large and one small.  Bat Man was a crime fighter.  He was also somewhat mentally disturbed.  He is considered a super hero figure who defends the innocent while working in conjunction with the police.  He's not considered a vigilante as he works with the authority figures.  What's that have to do with me?  Why is that in my rocket?  I'll have to think about this for awhile.
Kristy's accident! 6-1-2009
I spent the rest of the night having bad dreams about Kristy and some other people.  We were driving along a cliff road and some guy was driving the van with Kristy in the right front.  Dawn and I were in the back with a baby that reminded me of Baby River.  The guy looked back and nearly ran us off a cliff.  I yelled at him to keep his eyes on the road.  He just missed running off the cliff.  When he looked back again I said ‟pull over and let me drive!"  Kristy said ‟It's my vehicle I'll drive."  So she drove from the right side of the van down the hill into a town that we couldn't find a way out of.  Finally she drove over something, a structure and I looked north east and said ‟we need to get to the interstate over there."  Just then the front wheels fell off the thing and the van began to teeter.  I opened the left door and grabbed the baby.  Dawn and I sat on the side of the van and saw the front two doors were all ready past the structure and it was about to fall.  I told them ‟It's not far to the bottom just hang on and ride it out." Dawn and I jumped off and it fell.  I saw the back end of the van was damaged as it fell on the front.  Then it fell on it's right side and in seconds Kristy had it on the wheels again but it looked like a wreck.

We all walked around this junk yard town until we found a man sorting junk to find anything worth having in it.  I found a few things and noticed some the man had pulled out and placed on a table.  Then some guys in a motor home were there and being questioned.  I realized these were bad guys and suddenly they drove off, hit the wall and went right through it.  I told the men there ‟You can't let them go, they are bad guys."  We ran after them but it was no use they were gone.

The van represents someone's life and shows this person's life is not in their control.  Someone else is calling the shots and turning and not watching where they are going.

Who ever this dream is about the person driving is the one in control and we can clearly see they are not watching where they are going.  They are driving a dangerous road and not aware how great the danger is.

The baby is someone or something extremely precious that is in danger because of the bad turns in this person's life.

Seeing as Kristy said ‟It's my vehicle and I will drive" could be symbolic but more likely is literal.  If so the dream is talking about Kristy's life and how she thinks it's in control when it's not.

Sometimes people in dreams represent spirits and there are spirits in this dream that appear as people.  The man sorting the junk in this town is someone trying to find something worth keeping in this person's life.  He's trying to find some reason to help this person.

While this is going on a handful of others are questioning a few bad guys.  The ones asking the questions are most likely angels.  The ones being questioned are the demons and bad spirits.  In the end the bad spirits feel the heat and they run away.  They know we are onto them.  They know we have figured them out.

Vanishing School Bus 6-4-2009
I was on a road trip with some younger people.  I was seated three seats back on the left when the driver began to have some problems.  I called to him and he didn't know which way to go.  He had come into some narrow roads in the country and became confused.  He pulled off the road to let another white vehicle pass going the other direction.  He pulled back out again and drove slowly to a crossroad and to the left was a road that went into the country and to the right was a little hill that went over a bridge.  I called to him to go ‟right" then he did and went over the bridge.

We came to another crossroad and there on the right was a little school.  I told him ‟go right" but this time he turned left and drove a little bit then pulled over and stopped.  We all got out and began walking back toward the little school on a thin sheet of ice.

Inside the school I watched all the others move into the building but I stopped seeing a room with children's toys all over the floor.  I sat upon the floor and looked at some of the toys trying to understand.  Then suddenly it hit me and I jumped up and said ‟this is all wrong."  I ran out the door back toward the school bus on the ice.  Just before I reached it the bus vanished.  I slid to a stop then looked back at the school realizing something sad and regrettable had just happened.

School buses have to do with learning.
The bus driver is in charge of getting the kids to school and he's confused, doesn't know which way to go.  Basically the bus driver is lost.

Narrow roads means ‟there are restrictions" on this set of events.

White vehicle passes going the other way.  This is someone else who passes the person this bus has to deal with and keeps on going.  It's like the dream is saying this person the bus has to do with is holding someone else up because ‟they are lost and confused."  This person needs to get out of the way to let this other person get where they are going.

Left or right at the cross roads.  Crossroads mean someone has to make a decision.  In this case left represents either physical or sinister.  Right represents the correct or right choice.  I get him to turn right and he crosses the bridge but at the next cross road I tell him to go right and this would have taken him past the school in the direction the white car had gone.  This time he turns left and drives away from the school.  This person needs the lessons but they are making bad decisions one after another.  A turn away from the school means they are playing hooky when they should be going to school.

This sets the next set of events when the children get off the bus we find a thin sheet of ice.  The saying ‟on thin ice" stands out at this point and it means there is no tolerance left for who ever this dream is about.

Inside the school the others go into the building but I find a room filled with little children's toys.  As I set down and look at the toys I try to understand the meaning of the symbols while still in the dream.  I realized it means ‟childish" or child like or ‟nonsense."  At that moment I understand the ‟kidding" around and nonsense must stop.   I run back outside and over the ice toward the school bus as if to make a difference but it is too late.  The bus vanishes.

The bus vanishes because someone just got kicked out of school.

This morning Kristy was kicked out of her cosmetology school for missing to many hours.

Airplane Crash, May 30, 2009
by: Lori Maynard
These dreams happened between 5-6 a.m.  I had just woken up a few minutes after 5 a.m., looked at the clock and fell back asleep.  In my dream, I dreamed that there was a dark haired woman strangling me.  This happened twice in the dream and then the dream was just of sleeping.

Shortly after Richie got up at 6 a.m. and went to work, I got up and went into the living room.  My dog heard a noise and I went to investigate.  I opened the front door and walked out, looked to my right and there was a group of people on the more narrow portion [of the porch].  I became very angry that they were trespassing.  I tried to yell at them but my voice wasn't loud.  I called 911 on my cell phone because they were trying to get into the house.  I caught two smaller, younger guys and held them both in a head lock until the police arrived.  The other people ran and hid, but did not leave the property.  Finally, the police arrived.

During the interrogation, a plane caught my attention.  I told the cop to look at it because it was going to crash.  The plan was falling from the sky upside down and no engine sound. It wasn't a large aircraft, more like a private corporate jet and the plane was two-toned, light blue and white/creme.  We watched the plane fall to the ground somewhere in the distance but there were no flames nor plume of smoke.  The people on my property were more interested in staying on this property than helping those in the plane crash.  Then, the alarm went off at 6 a.m. and I realized that it was all a dream.  Richie woke up and left for work.  I fell back asleep.

<BES> The event with the jet happened shortly after she had this dream.  We have concluded the size of the aircraft was also affected by the distance she saw the jet from.  This was the Air France flight that crashed east of South America in the Atlantic Ocean.  More than 200 people on board.

This last dream was weird.  it had to do with a bay near New Orleans and this mud was corrupted and teeming with evil.  There were people who were attracted to this mud and an empire (business) was built.  This company exploited women and their vulnerability to this mud.  Though I did not see it in the dream, I knew that the business dealt with pornography.

There was one, particular man was was responsible and in charge of everyone.  He had also fancied himself to be a magician as a side hobby.  There was a woman that he was completely in love with and who he protected from the mud at all cost (the mud was like a muddy/tarry beach at the sea instead of sand).  But one day, the woman became jealous and the other women and she decided to "teach him a lesson" and she leapt into the mud.  That ruined her.  Her skin was always the color of mud and all of her limbs swelled up.  The man knew that his love was lost but he had thought he could save her.  The dream shifts and I see the woman in a locker room of sorts.  There were words written on the mirror in front of her in white chalk, but I could not read the words. She clutched her chest, screamed and dropped to the ground.

People came in and took her to an operating room.  She was still either hateful or stubborn and she didn't want the help of that particular man,.  It broke his heart to see them working slowly on her to save her.  Then, a baseball size blister appeared on her right arm just above the elbow.  This blister was something round that had come from the area of her heart.  It popped and this thing came flying out.  It was a round head with a long spine with spider-like legs.  Right before everyone's eyes, that creature transformed into a full grown man.

Everyone knew who it was, he was the devil himself born from Man, but something was wrong.  He spoke "That's the only thing that I can do" (meaning the transformation) "because I'm human"  He had no powers, nothing.  He was mad and yelled at the woman that "there were safeguards"  By her jumping into the mud ruined it.

So, who was really the more evil?  The man who was sheltering her but would lead to evil or the woman for giving herself up?  Because in the end, it was the mud that had destroyed the devil's power and made him human and in being human...that meant that he could be killed.

Everyone started devising plans to kill him and the woman talked about a prop used in a magic show that was a large barrel.  Anything that was placed into the barrel was never seen from again.  I don't know what happened because I woke up.

End of dream
Saturday morning

Paranormal Dream 6-6-2009

I did a paranormal investigation on a very old house last night in my dreams.  There were a few others with me working the case.  Vickie Gay and Laura was there.  We asked Laura what she was seeing and she had nothing!  Then I said "there was a long dark colored table here."  I began moving my hands to illustrate.  I said "they had huge parties here that went on all night long."  I talked as I walked.  "They danced, not prom dances but really loud foot stomping dances."

I stepped out the door and suddenly I went back in time and was actually seeing the people, hearing the music and dancing and watching the kids playing outside in the dark.  I even talked with some of them.

The house was built like a cube.  I think two stories but it was square based as wide as it was long.  It had two main doors, one in the front and one from the side, west I think.  It had a big porch with hand rails that ran half way around the house.  Two entire sides of the house had porch that was all one section.

It had windows all along one side that when the shutters were open there was no glass, just a screen to keep the bugs out.  The doors were in the centers of the two walls.

Inside the front room and dining room were also "L" shaped like the porch outside but they were not positioned opposite each other.  The dining room and one porch were the same but the other end, north I think was against another room that I did not enter during the dream.

I watched the kids playing outside and some of them older teens.  They were playing hide and seek part of the time in the dark.  I went back into the house to find time had passed from dinner and they had moved furniture to make room for the dance.  One little girl could not have been more than about 10 and she wore a long flowered dress with bonnet.  She was holding her dress with her hands and doing a foot stomping dance mostly with her back to me while facing the others who were watching and a few others who were dancing.

I saw hats all the same colors, mostly browns or dark browns laying on the long dark table they had used as a dinner table.  Now it was shoved up against a wall and had some cloths and those hats on it but the hats looked so much alike and they were all in a row.  You know like Amish wear cloths that look so much alike if they lay something down in a bunch they wouldn't know who's hat belonged to who.

The details in this dream were incredible.  I turned around and went back out onto the porch and I was still there!  I looked back inside and wondered how in the world I would get back to my own time.  Then I woke.
Kate Gessner's book "Hearts of Stone" is a touching story of how God has been working in her life, sending her prophetic dreams and messages and the things that have happened to her because of her mission.  Like me she has endured many tribulations at the hands of spiritually blind people who do not want to hear or accept God's messages for them.  Read or listen to her story here.