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Bryon Smith has been researching dreams since he was a teenager.  He established the first the original Dream-Link on a computerized BBS before the Internet was established.  Now the Dream-Link is here and the dream research is still being conducted.
If you send an Email to us be sure to include "Bryon Smith" in the message so our filters won't delete it as junk mail.  Also include the word "dream" in the subject line so I know which site you are looking at.

From the time I was a lad I had dreams and saw a connection.  Sometimes I had dreams about people who were soon to die.  When they did all of a sudden it wasn't funny anymore.

I had remote viewing dreams and could see my sister riding her horse and when she returned I told her what I had seen.  She verified the accuracy.  The more I learned about my dreams the more I realized that dreams could be a useful tool to a person in their life.

I was raised in the Christian churches and realized that God's prophets were very good at understanding their dreams.  Numbers 12:6-12 tells that God spoke with his prophets in dreams and in visions.

I learned that spiritual energy is eternal.
I learned there is such a thing as the cosmic continuum, and that God the Father is that continuumGod the son is the facilitator of that continuum, and the Creator being who all will answer to at some point in time

I also learned the Creator being is the Lord of Light and Light is truth.  The Creator has a method, purpose and blueprint of how He does things.  In order to learn more about the Creator we must learn more about ourselves and what makes us who we are.  To do that we need to gain a better understanding of our dreams.

Most people have what you would call normal dreams but some people like myself have special dreams.  While this site is here for everyone it will have more meaning to those who have special informative dreams.

I'm here to help people with special interests and special gifts.  In doing my job I also attract the attention of the opposing side.  There are forces out there that do not want people with these special gifts to learn how to use thier gifts.  They do not want people to know these entities actually exist.  Needless to say these entities also have thier followers.
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It's been a long time but at least I'm working on it a little bit now and then.  If you have any questions about dreams please send me an Email.  Just take out the "(at)" and put in an "@" and send it.

It is a disposable address so that if I start receiving a lot of junk mail at this address I can delete it and change it.  I hate junk mailers, I am trying to be careful with this address so I hope I can keep this address for a long time.