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Bryon Smith has been researching dreams since he was a teenager.  He established the first the original Dream-Link on a computerized BBS before the Internet was established.  Now the Dream-Link is here and the dream research is still being conducted.
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Prophetic dreams and night visions of events that have all ready happened will be posted on this page along with some prophetic dreams and night visions that have yet to happen.  Usually these will be posted older at the top and newer toward the bottom.  There is a new dream that I believe may be prophetic posted at the bottom of the page, this one is called "The Thunder Dart."

Until I can get back to this I would like to post a prophetic night vision that I had several years ago.
Earth Changes
In this I began at the house where I grew up.  I flew out the window and to the west along the R/R tracks at fantastic speed until I came to the ocean.  The RR tracks were torn in half and the land dropped off steeply into the ocean.  There were fires along the edge here and there as far as I could see.  Some men were fighting the fires.  There were bodies in the water, some people still alive trying to make it to the land.  A child to my right called out "I can't find my home, I can't find my mom and dad."

Now I returned home and flew back in the bathroom window.  I found father in the kitchen and I said "do you know what I saw?" He nodded his head.

I saw these things in a powerful night vision, so powerful it was as though it was happening in real time.  This was not the only one of these I had, but each one was somewhat different but they all included the West coast of the USA being sunken beneath the water of the Pacific Ocean.  Mountain tops were sticking up here and there and tents were being set up on some of these and along the coast line where people would find food, shelter and medical help.

I saw all these things long before I heard anything about anyone else's dreams and visions of Great Earth Changes.  I did not receive a date as some say they did.  I can't remember ever receiving a date in regards to any of these Great Earth Changes night visions that I've had.

One time I did receive a date of a past event but had no idea what that date was until one of my dream research group members told me it was the date of the black plague in Europe.

Until I can try to find the original dreams I will list some of the dreams and night visions by titles as follows.
The Shuttle Disasters
I saw both of the Shuttle disasters two weeks to a month before they happened.  The first one I literally recorded as it happened because I knew it was going to happen.  I want to list those dreams in this location.  These are some of the most detailed night visions I've had.  I knew what they were talking about and they even showed why the crash would take place.  These were what I call night visions.  I had several of these about the same event over several nights.  I saw angels in these night visions.  I saw the teacher who died in the first shuttle crash, she was dressed in a black dress and holding a black book.  The angel said "Look to the past for the answers to the future."  I saw the hanger they put the wreckage into afterwards.  I saw many people with long sad faces and I said "This is a funeral."  And "There is a great deal of hurt in this place."

Shuttle Saved
In this one I saw we were about to loose another shuttle and I told my entire group to pay about it that someone would find the faults and fix it.  They did and they even announced why the shuttle was returned to the assembly building.  The same two things I had seen in my dreams were mentioned in that report.  I had seen one "O" ring in an SRB at fault and the landing gear.

Mud Slides
I saw a mud slide cover a village in a Hispanic town in South America.  About a month or so after I had the night visions I saw the event on the news.  The side of a hill literally flowed down and over a little town killing many people.  I heard them speaking Spanish and I could tell by the way the people looked they were not in America.  I typed up the dream and sent it to my dream group as I usually do when I have dreams that I think have important prophetic messages.

I saw people playing in the sun near the water.  I was looking toward the south.  The wind began to blow and as I watched the wind increased until it was literally blowing water over the levy.  The people slowed down and began to take notice.  I flew up and stood on the top of a building looking out over the water.  I began to yell a warning as the wind increased again and more water came over the levy.  People began to scream and run for cover.  Now the water over the levy increased quickly filling the streets and people were climbing up on car tops and buildings as fast as they could.

I can't tell you if this was talking about Katrina or not, but it was a literal night vision talking about the same kind of event.  I saw this years ago but I also saw the event with the west coast falling into the ocean many years ago.  That event has yet to happen but I believe if my night visions run true to the events I see in them the event will happen on day.  As I said, I don't get dates as some people seem to.  I understand that events in the world are flexible and not preset as some people seem to believe.  I watch for signs and events and can't always be sure until I see it happen and reported on the news.

I have dreams about the military moving things around frequently these days and quite a lot of those things are consider classified.  Before the war in Iraq I saw them getting ready for war.  Before the war between Israel and Hezbollah I saw the US moving military hardware getting ready for a war.  Just because they were ready for a full blown war doesn't mean they were intending to go to war, but they were certainly ready for one.  The last dreams I had of these I have in my current journal.  When I get time I will find them and post them in here.

Weapons of Mass Destruction  Iraq
Before the news was talking about a second war in Iraq I had a series of night visions showing me the Iraqis were moving weapons of mass destruction of several kinds on trucks.  I saw them parking these trucks in building where people were living.  I saw some people throwing a fit over it and objecting.   One guard told a man if he didn't shut up and go about his business they would shoot him.  Another young man of a more noble family was also objecting to the movement of the WMD and he even left his home and went out walking across the desert.  I know the W.M.D. was there because this was a remote viewing viewpoint night vision.  No symbols were used, everything in the night visions were literal.

The people who told President Bush there were W.M.D.'s in Iraq told him correctly and he knows they did.  They found artillery shells that had chemicals in them.  They found many barrels that had chemicals that were used to make W.M.D's with.  Yet there are those who keep singing the old song "there were no W.M.D.'s in Iraq" and that's the excuse they used to invade Iraq.  The truth is they were wrong, the W.M.D.'s were there and they were moved.  I know because I saw some of them in a remote viewing type high level viewpoint night vision.

The Thunder Dart 8/25/2006
In this dream I was viewpoint with the pilot on one of the Aurora "space plane."  Something was wrong with the aircraft and I was forced to land at an unsecured airport.  I think the runway ran east and west.  I landed and rolled to a stop near some fuel tanks.  The landing appeared to be unavoidable.  The problem appeared to be electrical.  The pilot got out of the craft, I believe the exit was through a hatch under the craft and ahead of the engine pod.  People gathered around the craft expressing their awe at the vehicle.  Some of them knew exactly what the aircraft was the moment they saw it, but they didn't expect to see it.  People lined up along the runway pointing at it and talking.  Someone ran to a house up the road and told an older man, a former pilot I believe.  He said "The Aurora space plane is at the airport!"  The old man said "It doesn't' exist!"  And the man told him "You come look and see for yourself.  It's parked at the end of the airport by the fuel tanks."  The older man got up and followed the younger man toward the airport.
        I'm going to say this is a prophetic viewpoint.  I wouldn't be at all surprised if this event doesn't actually happen.  I can't see or "feel" any symbols in it but then again I might be missing something, wouldn't be the first time.  All I know to do is post the dream and see what comes from there.
        Dream by Bryon Smith.

Prophetic End Time Dreams
I post these things from someone else because I have received similar messages from God in dreams and night visions.  I am only one person but I am not alone.  There are others who don't have websites who send me their dreams and visions.  There are others who do have websites who speak of the "Great Earth Changes."  All of these things are connected to the great tribulations that are soon to come.  I have also posted dreams that I've seen from God that show chemicals being taken to a water supply and these are not for our protection.  The bible mentions the star that falls from the sky that turns the water to wormwood and those who drink it shall die.  There may be more to it than that, I never assume a limit on God or the devil.  I try not to assume I understand all that God shows me.  I submit to you these messages from Miko.  Consider them and ask God to show you what they mean.

        Mr Bryon Smith,
This is something I think you should put up on the site and you can put my name mentioning it if you want. This might sound strange or weird but I just got that feeling from the youth group and that I should send this to you, just several hours later, since last time I prayed to Lord that I awaited for his command. You really should put this up, for mortals can read this and be saved.
"The River will soon run dry, and when it does, the grass will die, the good things will die and many will starve and lose their luxuries. So repent for the Lord, before it runs dry. So that when it almost is dry, Lord will take you from the physical river to the Everlasting River, River that is true, with grasses never dying, flowers not losing a single petal and those who live by it are fortunate. Those who are left in the physical river, the water will flow again, but it may be tasting good and cool, it is indeed contaminated. Mortals who drink it, do worship the one who hath tempted many to drink. They are indeed, filled with evil things. So Repent before the river runs dry! Live for the Lord! Remain faithful to Sovereign King!"
Also, this is regarding something about myself and you and few others, losing bodies in order to save many i think, you could put this up if you want. I just do not know it yet.
"The time is ticking towards it's end, We will live for the Lord,(my voice) I will wield the Scythe and so shall serve True and Faithful,(other voice) If the evil ever rises, We will be with the Almighty Lord, and when we are taken by Lord Christ, We will be glad to fight against the Enemy when we are made ready and permitted to fight. And the Doom doth cometh for us to spare many people yet we who are among most faithful knoweth that they may still die, but at least their souls are saved. Holy, Holy is Almighty King"
God bless,
Miko Amos

I'll have more later.

My friend David in Nigeria sent me the following.
==== Posted 12-30-2008 ====
Sir i want to share this with you and you share it with others. I was listening to a pastor preach on radio, the pastor said he had a dream and in his dream he saw children holding candles in the hands and suddenly the pastor said he looked up and he saw heaven opened, then, he saw a door opened he looked beyond the door and he saw another door opened the second door was blue in color.
Suddenly, he saw a two legs walk down on the stair case, the pastor said the legs were white and so beautiful, so when the legs were closer to him, the whole body was then revealed to him and the person happened to be our LORD JESUS CHRIST, the pastor said immediately he saw this, he bowed down his head to worship him, after this, he asked him this question: '' LORD JESUS, ARE YOU COMING NOW TO TAKE US THE SAINTS HOME?''. The answer was no but Jesus told him that his coming is imminent that the pastor should tell everybody to desist from their sinful ways and accept him as their Saviour.
Then, the pastor said he woke up from the sleep and check the time on the wall clock, it was 5 minutes to 5am.
This is a clear warning to us all.
5 is the number of God's grace.  Grace means it's free and all people need to do is accept Him as their Lord.
The symbol of the Children God has shown me many times.  It simply means "The people" are "the children."  God showed me the children playing oblivious to the disastrous time that will over-take them in an instant.
This dream also indicates that people need not depend on the rapture saving them from the tribulation.  It's fine to keep it in mind and pray for it but remember when the Bible said keep your lamps trimmed and burning.  Remember that even the faithful were told to be ready to flee their homes to find a safe place.  We were warned it comes like a thief in the night.
The tribulation time is a time of purification.  It is a time when people will be forced to recognize what is really important is not material things.  It is their relationship with their God and their family and friends.  The tribulation is like a great fire and it will be accompanied by a great fire.  It will burn away all the frivolous thinking people today are immersed in.  Death will be a constant companion.  People of God will be forced to depend on their God and each other.
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