Awhile back I asked God "what about Islam?"  I more often than not don't get God to answer word for word but now and then it does happen and when it does it can and should be taken literally.  A few nights later I asked again in prayer, again no answer.  About a month or so later I asked again making that my third prayer on the subject.  I started to fall asleep and I heard God answer saying "Islam is a bastard religion."  That was the entire response.  Well God is perhaps the most busy entity in existence so short and to the point is expected.

I told a good and trusted friend who is perhaps the most spiritual on track person I've ever met, and he said "God told you that?"  I said "He did."  Then he said "That would be correct.  Islam was born from the hate between Hagar and Ishmael toward Abraham and Sara.   They demanded the birthright of the firstborn son and they didn't get it because Ishmael was in fact not born of marriage and promise."  Two religions were born from the two sons of Abraham, the Jewish religion that later branched because of the Messiah and of course the illegitimate religion of Islam born of hate.  That's also why Islam is a mix of Jewish and Islamic concepts.  It is not of the one true God, it is not of Elohim or Christ.  It has no Messiah.

Since it's very rare for me to get a spoken response from God like that it's also very important to take what God speaks to me serious and at face value.  In the end all will be revealed and none will hide from the truth or twist it anymore.

Original comments follow.

This page explains a few key elements about Islam and differences between Isalm and Christianity / Teachings of Jesus.  There's more detail in the old page on this subject but this is a very good place to start and includes links at the bottom for information on this subject.
As for me I am inclined to preserve life when ever and where ever possible.  Though I am also aware there comes a time when one must defend one's self, those they love and the land they have.  It is wrong to take from others what does not belong to you.  Do your best to treat others the way you would like to be treated.  The Koran says kill or burn those who don't agree with your thinking.  Jesus said "be kind to those who despise and use you."  Obama spins scripture to make it sound no different than the Koran and teachings of Islam.  The truth however says otherwise.

Although the story is long and complex the truth can be found by anyone who wants it bad enough.  Following blinding without testing everything is not wise.  Islam was spawned in the hate that began with Hagar and Ishmael being kicked out of Abraham's tent and off his land.  Hagar was intent on the birthright that seemed to legally belong to Ishmael.  Entire kingdoms have fallen because of the lust for power and greed.  Hagar hated Sara and Isaac and upon this hate Islam was born.

I don't particularly like the word "god" because it is misleading and allows believers to be easily misled.  Once a misconception is accepted as "God's Word" there's generally no correcting the wrong thinking.  The bible itself is not the Living Word of God but it is perhaps the most valuable document on the history of such accounts between people and their Creator.

The Koran on the other hand is filled with outright lies.  In that day only the Jews had the opportunity to be saved leaving everyone else to be infidels (without hope).  Mohammed studied under the Jewish leadership until they kicked him out for being a sociopath.  The leaders of then Islam were intent to find their "prophet" of Islam / Allah (Lord of the rocks since Allah is in fact a pagan rock god.)  When Mohammed was in the cave he was in fact attacked by a demon and said "I fear I have been possessed" and in fact he had been.  When he told his story to others of Islam they rationalized saying it was the angel Michael and low and behold people believed them.  Yet in no account of any encounter with Michael did he ever attack a human being.  He always said do not be afraid and identified himself.  Yet in Mohammed's case this didn't happen. It was not the angel Michael that Mohammed encountered in the cave.

Numerous facts were written about Mohammed that were not included in any of the three version of the Koran.  These facts clearly explained that Mohammed was a liar and in fact a pathological liar.  Sociopaths are by nature narcissistic, self-serving, greedy, pathological liars.  (So is Obama).  Therefore it was included in the Koran that if any speak ill of the 'prophet' they must be punished and often the punishment for speaking the truth about him was death.  They had to protect the lies they had created to control their people and justify their bloodshed.

While Jesus explained the laws served their purpose and he was here to fulfill those laws there was no hope in Jewish laws but Mohammed being somewhat educated quoted and plagiarized scriptures for his own purpose in the Koran to lend credibility to it.

The scripture they base their thinking upon in regard to Mohammed was the prophecy stating that another would rise up who would be like Moses and would lead the people.  Moses was highly educated being raised in the Pharaoh's house in Egypt.  After he murdered the Egyptian soldier for beating a slave he ran and later was called upon by Elohim to deliver Elohim's people from bondage.  All these things also have a symbolic meaning but making a long story shorter Moses preformed great miracles and was nothing like Mohammed.  Mohammed couldn't read, he dictated his ideas to someone else who wrote them for him.  He had child wives that were more educated than he was and he didn't like that either.  Make a list of what happened to Moses then make a list what happened to Jesus and compare them.  They were both a threat to the leadership of their time even as a baby, they were hunted and many babies were murdered in an effort to kill the right child.  Both were well educated and both preformed miracles.  Mohammed did nothing but murder, lie and war against others his entire life.  He was nothing like Moses or Jesus.  He was not the one the prophecy was speaking of, but it was Jesus who the prophecy was speaking of and Jesus isn't or wasn't a prophet, He is in fact the Messiah, the Son of Elohim.

The Koran says that prophecy and salvation came to them through the Jews yet they hate the Jews and want them all dead.  Jew means "children of God or Yahweh Elohim."  The thinking is that God took away the birthright from the Jews and gave it to the Arabs / Muslims / Islam but that's not what happened.

Backing up to when the angel appeared to Hagar as they were exiled from Abraham's camp.  The angel said her descendants would be like the sands of the desert.  Why did the angel say that?  From personal experience I can say they don't chit chat with the recipients of Elohim's messages.  The reason was because the angel knew what was in Hagar's heart and being cheated out of her child's birthright was literally the only thing on her mind.  So the angel told her don't worry about it, your descendants will be like the sands of the desert and they will possess much land, and they do.

Mohammed's exposure to the Jewish texts if where he got the idea to mix Allah (pagan God of all the rocks) with the teachings and God of the Jews.  This is why so many believe that Allah and Yahweh Elohim are one in the same but they are not and they never were.  The reason Islam worships that black rock in Mecca is directly related to Allah being a pagan god of rocks.  Pagan gods are not gods at all.  They are things filled with sub-demons because people adore and worship them like idols.

Mohammed isn't the only one to have mixed pagan beliefs with Christian beliefs.  The Romans were masters of doing the very same thing.  The reason of course was to control the population.  Many things the Catholic church teaches are in direct controversy to things Jesus taught.  Call no man father for example and yet they teach it and rationalize it as if they were the only people on earth with inside knowledge of such things.  I can tell them their churches are also full of idols and people do pray in front of them and it's not the teaching of Jesus or Yahweh Elohim they are following.  They like Islam have taken and hidden many valuable texts to prevent people from knowing or even testing other ideas.  They like Islam have murdered many 1000's of innocent people (including prophets of God who were sent to them) and one day those responsible will be held accountable.  The Romans were responsible for the actual death of Christ.  As for Peter their beliefs are also a misunderstanding.  Jesus asked Peter "who do you say that I am" and Peter said "The Son of God" and Jesus said "Upon this truth I will build my church."  He didn't built it on Peter, he built it based on the truth of who he really was.

The followers of Islam are the main children of darkness mentioned in end time prophecy but they are not alone there is the Illuminati who is the Shadow Government and all those who believe in and support the shadow government are children of darkness.

At this time it is known that Al-Qaida and ISIS are both being supported by US interests.  This is why Obama presents a deception that he is attacking them when really he isn't and the Russians are fully aware what is going on.  So when the Russians actually do attack ISIS, Obama gets angry with them and bombs a hospital in retaliation. Then says it was just an accident, no big deal.

Elohim helped the Founding Fathers establish America for the balance of power on Earth. In time little by little the government was in fact taken over by the 1% of the top 1%. Some of those are the Rothschild's. They call themselves by other names but primarily they are the Illuminati which means followers of Lucifer AKA the Illuminated / Enlightened ones. They are all sociopaths having the nature of Lucifer, the Serpent who was created by Lucifer and of course closer to home "Hitler" who's intent was to control the world. Their intent is to finish what Hitler started. There is GREAT evil in America now and political figures here are puppets of the "Shadow Government." America formerly did the right things but now while many if not most Americans are aware we are no longer in charge of our own country there aren't enough truly enlightened people to oust the corruption and greed that controls our government.

The Koran also says that Allah took Jesus to heaven and his followers would be above everyone else in heaven.  God didn't take salvation from the Jews to give it to Islam / Muslims.  It never happened.

The Koran
"O children of Israel! Remember My Favour which I bestowed upon you and that I preferred you to Alalamin (mankind)."  (Surate Al-Baqarah 2:47)

"And indeed We gave the children of Israel the scripture, and the understanding of the scripture and His laws, and the prophethood, and provided them with good things, and preferred them above the Alamin (all mankind)."  (Surat Al-Jathiyah)

"And (remember) when Moses said to his people: 'Oh my people, remember the favour of Allah to you when He made prophets among you, made you kings and gave you what He had not given to any other among the mankind.  O my people" Enter the Holy land (Palestine) which Allah has assigned to you...' "  (Surat Al-Maida 5:20-21 HK)

In each case we see it was the children of Israel who were declared to be the ones the prophethood came to and through and for who salvation was acclaimed.  Even in the Koran these things were proclaimed, not for the Arabs and not for Mohammed but for the children of Israel.  Then how in the world did Mohammed end up being declared the last true prophet of God?  If you do all your research you will learn that it was not God who proclaimed Mohammed a prophet, but it was humans, friends of Mohammed who did this.

Remember the old testament was not written for the descendants of Ishmael or Arabs, it was God's words and dealings directed at the children of Israel, the Jews.  When He said from your brethren he was speaking of the children of Israel. Mohammed was never eligible for prophethood.

Islam says that Abraham and Ishmael went to Mecca and built a temple so that many faiths and people could bring idols to that place and worship their pagan gods.  Yet we know Abraham would not have done this.  He was the one of God who had such faith in God that he would kill his only son as a sacrifice to God.  He would not have built an alter so that people could worship demons and idols.  No evidence or other documentation has ever been found that would indicate that Abraham ever went to Mecca.  There is evidence and documentation that one of Mohammed's own relatives built the alter in Mecca.

It was said the Angel Michael came to Mohammed while in a cave, yet that account doesn't match up with any other appearance of Michael.  In each case where Michael came to see someone the very first thing he said was "Do not be afraid."  Then he would identify himself.  But the "thing" that came to Mohammed grabbed him, squeezed the breath out of him and commanded him to read, but Mohammed could not read.  He was frightened to death.  The "THING" had not identified itself and Mohammed said "I fear that I have been possessed."  Meaning he knew he had been possessed by a demon.  But when he told his account to someone else they proclaimed that it must have been the angel Michael.  From that moment on Mohammed told the story that it had been Michael and not a demon that had attacked him while in the cave.  It is also written that demon known as Jinn were always near and with Mohammed.  It is very likely it was one of these demon who attacked and possessed him.  It was one of these demons who inspired him to write and to do the things he did to defy the God who had cast the demons/fallen angels down from the heavens.

Know the truth and it will set you free.  You don't need to go very far to get started just watch a few of these videos on YouTube.

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