If you are extremely opinioned and not willing to challenge your beliefs.  If you are happy with your religious beliefs.  If you think you all ready have the world figured out.  If you are sensitive or easily offended you may want to turn back now.  If you fit any of these categories and continue remember you were warned.  Don't send me hate mail if you find something you don't agree with on my webpages.  Religious fanatics need to go straight to the fanatics page, read it then exit.  Religious fanatics think they have it figured out, God can't help them, I can't help them.  There are those who do not believe in God and they are infuriated by any evidence & information that indicates God may actually exist.  If you are one of these just remember you were warned.  If you are happy believing the way you do please log off this site now before you read something you won't like.

Sinners and people seeking the truth are welcome here.  People who have doubts or reasons to challenge what they have been taught to believe in have come to the right place.

God told me the time would come when He would send leaders to me for guidance.  This is why I was sent back from death twice, to help the spiritual leaders through some phase of guidance.  God told me I would know when the time had come.  At first they came one at a time and now they come several at a time.  Some of the most impressive spiritually gifted people I've ever had the opportunity to communicate with.  All of these are far greater than I.  All of these will do God's will on levels I am not worthy or qualified for.  I am the one honored for them to visit my website and let me know they've been here and approve.  Praise be to God for He is GREAT.  Part of my mission is to tell you some of the things God has told them.

One of these told me "I know there are things God has told you that you have not shared on your pages."  To which I responded "It is true, but the time is near."  Some of those things which I have not shared yet are things which God simply said "the time is not yet."  But now I know the time for some of those things to be revealed has come.  I'm in the process of adding to, changing and editing pages on this site.  I also know there are other websites out here run by people like me and some of those leaders I mentioned.  Some of my friends are setting up websites now to share information that verifies some things on my pages as well as showing things that I've not put on my websites yet.

While the majority of the Jews refused to accept the fact that "Jesus" is the messiah sent by God for our salvation they still hold some of the most important keys to the mystery.  I was doing some research online and found several pages that says "Jesus" is a Greek name that means Son of Zeus.  It wasn't actually the messiahs's name.  There was no 'j' or 'i' in the Hebrew language.  The meaning of many words was lost in translation.  In the spirit the name is the meaning so if truth is lost in translation the meaning is also lost.  How much do you think was actually lost in translation?  Would you like to know?  I found another website that said "that's a lot of hogwash" and says just because it sounds like it doesn't mean that's what it means.  I have some Messianic friends who prefer not to call the Messiah "Jesus."  Since these friends have more knowledge and seem to be more intelligent than most Christians I'm inclined to believe there is a good reason for their choices.

The Creator God directs my work on these pages.
2-22-2008: This morning God sent the teacher in my dream.  The teacher handed me two ceramic bells and asked me to determine which bell had the most power.  I held each in my hand and felt them and chose one.  The teacher shook her head.  She said "How can you tell the power of the bell unless you ring it and listen to the sound it makes?"  I got up with a message and edited pages on this site for new important content.
I would like to thank those who write to thank me for this website.  Some of them have read and studied these pages over and over testing what they find here and finding these things valuable they thank me.  I have literally put my neck on the line to build this site for those who seek the truth about the things I speak about.  Those of you who know the truth know the devil doesn't set idol, a war is being waged between the forces of light and the forces of darkness.  Welcome to the battle ground.  God has been telling me the horsemen of the apocalypse are being made ready, their time is near.  Great earth changes, earth quakes, volcanos, famine, war and death are very near.  Keep watching for the signs and keep your lamps trimmed and ready for the time to come.
This site is not here to give out all the answers, it's here to cause people to question the foundations of their beliefs as well as to guide them to some of the things they should investigate.  You can log onto any religiously oriented website and find quote after quote from their religious texts.  I'm saying if you can't look it up for yourself you won't respect the truth anyway.  This is why certain scriptures have not been listed for some of the things posted on these pages.  They exist, but I find that only when a person is willing to challenge the foundations of their beliefs and then do their own investigation will it have a more positive results for them.

Every Religion Has Their Champions
They argue on behalf of their religions as if winning the argument is everything and the truth doesn't mater.  What people need to do is throw their religions away and begin trying to find their way back to their Creator.  Believe me He has left plenty of clues.  The adversary has done everything it can to hide those clues.  Where do we start?  We start by building a foundation based upon what we know is true.

1:  The Creator created all that is seen, all that is unseen.  2: There was God the Creator and two humans male and female.  3: Humans knew the Creator, they had conversations with their Creator and they had one rule to follow which they broke.  4: Humans were dumped on earth and left to fend for themselves.  5: Humans have been trying to find their way back to the Creator every since by any means possible.  6: Humans created religions all like markets offering their wares.  7: A lot of those markets have rotten food.  8: When you get to the top of the great white pyramid there's only one capstone and that is the Creator.  He aligns the rest of the structure to make it plumb.  One of the great mysteries of the world is the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.  One of the mysteries about it is that it is aligned closer to perfect with true north than any other man made structure.  They know the Egyptians couldn't have done that by looking at their other pyramids.  The question they should be asking is not who built it but who directed the building of the Great Pyramid of Giza and why.  The answer is within these pages.

What do we know about human nature?
Humans are basically ignorant sheep who desperately need a shepherd.  Because of this humans tend to follow anyone who will lead without question.  This is why people follow bogus leaders like David Koresh, Jim Jones, Charles Manson, Hitler the list goes on and on.  People tend to lean hard toward people who preach the things they want to believe in!  Ever heard the saying "Do you want me to tell you the truth, or do you want me to lie to you and keep you happy?"  I don't have a scientific comity to tell me but I would guess around 90% of the people would rather have someone tell them what they want to hear rather than the truth.  5% is uncertain and the last 5% are people who generally will prefer the truth even if they don't like what they hear.  Less than 1% actually hunger for the truth.  This site is here for the 1%.  I think it might be closer to .1% but if you have found this site then read on and find out what group you belong to.

Leaders and Followers
The next thing we realize is humanity is made up of leaders and followers.  The leaders are the thinkers, the ones who figure out what will gain them followers.  Another thing we know from history is that some leaders realize there's competition out there.  If they can't out-sell their product they become frustrated and decide to eliminate the competition anyway possible.  Some of them choose to literally kill the competition and thus we have radical factions of almost every religion and a lot of political circles.

Politics and Religion
The world is filled with human nature based on politics and religion intended to control the masses to achieve the objectives of their leaders.  Leaders "politicians" are taught from the very start how to manipulate the massesNations and religions practice lying to their people in order to achieve their objectives.  The word commonly used to describe this is propaganda.  The British, Americans, and certain others like to point the finger at Russia, China, North Korea, etc.  The truth is America and their British cousins are not exempt from their leaders lying to the people to manipulate them.  If you want a trustworthy honest leader don't elect a trained politician.

Keep this in mind as you read these pages.
Yahweh wouldn't let the Jews have an image of Him even inside the Holy of Holy's.  He also said "don't do the things that pagans do."  God has a way of marking His people.  The devil also marks his people.  If you look for the marks you will find some of them.  You know what the devil says about that?  He say's it is spiritual profiling!  It is and it is valid and true.  What churches do you find the most images dedicated to God and the saints?  What church systems do you find doing the things that pagans do?

If you search for evidence to support what you have chosen to believe in then you are just like everyone else and you have not accomplished anything to better yourself.

First rule, search for the truth above all.  You can not find the truth if you only search for evidence to support what you choose to believe in.

Second rule, just because you were raised that way doesn't make it right or true.  You should consider you above all should question and test the things you have been taught over the years.  Understand the more someone repeats a lie the more they and others who hear it tend to believe it.  This is known as religious dogma.

Jesus said to test the spirits and that means test them all and that includes the Bible.
I know from personal experience God will not judge you for testing what He tells you.  If you test what the true God tells you then you will find what He says to be true, factual and valid.  Any church leader who tells you not to challenge the Bible doesn't want you to know the truth, they want you to accept what they say without question.  I have literally been kicked out of churches for preaching this.  They said I was talking bad about the Bible, but was I?  They said the Bible is "God's Living Word!"  But is it?  I've met God's Living Word and His name is Jesus Christ.  The Bible is the foremost historical record of the truth and the book that points us at the truth.

All over the world people are bound by religious dogma never to know what is true or why.
  Some of the best Christians on the planet set out to disprove the Bible only to discover it is factual and bears testimony to the truth of many things.  What some so called Christians do is limit a person to the Bible alone.  The Bible doesn't tell you why Pharaoh took the Israelites into bondage in the first place, but I can tell you there was a reason.  When you discover that reason you will have some very important pieces to the mystery. I can assure you it was done by God and His people.  Read Isaiah 19:19-20.  Keep that mystery in mind.
Curious, want to know more, keep reading. Some of these questions will be answered on this site.

A person raised within the confines of organized religion can't see beyond the dogma generated and established by that religion.
I literally had to step outside of organized religion to discover many things I explain on this website.  Other things were explained to me by God using various methods.
My story is on my personal experiences pages.

A person who exists in the darkness is not enlightened, they are unaware of their condition.
In our world it is common for the blind to lead the blind.
Religion offers an artificial enlightenment, just as the laws of Moses did.
The laws of Moses are an
important guide yet could not offer true enlightenment or salvation.
If it had the Creator wouldn't have been required to become incarnated.
The Bible is not the Living Word of God. The Bible was inspired by God to His people.
The Living Word of God is the Lord of Light / Creator Jesus Christ. He still talks to people.
The Bible offers a similar form of enlightenment along with testimony to this truth.

The Bible also explains how the Creator God established a method to restore us to the Father.
No other religion provides or establishes a working restoration / forgiveness for sin.

True enlightenment comes only through the Holy Spirit of Christ.
The Holy Spirit of God is seriously misunderstood.  Ask Christians what it is and few can answer correctly.  The Holy Spirit is a type of energy containing a signature recognized by the Father spirit.

The only escape from the darkness is to become born again.
To be born again one must repent and willingly accept the indwelling of the Holy Spirit of Christ.
True born again transformation is not an act. A person truly becomes a new person.

Once a person emerges from their former darkness they shall never willingly return to it.
I am living proof.  I have also witnessed complete transformation from evil via being born again and accepting Christ into a person's life.
        I have a good friend who was a very violent gang leader who was called by Christ, gave his life to Christ and is now born again.  He preaches now to those who still exist in the darkness, in jails and gang members.  His transformation is so far from who he once was people who knew him sometimes fail to recognize him.  If you would like to speak with him please E-mail me and I will give him your contact information.
God Left Us Clues!
        You don't have to be a rocket scientist to find the truth.  Anyone who hungers for the truth, is dedicated to finding it and is willing to do the research can find it.  (Those who hunger and thirst after righteousness/truth should find it.)

        Did you know aside from Hitler no one else has taken control of, limited access to and destroyed more valuable documents than the Catholic church?

Islam is growing quickly among the uneducated. Think about that!

If the Bible says the greater masses follow the wide road then perhaps you should consider going another direction!

Yes God still uses Numbers 12:6 and speaks to his prophets in visions and dreams.
What the world needs today is healing, healing comes through love and compassion.
It doesn't need humans throwing morals and good sense out the window.
Any people or religion that teaches their children love and compassion from the beginning will reap the rewards of those seeds sown.  Any people or religion that teaches hate from the beginning will reap the seeds they sow.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the simple action reaction philosophy that makes it all work.  That is also to say that people who are incapable of figuring out these simple basics to life are not very intelligent.  There are entire nations who's philosophy is one of hatred.  Let's blame their teachers then!  They teach their children from a very young age to hate and trouble continually befalls them and they blame everyone and everything except the ones who caused their troublesWhat do they use for a guideline?  Their religion of course.

I know a man like that.  He was married and divorced 4 times and never could figure out the one thing all his wives had in common was him!  He was the problem, not them.  But to hear him tell it they were the ones who had it all wrong.  He's living with another man's wife now!  Says she's so big and ugly he has to get really drunk just to make love to her!  Sad thing is you can't really help someone who's been that screwed up for a life time.  So if you teach children wrong philosophy from a young age you can just about bet they will grow up to carry on your misery, your delusion, and your insanity on into future generations.  The thought that someone would credit/blame their God for creating such a religion says a lot about their concepts of God.  I think if their god was really the Creator he would take that as a serious insult!  Of course when you do the research you should discover their god isn't the Creator.

Please understand I don't hate anyone, except perhaps the Islamic radicals and the junk mailers and hackers on line.  I'm deeply disappointed in public officials who do very little or nothing to actually help us. They see symptoms rather than causes that is wrong in America to do something about it and there are some things they are powerless to change.  They could enforce the anti-junk mail laws and that would make a big difference on the American consumers who are sick of having ad's shoved in their faces every waking moment.

I believe people have the right to choose their religions and beliefs, likes and dislikes as long as they don't hurt anyone or force their beliefs on anyone else
.  I have a friend who's wiccian and to those who don't know what that is it's a modern day witch.  I do not care that he's a witch.  He doesn't believe in God or the devil, just forces of nature.  I know he's wrong about that since I've been dead and out there among the spirits to know what they are.  Still he has the right to believe what he wants.  He's my friend and we get along just fine because we do not preach to each other.  He's not interested in killing or hexing anyone.  Traditional Christians hate the wiccians.  Yes I know a few bad witches who mess with things and spirits they don't understand.  I assure you there are worse things out there in the world and some of them disguise themselves in some "god's" name.  I frequently work in close proximity with people who have mental disorders including homosexuals and I get along with most of themAccording to NAMI one out of every 5 people have a mental illness and during a life time as many as half will have a diagnosable mental illness.  I think it's higher than that.

People shape other people's thoughts and actions.
  I've been in forums where you are suppose to be able to share your views without being blasted.  I've admitted that I care about people who have mental disorders.  I've been blasted time and time again by weak minded mentally disturbed people.  I went through the messages and learned the people who came right out and said they hated certain people and certain types of people were left alone.  I've learned it doesn't pay to care.  If someone knows you care they know how to hurt you.  I've modified my thinking because of this and I dropped out of those forums.  If anyone wants to know what I think they can come here and read on my domain where I control what messages I get.  There are sayings like "No good deed goes unpunished." And "It doesn't make any difference how much you care or what you say about it there's always going to be someone out there who will do their best to make you feel bad about it."  One of them actually said "Hitler was mentally ill but that wasn't what made him massacre all those people."  Ah, all righty then!  I'm out of here!  Mentally ill people start religious and political movements all the time and people will follow them.  David Koresh and Jimmy Jones both thought they were another incarnation of Jesus and even though the Bible says Jesus speaking people will come saying they are Jesus don't go!  Because when Jesus returns everyone will know it's him and every eye will see him and every knee will bow.  What kind of people follow insane people like that?  Mentally and spiritually weak people.

Leaders and Followers!
Another thing you should keep in mind is that only around 1% of all people are leaders and everyone else are followers.  Leaders have a special mentality to lead but the sad thing is quite a lot of those leading are on the wrong path.  Those who follow those "blind" leaders are also on the wrong path without the ability to recognize the fact that something is wrong.  Why?  Because around 98% of them trust their leaders blindly.  Only a small fraction of those followers will question the path their leader takes them down.  Followers on the other hand like to be told things they want to hear and this is how they choose their leaders.  This is the same reason why Jesus said the path to destruction is wide and many will go that way.  The path to the Light and to Heaven and to the Father is narrow and only few will ever find it.  Some people do not approve of the concept that only a fraction of the people will be saved so they try to find people who agree with them on the concept that in the end everyone will be saved or maybe we will reincarnate to learn what we didn't get right this time.  If they had walked among the spirits as I have they would realize that what Jesus said in the bible is factual.  They should never trust in the concept of reincarnation as an escape from their impending damnation.  Look at nature and the earth and the things upon the earth and learn from nature.  There are weeds and there are chaff and the majority of the plants are weeds that will in the end be destroyed in the fire.  Only the good seed and good plants will remain to be taken into the great storehouse of Heaven.

I don't go around every day preaching the things you see on these pages.  If someone comes to me and asks I will answer them.
Most of my friends don't even know these pages exist.  These pages are here for those who are lead to find them.

And in that day the simple the uneducated will confound the wise and highly educated in several areas of understanding.  Our president is at a loss to find the solution and now he's lost favor with some of his best supporters.  He still thinks it's because of the war in Iraq, some of it is, some of it isn't.

There are things happening in the world right now that frustrate the highly educated. The efforts of our world leaders to solve the problems we are facing are inadequate.  They are at a great loss to explain or to understand the situations.  This is a day the prophets spoke of.  A day nearing the second coming of our Creator.  Our highly educated political leaders are swatting at phantoms and trying to cure the symptoms with band-aid solutions.  They can't see or realize the entire world is under attack by forces beyond their comprehension.  While they are being distracted by their war on terror the devil and his forces are working their ill intentions right here in the very heart of the nation God established to balance the world powers.  Certainly it was the efforts of the allies in the past who turned the tied of battle in their favor.  If the forces of darkness can bring down any one of these countries the rest of them can also fall.  If the forces of darkness can bring down the most powerful of these allies the rest will most certainly fall.

I assure you the powers of darkness know who their enemy really is as well as how the forces of Light have thwarted their plans in the past.  When you hear the forces of darkness crying out in anger against Israel and their allies including the UK and the USA you should understand these people of the darkness are only expressing the emotions and intentions of the powers that infect them.

In the past every time God's people turned their back on God their nations have fallen
.  The angel of God told me to look to the past for the answers to the future, and there you will find answers to future events.  The war between the forces of Light and the forces of Darkness is far older than humanity.  Turn your heart and mind back to God the Creator the Lord of Truth in Light and let Him show you the error of your ways before it is to late.  If you could see the things God has shown me you would tremble in fear and awe at both the enemy and the Creator.  You will find the forces of darkness attacking every home and business that has a computer and is connected to the Internet.  You laugh?  You ask me how can that be?  I assure you it's there, you can find what they are doing if you only look in the right places.  Not only that you will not find our government doing anything about it.  Why?  Because they do not see it as a valid or dangerous threat.  I'll give you another clue, it's not one thing, it is several.  Anyone who uses a computer connected to the Internet is subject to these things.

And the prophet wrote, "
in that day knowledge shall increase."  And in this day so shall the threat as the powers of darkness work their way through to the people via the Internet.  This is a clue but it's not the only thing you need to watch out for.  Illegal aliens are part of it, and they are also real as well as symbolic.  The efforts of the enemy is manifold and alive and well in the nations of the allies.

This is my contribution to the people of the Light via that same media, the Internet.

It's about Spirits!  Mel Gibson, etc.
Mel Gibson says he wants to know why he said the things he said about the Jews while he was drunk. I can tell Mel Gibson why he said those things.  I admit I'm not a Mel Gibson fan but people like him who have their resources and access to the masses need to find the truth and display it.  This is very much against the spirit and policy of the Hollywood rich and powerful.  I will agree with him that a person who is drunk will sometimes say things that are not true but quite a lot of the time they believe what they say.  However I will say that when sober a rational person will realize that what they said may have been untrue or out of line and I think Mel knows in his heart that what he said was not true.

Mel Gibson
is a traditional Catholic.  He and his dad believe the modern day Catholic church is off the markI could tell him that his faith and his religion is as far off the mark as the Catholic church that his father "throws stones at."  Yes, Jesus Christ is the Lord of Light and was the Creator in the flesh but the Catholic church isn't the one true "Church."

I can tell you that according to God the Catholic church has murdered God's prophets and they are guilty of much more.  I can tell him the most important things are basic.  Keep this in mind.  Rome crucified Jesus Christ.  Rome stole the treasures of the temple in Jerusalem. God cursed Rome.  God is consistent and will not bless a people or nation He has cursed with something so precious as His One True Church.

The Roman's conquered many lands and took religious artifacts and documents with them back to Rome, ask yourself why they always do that.  Rome was then and still is notorious at their ability to control the masses.  To do that they use religion and politics, they mix the truth with lies and they always have.  The Catholic church is born of the heart of Rome and it is exactly what Rome created it to be, a device to manipulate the masses.  If you listen and watch you will see them frequently use terms that indicate that controlling the masses is more important to them than the truth is.

The Father is Spirit and they who come to the Father come in spirit and in truth.  No one knows the Father except the Son and those who the Son reveals Him to.  The Holy Spirit is that key the Creator made through the body and life of Christ Jesus.  Without the Holy Spirit which is the "Son within" there is no possibility of knowing God the Father.  Without the Son within the Father will not recognize the person.  A person's salvation depends on this.  The next truth is there are a LOT of well intending people running around giving advice who do not have the Holy Spirit or truth within.  The wine and the bread/cracker do not magically turn into the holy spirit within a person.

Speaking in behalf of Mel Gibson, he is well aware there is a great big war coming and he has a good idea why. He's right about at least part of that.  The big war is coming and the entire earth will pay the greatest price.  What happens when you keep patching the dam and the water keeps building?  Eventually the Band-Aid solutions can't hold back the pressure of the water.  The wars and turmoil between religions, factions and radicals of different factions is the direct result of the war between the spirits.  Over population of the earth is the water behind the dam that's just waiting to break.

The Storm Front
Spirits are energy that contain purpose and information.  This energy is applying pressure against other forces that stand against it.  They express their desire thorough people they have influence over.  It's only a mater of time before the dam breaks and the spirits get the blood shed and devastation they desire.  The prophets of God knew of these things more than 2000 years ago and they wrote about it.  The second coming of Christ will not take place until that moment when there is no more choice.  The forces of devastation must have their day on earth.  The only power in existence that can and will put an end to this is the Creator Himself.  This will be the second coming of God, who is the Lord of Light and when they see Him they will know why I refer to Him as the Lord of Light.  There are powerful answers on this website if you really want them keep reading.

Jesus had no servants, yet they called Him Master. Had no degree, yet they
called Him Teacher. Had no medicines, yet they called Him Healer. Had no
army, yet kings feared Him. He won no military battles, yet He conquered the world.
He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him. He was buried in a tomb, yet
He lives today. Feel honored to serve such a Leader who loves us.

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8/27/2015: A few days ago I received an e-mail from someone who was upset that I had taken the domain name SpiritualThings.org.  He read a few lines of some of my pages then felt compelled to write me while disregarding the instructions on my E-mail page.  He wanted to let me know that I had something he wanted but was aware I wasn't going to give it up, certainly not to him.  He said he wanted to teach people the real way of the spirit.  After reading a few random lines of my experiences and teachings he said I was just another typical bible thumping Christian judging the world and slamming everything.  You found your way here for a reason didn't you?  Is that the kind of person you want to learn the truth of spiritual things from?  I'm far from typical and so are the people who read all my pages multiple times and send me thank you E-mails for going to all this trouble.  I only criticize wrong teaching and there's a lot of it out there in the world of religion.  I will praise correct teachings as certain others out there are aware of.  I'm thrilled to find people who teach the truth and now and then I even come across someone who teaches me new things or verifies the things I've been teaching for years.

Please understand the bible mentioned that some have entertained angels and were not aware they were angels.  I'm going to tell you the angels are walking among us as you read this and some of them are not even trying to hide.  You can see them, you just don't know who they are because they look just like anyone else.

The bible also says that in the latter days your sons and daughters will prophecy and believe me they are.  God is sending the messages and those who are chosen are taking notes and they are sharing those notes with other believers.  The ones who are not taking notes and sharing either have not been chosen or they have yet to reach their moment in time to do so. 
Many are called but few are chosenSome even pick up the calling then lose it without realizing that God is not the voice they hear.  They keep preaching and teaching misconceptions doing God favors along the way that He did not desire of them.

What is all this hoodoo about paranormal investigating.  The next thing on the list deals with secret societies, their involvement in the creation of America and where they went wrong in their thinking.  On the menu this is the "Puzzle" button.

Jesus warned us about the wolves in sheep's clothing and preachers are among those Jesus was speaking about.  Preachers are a dime a dozen, anyone can quote the bible including the devil.  You can be sure he knows it better than we do. 
Religious minded people love to quote from the bible, it doesn't mean they are good, smart or sent by God.

Preachers and con artists have exactly the same skill-set.  The difference is the preachers blame God when they con someone while the con artist has only himself to blame.

Not all that long ago I spoke to an old friend who asked me if I had lost my religion.  I told him that Jesus died to save us from religion and he said "What? Oh sure."  No he didn't get it.  Jesus came to show us there was no salvation in the law and as he did the religious leaders who he mentioned who had rejected the Chief Cornerstone (Christ Jesus) had him nailed on the cross for blasphemy.  So religion is what crucified Christ.  Religion still crucifies Christ every single day and there is no salvation in it.  Only the Holy Spirit provides salvation and anyone who has the spirit of Christ within them is liable to be accused by the religious minded of our world and put to death in various ways.  When Jesus said "I will write my laws upon their hearts and minds" he was saying very clearly to those who's eyes have been opened that he was here to save us not only from spiritual death but from that which crucified him on the cross.  When I say Jesus died to save us from religion I mean that very sincerely.  Lucifer invented religion long ago to mislead and destroy humans.  Now if your definition of religion needs an adjustment keep on reading.

Teachers of truth are like rare gems.  They do what they do without asking for donations.  They work for God and God takes care of them.  I've never met one who was rich or even well off.  Most teachers of truth called and sent by God are humble people. 
People who are rich, powerful, famous, etc. are not humble, nor sent by God to help anyone.  You can be sure Obama wasn't sent by God to save anyone, I don't think any president has been for many years.  Lincoln perhaps was but that was a long time ago.  The political machine runs on money and you won't find a poor politician running for president because they can't afford to.  Which means the people we have a choice to vote for are not who we want in office leaving us to try to decide which of the two are the lessor evil.

Paranormal Teams Are Everywhere!
They are as bad as cockroaches, every time you look there's one heading somewhere.  I've been asked about certain groups in the past by people who trust my experience.  I can't be everywhere and only a few teams can afford to be on the go all the time.  I don't charge for what I do and neither do most of them but the better teams are being paid by producers of TV shows, if they weren't they couldn't afford to go help all the people they do.  I've watched these teams on TV and I can tell you where they fall short and make mistakes.  The people who told Zac he was crazy for challenging demons were right.  He didn't know why at first but he does now.  Now that he understand the risks he takes full responsibility for the challenges he makes.  These other paranormal teams that have sprung up all over the world almost over night want to be like the paranormal investigators they see on TV.  They think it's exciting and they know far less than any of those teams we see on TV.

I was asked to look in on 3 different paranormal groups and was shocked to discover what was going on there.  People who know me know I deal with all things spiritual and that includes the paranormal.  There have always been fringe groups and people claiming to have some knowledge or power dealing with the paranormal and supernatural. In 2002 I decided it would be good if someone did a TV series investigating the paranormal and sharing their information with the general public.  Let them see we do have evidence to prove the paranormal, ghosts, demons and even angels exist.  Since then these types of shows have taken off like a wildfire.  They are on just about every channel now at sometime. That's fine, but what has happened is quite a few inexperienced people are laying claims they know things when they don't.  They know just enough to make more problems not only for themselves but for anyone who has contact with them.  You guessed it they all think they are experts in the field and fully willing to throw good sense, common logic, and anyone else who really does have experience to help out the window.  The saying "too smart for their own good" comes to mind.

There's a reason why certain hotels, bed and breakfasts, and other locations do not allow people with Ouija boards or similar things for contacting spirits.  Most of the people doing paranormal investigations are simply people fascinated with those they see on TV shows who do this kind of thing.  They have no real skill or knowledge in the field.  If they are dealing with common ghosts it's no big deal but if they run into something of dark nature they won't be prepared to deal with it.  Sometimes they can cause more harm than good.  Sometimes they invite evil spirits into a home or location.  So if you are looking for someone to investigate a location you might want to check into the background of the groups and people you consider.

Some of these people actually think demons come out of the TV sets after people and yes they teach it.  They think just watching a show about the paranormal can bring you an infestation of demons. It's not true people! Don't believe it!  I'm not saying they aren't dealing with evil spirits in their own lives, I expect they are.  How they came to have those problems and evil spirits or even demons isn't because of watching TV.

Some of them claim they are preachers and clergymen who were sent by God to help people
.  Today you can buy a license online that says you are a preacher.  Anyone who's read a book on demonology can claim they are a demonologist.  They get a few names of demons from some list and go out thinking they are armed with the knowledge of God.  Look out!  They claim they have the spirit of discernment and can identify a an evil spirit and even name that demon from the names in their book or list.  Don't believe it!  It's not that easy and no demon will ever give up their real name without an actual fight.  A fight with a real demon is not a picnic and no one in their right mind would want to.  Only those who are actually called by God are qualified to do the job and you can be sure they won't look forward to the battle like so called demonologists.

One of their group members came to me in chat and said she was an incarnated angel. 
She said everything we think we know is wrong.  The book of Enoch is a lie and the bible is such a joke she couldn't read it.  She told me three times she was an incarnated angel then gave me the name of a demon named Phenox as her angel name.  She also said what happened at Sodom and Gomorra was not because what people were doing to each other it was because they tried to do those things to angels!  Let me remind you know that God and two angels visited Abraham on their way to Sodom and they said they were going to see if the rumors were true and if they were that Sodom and Gomorra and all the surrounding cities would be destroyed.  This is why Abraham was concerned since his brother Lot and his family lived there.  No one had yet attempted to attack an angel at that point yet it was set for the possibility of destruction just the same.  So yes it was about what the people were doing to each other and the fact they were overcome by sub-demons on a very high level.  When infected humans become so populated in an area that it can't be saved God destroys it and them.  Curious now I looked up her profile and saw she was a lesbian.  She has a certain grudge against God for His stance against unnatural relationships.

So the girl tells me the way demons work is they lie to people and play on their stupidity and fears, and that's the only thing she said correctly and truthful in the entire chat. 
She could be a polititian.

I told her she is not an angel and she went directly back to the Dangers of the Paranormal group and told them I was saying bad things about angels.  LIE.
I said she wasn't an angel.  The leader of that paranoid group declared I was sending demons after him and all his people!  OMG! And he even knows the name of the demons he said I sent after him! If he's so good at discerning the spiritual why doesn't he know that his "angel girl" isn't really an angel?  In fact she's about as far from being an angel as a person could get.  She did to them exactly what she said demons do to people and they fell for it so fast it was astounding.

Fact #1: Technically Humans can't send demons after anyone.  They are more likely to turn against someone who gives them a command than to go after someone else on command.  The moment Lucifer found out that God intended for humans to command angels he set out to prevent God's plan from succeeding.  From that moment on demons hate taking orders from humans.  If you know the history of Lucifer you will understand why without explanation.  Voodoo or dark witchcraft relies on chemistry and deception, along with the victims's own paranoias.  If the practitioner of evil can make someone believe evil is out to get them they can literally scare that person into a state of self destruction.  (If the preacher can make you believe you can get demons from watching TV then because of your own beliefs and fears evil can find you. Not because of the TV set, but because you have opened yourself to the lie and therefore to the evil.  TV or not you have a problem.)  The Amish I'm aware of have no TV sets at all yet they are attacked by evil spirits more than just about anyone else, beacuse they prime thier people from a very young age the devil is out to get them constantly.  They imagin demons literally in ever tree.  They build the doorway the evil spirits can enter though and as such become a target for evil spirits.  Please see my page on The Flaws of the Amish.

Fact #2: Anyone who is innocent and in God's favor as one of His children is automatically protected from any evil that might get around Fact #1.

Fact #3: People invite evil upon themselves by the things they do and by the things they believe in.

Fact #4: People who go looking for evil are likely to find it.  People who call evil to them for whatever their reason are likely to get more than they bargained for.  This is why we tell people do not use methods of communicating with spirits that require that spirit to use you as the instrument.  Ouija boards and similar things are a bad idea because this is exactly what they do.  It's why certain historical haunting cases began with a Ouija board.

Fact #5: Anyone who is constantly finding evil / demons everywhere is not someone you want to associate with.  These people have opened themselves up to the concept of evil spirits being after them and therefore they attract not only bad energy to them but to anyone who happens to associate with them who is likely to believe what they say.

Take Command
A man wrote to tell me he was under attack.  He said people were writing curses on eggs and throwing them at his house.  He wanted me to tell him what to do.   I told him "They can't hurt you do not be afraid of them.  Call the police and report them."  He did and that was the end of that problem.

While Hollwood is a huge melting pot of demons and the TV shows and movies reflect this Demons do not come through the TV set.  Let's just say they advertise through any media available, however they are attracted to fearful paranoid gullable people in much the same way bleeding in shark infested waters attracts the predators.  If someone sent an angel of illumination to these people to allow them to see their own demons they would think that person sent them the demon, they wouldn't know any different.  It's impossible to help someone like that and best to avoid them if at all possible.  I did send some angels out to gain some information about two of those people and they did come back with the information I asked for.  I will save that for a new page in dealing with evil spirits.  It's time for me to share a few things here about how to deal with evil spirits and explain why it works like it does.  Please find the button in the menu that says "Paranormal". :-)
People have joined to help on this website, their files, dreams and experiences are being shared with the public from this website.  I am adding audio files in the form of mp3 so you can listen to some of these pages.  Justin Ladd and Kate Gessner are two major contributors.  They both have dreams and visions as well as other special gifts from God.  God has revealed to Kate some of the very same things He has revealed to me.  At the moment you will find her files and downloadable PDF book on Visitor's page 4.  Look for Hearts of Stone.

I have several jobs and a dozen domains to maintain.  Sometimes it takes me a few days to respond.  Usually I get up in the morning and answer Emails for 1 to 4 hours counseling and helping people at no charge before I begin my other jobs.  My critics can't claim they would do the same.

Some, even some friends of mine think I speak from a religious standpoint but I am not religious or a fan of organized religions in general.  I speak from a historical standpoint mostly and consider the Bible a valuable historical document.  The fact the Bible contains certain important spiritual guidelines is also a key to finding truth among the stars.  As you read these pages you will gain a better understanding of my concepts and who I am.  You won't figure me out by reading a paragraph or a page or two of this site.  I'm far more complex than that.

More and more people are finding this website and wanting to share their stories with others.  People are sending me their stories and I am reviewing them to see which ones I will place on this website for our visitors.

A visitor said...
"Thanks for your website man... It's nice to know there are folks who are willing to tell the truth."
Belive me the truth being stranger than fiction sometimes and so many people of the world who refuse to accept it tend to harass the truth speakers to silence them.  Governments of the world threaten and murder people to keep them silent about certain things.  The Catholic church had a lot of people murdered for "blasphemy."  The same thing Christ Jesus was accused of.

Another said...
        Dear Bryon,          "After going through your website, I have started writing my partial life story and also my spiritual experiences."

Another said...   "You have no idea how you and your website have changed my life for the better!  You have answered questions I've been asking for years.  Thank you and may God bless you and your work."

When Asked Concerning the Religious Leaders of His Day
"Leave them alone, they are blind guides."
I am not a religious leader, I'm not a fan of religion in general.  I do not believe a person must be religious to be saved or to believe in God.  Though I have been asked to I'm not a preacher, pastor or priest.  I desire no followers, I have nothing to sell in this regard.  I pay for this website and server on a personal bases.  I don't accept donations to run this site.

The Visitor Pages are open to the public and updated now and then.  I run a dozen websites and this is only one of them.  I write novels and do video work and during my life outside of this site I do no preaching or teaching unless someone asks for help.  My close friends who know me well may be aware that I run this site but they also know I'm not here pushing anything at anyone.  I have friends who don't believe in God, another is a wician another is Catholic and we all get along very well because we are not interested in converting anyone to the way we believe.  People who meet me out there in the real world wouldn't have a clue that I run a website like this.

I do research on a wide range of subjects.  I've built rockets some literaly from scratch.  I'm a licensed pilot, I did SCUBA diving salvage for over 20 years.  I'm a HAM radio operator.  I've built towers, fixed radios and I grew up farming and running heavy construction equipment.  With the exception of my good friend Billy Dale I had done more different kinds of jobs by the time I was 21 than most will in a life time.  Since 3/4's of the people who find this website don't like something they find on it I deliberately post messages now and then that are intended to discourage people and make them leave.  There's a very good reason for it and those who are powered literally by their emotions generally can't see past their anger to get the message hidden behind it.

I can't answer everyone's messages.  Often I can't even read them all.
I literally must pick and choose who's messages I read by fast scanning for key information.  If a message is more than 5 lines it better have something that catches my interest in the first 5 lines or I may never look at it again.  If it's a rant or hate mail and gets past my filters I will delete it and might even take the time to blacklist or set a filter for who ever sent it.

You might be shocked to know how many people will read these messages get angry then jump to my E-mail page, spend more than an hour or two writing me a rant that I won't see or read because they didn't follow the instructions.  Do not be one of those people, please.

Do I get hate mail ?  You have no idea!  On this site I walk on everyone's toes sooner or later.  That's why I've set 3 levels of mail filters to nuke the rants people send.  That's why I have a long list of rules you must read and follow to the letter if you want me to read your message.  This site is here to help people find answers through the testing of information.  It's here for those who wish to challenge the things they have been taught or things they have believed in to see if those things are valid or not.  It's here to walk on some toes.  To build a fire and purify the product.  If the foundations of your belief system are not solid there will come a time when it will be tested by the storm.  Be sure your house is built on solid ground.  Remember, I didn't put this site here for others to tell me what they think I should believe.  I put it here to help them.

Anyone who isn't interested in bettering themselves in some way should leave now.  Remember, your not here for me I'm here for you.  You walked into the store and if you don't find something you like then do what all sensible people do, leave and find another store.  Don't get angry and ask for your money back when you have not spent any.
Unless you read my personal experience pages you won't have any idea why I base my beliefs as I do.  Many people base their beliefs on their own personal experiences.  Others base their beliefs on false information and the fake news media.  The spirit known as the Leviathan has never been more active on Earth than it is today.  It twists the truth and deceives nations.

For those who think I was raised a Christian and that's why I think this way think again.  I lost faith in religions when I was about 13 after being kicked out of a church because I pointed out a flaw in their thinking to the elders of that church.

3 or 4 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer.

Since then I've had 17 rounds of high dose chemo and a huge piece of my right lung hacked out, in order to save my life.  Or as the Dr. said "I'll keep you alive as long as I can."  There is no quality of life when on chemo, radiation or surgery.  All that torture may have kept me alive for the time being but the cancer returned, stage 4 is what they call that.  They hit me with many more rounds of chemo but when I finally said I would rather die than take another round of that poison God lead my wife to find a Dr. who knows how to cure cancer without surgery, chemo or radiation.  His name is Dr. Axley and he's a Dr. of Oriental medicine.  He explained how the "Medical Cartel" works and how money donated to "cancer research" isn't for finding the cure.  You see the cure is very simple and they can't patient it because it's a natural process that's been provided by nature / God / Creator since the beginning.  I intend to write my story and share the solution on this site soon. 

For those who want a fast explanation to some of the most important things go here <Basic Facts>

The Bible
Editing this site is a huge job and I don't know how far I'll get or when it will be finished.  I am trying.