Enlightenment is the path we walk in life, not the destination.

This website is intended for those who have reason to challenge what they have been taught.  It's for those who want serious answers to their questions the preachers can't provide for them.  If you are happy with your understanding of things the way it is you should leave now.

For those who are fans of the original Spiritual Things pages who have written to ask me the secrets I would like to tell you I will reveal some very important ones on this new site soon.

This page is an introduction, mix of historical events along with a short preview of information contained on this website.

Sometimes I invite people to join me on FB and read my personal updates and sometimes they find me from here or from someone who's already on their friends list.  Often it's because of something I post on a friend's wall that attracts them to me but now and then these people become disillusioned because they have preconceived notions of who they think I am but when they read some reference that I make about how God talks to me and that disagrees with the religious dogma they have been taught they often quickly let me know "God does not talk to you."  I tell them they don't know who I am because they didn't read my personal pages.  If they had they would realize the mistake was theirs not mine.  Every time this happens I feel bad for the offended yet religious-bound person who leaves.  Every time after they leave about 10 more people will find me (often because of this website), join, enjoy and benefit from being my friend and reading my posts.

One lady friended me because she was following a religious debate / argument between some of her friends and one of them was on my friends list as well.  I posted one message saying "what would Jesus do?"  Allowing them to answer their own question.  She liked my response because it was without religious implications remembering that Jesus was against organized religion as well as politics.  Then she comes to my friends list reading some of my messages against those who are trying to remove God from government.  Unable to separate religion from spirituality she objects and when I tell her what I know from spirit she tells me God does not speak to me.  I told her to read these pages and she refused.  The very next time I mention something related to what's wrong with our government and why the USA is in such a sad state she says something she didn't realize she had said about removing religion from government.  I agreed saying, "Now you have it correct.  It's not about religion because religion is more often a bad thing."  She becomes angry telling me God does not talk to me and she leaves my friends list.  If she had read these pages like I told her to she would have known that I'm a living testimony that God not only speaks to me but speaks to others as well, sometimes about me.  Of course it's not about me; it's about the fact God does in fact speak to His people - can speak to anyone He wants anytime He wants the same as anyone. The catch is this,
often God will not speak to people who have been taught and believe that God doesn't talk to His people anymore.  They fail to realize the purpose that Christ came lived and died among us was to produce the Holy Spirit by which God could communicate on a personal level with His people.  Anyone who calls themselves a Christian who doesn't believe God speaks to His people anymore is by definition a Christian in name only, but they are not saved and they are not one of God's children.  These are people who offend not only God but those who they meet while trying to represent God.  These are those of the Christian religious comunity, not to be mistaken for the Christian spiritual community.

The founding fathers were spiritual men of God.  Knowing what the devil would do they hid and instilled images and scripture into many locations among government buildings.  They didn't want religions to influence any of the government leaders but they knew that leaders must be led by God in order to lead God's people.  Government wasn't supose to influence religion in this country.

Without faith and spirit of God, humans tend to have poor morals and become infected with spirits not of God like greed, lust for wealth and power, and much more.  "In God We Trust."  You don't have to be a scholar to know there was a reason why these words were put in so many locations dealing with government.  As the devil and his forces work to remove these things from government they do so in the name of religion to remove God's influence from this nation and therefore further corrupt our country.  The more they gain the more we as a country lose.  This is why the USA has fallen from God's grace.  So when I see so called Christians fighting to remove these things from government I know they are not part of the solution they are part of the cause of our nation falling from God's grace.

Once you undertand how spiritual things work you will also understand this is the method by which the devil / anti-Christ will gain power throughout the world.  Well intending, ignorant, so called Christians are the devil's secret agents.  When Judgment Day comes they will see the revelation of their own works and there will be great weeping.  These will call for the mountains to fall upon them to hide them from the face of God.


Many years ago I was reading the bible and saw where Solomon asked God for Wisdom and God gave him that gift.  Thinking that God is more likely to give a gift when it has some purpose for His Kingdom, I asked for the understanding of spiritual things.  Had I realized at the time how God would deliver that 'gift' I may have reconsidered.

God granted my request through a long series of events and experiences some that I explain in my personal experience pages.  You see, so many gifts from God don't come to us like magic, they come through experiences, some of which are most unpleasant and some that are frightening.  All of these things come with a price, they are not a free gift.  Difficulties and hard work are often the case along with the ridicule received from those narrow-minded religious individuals who are happy with their limited incorrect understanding of the same things.  Likewise with the narrow minded of other categories who think they know it all and can't learn anything new.

God called me into His service as is described in Numbers 12:6
. If a prophet is among you I the lord make myself known to them in a vision and I speak with them in dreams.  I've had powerful full blown visions with God speaking to me and I've had God speak to me in dreams and night visions in various ways.  On occasions, God has sent angels to me to deliver messages.  More on these things listed in my personal experience pages.  Understand I did not designate myself into this position, I accept no compensation for helping people, and I ask no one to follow me.  I appreciate my friends and those who have learned and understand likewise.  God said if I take care of his business (that he gives me) that he will take care of me.

As God began sending me on missions for Him, we ran into some trouble.  You see the calling I had been given required me to deliver messages to certain people most of which I didn't know.  It also required me to be informed of things I wouldn't have otherwise been aware of.  If you have any understanding of how God dealt with His prophets and the types of jobs they had to do then you know it wasn't the kind of job that just anyone could or would want to do.  You see the only time God sent prophets to deliver messages was when the people God was speaking to refused to listen and follow His instructions.  If they won't listen to God, they likely will not listen to the prophet either.  As such many were stoned to death in the service of God.

There are websites out there and people who have papers hanging on their walls that say they are qualified to help with these subjects and they do charge for their services.  There are groups out there who claim to be paranormal investigators who say they are qualified to help with paranormal visitations / infestations.  Less than 1% of them can help; some even make things worse because they have no idea what they are doing.

People from around the world write me nearly every day and sometimes I get several messages a day and nothing breaks my heart more than to receive one telling me they are under demonic attack and asked some ghost hunter/paranormal investigator types to help.  They had no idea what they were up against and end up making the problem many times worse than it was.  My heart goes out to them because I understand.

The Creator Directs My Work
2-22-2008: This morning God sent the teacher in my dream.  The teacher handed me two ceramic bells and asked me to determine which bell had the most power.  I held each in my hand and felt them and chose one.  The teacher shook her head.  She said "How can you tell the power of the bell unless you ring it and listen to the sound it makes?"

This website is my bell.  The messages contained here are my songs.
The thanks I receive from my visitors is my reward.
I take care of the job God gave me and God takes care of me.

Visitor Messages
"Thanks for your website man... It's nice to know there are folks who are willing to tell the truth."

Believe me the truth being stranger than fiction sometimes and so many people of the world who refuse to accept it tend to harass the truth speakers to silence them.  Governments of the world threaten and murder people to keep them silent about certain things.  The Catholic church had a lot of people murdered for "blasphemy."  The same thing Christ Jesus was accused of.

Another said...
        Dear Bryon,   "After going through your website, I have started writing my partial life story and also my spiritual experiences."

Another said...   "You have no idea how you and your website have changed my life for the better!  You have answered questions I've been asking for years.  Thank you and may God bless you and your work."

I have a large collection of visitor messages that I share on the messages from visitor pages and new messages of thanks come in frequently. I can't post them all but now and then I'll post some of them.
The Holy War
Those of you who know the truth know the devil doesn't set idle.  A war is being waged between the forces of light and darkness.  Welcome to the battle ground.  God has been telling me the horsemen of the apocalypse are being made ready, their time is near.  I have seen them in their pen, I have walked among them, their size beyond description.  Great earth changes, earthquakes, volcanos, famine, war and death are near.  Keep watching for the signs and keep your lamps trimmed and ready for the time to come.  The spirit of the anti-Christ is hard at work to destroy America and the foundations upon which she was built by the Founding Fathers who were led by God.

Some Try To Preserve While Others Tear Down The Defenses God Gave
I would like to thank those who write to thank me for this website.  Some of them have read and studied these pages over and over testing what they find here and, finding these things valuable, they thank me.  I have literally put my neck on the line to build this site for those who seek the truth about the things I speak about.  We are the salt that preserves humans on the Earth.  We work to maintain the defenses God gave us while others seek without understanding to destroy the things and people who protect them.

From Darkness Into The Light
Once a person emerges from their former darkness they shall never willingly return to it.  I am living proof.  I have witnessed complete transformation from evil via being born again and accepting Christ into a person's life.

I have a good friend who was a violent gang leader who was called by Christ, gave his life to Christ and is now born again.  He preaches now to those who exist in the darkness, in jails and gang members.  His transformation is so far from who he once was people who knew him sometimes fail to recognize him.

What I Teach Contradicts What They Choose To Believe
I'm disinclined to continue to deliberately offend those who are proud of the 'house' they have built their beliefs upon in order to make them leave before they become offended elsewhere on this site.  The deceived proud will always be offended when they encounter things that prove they are wrong.  The humble are always willing to hear and test the evidence which is why they will continue to read when the proud become angry and leave.  Yes what I teach on this site exposes the sins of those who think they are on the right path and it makes them furious.  This site isn't here for them; it's here for those of you who honestly desire to know the truth.

The Pharisees were furious with Jesus for presenting to them the truth.  For telling people their religious leaders were blind guides and white-washed tombs filled with dead men's bones.  People pass by not knowing what corruption they are passing.  Let's face it, to be like Jesus if you are not pissing off the Pharisees you aren't doing your job.

It Makes Them Angry
When I set up the first Spiritual Things website it was such an undertaking that I was only able to do segments here and there as time permitted.  The results were useful but not well organized or nearly as accurate as I would have liked.  I didn't realize how many people would find the website and then send me hate mail.  Most of them highly religious dogma bound fanatics who had no idea how I came to be here or why.  These being people who were satisfied with their religious misunderstandings and not liking anyone who shakes the foundations of those beliefs with the truth.

I Deliberately Made It Unpleasant To Write Me
At first I just posted my E-mail address for people to respond to me and the more hate mail I received the more I realized how many enemies to the truth there were out there, so many of them professing to be Christians.  I wrote a conditions page before I would release my E-mail address to them, but that hardly slowed them down.  In fact I'm sure some read the first few lines jumped to the bottom got my E-mail address and wrote me anyway.  So I went into more detail on that page and changed things on the front page to discourage the highly religious from remaining on the website past a few paragraphs.  I tell people on the first page right up front if you are happy the way you are please turn back now before you read something that will upset you.  You see those who are happy with their religion shouldn't be here. This website is intended for those who have reason to challenge what they have been taught.  It's for those who want serious answers to their questions the preachers can't provide for them.

They Build Their Houses On The Sand
We weeded out a few but some were more determined than ever to "straighten me out,"  And "God forgive you" and "you will pay for this on the Judgment Day."  You can't believe the crap I put up with so I set three levels of mail filters that run to this day to get rid of those messages before I ever see them.  I set conditions on the E-mails that must have "Spiritual Things" in the subject line so the mail will be protected for those who are sincere wanting my advice.  Anything that remotely looks like hate mail is automatically nuked; I never see it.  There's still about 1% that slips through anyway so I know they are still out there.  Sometimes I see them in my night visions including those who are furious with my website but who never write me.  I can tell by reading one line before I hit the delete button. These are people who have built their house upon the sand and every time the earth trembles below them they are ready to take up arms and go to war.  Sound familiar?  The more a person builds upon lies the more unstable they are.  You need only turn on the TV to hear news about the most violent people on the planet.  There are entire armies of highly religious people ready and willing to start a 'holy war' and shed blood.

I do not read rants, ravings, or messages from people who think God sent them here to fix what's wrong with me.  God knows who I am and believe me He has my number and uses it frequently.  I wasn't put here to take advice from them.  God went to a lot of trouble to wash this pig and I'm not willingly returning to the wallow with them.  I don't want to push something on someone who doesn't want what I have to offer. I will not go to someone else's website and try to correct them because I know how this works.  When Jesus was asked what about the Pharisees he said "leave them alone, they are blind guides."  He didn't set his people to a task of trying to fix what was broken among those who think they are well.  For a person who is well does not seek help from the doctor.  He sent his people among the masses, the gentiles, the infidels, and those who knew they were sinners and needed help.  This is also why Jesus was judged by them as associating with sinners.  Sinners can be saved, those who have no sin can't be.  There are those out there who say they are innocent and have no sin and some of these are sociopaths - preachers, and people who have no idea how lost or just how much sin they do have.  My sister wrote a few days ago telling me she had a night vision about a particular sociopath preacher we both know and said "He had no eyes."  I didn't have to tell her what that means.  It means that according to God the man is blind.

The Website Market Places
When you walk into a store and don't see something you like you leave and go find another store.  Websites are the same so why do you think these people become so determined to attack someone like myself over something they didn't like in the first place?  The answer of course is the things they will find on this site shake the foundations of their belief structure they have been building upon since they were young.  When the contents of this site pulls the rug from under them they have no where else to stand.  A demon will fight to keep the person they claim as their home.  They will not leave without a fight. I will explain demons, sub-demons, angels and more on this site.

Religion And God
Traditionally people associate religion with being Godly but nothing could be further from the truth.  You see in the beginning God's instructions were simple - live your lives and give thanks to God who provides for you.  Once a year throw a huge feast and invite everyone to join in. Wine and 'strong drink' were allowed.  It doesn't get simpler than that.  Take your preconceived ideas about God and religion and rip them up because I don't want anything holding you back as you study this website.

The Living Word Of God
You ask so many people especially Southern Baptist preachers who the Living Word of God is and they will tell you it's the bible.  This is where their mental stumbling stone resides.  Let's see what the Bible says about it.

In the book of John we read:
     1 in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
     2 The same was in the beginning with God.
     3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.
     4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.
     5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.
~ 10 He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.
   11 He came unto his own and his own received him not.
   12 But as many as received him, to them gave He the power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name.
   13 Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.
   14 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

After reading this you are aware the Living Word of God was Jesus Christ.  You see the bible did not exist in the begining with God but the Living Word of God did and we know him to be the Creator.  Many find the truth, but few can accept it.  To accept the truth you must first throw off your religious blinders that limit what you are able to comprehend and receive from God.

Adam gave sacrifices to God (described in the book of Enoch), not because God asked, but because Adam wanted back into the Garden and for a while God accepted the idea of sacrifice because at least his people were thinking about him.  It was a sacrifice unaccepted that caused Cain to kill Able.  After while God told the humans "I'm sick of your sacrifices!" Because none were acceptable.  The only sacrifice that was, was provided by God Himself.  Now think back, it was God who told Abraham to sacrifice his only son, yet it was an angel who stopped him from accomplishing this and then God provided a goat tangled in some brush.  God provided the sacrifice.  This was symbolic of the sacrifice made by Jesus on the Cross that happened much later.  This was symbolically repeated by the religious leaders for many years using a sheep.  It was in the stables where Jesus was born where they kept the same temple sheep.  Shall I draw you a picture how God placed his own son in the manger where these sheep were kept?  I mean really, how does one miss the meaning in that?  Yet most actually do miss it.

Please understand that we were given examples in various ways but the examples were not things required of us for our salvation
.  The reality is we cannot earn our salvation; it is provided for us through Christ which God supplied.  God used Moses as a Christ type and gave him laws yet in the end we see even as Jesus indicated we can not be saved by the laws.  Yet people today still worship them and try to follow them so many who refuse to recognize that Jesus is the messiah and the sacrifice provided by God for our sinful condition.  (
There was an act of sin that brought about the condition of sin, known as the Original Sin.  The condition of sin is the separation of the created from the Creator.)

It's Time To Play Ask Your Preacher!
Ask your preacher who invited / created religion and I'll bet they answer "God."  But it wasn't God.

Ask your preacher who the first man was and they will answer "Adam."  Not 100% correct either.

Ask your preacher who God's wife is and they won't have an answer at all!  :-)  But it's in the bible.  You wouldn't think it would be hard to miss since God created all things through Her.

Ask your preacher how long it took to create all things, they will usually answer 6 Earth days depending on their level of intelligence and insight.  (All those who believe this are bound in spirit by dogma.)

Ask your preacher how old the Earth is, they will likely answer about 6,000-7,000 years.
Same situation as the previous question.)

Ask your preacher who Cain and Seth married?  They may say they married their own sisters, but the bible doesn't say that, and it does say marrying within their own family was wrong.

Ask your preacher why did God mark Cain after murdering Able so that someone wouldn't kill him?  I mean who's going to kill him, after all there were only three people alive on the Earth at that time right?

The correct translation of the Creation is the Earth was destroyed and in ruin and God descended moving over the face of the water.  This was a recreation process, since the Earth gets destroyed every so many 1000 years.  It wasn't done in six days it was done in six ages (groups of years).  There were people on earth at that time living in the valley of Sumar north of Eden.  The descendants of Seth were told do not go down among these people and do not marry among them.  (Book of Enoch).  Therefore Adam and Eve were not the first man and woman they were however the first of their race of humans.  They were light complected people.  The name Adam means "to show blood."  Some say that's because they had red skin but that's not true.  The Jews were direct descendants from Adam and Eve and they are not Indians.

The smartest, most spiritual, God guided people I know and call friend will tell you the common answers to these questions are wrong.  You might be surprised who these men are, you might even know their names.  Because of religious persecution these men will not stand up in their own churches and tell the people what they believe in because they know it contradicts with what the religious minded in their churches actually believe.

Ask your preacher why there is evidence the Earth is much older than that and does that conflict with what the bible says.  They will likely say something on the order of science is trying to disprove the existence of God, or that God put those things in the earth to test our faith.  I asked one preacher who told me God put dinosaur bones in the earth to test our faith.
Like God didn't have better things to do or better tests he could administer. Let me ask, would you want this man as your preacher / teacher?

Ask your preacher what Lucifer's function was in the beginning.  Those who have an answer will generally say Choirmaster of heaven.  Yes they think he was the lead singer in God's big angel band.  They think God has nothing better to do than listen to angels sing 24/7.  ;-)  I'll give you a clue, the songs the angels sing are not songs like humans sing.  Another clue is given in the book of Revelation, where as each who was saved was given a new name by God and a new song.  The new name is "a job description" and the song is "their message that goes along with their purpose in the creative process."

Then ask him when Lucifer fell from the heavens and how he ended up being the devil / Satan with the serpent in the Garden of Eden before Adam and Eve were created.  The serpent "actually being in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil."  Odds are good they won't have an answer for this one.  Then ask them what the serpent was doing in the tree in the first place.  ;-) 
There are preachers, teachers and there are prophets and they are all different but the prophet of God can do all

Teachers of truth are like rare gems, they are few and far between.

Preachers & Teachers
Being a preacher is just about the lowest position one could be asked to fill.  A parrot can be taught to quote scriptures.  They don't really need much knowledge because depending on their denomination they get most of their lessons from pamphlets provided for them.  They need not think, test, challenge, or even consider what they preach.  If they stop to challenge what they are given to preach, they may lose their job.  Sure now and then you will find a preacher who's read enough of the lesson outlines they can draw up their own but they're still preachers.  Some members of their congregation should be smarter than the pastor about the subjects they preach and I've known children who were.  I've also seen intelligent spirit filled preachers get fired by the church elders for knowing more than they should.

A lot of Christians will tell you that God doesn't speak to anyone anymore and may quote the text in the bible that says when the perfect has come the imperfect will be done away with.  One problem, the perfect hasn't come yet and the Bible clearly says in the days before the Great Tribulation your young men will have visions your old men will have dreams and your sons and your daughters will prophesy.

Why do they choose to believe God stopped talking to His children?  Answer, the reason is He doesn't speak to them and they rationalize their understanding in order to find a loophole they can fit into. (Rationalizing to make themselves feel better about their flawed condition.)  So when God does send a prophet to them they are primed to reject and say God told them to deliver a message, these people instantly think the prophet is out of their mind, because God doesn't speak to people anymore.  Because they know if God still spoke to His people He would be speaking to them, right?  You see the situation that puts them in?  They think they are saved, they followed the instructions as best they could, but God doesn't speak to them.  Instead this other person who they know is a lost sinner says God spoke to them even to deliver a message to them.  It must be a trick of the devil!  "I'll see you on Judgment Day!"  .... :-)  "Yes, you can be sure you will."

You read in the bible about those who will cry "
I did what you told me to, Lord" and God will say "depart from me, wicked servant."  And there will be weeping, gnashing of teeth, and people crying for the mountains to fall upon them to hide them from the face of God.

Believing in things that are not true AKA dogma can completely cut a person off from God.  People do it every day and have no idea they went wrong.

Evangelists / Teachers
Have you ever been to a good old Pentecostal tent revival?  If not, you need to do that.  The tent preachers provide something the regular churches and preachers can't; they provide a higher octane spirit than is normally found in the churches.  Evangelists are more than preachers, they are teachers, some are healers and they have gifts not commonly found among the majority of the churches.

If you are Catholic ask your priest why the book of Matthew says call no man father.  It's there, Jesus said it.  Jesus says nothing without good reason yet the Catholics not only do it, they teach their flock to call their priests father against the will of Jesus himself.  Why do they do that?  Well they have rationalized it to a fine art over more than a thousand years.  Then ask them why their churches are so filled with idols, images they worship in front of when the bible says don't do that.  Dogma is when unfounded, untrue things are taught over and over with a spin until everyone who follows that religion believes something that isn't true.  The answer most given by Catholics to those who ask these questions are "You need someone to interpret that verse for you."  And they can give you a pile of books and pamphlets to explain that one verse!  This is what I refer to as rationalizing the truth out of the scriptures.  (More in the religion pages on these things.)

Don't Test God!
When I was young and asked questions along these lines I got responses like, "Don't test God," "Go to your room!" etc.  Jesus said test all the spirits including the angels.  What the bible says is "don't tempt God."  There is a difference and those in church who think they are smarter than the rest of us were being undone by the questions of a child and they didn't like it.

If you ask enough questions you will soon realize that something doesn't add up and that's why I'm here and that's why this website exists to help answer those questions.  Because I have quite a few of the answers that makes me the enemy of those who preach based on misconceptions.

However if you ask your preacher who God is, if they are a Christian they will tell you Jesus Christ and in that they are correct and I can tell you why and how I know this as well.

If you ask the right questions and then seek the true answers diligently in time you will find those answers.

I'm going to give you a clue, Lucifer's fall from the heavens took place before Adam and Eve during a time when he was in charge of a creation process that involved human beings
.  If Adam was the first man then who were these former humans?  Yet we know something was different about Adam and God named him according to that difference.  What does the name Adam mean?  Why did God use that name?

Religion Keeps Us Bound!
The longer a person is taught and believes things that are not true the harder it is for that person to release their hold upon that lie in order to take a hold of the truth.

We are taught that Jesus came to set us free from sin and this is true but he also came to set us free from those things that keep us bound.  One of those things is religion including that which is based upon the law.  That does not mean go out and break the laws; it has another meaning.  Think for a moment on how many murders have been committed in the name of some god.  How many "holy wars" must there be before humans figure out that's not what God wants from them?

One day a friend asked me if I had lost my religion and I said "why yes, Jesus died to set me free."  My friend said "Ah, right."  Let's face it my friend didn't understand my meaning, then again few really do.

God said "
I will write my laws in your hearts and minds."  Because following the laws was useless and could not save anyone even if they kept every single one.

Seekers Of Another Truth
There are those who know the churches they have been to are lacking something important.  These set out to find what it is that's missing from their former churches.  They go seeking and grabbing at tiny bits of truth sorting, figuring, reading, and church hopping trying to find that one thing that makes all the difference.  They find themselves caught up in some other incomplete religion with a brand new set of rules and often are as bad or worse off than they were to start with.  They find themselves worshipping on Saturday calling themselves by another name.  They find themselves sorting through piles of other text with mathematical calculations based on ancient Hebrew letters translated into numbers.  It's all right, I understand, God hides clues and evidence everywhere and only those who seek will find it.  So many seek and miss the most important things just the same because physical "things" + "religion" blind and sidetrack those who know there's something important they need, something they missed back there, something they must find.

I intend to help you seekers find what you are searching for and hopefully help you avoid the mistakes others make.  The most important things you must have is "The Holy Spirit" which is Christ's signature in spirit form, this is how the Father will recognize you, and love against which there are no laws. Keep the 10 Commandments as given without rationalizing them.  Treat others as you would like them to treat you.  Understand that God is far greater than any or all of us might imagine and cannot be contained, measured, or controlled by any created entity.
(God will not respect you just because you think He should based on individual performance.)

If you made it this far you should know that translation is an important key to correct understanding.  The "name" of Creator God given in the book of Genesis is "Elohim" which means "Mighty Ones."  It is plural not singular.  There are few teachers who teach the correct translation today.  Meaning can be lost in important things with bad translations.  Seek a better translation and a better teacher any time you can.  Personal experiences are important yes but sometimes we need to look around to find all the pieces of the puzzle.  The link below is to a website and teacher that will help you understand other things that are being lost in the teachings of traditional churches.

Jesus had no servants, yet they called Him Master. Had no degree, yet they
called Him Teacher. Had no medicines, yet they called Him Healer. Had no
army, yet kings feared Him. He won no military battles, yet He conquered the world.
He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him. He was buried in a tomb, yet
He lives today. Feel honored to serve such a Leader who loves us.
Seems like I hardly got this started when cancer came calling.  Not much left to do but pray.
Cancer updates on the cancer link in the menu.  Hope my wife can figure how to sell all these domains.

A person can be taught lies and things that are wrong from birth by well intending people with ignoramious thinking.  Meaning they teach based on their lack of understanding.  That person will likely grow up and never think to challenge the things they were taught when logic and facts indicate otherwise.  The thing that wakes them up is a reality call from God that teaches the truth that contridicts the lies.

Those who know me well know I'm anything but traditional.  I was raised in a haunted house yet taught there are no such things as ghosts.  How do they know?  Because they were taught that way and they've never encountered the paranormal.

I was taught that God doesn't speak to His people anymore.  Why not?  Because He speaks to us from the "word of the bible" which they think is the Living Word of God.  The word is alive, don't misunderestand me but the real Living Word of God is Christ and He can speak to anyone He likes any time He likes and when He speaks the person being spoken to will likely be the only one who hears His voice.   I was practicing with my band back in Pearl, IL in the late 70s when God spoke to me and let me know I had been taught something that was wrong.  God does speak to His people when He chooses.

I was taught we are the only people God ever made in all the galaxy and God made everything in just 6 earth days.  I was taught there are no such things as alien beings or UFOs / alien craft yet in 1970 I stood with a friend of mine within a few short steps of a hovering 30 foot glowing alien disk shaped craft smack in the middle of my home town.  I learned I had been taught lies and things that were not correct and I set out on a path to find the truth.

Like myself many others are being awakened and a few days ago I received a phone call from someone who had heard God speak to him and he wanted answers.  We talked for over an hour about all kinds of important things that are key to the understanding of the things that follow.

I told him the story of the Delta Class Lightship and the Great Elders that were being seen by 1000's back in 1988-89 all around Fyffe, AL.  I told him what one of the angels told me that woke me one morning and said "A Golden Bowel contains 200 cups of coffee."  In itself it's a kind of riddle but it's a very important message.  I told him that Ray Griffin told me that this time in history was a critical turning point for many people and that the beings in that craft were involved in a very important task, that being what he called "The Great Awakening."

As I said this the man on the phone said "That's it!  That's what God said.  He said "Awaken!"

This is a spiritual process that is opening the eyes of certain selected individuals world wide for the events that are soon to come and for the events that are taking place now.

Some of you certainly are Christians who may still hold onto dogmatic beliefs (unfounded things that are taught in many Christian churches) or to teachings that are flawed because of mistranslations in current bibles.  Things that are held to be true when they aren't understood by the people who teach them.  God has lead me to meet with certain people along the way and these people are His people selected to share certain important truths with others.  One of my friends would like to share her message with everyone who cares to listen.  Like me she is not interested in converting anyone but she has an important message to share.  Here is a video she made.  The link to her website is...