I am battling with Mesothelioma cancer.  The treatment I'm using is working and is listed in detail at the end of this message.

I was always an active person - diving, flying, working construction along with other things.  Then little by little I noticed I couldn't do much without having to stop and catch my breath.  That went on until I couldn't climb a flight of steps without stopping to recover.  I knew something was wrong and went to the doctor about that.  She took X rays, checked me over and literally said she couldn't find anything wrong with me.  After seeing her twice for that she began to present like I was a hypochondriac and began refusing to see me.  She is without question the worst doctor I've ever had.  She could have helped save me, but she was incompetent and seemed to be proud of it.

I had to do something to get help so next problem I had I went to a "Doc in the box" clinic that's open most of the time where a Dr. Dang saw me and I told him about my shortness of breath.  First time he just listened to me with the stethoscope and said he didn't notice anything right off and to let him know if the problem persisted.  So next trip I told him it was worse and this time he ordered an X-ray.  It showed that my right lung was full of fluid.  He set me up with an appointment to a local lung doctor.

Dr. Dahdel, the lung doctor, did a procedure on me thinking that might resolve the problem but it didn't.  He took a biopsy and the local lab had no idea what it was.  The next time I went in they did another procedure on me and this time sent the biopsy to the Mayo clinic.  It came back mesothelioma cancer.

Dahdel sent me to the oncologist down the hall from his office and he put me through 4 rounds of high dose chemo that did make me very sick and then sent me to have the pleura of my right lung removed as it was full of cancer.  We went to Little Rock, University Hospital where a surgeon there went to work and discovered my diaphragm was literally falling apart from the tumors on it.  He had no choice but to remove most of my right lung at that point and rebuild the diaphragm with what ever pieces he could scrape together.

I woke in the hospital basement with curtains separating me from other recovering patients.  There was a doctor who had been with the surgeon in the OR standing there and he said "You're done," shook his head, and added, "after what you have been through, it's amazing to see you're still alive."  As yet, I was not aware I had lost a lung.

That basement where they left me for two days was a nightmare.  The man next to me screaming in the night for hours and pulling all his IVs out had the nurses in a panic from midnight until almost 3am.  Finally, they moved me upstairs but moving from my gurney to the bed I began gasping for air and went into a full-blown panic attack.  My surgeon, standing at the foot of my bed along with 8 or so students watched as I fought for my life.  They were doing nothing while the nurses worked their tails off to figure out what the problem was.  Finally, one nurse said, "He doesn't have enough red blood cells to carry the oxygen to the body!"  She sent for two bags of blood and little by little I settled down.  Lesson to be learned, sometimes when things go terribly wrong and a room full of doctors don't know what to do it's the nurses who save the day.

Came home, the cancer returned, and the oncologist put me through another set of high dose chemo treatments making a total of 16 up to that point.  I've never wanted to die in my life until then.  I couldn't eat, but I puked every 5 min or so for more than 24 hours non-stop and once fell face first in the living room floor because I was too weak to stand.  There in the floor I begged God to send the angels and take me home.  When I realized that wasn't going to happen I managed to get myself up and go back to bed.

At this point I had been tortured by two doctors, one who poisoned me with chemo and the other who hacked out most of my right lung leaving me disabled.  They got rid of the cancer and it came back, they got rid of it again with the chemo and it came back a second time.  Stage 4 means a cancer that has been killed off but returns.  That happened to me twice and that I like to joke and say, "I'm stage 8, that's stage 4 x 2."

I wasn't about to go through another round of chemo treatment and literally developed PTSD because of that suffering.  Now all I have to do to get nauseated is walk into the lung and cancer end of the hospital here.

Above all, do no harm.

I was so messed up from the chemo, my immune and vascular system was seriously damaged.  I needed a doctor to help fix the damage done by the medical cartel doctors!  I found a doctor of Oriental medicine who had seen this before and put me on a regular, twice a week vitamin C with B complex infusion.  Insurance wouldn't pay for it either but after about three weeks we noticed a huge improvement.  We also notice the cancer that had returned had stopped growing.  We thought we were beating it, but as they say, cancer can think and can change its tactics and after 6 months that's what happened, and it started growing again.  Any way you look at it, Dr. Axley saved me from the effects of the chemo and had bought me time that I so desperately needed.  He showed me that his treatment can kill cancer cells.  The problem is the cancer can still think and can still feed and eventually it began growing again.  I had to do something else.

I went back to my original oncologist who did a CT Scan and told me very seriously it was working into my liver and I had to do something else.  He was ready to put me right back on chemo and I said, "I'll never do that again."  Then he said he would try an immune treatment for it.  I considered it, almost went with it then my wife said let's go see what the Cancer Centers of America has to say in Tulsa.  So, we went.  They ran me through a set of tests then the doctor came in and wanted to put me on the same thing the previous doctor wanted to put me on.  I almost went for that too but thanks to talking things over with my wife we realized we had to find better doctors, someone closer to the front line of the battle against cancer.

We returned home to find out my lung doctor had also been diagnosed with cancer and he went to MD Anderson in Houston, Texas.  Maybe he knows something we don't.  We went and got into a trial there that lasted a year and did permeant damage to my thyroid but didn't kill the cancer at all.  In fact, it grew 21% over the year that we went there.  That was an 8.5 hour drive each way plus the cost of gas and lodging each time.  It was over 20,000 miles on our new van for that year just going back and forth to Houston.

They removed me from the trial and began working to get me into the phase one trials.  You know the trials where they move from mice and rats to humans.  Sure, there's more to it than that but essentially that's what it is.  So, we talked to the phase one people on the 11th floor.  They have two trials available and the first one was targeted chemo.  Said to be a "smart" chemo that targets only cancer cells.  What a novel idea, right?  Except for one thing, the 16 rounds of chemo I had didn't prevent the cancer from returning.  To further complicate things, they wanted me to literally take a treatment once a week for the rest of my life, which would force me to move to Houston.  That alone would kill me.  The second option was an immune therapy treatment but also required me to be there every week for 21 weeks then move to a once every 3-week schedule.  We began picturing our future under those conditions and both of us shook our heads.  This isn't going to be a good idea for us.  At that moment I wasn't aware they had permanently damaged my thyroid.  No telling what they would damage in the next round.

We told them we would think about it through Christmas / December and talk with them in the new year.  Our hopes and prayers however were aimed at never returning to Houston or MD Anderson if at all possible.  To make that happen we needed our miracle.

The Spiritual Side

No one I know can go into a life or death battle against cancer without seeing the spiritual side of things.  Yet when I share my spiritual side with so many there are those who laugh and think I'm out of my mind.  Those near me however know me better and understand that spirit is important.  We pray to God for help, for guidance, and for answers with fervor we normally couldn't find otherwise.  I've had prophetic dreams and night visions since I was a child and understand well the fact that God, Elohim, etc, and Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus are important factors in our lives.  Skeptics however like to laugh.  Some of them don't even believe in God but when they get cancer watch them turn to prayer, just in case they were wrong.

I did a lot of praying about it expecting God to answer in some way I would understand but it seems nothing but bad dreams and nightmares of giant snakes trying to eat me, a tiger stalking me, being locked in a room with a bunch of feral cats attacking me, and giant white worms eating my body under my skin.  My boat sank over and over again with me in it.  The feeling of drowning in those night visions, waking up, and not being able to breath.

Not long ago, about the time of our last trip to MD Anderson in Houston, Texas, I had a dream that showed past, present, and future talking about my battle and treatments for cancer.  It gives history then it gives a prediction or directions for the future.

A Wild Boat Ride -
This is a night vision

I was about where Kampsville, IL would be from Pearl where I grew up and my dreams still consider that to be home. I've had countless dreams and night visions where I was trying to get from there to Pearl, or home as the case may be. The meaning of going home in a dream is a process to find the end of something. The Illinois river runs from Chicago to the Mississippi near St. Louis MO. It runs past Pearl and then to Kampsville. It seems I'm always trying to get home from somewhere. Dream after dream mostly connected to our fight against cancer and wanting to find a solution. Wanting to find home, a place to rest.

Traveling in dreams represents the passing of time
when the dream is speaking symbolically as most of them do.

A vehicle that's moving is showing a passing of time and the size and type of the vehicle tells what kind of business or thing it is. A small fishing boat might be personal - likely will be. A larger fishing boat, tug, or barge represents a business usually and the size of it depicts the size of that business or thing.

Dreams can feel deceptive in that some like this one seemed like it took hours and I'm sure I woke, rolled over, and went right back into it a few times. However, a dream that seems to take hours can happen literally in 5 minutes.

This is totally a symbolic dream speaking of my long fight against cancer but now and then words are spoken that can be taken literally.

I began by getting on a big boat that was similar to a commercial fishing boat. I was with other people and we were heading north toward Pearl / home. I moved to the front deck and was with another man watching the river until the boat turned into a maze of odd shaped tall cliffs with paintings on them. At first it was fascinating and unusual but soon the turns became so sharp that I thought we were going to crash and die in a place where you couldn't even hold onto the walls let alone climb out of the river. The chaos got worse, we pulled into a whirlpool, the boat began to spin, and the back end began to sink. I was trying to jump off the front into that water and that terrified me too. This segment speaks of the ordeal I went through with chemo. I had to do something, I couldn't just stand there and go down with this boat, so I took off and flew out over the river and landed on another big boat.

I rode that one similar to the last one for a while and this one stopped and began to wash back in the river toward the south.
This is one of the treatments I took. It looked like it was working then it stopped working. I said, "I've got to do something else." So, I took off and flew to another northbound boat and rode it a very short time then the dream switched me to another place, a very dark rusty metal looking place. It was like right out of a sci-fi horror show of the future.

I was inside this massive machine that was moving slowly on tracks
like a gigantic train, but only had the one segment, was on a straight path moving North, on the far side of the river from my home. I wandered around in there to find many rooms all within this monster machine. I wandered around until I found my dad in there also looking around. We spoke and he went with me to find some way out of this monster machine. Finally found a walkway with a window in it and I pointed, "Pearl is over there." He said, "How do we get there?" and I said, "We'll have to fly." And he said, "You can't fly." And I said, "Let's find out."

Knowing I couldn't fly all the way across the river in one jump I waited until I saw a small barge like boat moving slowly toward the north. It was actually south of us in the big machine, but it was also dead center also moving north. I leapt into the air and flew toward the barge at one-point dipping so low that I brushed the water with two flashlights that were hanging on my belt. I lifted up looked back to see that big machine was moving south, away from the place I wanted to go, home, an end to the madness, a place to rest and now it's going the wrong way!  I didn't realize when I was in it though it was going the wrong way since I couldn't see the land or the water from inside of it.

We landed on the barge on the north end and went inside. There was a walkway across the front that was open on both sides. In the middle was a walkway that led down inside the barge, so we went in. There were some tables there with a woman and two men seated at them. I walked to the far end looked around and there was no other way out but the way we came in.  All we needed was a rest anyway then to get to the West shore so I could walk the rest of the way. So, we went back onto the walkway and flew to the west riverbank.

We landed on the dirt and had a very narrow area between the water and the line of thick brush that prevented us from getting up into the field. So, we walked north until we found a path and took that path west toward home. We came to a sidewalk and some big buildings that were fenced in and a man walking around it saw us and came to us. We asked him if we could get through that way and he said, "You don't want to go that way, there's radiation." Then he pointed another way and said he would show us. We began walking around this building when the dream ended.


This dream talks about things from the past, present and future. If all the boats and vehicles are hospitals and treatment facilities in this, you can just about map it all. It's the ending that goes into the future. Let's say that huge metallic monster moving on the track represents MD Anderson. What can you see from that? Massive, right? Moving at first slowly to the north then changed and began moving south. There's a saying about "going south" you know and a movie with Jack Nicholson in it that says the same thing.  Often a movement to the south is a bad thing. In this dream it's a move away from Pearl and that's how we know that direction doesn't take me home. It doesn't fix or help anything. I had to get off it. Therefore, I believe spirit is telling me in this dream that I must leave MD Anderson because they are moving in the wrong direction to get the results I need and want. This is how I often take instructions / directions from spirit through dream symbols. Anyone can do this if they understand well enough and are confident enough to follow the spirit forward.  Of course, sometimes spirit will literally speak to me and when that happens it's nearly always a single short sentence direct and to the point.

The Spirit Speaks

This one was the answer to a multitude of prayers asking God what was going to happen, was I going to die of cancer?  So, the spirit came in a night vision and seeing from its viewpoint looking back at me it said, "How I want to get right in your face and tell you, everything is going to be all right."


Things spoken can often be taken at face value unless they are a riddle.

My reaction was "how do I know that?"

The morning the angel woke me he called me by name, then gave me a title, then gave me a message, and then gave me a riddle.  The message here is the important part "You shall witness two great escapes."

If that angel was from God, then it must tell the truth.  It never gave me a clue what those great escapes were.  I could take a guess but think that's a thing for another time and place, and I might be wrong anyway.

I have not seen those two great escapes and I figure I will recognize them when I see them.  Which means if that angel was from God, I must live to see these two great escapes.  Nothing can change the words that come from God's own mouth.  So, there I am having all kinds of fears and doubts and the spirit says everything's going to be fine.  It sure didn't feel fine. 

I changed my prayers and asked God to send me someone who will have the miracle or solution I seek.  That's what happened in a set of events that had to play out just the way they did for me to receive my miracle.

The Faith Healer

A friend of mine invited me to go see miracle healer Billy Burke.  Thing was he was in Florida and I knew I can't just pack up and go to Florida.  So, I spoke with God in a prayer and said, "If you send him closer, I will go."  It was the next day that friend told me Billy would be in Eufaula, Oklahoma the following week for three days. 

Being faced with a response to my request I knew I had to go so I did.  Having had one miracle healing in the past I know the pastor of the healing can and will receive messages from spirit / God and will call off something that will identify them.  Nothing about Billy Burke's healings are staged, it all happens live.  No one asks anyone questions before they enter the building.  We saw a child with a unique disease, literally the only person in the world with this disease, twisted and wearing a fiberglass brace healed and within 30 min the mom had the brace off the child, and he was walking around.  Everyone was astounded praising God for his grace and mercy.  One after another the people came and we saw people who had been in a wheelchair, not taken a step in years, get out of their wheel chair and walk with some help across a segment of the floor.  The following night they were back walking around much better including the boy I mentioned.  All the while Billy was working, he would teach how the healing process works and how every healing is unique to the person receiving it.  Not everyone gets a full healing, not everyone gets healed, but many did, and I was there to see it.  He said "Get the toxic things and toxic people out of your life.  Don't let them steal your miracle."

Remember when Jesus would heal someone, he would say go your way and sin no more.  What he was saying was if a sickness is related to a sin, something they are responsible for, then don't do that anymore.  If your being made sick by a toxic person you associate with even if it's a relative, you must cut off your connection with that person and get them out of your life.  We had the most toxic person I've ever known living in our house with us because I thought God wanted me to help protect him, when in fact the devil calculated knowing our good nature and desire to help and took full advantage of us.  He came in under the deal that he would get a job and get on his own two feet and move out as quickly as possible.  Five years later he still didn't have a job and was still here living off of us like some kind of parasite.  He didn't want a job.  He didn't need one either as long as we were here to take care of him, and he knew that.  We unintentionally enabled him to fail and he took full advantage of us because of that mistake on our part.

There I was in the third row back watching Billy Burke when I felt a sudden pain in my stomach, so bad I was holding it with my left arm tightly.  Billy looked around and said, "There's someone here with polyps in their throat and pain in their stomach."  I stood up and went forward.  I told him I had cancer and he said, "not anymore" and I saw a flash of his right hand near my face and next thing I knew two guys caught me and I was laying on the floor.

I was so excited and waited for the warm feeling I had the first time I received a healing, but it didn't come.  What I did feel was like something moving around inside my abdomen.  The pain in my stomach went away quickly and I stood up and got back into my seat.  My mind kept playing the message over and over, "don't let someone steal your miracle."  I knew I couldn't come home to a house with that person I mentioned still living here.  I told my friend Joe who had invited me to this event, and he said he had a house he would let me live in until I could find a way to get rid of the problem back at our house.

Powerful thoughts and images flowed through my mind that night in my motel room and, needless to say, I didn't sleep that night.  I would pass out from exhaustion now and then but would soon wake and it would start all over again.  Either he had to go, or I had to, but I couldn't have both and I knew that.  To complicate things, I'm dependent on my wife, she's the one who keeps me alive, she makes sure I get my meds, get my meals and get where I need to be when the time comes.  She couldn't move with me and there you have that.  The only resolution left was he had to go so I could come home.

The next morning Joe texted me and said God told him that I don't have to worry, everything is going to be alright.  Joe is a dependable source for that kind of information, and I believed him but wasn't sure yet how God would sort this out.  My own spirit however was calm, verifying what Joe had said was in fact true.  Hope I have but sometimes my faith fails me unless I can see something physical that indicates the same thing.

My wife came for the last night of the event and told me not to worry that guy was moving out and wouldn't be here when we got home.  I said, "There's the first miracle."  God didn't heal my cancer, but he did set things up to get rid of the house invader that was making me even sicker.  One step at a time.

There's no point into going into much detail concerning the toxic person other than the fact that what Billy Burke was teaching was accurate.  Believe it even if you can't see it and faith will bring you the rest of the way.  I had to take an action myself, I had to go see Billy Burke.  Even if the healing wasn't for the cancer I remembered that sometimes the full healing doesn't come all at once, sometimes it comes a little at a time, sometimes it comes later on, but if you never give up hope it will come providing you follow the rules.  This is how it worked for me.

Act one, go as directed to see Billy Burke.  It was a three-day deal.

Act two, get rid of the toxic person in my life.

Act three involved a sacrifice of something else that was toxic in my life and by now I was ready to throw plenty out the door into the trash, so I did.

Panacur-C AKA fenbendazole.

Then my friend Joe who had been with me at the Billy Burke sessions, sent me a graphic of Panacur-C dog wormer and a link to Joe Tippens interview on YouTube.  My first thought was "this has to be the worst joke ever."  Then I watched the video because Joe had sent it.  If anyone else had sent it, I likely would have laughed it off and forgot about it.  Joe Tippens was convincing.

I told my doctor here about it and he said since I only had about 6 months left to live, I had nothing to lose by trying it.  Wow, my doctor said it's all right to take the dog wormer as I have nothing left to lose, so that's just what I did.

I took the first three doses just before our last trip to MD Anderson.  They drained 4.8 liters of nasty brown fluid from my abdomen and took a bunch of biopsies.  I got the tests results, and all said the cancer was not growing at the time they were taken.  The only reason that could have been, that I could see was the fact I had taken three of those doses before I went down there, and it stopped the cancer from growing.

One of the doctors at MD Anderson told me one day cancer will be treatable likely with a daily pill the patient will take and the cancer will remain in full remission
I'm here to say the drug / medicine that can do this already exists.  Fenbendazole prevents cancer cells from taking in sugar.  Sugar is the fuel cancer runs on.  You go in for a PET scan and the first thing they do is inject you with radioactive glucose.  Why?  Because it goes straight to the cancer cells and makes them glow on the screen.

Eating sugar for a cancer patient is like throwing gas on a fire, it makes cancer grow like crazy.  Cancer also loves alcohol and it will do the same thing - makes cancer grow like crazy.

While there are treatments that kill cancer cells if you don't prevent the cancer from feeding it can still grow faster than anything can kill it.  You cut off its food supply and now you have a chance.

Fenbendazole cuts off cancer's ability to feed
.  The next thing it does is it causes the body's own immune system to release cancer killing enzymes that do nothing but kill cancer cells.  At that point hit it with everything you have that you know kills cancer cells and you have a fighting chance.

I've recently finished a month of treatments using this drug and my tumors are half the size they were.  The diarrhea and nausea went away the first week.  I can now eat again.  I have energy again and I'm doing things, like typing this true account up to share with anyone who is in the fight of their life against cancer so they might not lose that fight.  Maybe a friend or loved one has cancer and you can help them by telling them my story.  Don't forget to tell them about Joe Tippens videos on YouTube.

Truth be known we did better on our own in a month than MD Anderson and all the big pharma power they have did in a full year
.  They also permanently damaged my thyroid.  If I had known 5 years ago, I might have not only saved my right lung but my thyroid as well.  Don't become a victim of big pharma and the medical cartel.  There is a viable treatment for cancers that grow tumors.  The medical cartel will not tell you this stuff exists and that it not only works it does exactly what they claim they are trying to accomplish with their billions of dollars' worth of backing.  When the world finds out they could have saved their loved ones with a simple dog wormer they can buy at any farm store and online, big pharma will be most unpleased that money is coming out of their pockets.  They play dirty too and likely aren't above having people murdered to keep the secret.  The way around that is for everyone of us to pass the word along until we can't be silenced.  They have other dirty things they can do like outlawing things with fenbendazole in it.  They practically own the FDA so there you have it.

My Treatment is as follows.

Find a doctor you trust locally, preferably a doctor who is homeopathic and prefers natural treatments over drugs.  Don't do this without doctor supervision.

I am under a doctor's supervision with my treatments
, so I am being monitored closely to make sure we are making good progress and that nothing else goes wrong as a result of side effects of the Panacur-C.  So far there's no real side effects but I will say it has a powerful chemical smell to it that I really don't like.  Because of that I take the dose in the morning so it can dissipate some before bedtime.  Once you lay down you can smell it, even breathe it in and it makes me cough sometimes.

Joe Tippens says he takes a full gram of powdered fenbendazole once a day for three days then goes off of it for the next four days.  Then starts all over again.

I take a little over half a gram of the powered in a capsule, once a day for three days then go off of it for four days.  The last time however I hit it with an extra dose on Thursday just to kick this cancer a bit harder.  So, for the time being I'm taking 4 doses per week.  I begin on Saturday and take one a day for three days.  Monday being the last of the three doses.  Then I take the fourth on Thursday.  I skip Friday and then begin again on Saturday.

Don't let the medical cartel ruin your life, suck up all your money, and then leave you without hope.  If you have what we call "untreatable" cancer like Mesothelioma you should consider this treatment.

Last of all I will say that when these tumors are dying, they ache like crazy and keep me awake at night.  This is the worst after the third dose and at night the tumors ache so bad, they keep me awake.  I take one hydrocodone and when it kicks in, I can sleep well.  The ache and pain I can feel with all the tumors inside me and outside I take that as a good sign since I know they are dying.  Once they are gone, I won't have to worry about that anymore.

God bless and have a wonderful cancer free life.

Bryon Smith

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