Authentic Spiritual Halo

Anyone who has done any research into spiritual things has heard of the subject of a spiritual halo.  Numerous times in the bible we read of accounts where a person's countenance was raised and their faces glowed.  When Moses went to talk with God on the mountain when he returned his face glowed so brightly that it was almost impossible for others to look directly at him.

Spiritual things are not generally observed by human eyes but it does not mean they are not there.  Today some cameras are able to capture evidence of spiritual things.

This woman isn't a Catholic, Mormon, Jehovah's Witness, Buddhist or Muslim.  She is a simple Christian who works in the service of the One True God Jesus Christ.  The Creator God knows who she is and her salvation is secure.

Later on I hope to have more pictures of spiritual things.  I have personally experienced these things and walked among the spirits while out of body and also while viewpoint.  Since then I have been on a mission to reveal the truth of these things to anyone who really wants to know the truth.