In the Beginning there was God and then there was George Washington.   If you have read the story about how the original Knights Templar were lead to literally "buy" land in America to build the new nation then you know they and the first Free Masons were lead by God (at that time).  Christopher Columbus knew he was heading to the new land and flew the Templar flag on his sail yet he was a Free Mason.  The pilgrims were trying to get away from religious and government persecution.  Innocent people had been murdered by both and the pilgrims had enough of it.  They weren't looking for a new route to China they were heading for the land the Templars had written about more than 200 years previous.

No one understood better than General George Washington.  He was a Free Mason and a man who put God first and everything else followed.  Please note I didn't say he put the church first, no he put God first and that's how it should work.

When God called me and sent the angels that followed He offered me a deal.  He said "You take are of my business and I'll take care of you."  I've lived my life like this for more than 40 years and God has been true to His word to this day.

Today everywhere we turn people are telling God to get out of our business and as I said, the numbers do not lie.  We went from being #1 in the world to being somewhere around #28 to our shame.  More problems arise more crazy people kill innocent people, our jobs are pushed completely out of the country so that we buy something from the store odds are about 98% it's made in China, and they say "Why?"  Foreigners laugh at us because they can see the irony, but stupid Americans can't see the nose on their faces, and they haven't enough sense to even ask why.

Another serous problem is those who seem to be doing well today have all ready sold their souls to the devil and so many of them work in two major industries, and I bet you can't guess which ones!  If you said politics and the entertainment business you are correct.  For those of you who have read the book of Revelation you must be aware of a "thing" known as "The Beast."  Well the beast isn't an animal, it's a governmental entity.  Yes it's a government.  What country does the devil hate the most?  If you said the USA you are correct.  What government does he want control of?  If you said the USA you are again correct.  How can he do that?  By kicking God out of government so the devil can move in and take complete control.  How will he accomplish this?  By taking advantage of the gullible nature of godless humans.  Let me word this in terms you can understand "GOD IS BEING EXORCISED FROM OUR COUNTRY THROUGH A PROCESS OF MULTIPLE ATTACKS BY THE DEVIL USING HUMAN HOSTS TO CARRY OUT HIS WILL."  The weaker America becomes the more bad things that happen including these senseless murders of innocent people and children.

One of the most famous tricks pulled on us by the devil and his followers is the magician's trick of keeping us distracted while he works his "magic" right under our noses.  How does he do this?  The most obvious methods being used are video games, movies, trash TV shows and such.  Keep them pacified while the devil pulls the rug from under us.  The second method is a little more devious and seems to have some base in logic, until you look really deep.

Don't think the devil doesn't know that violence won't escalate as he forces God out of government and wants God completely out of the country.  When Hitler took over Germany he blew up his own buildings then told his people it was terrorists!  They gave him the power to take their guns and their lives from them and gave him all the authority he needed to start WWII.

Violence is not only a symptom of the devil's work it's a tool that he uses to get what he wants.  Either through the cooperation of witless gullable people or by force he will take what he wants.

So if someone goes out and murders innocents, and we are seeing that more and more today then the solution is to modify and rewrite the Bill of Rights and remove the second amendment.  Take away everyone's guns so they can't defend themselves when the devil takes over.  Our Founding Fathers put that in there to prevent that very thing from happening.  The so called Liberals are only liberal at their ability to be stupid.  Knowledge is no good without wisdom and many "intelligent" people think anyone who owns a gun is going to murder someone with it.  That's how they think but that's not how things work.  There is logic in what they think, the way seems right, but it isn't right, it leads to their own destruction.  Why can't they see that?  Because the devil has them blinded.

I've been dealing with demons for years and I can tell you demons are terrorists and they use the same methods to get what they want.  Terrorists are mentally unbalanced people who have a twisted logic they apply that justifies the evil they do in their own minds.  You do not negotiate with terrorists, you show them you are strong and won't take their crap and that's the only thing they understand.

Sweden has the lowest crime rate per person than any country on earth.  It also requires that every home owner own and know how to use a gun.  Take a lesson from them.  The fact they have this law tells the bad guys their odds of being killed while attacking a Swedes's home is pretty high.  Best not even try.  The very possibility that a home owner might have a gun is all it takes to ward off most of the would be attackers.

Take away people's ability to defend themselves and you can be certain the evil things will run wild and violence will increase like they couldn't have imagined.  The schools that were attacked should have had armed teachers and guards ready to act at a moment's notice against the assailant and lives would have been saved.  Just having the guards there may have been enough to have prevented the attack.  You know schools in our city have policemen and we have not had one event like those that happen in other cities.

Along with the freedom to succeed is the opportunity to be greedy!
Money is power!
Who has the power?
World Bankers!
When people attain great power and fame they frequently become very corrupt.
They also loose their insight and direction in life.
They loose sight of their purpose and begin to think the world is here to serve them.
Frequently they forget about God.
Who cares who wins?  The devil.
Who expresses the devil's desires with the greatest deception possible?
World Bankers.
Does it make any difference who you vote for?
NOPE!  Because the same people are behind them all.
We call this the Shadow Government.  Is it real?
Watch this video and decide for yourself.
The kind of spiritual energy people give off is also important.  Racism is one very large problem.

The corporate beasts created by humans want us completely enslaved to them.  They created the beast and the beast must feed.  Americans are suffering greatly because of this and their dependency on the jobs these beasts provided.  The solution is not to subsidize the beast.  The solution is to retool the beast so that it may provide the needed jobs to build a self sufficient nation.  Energy efficient vehicles and homes is what America needs.  Make the people as independent as possible.  Stop making bio-fuels and wasting our food supplies!  Begin storing up massive supplies of food that requires no refrigeration.  We have been warned of the famine to come.  We have been warned of the pestilence and plagues yet who is doing anything to prevent such things?

People were warned years ago there was a conspiracy to ruin the USA and what did they do?  They laughed at the warnings.  What happened?  Everything they were warned would happen.

The Japanese said if they can't beat us in a fair war they would buy us out and that's what they began to do.  A few years back when people would buy something that didn't work right or broke right away they would say "It was made in Japan."  Today if you want something that lasts we look for things that are made in Japan.  Japanese businesses began buying American businesses as fast as they could and that was just the beginning of the fall of the USA.

In order to control the people you must take control of their airways.  Take control of their TV, radio and movie industry.  Do you know who owns the major movie studies now?  The Orientals that's who.  Japan / Sony Studios was once Columbia Studios.

Everything that was once right with the USA has been used against it.  They pump crap out into the airwaves and on to the movie screens and our children fill their minds with it instead of doing the things they should be doing and learning the things they should be learning.

I'm a writer and I know just what kind of people control the industry.  I know the mind-set these people have and how it's very much like those who do the same jobs in Hollywood.  Except in Hollywood it's far worse.  I sent two of my novels to a man who owns a very prominent entertainment business.  He returned them saying (his words) "They are too Nancy Drew."  I liked Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, a lot of people did so what's wrong with that?  I wrote back telling him the new series "Ember Reign" is even more entertaining and written for older readers.  He didn't respond.  He's not looking for intelligent novels or screenplays.

I took a course in screenwriting from a professional screenwriter.  It cost plenty by the time I had a script he would approve.  The guy is good and there's a reason why he's teaching screenwriting instead of selling his own screenplays to the studios.  He's helping screenwriters to write at least somewhat intelligent screenplays.

A friend of mine is a screenwriter in LA and he's written numerous intelligent screenplays that no one will buy even though he has an agent!  Why won't they?  When his screenplays are handed back to him they tell him what he told me, "dumb it down" because people won't be able to understand intelligent scripts.  Ask them next time "who's fault is that?"  Recently he called to tell me he sent 10 new log lines to his agent and guess which one the agent picked, that's right #10, the worst one in the list.  Why?  Because the agent said that's the one he thinks he can sell.

More often than not the truth is the people who are buying the scripts do not want to show anything that's even remotely intelligent.  They have the viewers of the USA under their feet and they intend to keep us there.  I know from the inside because my business is video production.  I've shot a series of hunting and fishing shows and believe me if someone has a product to sell you they are willing to lie to you to get your money or viewer ratting.  It hasn't been that long ago a man decided to sell rocks and novelty items.  He named them "Pet Rocks" and you know know he got rich selling them to people who thought the idea was cute.  It never occurred to them they could have done the same thing.  Someone else got the idea to sell latex (fake crap) as a joke item.  They made a good deal of money from who?  Suckers who fell for it.  I have nothing against the people who came up with these ideas.  I can't blame them because they know how to take advantage of an opportunity and prove at the same time there's an idiot born every second.

Only a handful of channels on Satellite TV and one or two movie studios and producers still make and show somewhat intelligent programs and movies.

If you waste your time watching the following programs you are not helping yourself at all, but you could be contributing to your own mental disorders.

"Reality TV" is anything but real.  There's nothing informative or mentally challenging about it. 95% of it is down right stupid.

Daytime soaps are not only not helpful they can literally create mental and emotional problems that didn't exist to start with.  If you fill your mind with this kind of negative energy and begin to see these same problems in your own life then odds are very high you are acting out the problems you see on these programs.  It is a subconscious reaction that can happen without the victims's awareness.  Shows like Desperate Housewives is nothing more than a glorified soap.  The only thing these shows can teach you is how not to behave.  To quote a famous comic "It's bullshit folks and it's bad for you."  (George Carlin)

Boxing, Wrestling, cage fights contribute absolutely nothing beneficial.  As a race of people we should have all ready moved beyond this mentality.  The problem is as long as people will pay to watch there will always be people willing to beat each other senseless to get your money.  It's stupid.  I understand why the fighters do it, they are motivated by the money.  The people willing to pay to watch such things are the ones who are mentally deficient.  They are actually paying to watch someone else get hurt.

Since we know that energy can be converted from one form to another but can not be destroyed we should consider this.  What kind of mental/spiritual energy do you think violence creates?  Where do you think that energy goes once it's created?  How do you think it might affect those who expose themselves to it?  How might it affect others who know those who expose themselves to such things?  Do you think just because you can't see it that it doesn't exist?  Think again.

Those stupid zombie and monster snake movies you see on the Sci-Fi channel are less damaging than other things you might watch on TV and at the movies.  To watch these types of movies you may be wasting your time and not learning anything but odds are slim you will cross the boundaries and suffer some mental disorder from them.  Odds are also slim you will be contributing to someone else's mental or physical illnesses from them.  The bad thing is as long as someone likes this garbage someone will make it.  The good thing is some starving actor will have a job to feed their family and pay the bills.  So will the others who work on these stupid low budget movies.
Spiritual Energy
I want you to understand that everything in creation is about the balance of energy spiritual or otherwise.  Every living thing has a spiritual energy base.  Everything in creation is an emulation of things that exist in the spiritual world.  If you can plant a seed in this world and grow a plant, animal or baby then you better believe spiritual seeds get planted and they also grow inside animals and people, good or bad and they multiply among us.
I've been called, crazy, freaky, and other very unflattering names by people who consider themselves "normal."  Normal people usually aren't the ones who accomplish great things.  Normal people aren't usually the ones who discover advancements in any science or medicine.  Normal people didn't go to the moon and normal people didn't send them there.  Truth be known normal people are about as invisible as any anyone could possibly be.  It's the ones who aren't normal that stand out and like or hate them they are the ones who make a difference.  I'm a pilot, was a professional SCUBA diver for about 20 years, I'm a writer, a videographer and video editor.  I run a dozen websites and I've done and seen some amazing things in my life.  By the time I was 30 I had seen and done more amazing things than a normal person will in a life time.  Ever heard the saying "It's hard to soar with the eagles when you are surrounded by turkeys."  It's true.  I love to associate with people who are intelligent and not afraid of what normal people think about them.  I've also had "normal" people tell me "You're freaky!" And want nothing to do with me.  I take that as a compliment.

I've had people look me straight in the eye and tell me there's no such things as God, the devil, Heaven, hell, spirits, ghosts, aliens or UFOs.  They usually don't know they are talking to someone who grew up in a haunted house.  I've also stood only a few short steps from a hovering UFO in 1970.  All of these things are real yet there are people who are literally incapable of comprehending the truth.

There are those who believe in some biblical things but can't get the message for some reason.  Enoch, Elijah, Elisha, Abraham, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jesus and others have seen spirits, angels, demons and UFOs.  They know these things exist and of course Jesus/Yashawa knows where and why.

I've heard respected scientists say "there's no solid proof to support the existence of any of these things."  Most of these people are looking for their evidence with the wrong "equipment" in the wrong places.  I assure you the moment one of these people stand within a few steps of a hovering UFO they will know such things exist and still won't have the evidence to support their discovery.  The moment they set in a haunted building and see a chair or something move across the room or hear a voice without explanation they will know "something" paranormal happened, and they still won't have any physical evidence.

There are people out there who are investigating the paranormal and gathering evidence.  Some of them are making TV shows and sharing their evidence with the public.
Politicians should never be eligible to become president.  The majority of politicians are lawyers who are trained in our schools to bend the truth around the law.  The point isn't justice, the objective is winning at all cost.  Far to often the winners are the best liars.  Who do you want leading our country?  Someone you know you can't trust?  Or someone who you know will do their best to keep their word?
Labor Unions
In the past labor unions have done their best to save the working people.  The people who physically built this country.  Some of the leaders of those unions went beyond their jobs motivated by greed.  It's very difficult for business owners to compete with foreign companies when our own labor unions are forcing them out of the game.  US companies either go out of business or are forced to contract their products through foreign companies.  Today more US goods are made in China than any other country.  The labor unions are greatly responsible.  Don't be fooled, China is not really our friend, they are part of the problem.  Not the people of China the government of China.

This opened the door for foreign companies to buy US businesses and guess what some of them are doing very well under foreign ownership.  Why?  Because they changed the rules of the game.

In order to bring business back to the USA under USA ownership the labor unions need to retool their thinking and give the US owned company an advantage.  Make "Made in America" mean something again.

City Fathers in some cities and states also work to drive business from their communities.  Whirlpool #1 factory in Fort Smith, AR was P-Oed at the City for certain restrictions.  Packed up their business and moved to Mexico.  So another company in another state wants to buy the old Whirlpool building and set up business but Whirlpool executives refuse to sell the empty building.  Ask yourself why they won't sell if they have no intention of coming back or using that building.  The only other explanation is they want to prevent more business from filling the hole they left.
WalMart  &  Companies Like Them
Wal Mart brings us lower prices at a very high cost.  How did they become so very successful?  The answer is obvious, they had a plan and the capital to put the competition out of business.  I knew Sam Walton, met him and we talked several times at the airport where I lived and worked.  He told me segments of his plan and how it worked.  With the right amount of buying power and buying seconds and thirds (low quality products) they could sell below cost until their competition went out of business then raise the prices again to make a profit.  What people failed to realize is those smaller businesses run by individuals were the very back-bone of the American economy.  By destroying individual American dreams they helped cripple the American economy to a point where it will never completely recover under our current system.

They were also greatly responsible for sending American business to foreigners.  Check back at the origin dates of Wal Mart and then chart from there the rate at which American businesses began ordering their products from China and other foreign countries.  You will discover they run side by side.

Wal Mart brags of giving more people jobs and they do.  They also give jobs to people who once owned their own businesses but lost them because of Wal Mart and businesses like them.

American business laws protect corporations like Wal Mart.  They allow them to do what they do.  What has been done can't be undone by the current system.  Only something that could completely destroy the current system and then rebuild it from scratch could fix this mess.  Remember that the system we once had that worked has it's own flaws and eventually allowed this situation to develop.  The new system must not be like the old one that once worked then failed.  A new system must not have the flaws the old or current one has.
Sometimes entire nations are forced into socialism because of bad government and bad economy.  Sending American's jobs over seas is part of the process of bringing America into a situation where the people themselves will eventually beg for some other form of government.  If our leaders do not bring American jobs back home our future is very grim.
Is there a plot against the nations of the earth?  Maybe.  All you can do is review the information and decide for youself what you want to belive.  If the prophecies are correct there is a powerful evil in the world that controls and manipulates the nations of the world.  Who is behind it?  Here is a link to a video you should consider.

There's an entire list of things that are wrong with the USA and the world that in time must change or our future is very grim.  Please read page 2 of this segment.
At one time a few years ago the good ol' USA was #1
in just about every category that counts.

We were best in education.  Best in industry.  Best in science and medicine.  Back then when it said "Made in the USA" it had meaning, but that day is long gone.  Back then the US dollar had value.
Now America ranks in the 20's in just about every category that counts.

  The question now is what happened?