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> Why did God needed to shed his own son's blood for our sins? did his blood done anything in the spiritual world? and how does it wash my sin? just by believing?

Answer:  John 3:16 is one of the most important and quoted verses in the Bible.  Though it says "God so loved the world..." It should say that God so loved the people of the world because He created the world for us.  That He should become flesh and die to create a spirit able to atone for our sinful condition.  And those who believe in Him and accept His spirit within them shall not die the second death but shall abide with Him and In Him for all eternity.  Yet we notice it says "should not die but have everlasting life."  It says "should not" and this has meaning.  Those who believe in him should not suffer a spiritual death.  But those who believe in Him and accept His Spirit within them through faith and action proving their faith resolves the original act of sin committed by Adam and Eve.

Therefore we know it is possible to have faith in Jesus Christ and still be lost.  They should not be lost but at this point it is up to them and what they do next.

Why did he have to die?  This is how it works.

The Son of God / Creator being became human / mortal in order to create a spirit within himself that would be compatible with a human spirit.  At the same time this spirit had to have His signature within it so that it would also be recognized by the Father Spirit / Great Spirit of God.  For this to happen He had to become mortal, live on earth among humans and be crucified all the while being innocent of any sin against the Father.

The sin He was creating the fix for was the original sin of Adam and Eve.  The thing that got them kicked out of the garden and made them become mortal beings.  This sin is known as a "condition of being" sin that originated by our ancestor's original act of disobedience.  This type of sin is inherited by all of their children, meaning they are all born mortal.  We can be as innocent as a baby and we are still mortal and still subject to the conditions of the original sin of Adam and Eve.

The reason we call him "The Christ" and "The Messiah" is because of His purpose and mission in the mortal realm.  His only reason for doing this was to create a spirit that could bond with us, be recognized by the Father and mark us as being His children.  Because of this spirit God's angels also recognize us as belonging to God.  When we die they know to recover our spirits and take us to the waiting place in the Great Light.

> Before.when someone sinned, they would shed  animals blood? what about the blood of his own son? so our creator wanted us back..why did he have to die? in order to redeem us, why does it need to shed his own blood? does it have to do anything with the impurities of the spiritual world? i dont understand...
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What Good is a Religious Ritual?

The purpose of a religious ritual becomes fulfilled upon the completion of the spiritual contract.  Therefore Jesus said "I have not come to destroy the laws, but I have come to fulfill them."  As he died on the cross in his last breath he said "It is finished."  And upon this event His contract upon earth in mortal form was completed.  He had satisfied the contract, He had fulfilled His mission in mortal form, for the purpose according to the requirements of the Father.  As such the reason why He said "But not my will but the will of my Father who is in Heaven."  Now we should understand the Son of God exists to serve the will of His Father who exists in Heaven.

Therefore we see that all the animal sacrifices were symbolic and had no actual function.  They did however have a purpose.  The purpose was to teach us that a sacrifice had to be made in order to atone for our sin/condition.  They were symbolic of the sacrifice our Creator was required to make.

Sometimes a thing is introduced as a method act and has a symbolic meaning, this is the purpose of a religious ritual.  The ritual itself has no other function and can not save anyone.  In itself it does not please God or satisfy the contract.  What it can do is provide a method by which an action can be passed through many generations over thousands of years by those who do not understand the purpose or meaning.  In time those who become spiritually enlightened have their "eyes" opened.  They understand why God did these things.  Why God introduced repetitive symbolic acts for people to preform out of faith in ritual method.  For those who have faith and believe and do as God tells them will one day become enlightened as to the reason why God had people do those things.

Today thanks to the Holy Spirit we are able to understand how and why God did all these things for us.  We also understand that once the contract is complete the need for the ritual is no longer.  We understand these things but there are many who do not because they have not yet been enlightened.  What is no longer a sin for us still remains a sin for them.  What we are forgiven of they are not forgiven.  And they who are not forgiven still judge with religious judgment.  As their own souls are not free they place the same restraints/laws/rules upon those they judge.  But those who are set free in the spirit the contract is complete and they are able to look their hearts and minds open and understand the difference between those who are saved and those who are not.

In that day no one shall say unto their brother and sister what is right or wrong because I shall write my laws upon their hears and minds and they will know the truth.

So Christ said "I will place my spirit within them..." And no one need tell another right from wrong because the Spirit of Christ lives within them.  We don't say the learning has ended but the original sin has ended for them.  Now we say we can learn and we can have our spiritual eyes opened.  Now when someone asks they can receive a valid answer and the Holy Spirit can secure that answer within them and allow them to comprehend things of deep spiritual nature.

I am the way, the truth and the light.
No One Comes Unto The Father Except Through Me.
(Jesus Christ)

Once you understand these things you can also understand why Jesus Christ / Yashua is the one and only Messiah Son of God.  There's only one religion on earth that holds all the keys for salvation and that as we know it is named Christian.  You can understand why Mohammed was on the wrong track and led countless multitudes away from salvation and God.  The Koran says Jesus was just another prophet, but Jesus was in fact the ultimate sacrifice.  Now you can understand how a seemingly little misconception can cost a multitude of people their souls.

The Vision of The Seven Women
Many years ago God gave me a powerful waking vision and I saw seven women who all looked similar walk one by one out upon the sea and in the end they all died but only one rose from death and become alive again.  She represents the one true Church of God.  She represents all of those who are saved by the Holy Spirit of Christ.  The others represent six other religions that are not of God, yet people worship them and they will die and will not return to life again.  They will not reincarnate and be reborn.  They will not get a second chance to get it right.

These things are the meat of the spirit and they are not for children, but for those who are adult in the spirit.

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Why Did Christ Die for Us?