People from all over the world write me about all kinds of things.  Quite a few of them say things that are worth sharing.  I created a second page for sharing these things.  One of the most important things I want people to do is stop being blind followers.  Challenge your beliefs.  Tear them down brick by brick and examine every one with care seeking only to know and find the truth.  Anything that isn't found to be true throw it out.  Believe me the truth is out there and it can be found but there are mountains of untruths and twisted truths that people follow without question. 

We are, as Don says, headed into a very bad time in the very near future.  We can not afford to be blind followers any longer.  When I see the political circus on the news I wonder how many people actually believe the crap these politicians are preaching.  Obama (as he said his name means bat crap) has a proven record of not keeping his word.  In fact about 90% of the time he doesn't keep his word.  He has admitted he's in it for the glory and the money and has everything to gain by being president.  MaCain is about 80 to 90% Bush.  The good thing about McCain is he's an old man with a lot of experience and nothing really to gain personally by being president.  My point is you would expect the American voters to be smart enough to figure this out.  We turn on the news to find out there's organizations out there stuffing the voter registrations trying to give Obama a helping hand.  There are angry groups out there going around tearing up political signs as an expression of their anger.  One of my smarter friends told me the other day "someone needs to tell those people they are not helping anyone."  He's right.  All they are doing is exposing their own ignorance and lack of self control. People who do such things are not thinkers they are followers driven by their emotions.
I can't remember how I came to your site but I am glad that I did. Although ideas about UFOs and such are interesting and I believe one day we will have a good account of this topic, I find your perceptions regarding scripture compelling. I was wondering if you have ever read anything by Juian Jaynes.

I read it years ago and it helped me to consider a credible account for the birth of consciousness. The idea is that there was a point in history when human consciousness went through a remarkable change and that change is obvious if we consider how ancient literature from various cultures went through a fundamental change. Around the same moment in history, Greek tradition shifts from Zeus to Aristotle and Hebrew scriptures at the point of David accounts for the point in time when those of interest to scripture went from outer directed consciousness to inner directed consciousness. For instance: Adam, Abraham, Noah etc heard voices and followed directions that seemed to come from outside themselves and they obeyed or sometimes argued with them before acting. So if we sent a Psychiatrist in a time machine back through time and asked him to bring back all Psychotics for treatment, he would soon arrive with the likes of: Abraham, Moses, Jesus etc.

By the time we get to David, we are dealing with someone more like ourselves. He doesn't so much hear voices or directives originating from some other where but struggles with guilt and doubt and uses internal tools of consciousness to make his way through personal struggles.

A remnant of voice-hearing folks after David like Joan of Arc or Jesus certainly have an effect on those around them and seem to incite powerful reactions almost as if their state of consciousness is a betrayal of some sort. If this if true then perhaps many who are locked up in asylums or muttering to themselves on the street or have taken psychoactive drugs are experiencing a breakdown of consciousness as we know it and have become redependant on a long forgotten primary state of mind but lack the now long forgotten skills to deal with the nature (either good or bad) of their voice's originators.

This may leave us with the miracle of language itself. I know I have witnessed folks under stress as well as myself begin to mutter to themselves and I think I know the reason why. If you remember when you were a kid and your car had a failed battery, you would start it by pushing the vehicle with the ignition on until it started. The situation is that the vehicle designed to use power to transport an owner reverses and the owner's power is used to start the vehicle. If language is not just a string of sounds but a reflection of the mind's construct and the mind is beginning to fail, then putting your thoughts into spoken language helps to give the mind structure so that it can function. This of course accounts for the possible counterfeit languages invented by men to deal the the counterfeit consciousness of men. The mythical account of the Tower of Babel and the account of tongues in the book of Acts may be the moment when a collective consciousness pre-Babel man was no longer available and soon replaced by the invented consciousness of men still with us. Then it wasn't until the Holy Spirit was once again offered in an account offered in Acts that the possibility of a collective consciousness was once again possible.

If this is true then of course just about all church activity since Acts has only been an invention of counterfeit consciousness. And when social freaks like Joan d'Arc pop up occasionally their presence is remarkable and then we kill them.

So of course Genesis is not a historic event according to the parameters of reality required by academia but is even more true as a miracle of consciousness. The miracle would be that the incredible truth behind the narrow reality we know can't be captured by narrow language we have invented in the absence of a much higher and more dynamic language as we know it - so our prophets find ways to use our languages in ways to reveal the higher reality. Scripture is a series of gentle myths that can only be immediately understood by those who are gifted enough to hear the immense reality waiting between the lines. Genesis is an account of the birth of consciousness in terms of spirit. The forbidden fruit of the garden is the birth of counterfeit consciousness where the only possibility of human thought exists in the stress between opposing notions. Things are hot/cold - rich/poor - pleasurable/painful - big/small - good/evil until a matrix of these opposing opposites builds the impressive state of human consciousness as we know it. We use the powers offered by self constructed language which are a reflection of a counterfeit consciousness in order to get along. Read the newspapers and see how we are getting along.

Unfortunately the state of what we call consciousness and language fails to account for some powerful life experiences some of us have. Most of us sense there is something missing and hold to a possible account in temples and here is the reason most folks espouse to some sort of spiritual tradition. These traditions fail to meet the needs of a few of us and of those few a few courageous seekers step forward through a threshold of daring forms of consciousness. Those who aren't locked up and have found a discipline to make their new consciousness workable end up being useful before we tie them to a stake.

The problem is one of betrayal I believe. America's tradition of race problems may serve as an adequate metaphor here. If common consciousness is an extension of the matrix of opposing notions eg good/bad, hot/cold then if you are white in the presence of a black person, it follows that one of you is right and the other wrong. At this point in history, because whites have had the power then in this situation the white guy is a racist and the black guy the victim. If the power structure ever changes the situation will reverse and already is beginning to then we have what some call reverse racism. OK So when primary consciousness is in the presence of counterfeit consciousness, the same thing happens and these outnumbered folks get tied to stakes or locked up.

Finally what does all this mean to me - a man struggling in this life for possible 80 years? I believe it means, if you have been offered a few remarkable experiences (usually through experiences sometimes called synchronicity or prayer etc) you find them either intriguing and follow them no matter the cost or you surrender under the accusing gaze of modern consciousness (the accuser) and leave them behind. No one becomes a believer or one willing to suffer the rigors of living in social rejection in this new state of spirit - because they have read an account of remarkable bible stories in scripture. One expediences the remarkable then the remarkable seems to confirm truths he senses are hidden between the lines of whatever scriptures his parents follow.

By all means, if you want to post the message.

I do wish folks would stop with all of this strife and hair splitting - we are coming into difficult times reminiscent of what probably occurred on the Titanic during her maiden voyage. Having played the fool myself in past and still, I can only imagine the foolishness, including partying, gluttony as well as social posturing that went on right up until the ship struck the iceberg. Between that moment until the moment of rescue for a very few, the true character of both passengers and crew would have been on display. We folks including our spiritual leaders will soon begin to notice changes. There will be acts of courage, charity and patient restraint as well as selfish cowardice, greed and self righteous vengeful judgment within us and before our eyes on the part of both leaders and the led. What is coming will gather those with a remnant of a nobility dormant in the heart of us from the beginning - practicing long suffering even as fearful anguish marches through hearts of folks who just yesterday led and followed with confidence in our neighborhoods. For most of us, we will feel wrestling within us, both cowardice and courage - love and petty hatreds as well as greed and charity. I have been telling both my sons now ages 37 and 39 that troubles are in the mail and as they may feel the impulse to cling onto all they worked and fought for - those things will begin to slip away. So begin now before trouble begins to search for and cling onto any faith hiding or abandoned in their hearts. Pray that even as fearful selfishness knocks on your door and wakes you in the night - that courageous love answers and finds no body standing there. Our most valuable treasures can't be taken from us, they can only be shared with others or discarded as trash.

Well Bryon- - wish you well and fasten your seatbelt. We are in for a glorious ride.

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